Photoshop AI Tools 2024: Complete List

By Julia Newman 13 days ago, Photoshop Tips

With artificial intelligence Photoshop tools, you can save money on editing and make all the basic corrections in just a few clicks.

Photoshop is an advanced AI photo editor, with one-click neural filters for portrait photo retouching, AI sampling with accurate edge filling, sky replacement options, vector shapes, and more.

Using Photoshop AI functionality, you can forget about time-consuming post production and focus on your creative ideas.

Neural Filters for Portraits

photoshop ai neural filters

One of the most powerful artificial intelligence Photoshop tools is Neural Filters. They employ machine learning algorithms and are often used in Photoshop portrait tutorials for improving images, applying artistic styles, and even changing facial expressions in an instant. Here are some examples of how you can use neural filters:

  • With the “Colorize” filter, you can turn your black and white images into color ones. Photoshop AI analyzes the image and automatically applies colors to different areas.
  • The “Smooth skin” filter allows you to even out the texture of the skin in portraits, remove visible pores and wrinkles. AI analyzes the texture of the skin and smooths it without sacrificing the natural look. So, you no longer need to learn complicated techniques to smooth skin in Photoshop.
  • Style Transfer” can be used to apply artistic styles to your images. You can choose from various styles such as oil painting, watercolor, and pencil sketching, and the AI will apply the style to your photo in virtually no time.
photoshop ai smart portrait

Moreover, there are a number of beta filters that are still being finalized. For example, you can use “Smart Portrait” to make a person look older or younger by changing and enhancing facial features.

You can change the thickness of hair, smile broadness, remove wrinkles, make eyes more expressive, or add emotion to a face. In addition, there are sliders for altering the direction of the light, so you can change the shadows in a photo.

1-Click Sky Replacement

photoshop ai sky replacement

Using the “Sky Replacement” AI Photoshop tool, you can select the sky in your photo in one click and replace it with a more interesting option. There is an internal library of variants, so make sure to check it out.

If the variety of embedded images isn’t sufficient for you, feel free to upload third-party free sky Photoshop overlays.

You can read a detailed guide on how to replace sky in Photoshop, or use a short version:

  • Open your photo in the program.
  • Open “Edit” and select the “Sky Replacement” tool.
  • Choose any image from the gallery you like or upload your own overlay.

This tool also automatically adjusts the colors and lighting in a photo to match the new sky. Thus, a finished picture will look absolutely natural.

AI-Based Edge Refinement

photoshop ai smart edge refinement

The Smart Edge Refinement leverages Adobe Photoshop AI algorithms for image analysis and automatic edge refinement. Thus, you can be sure your selections will look accurate and professional.

For example, you can use this tool to accurately highlight hair or tree foliage in a photo. You can start by using the Lasso tool, Magic Wand, etc., and then click Selection > Refine Edge. Photoshop will analyze the edges of your selection and automatically refine them.

fixthephoto skin retouch services fixthephoto skin retouch services

Would Like Professional Photos in 1 Click?

If you can't remove pimples, smooth wrinkles, or straighten the hair in images with Photoshop AI tools, don't hesitate to contact FixThePhoto and send your images to professionals.

They will smooth skin, correct colors, and make other improvements in photos.

AI Search with Help and Contextual Actions

photoshop ai search

The new Search Panel is an AI-powered tool that makes it easier to find the necessary features. This tool operates on artificial intelligence algorithms to provide relevant results based on your search query.

Now, instead of searching for specific instruments in the top bar, you can enter keywords into AI search, for example smooth skin, remove unwanted object from photo improve colors, etc.

In addition, the new Search panel also has contextual-sensitive help and lists the steps you will need to take to achieve a specific result. Therefore, the editing process becomes easier for novices.

You can even ask questions like how to fix red eye how to make a photo brighter or how to apply a B&W filter.

Remember that you can access the help menu at any time by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the window, pressing Cmd + F, or via Photoshop's help menu.

Template Preview

photoshop ai template preview

By using this option, you can see how your design will look in different template versions. Every modification will be displayed in a separate window. Besides, in this mode, you can easily move and adjust layers.

Here is how you can use this Photoshop AI tool:

  • Open your design in Photoshop
  • Choose “File” > “Create from Template”

With this instrument, you can save a lot of time and effort while making designs for social media, banners, business cards, or even designing a pattern for clothing.

Live Design Shapes

photoshop ai live shapes

With the new AI Live Shapes, you can no longer use third-party vector programs to design logos or web interfaces. It has become very easy to create your own vector shapes in Photoshop.

To use Live Shapes, follow these steps:

  • Select the “Shape” tool in the toolbar on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the “Live Shapes” option from the list.
  • Click and drag on the canvas to create a shape.

Once you've created a Live Shape, you can easily edit it by clicking and dragging its anchor points. You can also adjust its properties such as fill color, stroke color, and stroke width in the options bar.

In addition, Live Shapes has several other useful features, such as the ability to round the corners of a shape, add dashed lines, and create variable-width shapes.

Reset Smart Objects

photoshop ai reset smart objects

If you are just going to make your first mockup in Photoshop and want to experiment with your smart objects, rotate and transform them, add various effects and styles, you will probably appreciate the availability of the Reset Smart Objects AI Photoshop function. Clicking this button, you can quickly reset your smart objects to their original state.

To use this feature, simply select “Reset Smart Object” in the right corner of the context menu.

Plugins to Automate Editing

Some of them are built-in and used to tackle basic tasks. Others are developed by individual users and should be uploaded into the software.

photoshop ai plugins

Adobe Camera Raw is one of the most useful built-in AI plugins. It offers advanced image processing features such as color correction, noise reduction, and lens correction.

Most editing tasks can be performed with the help of artificial intelligence at the touch of a button. For example, you can eliminate aberration defects, red-eye, improve exposure, and more. However, this plugin can only be applied to RAW images.

As for third-party UXP-based plug-ins, you can find lots of high-quality tools. There are instruments for managing assets and inventory, collaborating with other users by pre-integrating Photoshop with the major photo cloud services such as Dropbox, Monday, Trello, Slack, and Xero, and even auto-retouching with Pro Add-Ons, Picture Instruments, Tony Kuyper, Greg Benz, and Davide Barranca.

In addition, some AI plugins allow you to connect to hardware consoles such as Loupedeck or capture augmented reality objects using ClipDrop.

Preset Search

photoshop ai presets search

Photoshop AI Preset Search makes it easy to find the presets you need. This tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze your image and suggests appropriate presets based on the color scheme and lighting.

To use the preset search for AI presets, open the “Presets” toolbar and enter keywords in the search, such as “vintage look” or “black and white”. Photoshop will generate a list of presets that match your search.

The search is synced every time you upload third-party free Photoshop actions for portrait or other filters into Photoshop, so it will show them upon your next matching query.

Useful AI Tools for iPad Version

photoshop ai livestream

If you own Photoshop for iPad, you have some useful AI tools not available to Windows or MacOS users.

For instance, you can live stream directly from Photoshop. Thus, you to record full-fledged lessons or conduct educational streams. Plus, you don't need to make any settings, Photoshop automatically syncs with the Behance design environment, and your stream will be carried out from your account.

You need to launch the stream from the export menu in the upper right corner. Once you’re done, your recording will be saved and published in the Behance Gallery and in Photoshop.

Another handy artificial intelligence Photoshop tool allows you to change thumbnail sizes, photo resolutions, and selections from your PDS file in one click so that they match the desired result.