Incogni vs DeleteMe: What Program Is Better?

When comparing Incogni vs DeleteMe, I found out that both companies provide privacy management services to protect your personal data. They have an excellent reputation and work in accordance with all the required regulations. However, both services are slightly different from each other, standing out with their unique features.

Incogni is a highly functional tool for making your data private, and the only option that deletes your personal data without asking for your info first. Functioning as a proxy, it sends data deletion requests to people search sites and data brokers that likely possess your info, providing a budget-friendly solution to make your personal data secure.

However, DeleteMe is not inferior to other alternatives, as it boasts premium data collection support and data removal request services. It employs human operators who do their best to make you quit personal data aggregators, tracking for resurgent data to ensure a higher level of protection.

What Is Incogni?

incogni logo

Incogni was developed by Surfshark guys who developed one of the best free VPN options. The purpose of the tool is to retrieve the control of your personal data. Being absolutely compliant with such laws as the CCPA, UK-GDPR, GDPR, and PIPEDA, Incogni guarantees that no broker will retrieve your data.

Currently, the service can remove your data from over 130 data brokers, and this number is likely to increase in the near future. Once new brokers appear, the tool requests they delete your information automatically. If required, it will send the removal request again.

  • incogni interface
  • interface incogni

    Incogni: Pros and Cons

    Data deletion without requesting info. Comparing Incogni vs DeleteMe, I found out that the first solution has a unique approach to personal data protection. Incogni does not require your personal info or search for it on the web, simply requiring brokers who possess your data to delete the info.

    It depends on the location and several other aspects, what brokers on the list the tool will get in touch with. Besides, it might contact companies that do not possess your personal details.

    Enlarging list of data brokers. Incogni addresses approx. 200 data brokers with the demand to erase your data. Maintaining a special development program, the tool is constantly refreshing the system enriching it with new brokers.

    Sends requests automatically. As Incogni performs all the processes automatically, data removal workflow will please you with extreme efficiency. By turning the tiresome task of contacting brokers into a simple automated procedure, Incogni removes personal data from their databases in a flash on your behalf.

    Accessibility. The residents of the US, UK, EU, Switzerland, and Canada can benefit from the service. If you do not live in the US, Incogni is probably the most suitable and reputable solution for you.

    Price-performance-ratio. Considering its effectiveness in erasing your personal details, I should highlight that the tool’s pricing policy is quite affordable. To get the best deal, purchase a yearly subscription, which is definitely worth the money spent.

    Adhering to the data protection laws. Both services in Incogni vs DeleteMe comparison meet legal and regulatory requirements for collecting, storing, and using sensitive data. For instance, Incogni demands data brokers and people search sites that keep your personal details to remove them from their databases using the CCPA as the regulation standard for this.

    Moreover, Incogni also leverages GDPR to request the erasure of a customer’s data from the databases of companies without delay. You can turn to this service if you are seeking assistance in sending requests to delete formal info to data brokers who work in the EU. The specialists rely on GDPR when performing this task.

    Time established. Incogni became famous on the market in 2022 and only little info about its effectiveness is available.

    What Is DeleteMe?

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    DeleteMe brags about a sophisticated toolkit, high efficiency, as well as human involvement in the process of sensitive data deletion. No other privacy management software can offer the same goodies. The fact that the company can make over 580 data brokers delete personal info is another reason for such a high price.

    Comparing Incogni vs DeleteMe, I’ve noticed that the amount of personal data the latter requires is larger. This makes the program lose the battle with other similar tools, as they only need a little personal info. What’s more, the service can’t boast such affordable pricing as its rival.

    • deleteme interface
    • interface deleteme

      DeleteMe: Pros and Cons

      Human involvement. DeleteMe stands out among the competitive tools in that it has a team of professionals who deal with personal data disposal in case automated data discovery searches are not effective.

      Transparency. Transparency is another strength of DeleteMe. Easy-to-understand DIY data deletion guides and supportive HelpCenter are other benefits of the service, which make sure that the users’ online privacy requirements are fully satisfied.

      Privacy dashboard. DeleteMe operates intuitive privacy dashboards that allow you to keep track of your data deletion activities. These dashboards are well-organized, so you won’t have trouble managing your account.

      Fully meets CCPA and GDPR regulations. I like that DeleteMe acts in compliance with such important data protection as CCPA and GDPR. By doing so, the service guarantees that the personal info will be removed quickly and efficiently.

      Restricted network of data brokers. DeleteMe cooperates with over 40 major data brokers to help eliminate your info from the web, and many other competitors, including Incogni, beat the service in this aspect.

      The automatic removal option does not function perfectly. Comparing Icogni and DeleteMe, it is important to notice that the first one is much better at this part of the service. DeleteMe sends just one wave of data removal requests every three months. The tool is quite effective but not as flexible as Incogni, which reacts to the reappearance of your data in an instant.

      Poor accessibility. Unfortunately, DeleteMe only provides its service to people who live in the USA. So, those who reside outside the United States won’t be able to take advantage of its offerings.

      High price. DeleteMe’s annual subscription costs approximately $129 for one user and $229 for two users. In its turn, Incogni is a more affordable solution, especially when it comes to yearly subscriptions.

      Incogni vs DeleteMe: Price

      If your budget is tight, Incogni is the most optional choice, as its highly discounted packages start at just $6.49 per month. As for DeleteMe, it is price is much higher. Moderate cost, combined with an excellent set of features make Incogni a real boon for users who are looking for a fully functional but cost-effective online privacy solutions.

      incogni price

      Incogni offers two packages for their data removal services:

      • Monthly plan: $12.99 per month
      • Yearly plan: $6.49 per month (or $77.88 per year)

      A 30-day refund guarantee and the ability to cancel the subscription anytime are other considerable pluses of Icogni.

      deleteme price

      DeleteMe offers the following pricing plans:

      • For 1 Person: $10.75/mo, billed annually ($129/year)
      • For 2 People: $19.08/mo, billed annually ($229/year)
      • Family Plan: $27.42/mo, billed annually ($329/year)
      • For Business: by request

      Keep in mind that only U.S. residents can benefit from these pricing plans. In addition, all subscriptions come with automatic renewal, unless canceled before the renewal date, which shows that DeleteMe strives to provide smooth and high-quality data protection services.

      Incogni vs DeleteMe: Who Wins?

      This Incogni vs DeleteMe comparison showed that the first option is more advantageous. It is budget-friendly, available to residents of many countries, and submits data removal requests on a regular basis.

      Besides, the service works with more brokers that have customers’ personal data if compared to DeleteMe. Moreover, Incogni does not require much personal info to delete your data.

      If you are looking for a cost-saving solution, there is no better option than Incogni. Speaking about the companies that have your data, Incogni can talk to 180 brokers, whereas DeleteMe can only reach out to 40 of them. Being a solid and affordable online privacy choice, Incogni is definitely a winner.