Best Free AI Selfie Generators in 2024

All these free AI selfie generators work easy: simply import your photo and provide a prompt while the ai algorithms transform it into a creative, high-quality image in any style or form.

To check how these AI selfie generators work, I uploaded the same picture to all of them and launched the generation process. I have to say that 70% of the platforms I’ve tested didn’t provide a satisfying result on the first try. The selfies were of low quality, the filters didn’t look natural, and I had to repeat the process several times before I got a decent selfie.

photoshop ai logo

Photoshop AI – My Choice

After trying out all the popular AI selfie generators, I have found that Photoshop AI suits my needs the best. It generates beautiful, pro-grade selfies that are rich in detail and color and don’t look fake.

I wanted to create an amazing selfie like advertised everywhere but for now it’s only good marketing. Only 3 selfie generators produced a realistic and nice result – Photoshop AI, LightX and Snapbar.

Top 10 AI Selfie Generators for Bloggers

  1. Photoshop AI - Broad range of customization options
  2. LightX - Can generate simultaneously
  3. Snapbar - Subtle selfie enhancements
  4. VanceAI - Integrated camera app
  5. Artguru AI Selfie Generator - For business purposes
  6. Fotor - Uses facial recognition
  7. Facetune - Great lighting effects for selfies
  8. - Unlimited number of generated selfies
  9. MyEdit - Many AI features
  10. Gahaku - Stylish selfie presets

1. Photoshop AI

Broad range of customization options

photoshop ai selfie generator

Key features:

  • Realistic selfie results
  • Let’s you add new objects and elements to the image
  • Integration with other Adobe software

Photoshop AI is a universal solution that lets me customize the generated images in other Adobe tools like Photoshop or Illustrator. Additionally, I experimented with a bunch of provided filters and was very happy with the achieved looks, particularly when applying multiple effects to the same photo changing outfits.

The Generative AI tool lets me create selfies that match my exact prompts. For instance, I can look like my favorite rock star, add details from a cartoon, or have the photo look like a painting of a famous artist. I asked the tool to generate a selfie in many classic and even wedding clothes and the images look great.

2. LightX

Can generate multiple prompts simultaneously

lightx ai selfie generator

Key features:

  • Premade selfie presets
  • Text-to-image image generation
  • Supported by both iOS and Android devices

LightX is a free AI selfie generator that has pleasantly intuitive controls. I merely need to import a properly lit, detailed picture of myself that features my entire face in JPG or PNG format.

Next, I have to describe how I’d like the selfie to look using the text field. I also appreciate the fact that this artificial intelligence software lets me pick one of the available premade styles if I can’t come up with a description.

This tool includes over a thousand high-quality presets, which I can apply in just one click to achieve the desired look. It provides 3 prompt fields that allow me to ensure the generated selfie has all the details I want, helping me receive a highly accurate result in the style of the TV-show The Crown.

3. Snapbar

Subtle selfie enhancements

snapbar ai selfie generator

Key features:

  • Improves the selfie quality
  • Realistic results
  • Fast generation

When using Snapbar, I liked the wide range of available AI-based features that allowed me to do everything from dealing with flaws to making my facial features more appealing. In just a couple of taps, I brightened my complexion, performed teeth-whitening, and made myself look a bit chick. Using this application was very easy thanks to the straightforward interface.

My favorite part about Snapbar is its advanced AI model which did a great job of understanding my aesthetic taste and automatically making edits that flattered my looks. I received a fantastic minimalistic selfie that wasn’t ruined by unnecessary details or effects. I think Snapbar is a fantastic option if you want a cartoonish effect.

4. VanceAI

Integrated camera app

vanceai ai selfie generator

Key features:

  • Customizable selfie image size
  • Drag-and-drop controls
  • Intuitive UI

The main feature that sets VanceAI apart from alternative solutions is the ability to snap the picture straight from the application, and I have to note that the results look quite good but still now what I wanted.

Afterward, I chose the selfie generation feature. For example, when generating a selfie in steampunk style, the background behind me became filled with metal details and decorative elements in a matching color palette.

I also like the generation results when choosing a cartoon style. VanceAI managed to preserve my facial features and proportions, avoiding the pitfall of transforming the photo into a confusing mess. The only drawback here was that I had to upload my selfie multiple times since I didn’t get an acceptable result on my first try.

5. Artguru AI Selfie Generator

Produces selfies for business purposes

artguru ai selfie generator

Key features:

  • Pre-designed selfie styles
  • Allows generating headshots
  • Drawing-like results

Artguru converts regular images into eye-catching AI-generated selfies in a matter of seconds. While appreciate the high generation speed, the quality of the results isn’t as impressive.

During my tests with this tool, I wanted to receive an anime-style image, and I got a visually enticing result, but only on my fifth try. On the plus side, Artguru can create professional-looking headshots in different styles, meaning this AI image generator is a great choice if you want to receive a selfie for a business-focused website like LinkedIn.

This AI selfie generator offers a wide range of styles that cover everything from the classic Barbie look and traditional paintings to cyberpunk-inspired motifs and hand-drawn portraits. However, not all options look realistic, which is why I had to test a lot of styles before I got a result I was happy with.

6. Fotor

Uses facial recognition technology

fotor ai selfie generator

Key features:

  • Artistic selfie styles
  • Allows creating avatars in video game style
  • Expanded AI functionality

Fotor is online and offers a wide selection of styles, including anime, Disney cartoons, video game art, vintage illustrations, and oil painting, among others. I want to note that most selfie generators failed to provide the same realistic results I got from Fotor but I lost my face features and the photos don’t look like me 100% anymore.

However, when I tried using the Disney-styled filters, the generated colors were oversaturated and unnatural. The website showcases examples of the selfies generated in different styles presented next to the original pictures.

7. Facetune

Great lighting effects for selfies

facetune online ai selfie generator

Key features:

  • Generate selfies using presets
  • Instant result sharing to social network platforms
  • Artistic effects

My experience using Facetune started with me taking a selfie and uploading it into the application. Next I saw a set of presets. It only took me a couple of seconds to pick an option I like and the applied changes were instantly visible on the photo. However, I had to waste quite a bit of time since the app tended to freeze when I switched between different effects.

Facetune is also a handy AI photo editor that provides a variety of AI-based tools that help me beautify my smile, delete skin imperfections, and change the backdrop in the photo in a couple of clicks.

Lastly, I found it very convenient to be able to instantly upload the generated selfie to my Insta account, even though this process took quite a bit of time as well.


Unlimited number of generated selfies ai selfie generator

Key features:

  • Provides a variety of selfie styles
  • Applies digital makeup
  • Ensures the privacy of the uploaded photos comes with a free AI selfie generator that allows you to produce pictures of yourself using your PC or smartphone by opening this tool in your browser. The platform can help improve your editing workflow with various pro-grade filters and styles that will enhance the look of your selfie.

I like that this platform doesn’t limit the number of selfies I can generate while also allowing me to effortlessly get rid of all skin imperfections.

However, most generated images don’t look particularly presentable and the editing features are too limited to deal with all the flaws. I can see how my head was just swapped: not as natural as I wanted. employs SSL encryption to protect your data and all created images are deleted from the servers within a couple of hours.

9. MyEdit

Supplied with a wide selection of AI-based features

myedit ai selfie generator

Key features:

  • Provides bonus AI-powered features for selfies
  • Great for generating selfies for different social media platforms
  • Unique styles

I like its intuitive controls and the interface, which is simple for both personal and professional use. However, the image generation speed leaves much to be desired.

The versatility in terms of available styles for avatars and headshots is great but the quality is quite low as you can see on the example above. This option also comes with a broad selection of styles, from realistic to artistic, ensuring everyone can create the selfie for their needs.

10. Gahaku

Provides stylish selfie presets

gahaku ai selfie generator

Key features:

  • Real-time preview function
  • Convenient sharing
  • Includes dramatic effects

As someone who takes a lot of selfies, I was excited to test Gahaku, one of the newest additions to the AI selfie generator lineup. The first thing that caught my eye about this AI art generator is its wide range of provided creative filters and effects imitating paintings and drawings.

It took me a long while to browse through all the offered styles that include everything from vintage black-and-white filters to colorful pop art-themed aesthetics.

I managed to personalize my photo to ensure it matched the vision in my head. However, just as it was the case with most AI selfie generators featured above, I needed more than 5 tries to get the desired result.