This Luminar Online Editor can help you do color grading in several clicks. It also allows you to enhance your portraits without having to download and install the program on your computer.

This editor has all the tools available in Luminar 4 Desktop, except for its AI features. If you need an offline tool for image editing, then you can download Luminar 4 absolutely free and legally.

Luminar 4 Features:

AI Sky Replacement Function
Luminar boasts a special tool, which you can use to get rid of the original sky and replace it with a more appealing variant. Actually, here is a huge collection of skies to choose from, but if nothing seems fitting for your image, you can upload your own option.
A unique version of presets – looks
Using Luminar 4, you get access to more than 70 free Luminar Looks, which allow getting beautiful images without long and tiresome manual editing. The Looks are divided into several categories depending on the photography styles, so you are sure to find a suitable option. You can adjust the intensity of the effect using a simple slider.
Fast work with many RAW files
Similar to other Luminar versions, this one also supports batch RAW processing. Spend several minutes to upload and improve your pictures and then export them without any trouble.
Image editing using AI Skin & Portrait Enhancer
The Skin Enhancer will automatically even out the skin tone and remove any defect, which spoils the look of the portrait. You can rely on this tool if you need to get rid of a yellowish tint on the teeth, make eye brighter or a face slimmer, remove dark circles under eyes, and fix the red-eye effect. Users like that this tool works automatically, thus the program becomes their favorite in Luminar vs Photoshop stand-off.
Lens auto-correction
Even if you use the most professional gear while taking photos, you can never be 100% sure that your images won’t suffer from chromatic aberration, vignetting, and other defects. Fortunately, Luminar online editor has a special tool for lens auto-correction.
Non-destructive photo editing
Thanks to such an approach to photo editing, the program saves all the changes made, but doesn’t affect the original file, so you can return to it whenever needed. Another advantage is that all edits are saved automatically when you close down the software, so the next time you open it, you can start working from the place where you stopped.

Luminar 4 – Video Tips & Tricks: