Luminar Presets

Luminar Presets

luminar presets

Luminar presets (looks) are perfect tools for photographers and photo retouchers, who want to enhance their images and facilitate their workflow. With these plug-ins, image editing in Luminar becomes more flexible compared to regular Lightroom routine.

What Is Luminar Presets?

Luminar Looks (Presets) allow you to enhance your image in a matter of seconds. Each Luminar Look includes a saved filter and a specific configuration of settings for each filter. Using these plug-ins, you can adjust a layer in the Blending Mode as well as change the Opacity of a filter or a layer. To get more creative results, you can apply a different Luminar Look for each layer or adjustment layer.

How to Apply a Preset in Luminar?

  • Run Luminar and open the image.
  • If you don’t see the Preset Panel, click a panel's icon in the Top Toolbar to make it active. (You can click the panel’s icon on the Top Toolbar either to show or hiding the Preset Panel.)
  • At the bottom of the screen, there are the Luminar filters thumbnails. Choose the most suitable one. Thus, you can see a live preview of what your photo would look like after applying the filter.
  • Click on a new thumbnail to switch presets or press the right and left arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • To examine all Luminar presets, just press the arrow keys or use the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the workspace.
  • If you hover the mouse pointer over any preset, an Amount slider will appear with a default Opacity value of 100%.
  • Move the Amount slider to adjust the intensity of the applied filter.
  • Select the preset thumbnail and click the Star icon to add the filter to your “Favorites” list to quickly access it later.

30 Best Luminar Presets

Luminar presets are powerful tools that allow you to improve your shots and achieve spectacular results in several clicks. You can apply a filter to give your photo fantastic finishing or adjust the settings to create a coherent look in your works.

1. Portrait

luminar presets portrait luminar presets portrait

Seize the opportunity to give your images a trendy high-contrast look. This filter suits different photography genres and styles whether it is a wedding or portrait photography.

This Luminar plugin is a powerful instrument in the toolkit of any photographer as it makes your picture more appealing and eye-catching.

2. Landscape

free luminar presets landscape free luminar presets landscape

This is another example of the first-class Luminar plugins. It combines simplicity, which is so important for beginners and advanced settings, which will please experienced photo retouchers. With this preset, you can simplify the photo editing process and make it fun.

A smart slider allows customizing the filter settings. With a modern and intuitive interface, you won’t be distracted by unnecessary elements, so you can completely focus on the image editing process.

3. Cityscape

luminar plugins cityscape luminar plugins cityscape

This filter will give a special atmosphere to your HDR cityscape images. There is no need to take a series of shots at multiple exposures, then blend them together and perform color correction to receive a well-balanced photo.

With this outstanding filter, it is possible to get this effect in a matter of seconds. Moreover, more details will be visible in both highlights and shadows and extra sharpness will make your pictures pop.

4. Soft Portrait

free luminar looks self portrait free luminar looks self portrait

Each portrait photographer knows how tiresome the picture editing process could be. That is why these free Luminar presets will be especially helpful.

By applying “Soft Portrait” to your pictures, you will get amazing results without great efforts. Use this plug-in if you want to enhance light and shadows, reduce redness on a face, make colors more vibrant, improve skin tones, etc.

This preset is designed by experts who are familiar with all the intricacies of portrait photography.

5. Warm Light

free luminar filters warm light free luminar filters warm light

Would you like to completely control the way the presets change your pictures? Then you will definitely like “Warm Light”. This Luminar plugin features slider opacity control which allows you to customize the filter.

If you choose 0% value, there won't be any changes in your photo. A 100% value will allow you to see all the capabilities of the filter. You can even experiment with 150% opacity to give your photo an over-processed look.

6. B&W

free luminar plugin black and white free luminar plugin black and white

If you are all about B&W photography, this monochrome preset will be a perfect addition to your toolkit. It gives a trendy high-contrast B&W look that is worth paying attention to.

This plug-in is suitable for various photo genres, whether it is portrait, landscape or architecture photography. With this B&W preset, your photos will certainly become attention-grabbing.

7. Bright&Airy

luminar presets free download bright luminar presets free download bright

Bright&Airy presets are always in demand as a lot of photographers like those airy vibes in their shots. This plug-in allows you to enliven your images complementing them with vivid and airy elements and making them stand out of the crowd.

8. Dark

free luminar film presets free luminar film presets

This tool is useful for enhancing underexposed images and highlighting the shadow details. Apart from increasing contrast, this preset adds a beautiful dark shade which considerably improves skin tones.

I recommend applying this effect to the shots with interesting textures such as wood, leather or paper.

9. Deep

free best luminar presets free best luminar presets

If you have problems with adjusting white balance and making the colors pop, this effect will come in handy. Also, this preset will be very helpful if you have many green or orange shades in the picture.

So, feel free to apply this Luminar plugin if you want to make your picture look more natural. In addition, this filter allows you to enhance skin tones, accentuate darker areas in the shot, and add a delicate shine to the brighter areas.

10. Beautiful

free luminar portrait presets free luminar portrait presets

This film-inspired filter gives your photo a vintage and washed out effect which many photographers find very appealing. It allows you to soften the highlights and decrease the blacks, making colors less saturated.

Also, this plug-in may create a bit gloomy atmosphere adding a bit of drama to the image and making the skin tones warmer and more appealing.

However, if you apply this filter to the underexposed photo, this may result in an unpredictable outcome. That is why it is always necessary to check all the main parameters.

11. Volume 1-2 Luminar Looks

luminar looks volume

This is an awesome pack of 56 Luminar presets that suit all photography genres. We collected exclusive filters that will make your creativity run wild. Explore numerous styles that will considerably up your landscape, portrait, wedding, nightscape photography.

All the presets in the pack are compatible with the latest Luminar version by Skylum and run on both Windows and Mac OS. Download this new collection from and enjoy awesome results.

12. Luminar Presets Pack designed for Landscape and Nature Photography

luminar looks landscape and nature

Luminar image editing software by Macphun is very popular nowadays. In many aspects, Luminar is very similar to the Nik Collection plug-ins, which I really like.

The strongest advantage of Luminar is the ability to work with layers, which typically require using Photoshop or Affinity Photo. Each preset comprises different filters that you can customize.

Also, it is possible to create a mask that will limit the area changed by the filter, so you can apply a filter only to a specific part in your picture. This opens new opportunities for the photo editing process making it easy and fun.

13. Trey's Luminar Looks

luminar looks trey

This collection of exclusive 25 looks won’t leave anyone indifferent. Each filter from the pack gives a special atmosphere to the photo allowing you to achieve some interesting results.

These Luminar Looks can be used for numerous purposes. Some filters are ideal for cityscapes, some are designed to improve portraiture while the others are best suited for landscape photography.

14. Free Luminar Presets – Travel Collection

luminar looks travel

You will be blown away by these free Luminar presets. The Travel Collection includes various filters from Bali, Tahiti, Greece, Morocco and Egypt packs. This is an excellent way to improve your photos in several clicks.

Use these presets to give your travel photos an artistic feel and unique atmosphere. Download the collection, play around with different filters and achieve awesome results.

15. Landscape Presets for Luminar

luminar film presets landscape

The collection contains over 50 free Luminar presets – 28 work with colors, 15 perform the monochrome conversion, and 10 are graduated filters.

Don’t lose the chance to get beautiful photos after just a few minute’s work. Get this pack and enjoy the variety of effects that can be applied to boost your images or give them a complete makeover.

16. PowerBlack Presets for Luminar

luminar film presets powerblack

Skylum has created this great alternative to Lightroom and Photoshop that has special instruments for turning colored images into monochrome. The trick is to learn to operate them in a way that produces the best results.

This set of plug-ins can help you master the software and, at the same time, simplify the work. A neat trick for getting a striking monochrome picture is to preserve and even increase the highlights in the details and that is exactly what these Luminar plugins can do nicely.

This style also requires careful adjustment of contrast levels. This package will become a favorite for those who like soft and mellow images and for those who like them harsh and textured because it has both types.

If you’re uncertain how to install these presets, the detailed PDF manual will come in handy.

17. London Calling: a Preset Pack for Luminar

luminar film presets london

This collection of 27 presets was inspired by the trip over the River Thames. These filters perfectly fitted for city photography and also landscapes with many beautiful options to pick from.

18. Cityscapes: a Preset Pack for Luminar

luminar film presets cityscapes

It is hard to find better urban Luminar presets than those created by a professional photographer who is inspired by the beauty of cities.

The power of inspiration shows even in the total number, as the pack counts 40 various presets suitable for many different scenarios like churches or architecture, the flashy neon sighs, the dynamic street scenes, the majestic skylines, and anything else you can think of.

Despite being so versatile, they all look great.

19. Keith Cooper’s Luminar Presets

luminar film presets keith cooper

I think this the perfect pack for work on black and white photos of different architecture pieces. They might look too subtle for some but the experience shows that clients prefer such editing in their orders rather than the excess of contrast and HDR which is largely artistic.

The plug-ins operate on the idea of giving the image an invisible boost so that people pay attention to the subject rather than the effect.

20. Free Luminar Look Dynamic Film

best luminar presets dynamic film

This singular Luminar plugin does the best job of mimicking the vintage film on your digital image. It shows great results on different occasions and proves to be truly universal, plus, it has dynamic base settings. Use this easy way to enhance your images in an instant.

21. Painted Sky

best luminar presets painted sky

Sunny images look great without much enhancement but what can you do if the photoshoot was spoilt by an overcast sky? Definitely use this plug-in collection!

They can return colors and warm light to your image, or even spill the shades of the sunset over it if you’re seeking to add something special into the common landscape. Whatever you choose, it will only take a minute for your idea to be brought to reality.

22. Cinematic

best luminar presets cinematic

When leaving your images plain is not an option, try one of the cinematic Luminar presets. You will see more contrast and deeper shades appear in the pictures, which is especially great for the urban shots. It looks unexpectedly good in portraits as well, whenever you want to have a sophisticated or seductive air.

23. Dynamic Film

best luminar presets film dynamic

To add a more nostalgic mood, go for this distinctive effect. It makes the image brighter but also increases saturation in a very natural way.

If the style of the photo is retro or you’re just trying to play with a vintage touch, this free effect is surely among the best options you could find. It even has the dynamic base settings which make it even more useful.

24. Perfect Day

best luminar presets perfect day

This should certainly be among your go-to Luminar looks for wedding photography. It deals with light, saturation, and sharpness in such a way, that the finest details in the image become clear and distinct, which is perfect for such a carefully thought-through occasion. You can shift it to be as subtle or dramatic as you need.

25. Sunflare

best luminar presets sunflare

Hardly anything can bring more life to a photo in one instant than a good old light leak effect. It promptly makes the image warmer and brighter, helping the viewer to connect with it better.

Another positive aspect of this preset is its versatility because literally any photo can benefit from a bit of glaring sun in it.

26. Night Streaking

best luminar presets night

If your style is more dynamic, this Luminar filter will help you bring it out better than any other presets. Applying it, you will see the image turn warmer, with the bright colors getting more vibrant. Interestingly, it is capable of really enhancing nighttime photos, making the colors gleam stronger through the dark.

27. Magic Hour

best luminar preset magic hour

There is something truly mesmerizing about sunrises and sunsets and photographers are not the only ones who’ve been trying to capture that magic. Jim Nix went a bit further and decided to help others marvel it with his special preset.

He’s keen on making such convenient tools and his blog is filled with them. The experience really shows itself in the quality of his presets. They can easily help you turn any mediocre picture into something stunning.

Be careful applying this effect because in some images it might look too strong, do tune it down if there’s a need. Anyway, it can add some drama to your shot.

28. Color Shifts

best luminar preset color shifts

These are super handy Luminar presets that can easily shift the original color of your image towards any other shade, keeping everything balanced at the same time. You need to select the preset depending on your goal and play around a little because some might bring better results than others.

As usual, when working with pre-made tools, adjust the intensity to make sure you’re not going overboard.

They are rather unconventional and some image editing specialists criticize this bundle, but if you want to highlight some special elements of your image and welcome some unusual result, then you will be satisfied.

29. Aerial

best luminar preset aerial

This is a controversial addition to the list because the users who got the latest version of the program will recognize them as the built-in pack but they are still worthy of being mentioned.

Their remarkable feature is that they enhance images without being too intrusive, basically giving them a natural glow through adjusting contrast or saturation but preserving the original colors.

They are also capable of subtle sharpening which isn’t something many presets can boast of.

If you share the common photographer philosophy of minimizing the time spent editing images, then these free Luminar presets are a great tool for your style.

30. Matte

best luminar preset matte

A rather different way of editing your images is represented by this set of presets that you can find on the Luminar preset portal. They are only two but that doesn’t influence the mesmerizing atmosphere any of them can bring to the shot.

They are capable of doing wonders in the portraiture genre. They have a similar way of adjusting the settings, both decreasing the contrast, but the result looks clearer due to proper balancing.

In addition, they seem very realistic in an image, which distinguishes well-made presets from those assembled in a crude method. If your image is very soft on its own, then you need to pay special attention to highlights and shadows.

Otherwise, you can go for a very dreamy, artistic result that will definitely attract attention and look appealing.

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