10 Best Automatic Photo Editors

By Eva Williams 16 days ago, Software Reviews

10 Best Automatic Photo Editors in 2021

Entrust manual work to AI technologies built into automatic photo editors.

Correct skin flaws in portrait photos, adjust the color of landscape photographs, delete unwanted objects or correct the background. Doing all these manipulations realistically and in automatic mode is real!

Top 10 Automatic Photo Editors

  1. Lightroom - For color correction
  2. Luminar - AI portrait editing
  3. Eclipse HDR - Quantum HDR Engine
  4. Photolemur - Smart styles
  5. InPixio Photo Editor - Auto erase
  6. PhotoScape X - Batch filter use
  7. Nik Collection - 7+ plugins
  8. Online Editor - Semi-automatic portrait correction
  9. Pixlr X - Photoshop filters
  10. Fotor - Beauty setting

You don’t have time and desire to correct colors and edit portraits on each photo from a huge album? Then the automatic photo editors will do a great job for you.

1. Lightroom – Our Choice

Endless number of free presets
  • Third-party presets support
  • Fast batch image editing
  • Deep color settings
  • Auto lens correction
  • Semi-automatic brushes
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Verdict: Lightroom offers one of the most comprehensive preset databases. Applying them, you can perform professional color correction with one click. A semi-automatic brush blurs the background or cleans the skin.

This automatic photo editor for PC contains automatic tools for smoothing images, applying lens correction, fixing chromatic aberrations, restoring glare and adjusting tones, customizing contrast, exposure and brightness automatically.

Since the editor belongs to the list of the best batch photo editors - all actions can be performed for each image separatelyor in batch mode. Thanks to this feature, the auto photo editor simplifies the work of photographers and professional retouchers greatly. You can also copy presets from one photo to another.

lightroom automatic photo editor interface

2. Luminar

Deep AI portrait editing
  • Automatic Dodge and Burn
  • Advanced Accent AI
  • 100+ textures and presets
  • Batch photo editing
  • Slower than Lr or Ps

Verdict: Luminar uses AI technology and offers unique automatic tools like SKY Enhancer, Accent AI and Sun Rays, Dodge and Burn. You will find 100+ presets and textures there.

This AI photo editor gives you numerous opportunities for editing portraits, such as red-eye removal, eye whitening, facial enhancement, lip detail adjustment, etc. You can adjust the sliders to get the perfect look of your images.

When using batch photo editing, you can apply various presets and filters to several photos at the same time or adjust such sliders as noise, brightness, color, chromatic aberration, etc.

luminar automatic photo editor interface

3. Eclipse HDR

HDR effect in 3 steps
  • Two ways to create HDR
  • Semi-automatic tone mapping engine
  • HDR relight
  • 40+ creative HDR presets
  • May lag on weak PCs

Verdict: Eclipse HDR replaces time-consuming picture editing. It automatically creates HDR images in three steps: import, create a new project, and adjust the strength with a slider.

If you want to experiment, the auto picture editor offers 40+ creative HDR presets. This is especially useful for beginners as they get precise editing of color, brightness and saturation in certain areas with a wide selection of curves.

Among other automatic features, the program contains Tone Mapping Engine (a tool that creates perfectly exposed images), a color equalizer and an ultra-wide chromatic scale. A new HDR Relight module is also worth noting.

With its help, this software automatically detects light sources and allows you to configure them. You can edit the color temperature or completely disable it.

eclipse hdr automatic photo editor interface

4. Photolemur

Face finish
  • RAW files support
  • Smart styles
  • AI face finish
  • Easy to learn
  • There is no Zoom feature

Verdict: Photolemur will be a great choice for photographers working with RAW files and in most cases with portrait photos.

The automatic Face Finish tool provides a complete face set-up, smooths the wrinkles, improves eyes, removes red-eye defects, whitens teeth and corrects redness.

Smart styles are also worth noting. They automatically allow you to emulate a film or a movie, turn a photo into BW, etc. You can use smart photo styles to turn your images into works of art.

photolemur automatic photo editor interface

5. InPixio

Simple AI removal of unwanted objects
  • Automatic removal of unnecessary objects
  • Suitable for background replacement
  • Semi-automatic selective retouch
  • Preserves important details
  • Ineffective presets

Verdict: InPixio offers tools to erase unwanted objects, delete/replace the background, and Semi-Automatic Selective Retouch.

With the Erase tool activated, you should choose an arbitrary brush or shape that makes it easier to select an unnecessary object. After that, the auto photo editor will delete the object and fill the empty area with similar pixels.

You can use the Save slider for important features to make sure that your cutout is perfect. You can remove hair, water droplets and small details from the background to the nearest pixel.

Selective Retouch adjusts individual parts of the photo using special gradients or brushes in semi-automatic mode. You can change such settings as hues, white balance, blur, sharpness and noise reduction.

inpixio automatic photo editor interface

6. PhotoScape X

For batch mode auto image editing
  • Fast batch editing
  • Lots of presets
  • 50+ filters
  • No deep picture retouching tools

Verdict: PhotoScape X lets you set a lot of automatic adjustments in batch photo editing mode. As a result, this is an excellent choice for the first stage of image editing.

You can adjust various parameters, resize, increase contrast, brightness, shadows, remove noise, add detail and sharpness, apply filters. It is worth mentioning that this automatic picture editor includes settings for color correction of separate photos. You can tweak the saturation, hue, gamma backlight in one click.

You will also find 50+ semi-automatic filters, such as Fake-tilt, Noise, Vignette, Jitter, crystallization, embossing, cellophane, distortion, reflection, linear gradient. By choosing one of them, you will only need to customize the slider.

photoscape x automatic photo editor interface

7. Nik Collection

7 plugins
  • Easy to manage
  • One-click color and face correction
  • Auto HDR Creation
  • Narrow functionality

Verdict: Nik Collection was created and presented as a separate project of DXO. This automatic photo editor is a set of 7 plugins. Each one provides various arrays of filters and presets that can be easily applied to your photos.

Color Efex Pro allows you to perform color correction, add creative color filters and retouch controls. Silver Efex Pro will convert photos to black and white compositions. Viveza will provide local adjustment brushes.

DFine removes background noise and Sharpener Pro sharpens images in local areas. Analog Efex Pro allows you to emulate a film. HDR Efex Pro creates HDR compositions automatically.

nik collection automatic photo editor interface

8. Online Automatic Editor

PSD and RAW editing
  • Built-in layers
  • Automatic brushes
  • PSD support
  • There is no batch editing mode

Verdict: This application is a simplified and automated free Photoshop alternative. You can edit .PSD, .XD, .JPEG and .RAW files along with other popular image formats directly in your browser.

Among the automatic settings, you will find brushes to correct a red-eye defect or smooth the skin by removing acne and wrinkles, as well as filters and effects. Also you can edit the background and adjust colors using masks and layers.

photoshop online editor automatic photo editor interface

9. Pixlr X

Semi-automatic filters
  • Advanced lasso, drag and magic
  • Automatic brushes
  • Top-notch filters
  • Doesn't support third-party plugins

Verdict: Pixlr X is a free online photo editor with many advanced features and layer support.

The automated tools include the shape, lasso, drag and magic. They help you move or delete a selected part of the image or drag it to another layer. Healing brushes are used to customize the skin in your portrait photo.

This online automatic photo editor contains non-standard sliders to adjust vibrancy, glare and shadows.

Pixlr X is the best automatic photo editing software due to a wide selection of semi-automatic filters grouped into categories, including “Colors”, “Retro” and “Instage” (a choice of Instagram-style options) and a set of pop art effects. Each of them is adjusted using its own slider for a more subtle or dramatic effect.

pixlr x automatic photo editor interface

10. Fotor

For deep and accurate portrait editing
  • Advanced portrait settings
  • 1000+ stickers
  • Great text editor
  • Poor color correction features

Verdict: Fotor is online automatic photo enhancement software to improve your portrait before posting it on Instagram.

The Beauty section contains many settings to adjust eyes, nose, lips, whiten your teeth, remove acne and redness, add sharpness and even change the proportions of the face. When you open any of the sections, you can choose automatic settings or adjust the indicators with the available sliders.

Besides, you will find 100+ filters and 1000+ stickers or icons to create a stunning image.

fotor automatic photo editor interface
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