14 Best Free and Cheap VPN Services in 2024

14 Best Free and Cheap VPN Services

A fee VPN service means virtual private network that provides encryption between the client and the server. The main purpose of this service is to cypher traffic and change the IP address.

Sometimes the task of detecting the VPN that would give you a feeling of complete security online seems impossible. Now hundreds of different services are being provided, and each inevitably names itself the best.

To assure that you get the highest level of protection, I have tested many programs in terms of speed, user data security and the variety of features available. Thus, I chose 14 best inexpensive or free VPN services for you.

1. Hotspot Shield

  • 500MB daily data allowance
  • Simple to use
  • Highly-protected
  • Great tech support
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Verdict: This is a premium-quality free service sufficient for anyone with moderate needs. That relates to all users, who simply need to protect their identity on the web and encrypt their traffic.

This free VPN gives you full 15GB to explore whatever you need, which roughly amounts to 500MB of daily consumption. That should be enough for any sort of page-surfing and an occasional video now and then.

The application guarantees ease of use even for those, who are not familiar with this type of application. Don’t get alarmed when you are pressured to try the paid version for free, the trial will expire in a month after which you can just return to the free mode and use it unlimitedly.

  • hotspot shield interface
  • hotspot shield interface

    2. TunnelBear

    Easy to use
    • Really user-friendly
    • Both phone and PC versions
    • Servers in 20+ countries
    • Security features added to the free mode
    • Few settings
    • Insufficient data allowance

    Verdict: You need to register on the TunnelBear website and download an app to start using it. The app can be installed on either a mobile device or a regular desktop PC and is easy to use, requires no setting up, and performs well.

    Users have a selection of 20 different countries. One account can be shared on 5 different devices but they are restricted to a total of 500 MB monthly.

    The service has recently enhanced the privacy and security of all users, even those not investing money. You no longer need to provide any information about yourself upon the Tunnelbear login and the service has ceased to count the number of your connections.

    • tunnelbear interface
    • tunnelbear interface

      3. Speedify

      Super secure speed
      • Performance boosters
      • Excellent privacy
      • High-speed operation
      • Works in 50+ countries
      • Software has few low-level controls
      • Doesn’t work with Netflix
      • Needs multiple connections

      Verdict: Even the name suggests that this is the fastest free VPN for Android or Windows. Users can benefit from over 1,000 servers in around 50 countries, stable connection, and thorough protection. The traffic is fully encrypted while the connection is maintained at the highest possible speed throughout your session by a turbo-boosting technology.

      The technology that provides the highest and most stable connection juggles Wi-Fi and 4G to maintain performance at the top level. This type of operation might not be suitable for users with a monthly limit of mobile data.

      You receive a 5GB allowance for 30 days if you use the free mode. Since the company is U.S.-based, the information about users will be disclosed on the occasion of a federal search warrant.

      • speedify interface
      • speedify interface

        4. Windscribe

        Top-notch free VPN
        • Excellent privacy
        • Up to 10GB of free data per month
        • Unlimited number of connected devices
        • Built-in ad blocker
        • Unable to access Netflix in the free version
        • Limited to 10 server countries
        • No live customer support

        Verdict: Those who need a large amount of free traffic will love this option because every user gets 10GB per month. If that isn’t enough, you can even increase the allowance posting a freeVPN link on Twitter. Whoever joins the service from that link will add you an extra gigabyte.

        Many are also grateful that no personal information is required upon registration. An e-mail is an option for those, who wish to save their account but that step can be skipped. Users have 8 countries to choose from and can enjoy ad-free browsing as an extra perk. The only mild annoyance is the single-device policy of the account.

        • windscribe interface
        • windscribe interface

          5. ProtonVPN Free

          Cross-platform VPN
          • No data limit
          • Multi-hop VPN to secure locations
          • ProtonMail bundle available
          • Flexible, affordable subscriptions
          • One device limit
          • Only three locations in the selection

          Verdict: ProtonVPN loses in the ProtonVPN vs NordVPN competition concerning the number of available servers but the strong focus on security and affordable charges place it among the best free VPN options. This program operates on any popular OS, creates no logs, and allows ceaseless browsing. This unlimited and super-safe service is only available on one device, though.

          In other cases, the basic functionality is sufficient, eliminating the need to look for methods of how to get ProtonVPN free of charge.

          • protonvpn interface
          • protonvpn interface

            6. Hideme VPN

            With 24/7 tech support
            • Operates on major platforms
            • Renewable free plan
            • 24/7 technical support
            • Removes ads on websites
            • 2GB bandwidth every month
            • Only 5 server locations

            Verdict: The free version limits you to only 2GB of monthly data, 1 connected device, and 5 server locations. But free users can also use powerful VPN encryption, several protocols, and round-the-clock technical support.

            It supports the prohibition of logging, protection against IP leakage, and ad-free network browsing to ensure your security. Not to mention the permission to update your free plan every month due to which the software is completely free!

            The big red flag was that the program didn’t interrupt my connection when my data limit was exhausted. I could continue streaming even after the VPN connection dropped.

            • hideme interface
            • hideme interface

              7. ExpressVPN

              90+ countries available
              • Unlimited amount of data
              • Simultaneous connection of up to 5 devices
              • More than 3,000 servers in more than 90 countries
              • Trusted Server technology
              • No Free Trial, only money-back guarantee

              Verdict: Given all the factors, this is a fantastically well-designed service. For an entire month you can enjoy all the high-quality features designed for subscribers and this unrestricted use costs you nothing. ExpressVPN has always been one of our best-paid options so unsurprisingly the 30-day money-back guarantee deserves its spot in the midst of the best free VPN options, too.

              ExpressVPN is often called the best free VPN for Netflix and other streaming sites. I had no problems with delays. Besides, I was impressed with the minimal buffering on different sites and servers. Few options on this list can also bypass the Great Chinese firewall, which is especially useful if you are under surveillance and want your actions on the net not to be public.

              Another highlight is ExpressVPN free service is advanced encryption protocols. The company has just rebuilt its server network and introduced Trusted Server technology based on RAM, which ensures that its servers don’t store any information.

              • expressvpn interface
              • expressvpn interface

                8. PureVPN

                For streaming platforms
                • Doesn’t keep logs
                • Provides access to Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer
                • Kill switch function
                • Split tunneling
                • You can connect only 5 devices at a time

                Verdict: PureVPN is a great multi-platform VPN for bypassing geo-blocks. The program has a powerful set of features such as a multi-port option and IPv6 leak protection. A port forwarding option is also available. This VPN generates a unique IP address through a non-NAT network.

                The program includes a split tunneling feature. Thus, your traffic is split between your ISP and PureVPN. Moreover, you can be sure of the security of your data as the program has reliable AES-256 encryption.

                Plus, this VPN unblocks various streaming platforms. During the testing, PureVPN performed excellently on both my Windows and Mac devices. Overall, this VPN service is rather fast on multiple platforms.

                • purevpn free vpn interface
                • purevpn free vpn interface

                  9. PrivateTunnel

                  Wide range of clients
                  • Lots of clients
                  • Simple to use
                  • Works on any platform
                  • Data protection
                  • Few location variants
                  • Occasional unstable performance

                  Verdict: Whether you’re searching for the best free VPN for Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS, this option could equally satisfy all these requests. However, it is suitable for those users, who intend to purchase a subscription, not for those, who want free protection. You will get 200MB of data for free but once the allowance is used up, your only option is one of the several paid packages.

                  Depending on your needs, you can either pre-pay for 20GB or 100GBof protected traffic or remove the limit by paying a $30 yearly fee for full unrestricted access. The free amount of data that you get is only there to test the functionality of the program before you invest your money.

                  You will find that the program works generally well with the exception of occasional loss of connectivity, is easy to use, and causes few complaints from the regular VPN users.

                  • privatetunnel interface
                  • privatetunnel interface

                    10. ZenMate VPN

                    For ordinary users
                    • Easy to use
                    • Multi-platforms
                    • Built-in kill switch
                    • Numerous servers
                    • Questionable privacy and logging
                    • Limited customer support

                    Verdict: ZenMate protects you with the OpenVPN protocol and a strict, logless policy, and opens access to more than 290 servers in 30 countries. P2P traffic is supported, although without a separate mode of operation for downloading torrents, and the connection speed is high enough to watch HD streams without any problems.

                    There is also a function of emergency disconnection from the network, so that your sensitive data won’t be left without protection in the event of a disconnection. I must say that in the past, ZenMate users often suffered from disconnects, but after a number of improvements and updates, the program became more stable.

                    If it is important for you to have access to technical support via VPN free online chat, then this program will most likely disappoint you since the service has only a ticket system. However, competent technical support staff responds quickly and in detail.

                    • zenmate interface
                    • zenmate interface

                      11. NordVPN

                      Double VPN function
                      • No DNS leaks
                      • Strengthen the protection with double VPN
                      • Connect 6 devices with any popular OS
                      • Over 4,000 servers covering 1/3 of the world
                      • Few servers support Torrenting
                      • OpenVPN configuration isn’t user-friendly

                      Verdict: Here is the best free VPN server provider for PCs and smartphones that you can safely recommend to everyone. NordVPN free service offers comprehensive servers, has excellent functionality and excellent quality of work, and all this will be available to you at an exceptionally affordable price.

                      AES-256 encryption and support for OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec protocols will safeguard and disguise your traffic. The company’s astounding network includes almost 5.5 thousand servers in the third of the world’s countries and is regularly expanding. Also, this provider has special servers for work with double encryption, dedicated IP addresses, as well as connections like Tor-through-VPN (ideal for Tor users).

                      This service is great to provide streaming and torrenting that can be switched on with a click. Select the DNS setting in the SmartPlay mode of the program and that will stabilize the performance to allow comfortable broadcasting on Netflix or whatever else you enjoy. Anyway, sometime there appear NordVPN not woking with Netflix problems.

                      • nordvpn interface
                      • nordvpn interface

                        12. CyberGhost

                        For beginners
                        • User-oriented applications
                        • Good leak protection features
                        • Affordable costs
                        • Real-time chat support
                        • Slow to establish connections
                        • Takes aggressive tracking measures
                        • Malfunctioning ad-blocker for HTTPS sites

                        Verdict: This stunning option has everything users ask for to enjoy a stable and secure experience. Almost six thousand servers located in half the world are configured for advanced encryption and no logging. You can be sure to have your data protected from leaks and even in the case of an emergency shutdown, you will be safe with the kill-switch.

                        You can find servers that are specially configured for streaming and downloading torrents and opens for your American content catalog of Netflix or any other content provider in-demand. Perhaps, for a beginner, this is a really simple VPN for daily use that causes no confusion with the available settings and adjustments. You can set your own rules of work and configure connection options.

                        • cyberghost interface
                        • cyberghost interface

                          13. Surfshark

                          For small business
                          • Broad device compatibility
                          • Easy to use
                          • Unblocks websites
                          • Highly secure
                          • A somewhat restricted server network

                          Verdict: Although the service is new on the VPN market, it provides a unique opportunity to connect an unlimited number of devices. If you want a free VPN for Android, iOS, or any other system to protect the gadgets of your entire family (or you use many devices with the ability to access the web), then it’s the best option you can find.

                          Here you can turn on separate tunneling, double encryption, an emergency disconnection from the network, and a special CleanWeb mode of operation that blocks ads and malware. Additional settings for hiding traffic available in NoBorders mode and Camouflage mode don’t allow tracking that you are using a VPN instead of a direct connection.

                          Surfshark's growing server network includes over 1,041 servers in almost the third of the world’s countries. This means that your protected connection will always be stable and safe while you’re accessing all sorts of content. Such a tendency appeals to many users curious about the winner in Surfshark vs NordVPN competition.

                          • surfshark interface
                          • surfshark interface

                            14. IPVanish

                            With stable speed
                            • Good availability
                            • Awesome security
                            • Powerful enough to stream 8K video
                            • Fair price without long lock-in periods
                            • Needs more optimized servers
                            • Poor client application

                            Verdict: The balance between security and access speed makes IPVanish the best free VPN option. More than a dozen thousands of servers, excellent block bypass potential, and reliable traffic protection are the features you can enjoy using this app.

                            256-bit encryption and numerous protocols, including OpenVPN, ensure this program is secure, and the emergency disconnect and DNS/IPv6 leakage protection guarantee you and your traffic real-time protection.

                            The connection speed here is not only high but also stable, so you don’t have to be nervous because of annoying disconnections or floating speed. As a nice bonus, the servers to access Netflix have recently been upgraded with the purpose of optimizing and improving them. Such improvements make it a very appealing option in IPVanish vs NordVPN stand-off.

                            • ipvanish interface
                            • ipvanish interface

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