Sketch vs Adobe XD

By Ann Young 23 days ago, Apps and Software

Sketch vs Adobe XD

Which designing software is better – Sketch vs Adobe XD? Read on the article to get all the answers on your questions.

Sketch is a powerful open-source vector drawing application for Mac. It comes standard with full toolkits that enable designers to quickly create various elements as reflections of their ideas.

Adobe XD is an all-in-one professional tool for designers. With its helps screen, you are able to easily create advanced projects based on preset styles for tablets, smartphones or the web, or even you can use user-friendly custom dimension tools.

Final Verdict:

If to compare these two programs, Adobe XD is more powerful than Sketch. One of the most impressive features of the software is its powerful drawing and voice prototyping abilities. The software is supported by a friendly visual prompt that displays various parameters, such as size, shape and color. Furthermore, it includes various libraries of digital objects that can be easily integrated with various other objects.

Adobe XD is the winner >

Adobe XD Features:

  • 3D elements support
  • Integration with Creative Cloud library
  • Blend modes
  • Ability to add animation
  • Sharing options

What is Sketch?

sketch interface

One of the best things about Sketch is its versatility. The app allows designers to quickly and easily experiment with different sketches without having to switch CAD systems or separate computer applications. In addition to its drag-and-drop interface, the app includes several other features like: exporting and importing brushes, range of drawing and sketch tools, a special feature that allows one to see a drawing while it is being saved, and the ability to send files in PDF format.

Sketch also comes with several popular plugins that include advanced features like lighting, AutoShadow, clipping path and Magic Mask. There are also a number of useful extensions such as Polygon Shader, Cartoon Drawer, Freehand Designer, Solid Sketch Artist, Magic Scape and Paint Shop Pro.

What is Adobe XD?

adobe xd interface

Adobe XD is designed specifically for creating digital products, interfaces for websites and mobile applications and social networking sites. You can also make full use of Adobe Flash, Internet Explorer and FireFox with the software.

The application comes with a fully-featured drag-and-drop interface allowing to quickly move items from one place to another, as well as edit projects at any time. This program also provides advanced imaging tools such as 'asso draw' and 'line draw' that allows designers to build interactive prototypes, and image filters including light and dark masks which eliminate the use of complicated editing methods such as color shifting. It also comes bundled with Photoshop Express, one of the most popular professional applications for designing graphics, live templates for web pages, and a library of over 250 graphic effects etc.


sketch logo
adobe xd logo

Sketch & Adobe XD Features:

  • Highly customizable workflow
  • Prototyping tools
  • Variety of grids
  • Collection of templates
  • Color picker option
  • Layouts
  • Simultaneous acces in real time
  • Voice prototyping
  • Micro-interacting building
  • Overlays collection

Sketch and Adobe XD Price:

STARTING PRICE $99.00/one payment $9.99/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Adobe XD is fast becoming one of the most popular tools for rapid prototyping and creation of interactive prototypes for product designs, new ideas and concepts. The most attractive aspect of it is its simple and intuitive user interface, which makes it extremely easy for novice designers to start creating prototypes and interactive digital products in a matter of minutes.