Google Web Designer vs Dreamweaver

Google Web Designer vs Dreamweaver

If you are searching for the most appropriate software variant for creating website or application, read on Google Web Designer vs Dreamweaver detailed comparison.

Google Web Designer is a very user friendly program developed by Google specifically for the creation of various sites. It enables a user to design complete websites from scratch using their own choice of graphics, content and color scheme.

Dreamweaver, which is created by Adobe, is a very award winning software that enables you to quickly create simple programs and websites. With the software you are able to design either by hand or by using pre-written code.

Final Verdict:

If you compare these two programs, then undoubtedly the functionality of the Dreamviewer will be much more advanced. While Google Web Designer offers the most basic options for building applications, with Dreamweaver you can create complete websites with tons of professional looking components.

Dreamweaver is the winner >

Dreamweaver Features:

  • Flexibility and efficiency
  • Connection with Adobe's products
  • Support for 3d-party plugins
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Live preview mode

What is Google Web Designer?

google web designer interface

With Google Web Designer users have total freedom over their websites, which are launched on the Google servers. The biggest advantage that a user gets is the fact that they can design a fluid layout of the website according to their own wishes. One of the beneficial advantages provided by Web Designer to its users is that there are various automated tools which make designing easy and interesting.

You can change the layout of the page as many times you want to experiment with it. It is available to create a new custom action and place it on any area of your website to add new content or modify the existing multimedia. The best thing about the entire functionality of Google Web Designer is that you can easily learn how to make a layout on your own as you do not need any technical knowledge for this.

What is Dreamweaver?

dreamweaver interface

One of the major benefits of Adobe Dreamweaver is that it includes the most advanced technical tools and features, which make it an ideal desktop based WYSIWYG HTML editor. It also includes various pro-level components like code snippets, helpers, templates, wizards and many more, which make the task of developing a web page very easy for the developers. 

The advantage of this software is that it can be used by any person, irrespective of their technical skills and experience. This means that even beginners can start creating applications on this HTML editor without any problem. Moreover, while the WYSIWYG tools support all sorts of HTML coding language, Dreamweaver also includes support for a number of lesser-known languages like PHP, Cold Fusion, Perl and many more. It is very important that the compatibility of the product needs to be checked along with features available which is also possible with program's functionality.


bootstrap logo
dreamweaver logo

Google Web Designer & Dreamweaver Features:

  • HTML5-based
  • Motion graphics support
  • Animation creation tools
  • Multiple modes
  • Google integrations
  • Various formats support
  • Multimedia elements
  • Access to Creative Cloud stock content
  • Adjustable options
  • Templates and fonts collection

Google Web Designer and Dreamweaver Price:

STARTING PRICE Free $20.99/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Dreamweaver is very convenient because it comes pre-integrated with many popular frameworks. This means that instead of having to write your own HTML from scratch, you can instead use the existing tools from Adobe that are already out there. However, even though these options come included with Dreamweaver, they can be modified or extended by the user if needed.

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