16 Best AI Photo Editors in 2022

AI photo editors - Artificial Intelligence photo editors - are created for performing automatic picture editing manipulations that typically take plenty of effort and time. Many photographers tend to spend several hours, editing just one shot.

Professional AI photo editors allow photographers to do it within no more than 5 minutes. In this article, I’m sharing a list of 16 best AI photo editors that will do the job instead of you and provide you with a decent result.

Top 16 Best AI Photo Editors

Each AI photo editor makes it possible to perform picture editing even if you are a complete beginner and lack the necessary skills. You will be able to enhance the pictures in a single click.

1. Luminar 4

Best AI photo editor
  • You pay only once
  • Straightforward UI
  • A vast selection of picture editing tools
  • Picture management tools
  • No app for mobile devices

Verdict: Luminar 4 has all the possible tools you may need for editing and managing pictures. This pro photo software provides AI Skin & Portrait Enhancer for neutralizing undesired skin spots, with the natural elements, like hair, texture and freckles, preserved.

Its AI Structure (another smart filter) boosts clarity without making the picture too sharp, prevents texture and colors from being overburned. I enjoyed the fast and convenient operation of this Luminar version.

So, if you are searching for an intuitive and robust AI photo editor, Luminar 4 is a worthy variant to consider.

Complete Luminar 4 Review.

luminar interface

2. Sharpen AI

For sharpening photos
  • One-click edits
  • Features over 45 presets
  • Serves as individual software and a plug-in
  • Lacks Adjustment Brush
  • High price

Verdict: Developers have tested Sharpen AI on numerous pictures and created software for photographers that will detect the difference between detail and noise to improve detail only. Sometimes, it may even restore picture detail.

Sharpen AI enables users to produce super-sharp pictures even if they have been taken with a shallow depth of field, at nighttime or handheld. This editor may serve as individual software or a plug-in for Ps, Lightroom Classic and Topaz Studio.

sharpen ai interface

3. Photolemur 3

For beginners
  • You pay only once
  • Improves pictures quickly
  • Multi-lingual support
  • User-friendly
  • Slow operation with batch shots

Verdict: Photolemur 3 may easily become a reliable helper for everyone, who needs to get rid of undesired elements in the shot. This software is notable for its cutting-edge filter technology.

Simply import the shot and the photo editor will correct temperature, tones, shadows, exposure and white balance. Tools for smart picture post-production such as auto face and skin enhancement, perfect exposure, enhanced eyes are present as well.

photolemur 3 logo

4. PhotoDiva

For editing portraits and selfies
  • Realistic Digital Makeup
  • Automatic Picture Retouching
  • Digital Plastic Surgery
  • Ability to Blur the Background
  • 100+ Effects and Filters
  • Incompatible with MacOS

Verdict: PhotoDiva performs face editing at a professional level – no matter if it is a studio or home shooting. The genre isn’t important either – the software will perfectly cope with any task.

Thanks to PhotoDiva’s AI-based portrait photo editing, you will greatly enhance the look of people of different sizes, genders, ages and shapes.

photodiva ai photo editor interface

5. Mask AI

For masking
  • Simple to use
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Quick editing
  • High price for just one feature

Verdict: Many photographers dread performing masking as it requires plenty of time. Mask AI, developed by Topaz Labs, is probably the best AI photo editor when it comes to quick and effective masking.

With the help of trimap technique and machine learning technology, users can create complex masks within seconds. The photo editor perfectly copes with masking high-contrast pictures that come without many thin and elaborate elements.

mask ai 3 interface

6. PixBim Color Surprise AI

Photo colorization in 10 seconds
  • User-friendly interface
  • Size and quality are unchanged
  • One-time fee
  • Batch mode or batch image editing
  • Free version is limited

Verdict: PixBim Color Surprise AI is a program developed with AI technology in mind aimed at automatic image colorization. The developers run multiple tests to create a tool capable of predicting the colors of B&W photo transformations more accurately.

You can install the program both on computers and laptops. There is a free trial version, which contains all the major features, so that you can try them and understand whether the software is worth purchasing. The whole process boils down to uploading a B&W photo and initiating its colorization.

pixbim color surprise ai photo editor interface

7. Imgkits

For removing background
  • Wide range of features
  • Intuitive process
  • Quick and impressive results
  • Helpful templates
  • Not all features are free

Verdict: Imgkits is a convenient web editor powered by AI technology. I really like the abundance of features it offers. With its help, you can seamlessly remove background and objects from photos, restore old images, turn your selfie into a cartoon, or perform retouching.

Another advantage is that the interface is so intuitive, that even a first-time user will get the hang of it in no time. I also like how quick the entire editing process is. You only have to wait a couple of seconds after uploading images, and you get the results that could’ve taken you hours to achieve in other editors.

imgkits ai photo editor interface

8. Aurora HDR

For HDR photography
  • Customizable features
  • Intuitive UI
  • Serves as individual software and a plug-in
  • Supports LUTs
  • Not fully-functional

Verdict: Aurora HDR is based on Quantum HDR Engine technology. It merges bracketed shots in one picture, reduces the loss of contrast, noise, burned tones along with unnatural lighting, which appears due to halos and non-consistent deghosting.

This technology will thoroughly analyze the shots and will combine them smartly.

aurora hdr interface

9. Img.Upscaler

Batch processing
  • Fast upscaling
  • Simple, beginner-friendly process
  • Easy artifact removal
  • High level of privacy protection
  • 10 free images per week limit

Verdict: Img.Upscaler allows you to enhance the quality of your picture, add more details using the latest Super-Resolution and AI technologies. I like that it can upscale all types of photos, and the whole process is super fast. Img.Upscaler easily removes all the artifacts.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about your privacy, as it’s highly protected. All your photos will be deleted within 24 hours after upscaling. I also like that you can view the examples on the website before you make a decision. You get 10 free images a week, or you can invest in an affordable day/monthly/yearly plan.

imgupscaler ai photo editor interface

10. Leawo Photoins

Batch editing in 1 click
  • Portrait editing
  • Noise reduction
  • Precise color customization
  • AI background removal
  • Batch editing
  • Limited free version

Verdict: Leawo Photoins is one of the simplest tools to automatically enhance your photos, with the ability to fix blurry and fuzzy images, add details and raise sharpness without compromising quality, adjust white balance, improve colors, and correct exposure. Portrait photographers can make good use of the tools for skin retouching, removing freckles, correcting defects, and enlarging eyes.

Another strong point of this program is the smart and accurate background replacement/removal algorithm. You can substitute any background or leave it transparent in just one click. Photographers and Lr lovers can take advantage of quick batch processing, so you can apply changes to the entire photo library at once.

leawo photoins ai photo editor interface

11. JPEG to RAW

For recovering details
  • Dynamic range improvement
  • Eliminates artifacts
  • Restores details perfectly
  • Batch editing support
  • Not many features

Verdict: Its machine learning technology is capable of restoring color detail and eliminating compression artifacts. Moreover, this AI photo editor improves the dynamic range by deepening shadows and boosting highlights.

In case you have numerous pictures to edit at once, a batch editing feature is present.

jpeg to raw interface

12. Spyne

Allows taking photos
  • Built-in camera
  • Batch mode
  • Stunning selection of backgrounds and templates
  • Assisted Service
  • Editing features could be more powerful

Verdict: Spyne is a user-friendly and intuitive AI-based picture editor. It helps you to enhance your images in a few clicks. It contains tools for correcting imperfections, removing blemishes, adjusting colors, balancing light, contrast, and other parameters. Since Spyne is a batch photo editor, you can enhance multiple shots at the same time to speed up your workflow.

Thanks to the built-in camera, you can take photos directly from the app. The Assisted Service comes in handy when you need to capture a scene like a pro. You can enhance your shots with stunning backgrounds available in the program's library. Plus, you can take advantage of a huge collection of templates for customizing your images to suit your needs.

spyne ai photo editor interface

13. Gigapixel AI

For enlarging photos
  • Enhances faces automatically
  • Edited pictures are clear
  • Sharpness and details are preserved
  • User-friendly
  • RAW files can’t be zoomed in

Verdict: With the appearance of Gigapixel AI on the market, it became possible to enlarge the picture and don’t lose any details. Developers have tested Gigapixel on numerous pictures and created software that is capable of enlarging pictures with remarkable quality.

Upscale the shot up to 600% if necessary and the initial quality will be preserved thanks to AI-based technology. In order to provide users with such sharp and detailed shots, this editor tends to perform approximately 2 million operations per pixel.

gigapixel ai interface

14. Pizza Photo Editor

For product photos
  • Intuitive UI
  • User-friendly
  • Simple export and import
  • Completely free
  • Only removes background

Verdict: If you need to perform quick and hassle-free background removal, Pizza is the best AI photo editor for the task. Its AI-based technology is aimed at automatic detection of the subject in the shot and removal of background around it.

You can upload shots from Dropbox, Google Drive or via URL. Users can pick any background, its type along with selection and outline color.

In case you are dealing with product photography for an online store and don’t need this graphics magic, you won’t find a better editor.

pizza interface

15. Photo.AI

For iPhone
  • Absolutely free
  • Remarkable feature-set
  • Straightforward UI
  • For iPhones only

Verdict: Here is undoubtedly the best AI photo editor app for iPhone users. Its design resembles a collection of filters and presets for picture post-production.

Beauty for Fashion and Fine Art photography mode may correct problematic skin, making a shot softer and clearer. Changing background, hair color, applying make-up is possible as well.

For those who need stunning pictures for Instagram, and don’t want to fiddle with PC software and spend too much time on picture editing, Photo.AI is an ideal variant.

photo.ai interface

16. Lensa

For portraits
  • Extensive toolkit
  • User-friendly
  • Automatic picture retouching
  • First-rate background blur
  • Subscription is required

Verdict: Lensa is the best AI photo editor for selfie-editing purposes. It boasts an automatic function that enhances eyes, skin, neutralizes facial imperfections without any effort on your part.

Besides, it eliminates under-eye bags, makes eyebrows thicker and boosts contrast. One more interesting feature is the Bokeh effect, which is powered by accurate portrait segmentation. It brings the face from the background to the foreground and can be used on one-camera mobile devices without depth sensors.

lensa interface

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