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Verdict: At such times when I needed to present my wedding photo portfolio at workshops, explain marketing strategies to colleagues, or engage potential clients, I found suitable slide deck templates on SlideBazaar. For instance, the "Photography portfolio" template helped me advertise my services and find potential clients.

This presentation software allows me to edit every single slide until it looks exactly right. It lets me pick my own fonts, layouts, and colors for my templates (it means much for me as a retoucher and photographer) so I can build my presentations in my style and in a way that really represents me with my pictures.

  • An extensive choice of templates
  • Customizable templates
  • A collection of charts and diagrams
  • Weekly updates
  • Premium support
  • Only for Windows
  • The Pro plan is expensive
slidebazaar templates

Using the PPT templates, I create presentations with consistent style using specific fonts and colors that allow me to improve the recognition of my brand. They include a variety of PowerPoint elements and backgrounds that help me create stylish presentations of professional quality.

SlideBazaar allows me to quickly download templates and customize them to my liking. This service has a library of more than 7000 templates sorted by various categories. Users can download them as Microsoft PowerPoint files, but I typically use Google Slides, Apple Keynote or Open Office to edit them.

SlideBazaar – Main Features

slidebazaar features

SlideBazaar is a useful web-based service with an extensive library of top-level PowerPoint templates for creating presentations containing infographics, diagrams, charts, graphs, timelines, and other elements. These templates are sorted by themes and can be customized according to a user’s preferences and needs.

Using the available templates, I can increase the visibility of my brand on social media. The add-in also stands out for its design features, including Shape Replicator and Format Tools, which streamline the process of creating designs with attention-grabbing slides and exquisite patterns.

"It’s fun to use and has a variety of options that make my work easier. The interface is quite streamlined, which makes this service suitable even for users without a technical background. I was able to create really pro-level presentations with the help of this service." - Melanie, management consultant ★★★★★ (5/5)

Massive Catalog of Presentation Templates

SlideBazaar has a variety of categories that allow me to select suitable charts, slides, decks, and graphs for my presentations. In addition, I utilize the in-built search tools to discover the templates that I need to use.

slidebazaar flowcharts

When working on my projects, I was happy to discover that this service enables me to create flow chart templates, which facilitates the task of managing my projects. I was able to plan my projects more efficiently, release timely updates, and create presentations about my progress.

In addition, I often have to rely on infographic templates to create easy-to-comprehend presentations with engaging content. It allows me to add important data to my presentations without boring my clients with unnecessary facts. I was impressed by the fact that this infographic maker makes it easy for me to compress large volumes of data.

Using business templates, I can create informative presentations explaining my concepts and plans to my potential clients and business partners.

PowerPoint Plugin to Improve Productivity

The SlideBazaar plugin helped me streamline my workflow and create presentations more quickly. Using it, I can find the templates I need without leaving PowerPoint and customize them to my liking.

  1. I downloaded the plugin to my device. The download process is easy, so I did not notice any issues.
  2. After downloading the file, I clicked on it to run the installation process.
  3. After installing the plugin, I switched to PowerPoint to start working on my presentation.
  4. To use the SlideBazaar plugin, I found the button in the menu and clicked on it.
  5. I signed in using my credentials to use all the features available on the SlideBazaar platform and access the templates.

After logging in, I got access to the in-built collection of templates, which allowed me to make the most out of SlideBazaar and quickly find the options I needed.

Easy to Choose the Template

slidebazaar template example

To find the template I was interested in, I searched for the words "photography portfolio" and found several suitable options. Then, I selected the one that had 32 beautifully designed slides.

Each page looks like it is a part of a professional online gallery. The template is suitable for photos capturing tender moments between the groom and the bride and highlighting the most beautiful details of a bridal gown. Using this template, I showcase photos capturing strong emotions and feelings.

This slideshow maker allows users to further customize the templates by adding captions and descriptions to them to make photos more informative. In addition, the templates have a responsive design. Users can access them from devices with screens of different sizes.

"I was impressed by the extensive choice of available designs. I can easily add them to my PowerPoint slides. However, their prices seem to be too expensive." - Benjamin, student ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Fully Editable Design with Several Clicks

slidebazaar editable tempplates

I started by adding my logo to the template and customizing its colors to ensure that they correspond to my brand’s style. I selected soft tones to emphasize the simplicity and beauty of my wedding pictures.

When selecting a font, I decided to choose the most attention-grabbing and easy-to-read option. By combining serif and sans-serif fonts for headings and the main body, I was able to make my presentation refined and elegant.

As the templates are modular, I was able to customize the layout by moving sections to emphasize specific parts of my presentation. After testing multiple layouts, I was able to select the one that made my portfolio more appealing to my clients. My presentation starts with an engaging introduction and ends with a call to action.

Using in-built picture galleries and sliders, I was able to present my photos in the most engaging way. After trying out different layouts and adjusting image sizes and spacing, I was able to emphasize the most important parts of my portfolio.

Continuous Addition of New Templates

To reach out to a wider audience, I decided to provide destination wedding photography services. When browsing the catalog, I discovered travel-related templates with suitable designs that helped me promote my photography services and demonstrate the beauty of destination weddings.

I have found plenty of templates with rich colors that perfectly suit photos taken at tropical locations with beautiful beaches. Using these templates, I was able to produce stunning presentations that appeal to clients who want to organize their weddings in picturesque locations abroad.

Custom Design Services Tailored for Any Needs

slidebazaar custom design services

What impressed me about the custom design services provided by SlideBazaar was that this platform helped me create a stunning presentation for a bridal expo. I wanted to create slides demonstrating the best photos in my portfolio and ensure that they look refined and elegant. However, I wasn’t able to find a suitable template in the catalog that met all my requirements.

When I contacted SlideBazaar, they analyzed the style I was interested in, learned more about the identity of my brand, and asked me about the requirements. To make my presentation more engaging, they learned more about my target audience, the theme of an event, and the feelings that I wanted to evoke with my presentation.

The team analyzed my feedback and made the edits I requested to ensure that the final version corresponds to my vision. As a result, I received a professionally made presentation that exceeded the expectations of potential clients at the bridal expo and helped me increase my customer base.

24×7 Customer Support

For example, at some point, I had an issue with my formatting when trying to customize a template. I contacted the support team and they helped me fix my issue in 10 minutes. They explained to me all the steps that I had to follow, which enabled me to format my template the way I wanted.

Hub of Valuable Resources & Insights

slidebazaar blog

Whether I need to create an attention-grabbing presentation or discover how to use diagram software, this blog has answers to all my questions. It helped me learn how to create engaging texts, improve my design skills, and produce eye-catching presentations with useful insights.

SlideBazaar Prices

When I discovered this service, I decided to opt for the Basic plan. It costs only $2 per month, which makes it a great option to consider for those who want to test out SlideBazaar’s functionality.

As I started to use this service more often and utilize its templates to streamline the process of creating presentations and other materials for my meetings, I realized that SlideBazaar allows me to significantly optimize my processes.

This is why I decided to pay for the Pro Unlimited plan to access more advanced tools. It costs $12.49 per month, and enables me to use an extensive library of templates, enjoy premium support, and use PowerPoint add-in. Besides, this version supports an unlimited number of downloads.


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