13 Best Free Web Design Software

Top 13 Best Free Web Design Software

Are you in search of the best free web design software, which can help you create awesome designs for your website without any hassle? You are in the right place!

Earlier we had to spend tons of time writing complicated codes to create the simplest templates. Fortunately, with powerful features of modern website design software, it is possible to design impressive layouts with ease.

In this article, I’ve described the most feature-rich, user-friendly and popular website building programs currently available on the market. I considered their price, capabilities and functionality for you to find the most suitable option easily.

1. Adobe Dreamweaver

With great integration options
  • High-quality web-editor
  • Abilitytoedit static and dynamic web pages
  • Free
  • A wide array of integration options
  • Not found

Verdict: Adobe Dreamweaver is full-featured web site creator software that allows you to create high-quality websites and applications. It supports many website building technologies. Besides, this software can easily edit individual pages of finished projects.

The functionality of the Adobe Dreamweaver is mainly focused on creating HTML and CSS codes, as well as working with website files. This program has an intuitive interface, so you can easily organize your workflow. Moreover, you can see the result of your code. With Adobe Dreamweaver CC, every user can create an appealing and intuitive web page without breaking a sweat.

  • best free web design software adobe dreamweaver
  • best free web design software adobe dreamweaver

    2. Sketch

    Industry standard
    • A highly professional tool for UI design
    • Ability to export graphics
    • User-friendly interface
    • Convenient work with text
    • Bad resolution of the shared projects via the cloud
    • Can work slowly

    Verdict: Having been on the market since 2009, Sketch is considered to be one of the most powerful alternatives to Adobe product, which is obvious from Sketch vs Adobe XD confrontation. It has already gathered a huge number of fans among web developers. Being designed specifically for Mac OS, it has everything you need to create unique website layouts with high-resolution vector graphics.

    Sketch works with vector images and provides users with the top-quality results. The toolbar and the functions are very easy to use. You will have complete flexibility to create and modify your project. The software has a mirroring feature that allows you to preview your layout on multiple web browsers and devices. Thus, you can see how your design will look like on different screens.

    • best free web design software sketch
    • best free web design software sketch

      3. Adobe Photoshop

      All-purpose software
      • Meticulous graphic design
      • Renders business quality images
      • Video and animation layers editing capabilities
      • Ability to transfer files between multiple programs
      • Complicated interface for novice users
      • High-quality graphics are difficult to render

      Verdict:Adobe Photoshop is a premium web development software. With a wide array of options, it enables you to create and edit amazing website layouts. Since it works with images, it is possible to create meticulous graphics for your project. Photoshop features infinite color panel and gradient options, so you can make a unique web page. If you want a color scheme that perfectly matches your favorite image, use color palette generators.

      Adobe Photoshop allows you to create a web design from scratch to express your distinctive vision. It is possible to attach images, draw boxes, move objects, crop the edges and modify your layout according to your taste.

      Since Photoshop works with layers, it can considerably simplify your workflow. You can show or hide layers to organize your web design elementsefficiently. Adobe Photoshop is suitable for professional designs, so it may be difficult for beginners to master its features. Nevertheless, once you try it in action, you will be blown away with its exceptional capabilities.

      • best free web design software adobe photoshop
      • best free web design software adobe photoshop

        4. openElement

        • User-oriented
        • An extensive number of free templates
        • Appealing GUI layout
        • Ability to store files locally on a computer
        • Requires Internet connection to start a new project
        • Configurationissues

        Verdict: openElement is one of the most popular free web design tools that lets you create attention-grabbing and high-quality websites. Editing of elements, HTML5 and CSS3 support, image optimization – this is only a glimpse of what this software can offer.

        openElement is a user-friendly and lightweight software. Due to its simple interface, it allows you to create impressive designs without referring to professional agencies like Pagetraffic. Being open-source and completely free, openElement gives you an extensive number of tools and templates for youto express your creative vision.

        • best free web design software openelements
        • best free web design software openelements

          5. Adobe XD

          For graphic design icons
          • Works with all types of artboards
          • Plenty of tutorials
          • Simple and unclutteredUI
          • Prototyping tool
          • Repeating objects feature doesn’t work properly
          • Can’t design customized shapes

          Verdict: Adobe XD is a perfect option for designing a graphical user interface (GUI). It allows you to create graphic design icons, prototypes basic shapes, wireframes and visual indicators. Also, it is possible to arrange widgets, create website mockups and screen designs for web pages or mobile applications.

          Adobe XD is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows you to jump-start your web design experience, streamline your workflow and create a responsive website with a custom layout of multiple screen sizes.

          • best free web design software adobe xd
          • best free web design software adobe xd

            6. GIMP

            For creating web templates
            • Completely free
            • Includes graphic design elements
            • Customizable UI
            • Supports various file formats
            • Has fewer featurescomparedtoits rivals

            Verdict: GIMP is a powerfulweb site software free with raster graphics editing capabilities. Apart from editing/retouching photos, it can convert image formats and includes tools to draw freehand.

            You can open GIMP in a multiple-window mode which is set by default. Here you can see the entire asset of the software functions. It is also possible to use each layer individually. GIMP is one of the most popular Photoshop alternatives with advanced tools that will help you create an eye-catching web page layout.

            • best free web design software gimp
            • best free web design software gimp

              7. WordPress

              Most popular
              • Numerous websites use WordPress
              • A lot of forums
              • Excellent system of content management
              • A variety of plug-ins
              • Custom layouts are difficult to use
              • Sites often get hacked

              Verdict: WordPress is website software free with open-source code. It will help you effectively create any type of website. Since its initial release in 2003, WordPress becomes the most sought-after Content Management System on the globe. Actually, over 30% of websites run on WordPress.

              To speed up your work, you can use built-in WordPress themes. They are completely customizable, so you can edit a particular theme according to your preferences. WordPress has a very flexible theme structure, so it is possible to alter colors, images, backgrounds, etc. If you feel like you need more than just a basic template, you may boost your workflow by purchasing premium WordPress themes and extensions.

              • best free web design software wordpress
              • best free web design software wordpress

                8. Squarespace

                For beginners
                • An extensive number of templates
                • Easy-to-use backend design
                • Responsive customer support
                • All-in-one web design tool
                • Lacks advanced marketing tools
                • Not “pure” drag-and-drop functioning
                • No app store

                Verdict: Over the last 15 years, Squarespace has been used to create a lot of websites. It is designed to build web pages with a stylish and visually appealing look. With this tool, you can easily demonstrate your unique artistic vision. Even if you don’t have enough programming skills, you can create your own website with an impressive layout.

                The service lives up to its reputation as a simple web design tool due to its drag-and-drop interface and intuitive menus. The level of complexity depends on the skills and priorities of a user. Regardless of your web development experience, you can create a high-quality website. Apart from a rich library of templates, Squarespace has all the necessary tools for effective work. It is the best website editor for photographers, digital artists and anyone who want to showcase their creativity.

                • best free web design software squarespace
                • best free web design software squarespace

                  9. Google Web Designer

                  User-friendly interface
                  • Completely free
                  • Creates interactive designs for online advertisement
                  • Intuitive animating
                  • Suitable for beginners
                  • Difficult to get desirable results
                  • Can’t open HTML files created by other services

                  Verdict: The name of this software may give the impression that it is an average web design tool. However, Google Web Designer is a full-featured free web design software for Mac, Windows and Linux. With its help, you can create CSS3 animations on HTML5-based adverts. Google Web Designer lets you incorporate animation and interactive elements in your work to show off your unique style.

                  The distinctive feature of this software is that it comes with pre-installed templates for creating advertisements. There are three different types of ads: banner (simple fixed-size ads), expandable (small banner-size ads that expand when clicked) and interstitial (suitable for mobile devices, since the vertical and horizontal position of the page is automatically determined). Besides, the ads can be displayed in such advertising platforms as AdMob, DoubleClick and AdWords. Moreover, you can create an advertisement without a code of a particular platform.

                  • best free web design software google web designer
                  • best free web design software google web designer

                    10. Wix

                    Best online tool
                    • Great speed of the site
                    • Impressive template collection
                    • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
                    • Excellent customer support
                    • Impossible to transfer content from one template to another
                    • Premium Plan is valid for one site only

                    Verdict: Wix is a popular program with a free plan that allows you to test out this service. Using its rich functionality, you can create a stylish and visually interesting website.

                    Wix has an ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) mode which has an intuitive interface to make the design process as simple as possible. This service is a perfect choice for beginners as you can put together your website just following simple guidelines. Besides, Wix offers an array of beautiful templates to make your website even more appealing.

                    This website creator is so user-friendly and well-thought-out that designing your website turns out to be an interactive game. In addition, Wix has great support for different media and responsive customer service even for free-plan users.

                    • best free web design software wix
                    • best free web design software wix

                      11. Figma

                      Multi-user software
                      • User-friendly interface
                      • Several users can work on the same project simultaneously
                      • Components and Team Library
                      • Real-time history changes and backups
                      • Requires Internet connection
                      • Problems with text management
                      • Can be sluggish while importing files
                      • No plug-ins

                      Verdict: Figma is an excellent web design tool that is aimed at real-time collaboration. It allows several people to view and edit the same web template simultaneously. Using this powerful design tool, you can share the project with your clients and make changes in real-time. This is a whole new level of interaction for the web site creator software.

                      Figma has an editing panel with fonts, colors and other useful settings. It comes with all the necessary tools and functions to create icons and amazing web templates. To check whether Figma is a winner in Figma vs Adobe XD battle, you can use a trial version and then buy a subscription if you like it.

                      • best free web design software figma
                      • best free web design software figma

                        12. Webflow

                        Alternative to WordPress
                        • Easy to use
                        • Keeps your site secure
                        • Response and Uptime
                        • Supports CMS
                        • Doesn’t have live chat or phone support
                        • Functions are limited in the paid version

                        Verdict: Webflow is a feature-rich web design tool that is a great alternative to WordPress. This is an ideal option for those, who want to create a website but don’t have enough coding knowledge.

                        Although Webflow is a fairly new product on the market, it includes the most important tools and functions to create content-driven websites. It has everything a user can expect from the best website editor. Webflow will be a perfect option for those, who want to create an attention-grabbing site to show off their skills and earn money in such a way.

                        • best free web design software webflow
                        • best free web design software webflow

                          13. Webnode

                          Modern online website creator
                          • Unobtrusive ads in a free plan
                          • Numerous trendy and responsive templates
                          • No page limit
                          • Ability to change SEO settings for all pages
                          • Free plan has a storage limit of 100MB
                          • No app store for extra site features
                          • Functionality isn’t rich

                          Verdict: Webnode is a modern WYSIWYG website creator for beginners. It allows you to create various types of business cards, landing pages, online stores and blogs. The distinctive features of the service are its appealing interface and simplicity. This software has basic functionality.

                          Webnode is designed for inexperienced users. That is why it has a simple interface and a minimum set of settings. Even if you are new to web design, you can cope with all the features of this free website design software.

                          However, Webnode has some downsides. First off, it is impossible to customize the design of the sections and individual elements. Also, it is rather inconvenient to manage the blog. The software isn’t bad by the standards of the WYSIWYG service, but it can boast of nothing special.

                          • best free web design software webnode
                          • best free web design software webnode

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