11 Best Privacy Management Software for Online Confidentiality

It is necessary to be very careful when downloading apps, accepting cookies, or just browsing the web to prevent your personal data from ending up in the wrong hands. Data brokers strive to collect as many details about an Internet user as possible and may even sell your contacts, security numbers, and physical address to third parties. If you want to minimize the risks of getting in such trouble, I highly recommend using privacy management software. I have reviewed the most reliable options and described them below.

Top 11 Privacy Management Software

  1. Incogni - Completely automatic workflow
  2. DeleteMe - Can remove data from over 580 brokers
  3. IDX - Dark web monitoring feature
  4. Kanary - Remove personal info from 1,000+ websites
  5. Removaly - Daily scanning
  6. OneTrust - Adheres to changes in privacy laws
  7. Cookiebot - For cookie management compliance
  8. Crownpeak - Follow global privacy laws
  9. Archer - For company risk management
  10. East-tec - Delete over 350 third-party applications
  11. TrustArc - Fast and understandable privacy management

With the help of high-quality privacy management software, you can ascertain all your personal details are reliably protected while you are online. While choosing a proper tool, you should first check out how efficiently a program can automate major processes, such as locating your data on the net and asking for its removal. Besides, it is better to opt for software covering manifold data brokers.

Keep in mind that some programs can even track the processes and make decisions automatically based on the info collected. For instance, they can send repeat requests if your data is still retained. You should definitely prefer such instruments. Another point to consider is how much personal information the software collects – the fewer details you indicate, the better.

1. Incogni — Our Choice

Completely automatic workflow
  • Asks for repeat removal
  • Handles multiple data brokers
  • Top-notch data brokers
  • Reasonable pricing
  • None detected

Verdict: This is a decent data privacy tool created by Surfshark. You have probably heard about this company thanks to its popular free VPN. Incogni can delete users’ data from various data broker databases in an automatic manner. It efficiently manages all issues that may arise in the process, e.g., rejected claims. Thus, you can forget about tiresome manual manipulations.

While the majority of such services can be used for people search sites only, Incogni focuses on higher-scale data brokers in the first place. Besides, it has a huge coverage area, which includes the US, the UK, the EU, Canada, and Switzerland. In fact, today it is the most demanded privacy management software. Though you need to pay for the provided features, the subscription system is well-thought-out. The yearly subscription option is especially beneficial as it comes with a 50% discount.

incogni privacy management software interface

2. DeleteMe

Can remove data from over 580 brokers
  • Perfectly copes with data removal
  • Makes custom requests
  • With human agents embedded
  • Lots of features
  • Collects much personal information
  • High price

Verdict: If you need a program packed with features and capable of handling common tasks with high efficiency, this is probably the best privacy management software you can find. The selling point of the program is its human agents that you can rarely find in similar services. The price is really high and may scare off some users, but it is totally justified by the possibilities it offers. DeleteMe can meticulously remove data from over 580 data brokers. But you can access such fantastic tools only after indicating your government ID and some other details.

Go to the dashboard to see a whole list of data brokers that have collected your information. You can also find out what specific data they have extracted. If automated algorithms fail to remove all data particles, human agents come to the stage and get rid of leftovers manually.

This is a huge advantage that gives it a competitive edge over rivals. When purchasing this software, you also receive a detailed DIY guide to learn how to cope with different tasks yourself. If you want to stave off visual data leakage, you should use private photo sharing apps.

deleteme privacy management software interface

3. IDX

Dark web monitoring feature
  • Top-notch data removal tool
  • Password manager & tracking blocker
  • Keeps track of credit
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Pricey

Verdict: IDX is the go-to privacy management software for many individual users and companies. Most of all I like the ForgetMe data removal option that can delete users’ data from more than 100 data brokers, password managers, VPN services, track blockers, and the like. You can start working in the software after entering your personal information.

The process of extracting and removing personal details from brokers’ sites is very straightforward. If you want, you can activate the multi-factor authentication option that comprises a biometric identity marker to fully protect your data from prying eyes. On the dashboard, you can indicate what data you want to keep tabs on. With the dark web monitoring feature enabled, the program scans for data breach dumps that are otherwise hidden.

idx privacy management software interface

4. Kanary

Remove personal info from 1,000+ websites
  • Collects no account or credit details
  • Auto scanning once in three months
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Can perform free trial scanning
  • Limited free scans
kanary privacy management software logo

Verdict: Kanary is among the best privacy management software when it comes to the speed and quality of scanning. There is no need to purchase a program flat out as you can test a free trial to grasp how it works. You need to sign in with your email, confirm via the link, and wait for 24 hours till the program is done with free scans.

However, if you opt for a free trial version, you can delete your data from 32 websites only. To expand this list to 100 platforms, you need to upgrade to a premium subscription. If something goes wrong with information deletion, the support team will take a step in and will protect your rights as an Internet user to the fullest. Pairing this program with Windows 10 privacy tools, you can seriously improve your online safety.

kanary privacy management software interface

5. Removaly

Daily scanning
  • Free initial scan
  • Copes with tasks quickly
  • Step-by-step data removal guide
  • User-friendly
  • High price
  • Lacks additional features
removaly privacy management software logo

Verdict: The highlight of this personal information manager software is that it performs daily scans to ensure all your online footprints are hidden from data brokers. If any privacy issues arise, it immediately performs the needed actions and removes your data within 24 hours. While similar programs can hardly react such quickly, Removaly does its work on short notice.

The software can delete your data from 54 broker databases but, considering the growing popularity of the resource, this number will surely ramp up in the near future. The toolkit has no additional features as the main focus of the program is on absolutely user privacy.

Before paying for the premium version, you can start with a free one to understand what Removaly is capable of. If you want to learn the process inside out, you can take advantage of the detailed instructions offered by the developer.

removaly privacy management software interface

6. OneTrust

Adheres to changes in privacy laws
  • Responsive support agents
  • Scans site cookies
  • Audit log with a self-service option
  • Handles third-party risk management
  • Confusing AB Testing reporting feature
onetrust privacy management software logo

Verdict: OneTrust outstrips many similar programs when it comes to guarding users’ privacy and security. More than 3000 companies choose this personal information manager software for everyday operations because it fully complies with GDPR, CCPA, and ISO27001 laws. With this tool at hand, you can minimize the risks of losing sensitive data on the web.

Besides, it protects your information from cyber-attacks, global crises, and other frequent problems. Users appreciate the possibility to follow the latest privacy news and maintain online activities according to modern compliance requirements. If you want to perform threat checks manually, you should definitely embed a branded portal through templates and web forms.

onetrust privacy management software interface

7. Cookiebot

For cookie management compliance
  • Straightforward functioning
  • Automated scanning
  • Bulk consent for multiple domains
  • Supports and auto-detects different languages
  • Not really flexible
cookiebot privacy management software logo

Verdict: This is an online tool aimed at simplifying the process of managing cookie files, laid down under the GDPR. People resort to Cookiebot when they need to ensure their websites and embedded cookies match up with the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive. This data privacy tool has 3 major functions – Cookie Consent, Monitoring & Control.

Using Cookie Consent, it is possible to impact a user consent for a particular site, including all the necessary details under GDPR, EPR, and CCPA. If you activate the monitoring option, the software will automatically scan your site, paying special attention to cookies. If something is incorrect, it will suggest suitable solutions.

The Cookie Control feature is a real life-saver if you want to immediately block unknown or strange cookies on a website unless consent is given. All in all, Cookiebot allows you to add cookies to your website without violating guidelines and legislation.

cookiebot privacy management software interface

8. Crownpeak

Follow global privacy laws
  • Intuitive controls
  • Extensive app support
  • Access to over 5K vendor databases
  • Adjustable notice type by region
  • UX calls for upgrading
crownpeak privacy management software logo

Verdict: If you worry whether your website complies with the consent requirement of the GDPR and other privacy laws, you definitely need to use Crownpeak. It was created by marketers, data protection experts, and privacy officers, so you can be sure the tool perfectly copes with its task.

The program lets users see who has accessed their data and for what purposes, as well as set up their preferences. Thanks to these features, people will feel more protected when browsing web resources.

crownpeak privacy management software interface

9. Archer

To reduce risks
  • Substitutes multiple third-party tools
  • User authentication
  • Provides access to services or products based on assigned roles
  • Data Protection to comply with Data Governance regulations
  • Reporting could be better
archer privacy management software logo

Verdict: Archer is a fantastic risk management and data privacy tool. It is unmatched when it comes to evaluating risks and taking steps to prevent negative consequences. If there are several people responsible for risk management, this tool makes it possible to share tasks so that everybody pulls his/her weight.

Dealing with risks becomes easier thanks to the use of identical metrics, policies, and taxonomies. The procedure is completely transparent and efficient. Besides, you can evaluate technology risk in detail to come up with reasonable solutions. What’s more, you can create reports on IT risks, security vulnerabilities, etc.

archer privacy management software interface

10. East-tec

Delete over 350 third-party applications
  • Versatile browser and program cleaning
  • Improved computer performance
  • Secure data erasure methods
  • Offline and online privacy enhancement
  • Learning curve
  • No mention of real-time protection
east-tec best privacy management software logo

Verdict: I have been using East-tec Eraser for quite a few weeks now, and really, this is an awesome piece of software. It will make sure to provide the absolute protection of your privacy, with which you can safeguard your personal data and privacy online.

East-Tec Eraser is packed with tons of features that would ensure you the best safeguard for your privacy. Its interface is easy, and it does not need rocket science just to use it. Anyone, even a person who is not into anything techy, would easily use.

East-Tec Eraser can be gotten at a one-time purchase of $39.95, which is quite an affordable price for software that provides so many features and therefore benefits to the user.

east-tec best privacy management software website

11. TrustArc

Fast and understandable privacy management
  • Email verification
  • Well-designed UI
  • Easy to customize
  • Clear audit trail
  • Requires two-factor authentication upon login
trustarc privacy management software logo

Verdict: Companies striving to expedite privacy management without violating government laws can fully rely on this software. It has extensive functionality and all the needed tools to provide the utmost privacy for all users.

I appreciate that the TrustArc team helps users very quickly when any question arises. Besides, they constantly complement their product with new features and fix detected bugs. If you want to learn the intricacies of the privacy management process, you will surely like free podcasts, webinars, and summits.

trustarc privacy management software interface