7 Best Windows 10 Privacy Tools in 2021

If you need to collect location history, website logs, calendar details, files you access, and more, then you should get the best Windows 10 privacy tool. These programs allow you to protect valuable confidential system information from intruders and tons of spyware or malware.

Top 7 Windows 10 Privacy Tools

  1. Advanced System Optimizer - Driver updater
  2. WPD - Offers a privacy dashboard
  3. O&O ShutUp10 - Adapts security settings
  4. Blackbird - Removes Windows ads
  5. Privacy Repairer - Great privacy protection
  6. Ashampoo AntiSpy - Presets for disabling reporting
  7. Privatezilla - Open-source tool

When selecting programs for this review, I focused on software that is updated regularly. I also looked at the ability to alter privacy tweaks. I checked if disabling services, limit tracking, telemetry, apps access, disable ads, block IPs, and other features are available.

Other points I took into account are a simple interface and accessibility for beginners.

1. Advanced System Optimizer

Driver updater
  • Removes the evidence of applications
  • Cleans up the system cache and cookies
  • Encrypt important files with a password
  • Not found

Verdict: Advanced System Optimizer is able to resolve some of the most common problems that you may encounter with your system. Although this tool is advertised as a Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible tool, it works just as well with Windows XP. This tool is used to repair various errors that your computer may have inside as well as make it run faster and smoother than ever.

You can use this program to scan through your entire Windows system and repair any of the errors that are inside it. If you need to remove all the corrupt / damaged registry settings that your system has, you need to install a free cleaner for Windows 10.

advanced system optimizer windows 10 privacy tool interface

2. WPD

Offers a privacy dashboard
  • Customized group policy, services, and tasks
  • Remove pre-installed Microsoft Store apps
  • No ads
  • It does not create a backup

Verdict: WPD is designed to be easy to use, as it is comprised of only a single screen for navigating through the different options and they have included several add-ons that allow you to customize the privacy control panel. This software offers the user the ability to set macros, hide your history, block websites and search engines, and scan for viruses. There are even some advanced options that allow you to remotely control your computer.

Each time you launch the program, it scans your computer for additional data that you have chosen to include in the privacy tool. It will then list the files it has found and allow you to either delete them or hide them. When you choose the "Manage" option, you can then open each folder and choose to hide or delete it from your view. This feature provides for a quick and effective way to deal with unwanted programs.

wpd windows 10 privacy tool interface

3. O&O ShutUp10

Adapts security settings
  • Easily control telemetry functions
  • Controls all updates
  • Do not pass on your user data and diagnostics
  • Bugs sometimes

Verdict: If you are looking for a good privacy tool for Windows 10, the O&O ShutUp10 is definitely worth checking out. It is designed to help you get rid of malware that can cause serious damage to your computer. This tool will even remove any cookies that have been left on your system from un-installing programs in the past, as well as help to stop any dangerous software from being able to sneak its way onto your PC.

This tool is able to fix a lot of the problems that Windows might have inside and is also able to help get rid of a large number of registry errors that your computer could have. It's also one of the most updated, which allows it to work better on all versions of Windows. The tool is highly effective and could make a huge difference to the speed and reliability of your PC.

o&o shutup10 windows 10 privacy tool interface

4. Blackbird

Removes Windows ads
  • For all versions of Windows
  • Disables more than 60 data collection tasks
  • Blocks telemetry completely
  • Not intuitive interface

Verdict: Blackbird helps you keep track of your web surfing activities and also gives you the option of deleting any unwanted cookies. The major advantage of this software is that it does not require a system restart. It works on all the Windows platforms starting from XP to Vista.

There are multiple features in this software that help you to secure your privacy on the Internet. Similar to anti-spyware software, it can help you remove all hidden program files, adware, and spyware from your computer. You can check out the latest version of this free privacy tool for free and see whether it can protect your privacy on the Internet.

blackbird windows 10 privacy tool interface

5. Privacy Repairer

Great privacy protection
  • Over 60 optimization options
  • Detailed information about the options
  • Warns about affected registry keys
  • Advanced options may lower your security

Verdict: Privacy Repairer will show you various options to help you get better protection for your PC privacy. It will scan through your system and look for any of the many infections, it could find, including viruses, adware, malware, and potentially spyware. Once it has identified the infection, it will remove it.

After all of the infected files are removed, your computer should run much smoother and with fewer errors. This program is designed to get rid of all unnecessary items from your system. If you want to customize your system, you should try one of the best Windows 10 tools.

privacy repairer windows 10 privacy tool interface

6. Ashampoo AntiSpy

Presets for disabling reporting
  • You can disable location services for apps
  • Configure security settings
  • Multiple language options
  • Lack of description for settings

Verdict: Ashampoo AntiSpy is an anti-spyware program that allows you to configure security settings. It shows you spyware reports that help you to control your PC. This software uses a Windows updates scanner to find all the last versions of programs.

No matter if you are surfing the Internet, using your email or simply using the Windows sidebar search bar, you have high-level protection with this Windows 10 privacy tool. If you want to speed up your PC, you can also try a PC optimizer.

ashampoo antispy windows 10 privacy tool interface

7. Privatezilla

Open-source tool
  • Disabling telemetry
  • Control over app permissions
  • Improved analysis feature
  • Not so easy to use

Verdict: Privatezilla protects your privacy while you surf online and helps you remain safe from the many online predators out there. It has an advanced scanning engine that detects and removes threats. The program also has an advanced network security protection system that prevents viruses and worms from stealing your information and attacking your PC.

It also includes several privacy protection options to help you stay safe while online. The program works by checking the digital signatures all over the Internet and then notifies you if anything suspicious happens while you are online. It then works to clean the digital signature of the program so it cannot be used again to infect your PC.

privatezilla windows 10 privacy tool interface
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