Tezza Presets

Tezza Presets

Tezza presets are Lightroom presets designed by Tezza, a photographer from SLC, UT that are very popular among Instagram users. Using her presets, you can achieve fantastic and vivid color hues along with remarkable and detailed clarity. In this article, I will review the collection of Tezza presets for Instagram. I will tell you how to work with them and how to achieve this effect in your pictures for free.

Tezza Presets Review

Tezza has gained her popularity thanks to a bright Instagram account. On Tezza website, she offers personally created blogger Lightroom presets for achieving the same chic vintage effect as she has. Deep warm shadows and light shades of summer are her style.

Classic Presets

tezza presets lightroom

Download Professional Collection

This set features presets for creating a dreamlike atmosphere in your shots. They add warm vintage shades which seem like the sun rays have kissed the pictures. Having the Classic set in your arsenal, you will be able to turn any photo into a true masterpiece. These Lightroom presets by Tezza are fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. After downloading, you get a PDF with several tips on how to make the most out of these best presets.

Price – $48

Vintage Presets

presets by tezza

For those who want stylish photo editing or portrait retouching, but don’t have much time, we have a special offer. Send your photos to FixThePhoto and receive professional color correction and image retouching for about $2.

If you think it is impossible to go back to the 1970s and relive that iconic era once again, these Tezza Lightroom presets will prove you wrong. 6 incredible presets are aimed at contributing to the retro vibe of your photos by adding film and red shades. I strongly suggest applying Tezza presets not to JPEG files but to RAW pictures instead.

Price – $48

Nature Presets

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Any landscape photographer is absolutely in need of this Tezza Instagram presets. This Nature set consists of 9 stunning presets for transforming pictures into magical and eye-catching pieces of art. They feature color correction typical of the majority of films. A portrait photographer would also appreciate this set as it is aimed at smoothing the skin and adjusting the yellow tones grade. The contrast of cold and warm tones enhances your image significantly. Moreover, the light parts of the shot acquire light-turquoise shade.

Price – $48

Everything Presets Bundle

tezza instagram presets

If you are interested in getting all Tezza presets at once, fortunately, you have such an opportunity. Vintage, Classic and Nature sets are collected in one package for a very affordable price.

Price – $96

Tezza Mobile Presets

In case you use a smartphone for picture editing, you will enjoy this Tezza app. It features special presets, greyish grain textures, useful Instagram photography tutorials, etc. You should know that Tezza presets bought on this website aren’t compatible with LR mobile version.

tezza mb preset app

Enhance iPhone photography with these striking presets, user-friendly image editing tools and effective tutorials. The offered Lightroom filter presets are great helpers in achieving a desirable look of your Instagram photos.

Iphone App Store

Tezza Lightroom Preset Free

Plenty of shooters are eager to download Tezza presets free. They visit different websites where “fake” presets are featured under the pretense of the real ones. As a person who managed to test a great number of free LR presets, I assure you that the final effect isn’t the same. Those who generated them clearly aren’t interested in producing qualitative presets.

Download Lightroom free to edit photos professional and do deep color correction for free without paying a moth $10 subscription.

I want to note that you can’t buy Tezza products with any discounts or coupons. However, anyone may purchase a gift certificate in order to please their friends with the opportunity to buy anything from Tezza presets shop.

Tezza Collage Kits

Aside from an opportunity to purchase Lightroom presets, Tezza also offers picture kits from which you can make large stylish collages for your bedroom or living room.

Let your imagination run wild with these 150 qualitative prints by Tezza. Experiment with them in any way you like – draw on them, add other pictures or even tear them to pieces. This collage kit is easy to customize, especially with a bit of creativity. The company would love to see your gorgeous works so don’t forget to mention it with #TezzaCollageKit.

Coastal Kit

tezza collage kit coastal

What is included: 150 prints created by professionals for the ideal mixture. Every print measures 8.5x11.

How to hang up the Collage Kit:

Cut a necessary amount of scotch tape pieces and locate them on the back edges of the kit. Remove them very carefully from the wall as the pieces may rip off the paint.

This collage kit consists of 150 magnificent pictures. They depict marvelous beaches of Hawaii and California which could serve as a daily dose of inspiration hanging on the wall.

Price – $89.00

10 FREE Presets Like Tezza

In order to add a vintage effect to your Instagram photos, you don’t necessarily have to purchase Tezza presets. FixThePhoto team has prepared a collection of 10 FREE presets inspired by Tezza collections.


Greenery is a prime example of how the best presets should look like. It applies a tone curve that brightens up shadowed areas and reduces the highlights. The preset also makes color, saturation and lighting adjustments aimed at boosting all colors, but mostly focusing on greens and other cool shades. This is a great one-click solution for Instagram lovers. Greenery can be described as a combination of presets featured in the “Nature” and “Classic” Tezza collections.

Sunny Day

This charming warm preset was designed to improve skin tones. It subtly perks up white balance and makes the image slightly warmer. However, it’s crucial you make sure that the photo has white balance set correctly beforehand. The lowered saturation and vibrancy levels are also a nice touch. This preset offers a mix of bright, soft hues and a sunny tone, which is an effect similar to the “Classic” collection.


Akin to presets found in the “Classic” Tezza bundle, this outstanding effect reduces a photograph’s shadows by adjusting the tone curve. Then it adds a reasonable amount of clarity, while also making the colors more vibrant. The saturation is moderately reduced to provide an appealing, low-contrast soft picture that oozes old-school atmosphere.


As evident from its name, this preset is ideal for photos taken during summer. It adds a golden glint of sunshine to the image and makes certain colors pop out. Whether you’re uploading a selfie with cotton candy or a fun group shot with your best friends on the beach, “Summer” will make the lighting look absolutely stunning. The preset adds a hint of orange to pinks, while blue colors become slightly teal. If you post images with this effect on Instagram, you might think that the colors are oversaturated. Simply decrease the warm tones and you’ll get rid of this problem. This preset can be a solid replacement for Tezza’s “Classic” and “Nature” options.

Cold Light

This effect deals with heavily shadowed areas, improves the clarity of your photo and increases its overall sharpness. It adds a cool tone to the picture without damaging the warm colors. An edited photograph gains an old-fashioned desaturated look, with the exception of skin tones that become more popping.

Dark Side

This handy preset desaturates the colors of a photo and reduces the black point, granting it a faded, vintage, low-contrast look that suits thematically appropriate subjects perfectly. The highlights of the image are toned down so if your photograph is slightly underexposed, adjust that setting before using this preset. The skin color has the right level of warmth and looks even better with a slightly faded, gloomy background. This preset can be considered a respectable alternative to Tezza’s “Vintage” bundle.


This is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a worthy replacement for the “Vintage” Tezza bundle. It’s one of my go-to presets for Instagram due to the reduced blacks and adjusted tone curve. It improves shadowed areas and adds a faded, dramatic feel to the photograph. The preset also dims the greens to highlight skin tones. If you overuse “Vintage”, your Instagram feed will look rather bland. But if you only apply it to the photos with correct lighting, you’ll enjoy amazing results.

Honey Moon

This beautiful preset is definitely among my favorites. It applies a clean, barely noticeable turquoise overlay. The preset brightens images and makes the sky look deeper, while the added reddish brown tint improves the shaded areas. Additionally, this preset desaturates the yellows and greens, achieving a pleasant contrast between the lighter and darker areas of the photograph. It’s perfect for images taken in broad daylight. “Honey Moon” is very similar to the combination of options featured in the “Vintage” Tezza presets collection.


This preset is an example of how a combination of “Vintage” and “Classic” Tezza bundles would look like, while also ensuring that the colors of your picture look natural. “Coffee” enhances white balance, adds more depth to greens and applies a subtle matte hue. It makes the skin color slightly more reddish and orange.

Orange & Teal

If your picture is already rather cool, it can become too blue and rather unappealing. However, that shouldn’t be an issue if the photo simply has a shadowed or cool-tinted background. In a way, this preset is similar to the “Classic” bundle. It’s useful for adjusting the skin tone and granting it a more natural, more saturated color.

How To Edit Like Tezza Without Preset?

Do you struggle with creating an outstanding Instagram profile but put it together? Fortunately, I have prepared 4 simple steps concerning how to make your Instagram profile more structured and attention-grabbing. Besides, I will teach you how to easily achieve the effect of portrait Lightroom presets like Tezza without downloading them.

View more about how to create Lightroom presets and design your own recognizable style.

STEP 1: Select a theme.

how to edit like tezza without preset

The first step is selecting a theme. The variants are endless, for instance, pastel (similar to Morgylh) or retro (similar to Tezza).

STEP 2: Stick to a more or less identical composition of your shots.

STEP 3: Apply adjustments imitating Tezza presets Lightroom to the images.

how to edit like tezza mobile presets

Contrast +14 | Highlights +18 | Shadows +66 | Whites -11 | Blacks -16

Select Dehaze and add +27.

For color correction use these settings:

how to edit like presets by Tezza

For Hue: Blue -15

For Saturation: Red -11 | Orange -11 | Green -28 | Blue +28

For Luminance: Orange +26 | Green +51 | Aqua +32 | Blue +40

Installing Tezza Presets

Here’s a list of actions you need to take to download and install Tezza Presets to your LR:

STEP 1. Go to Tezza’s official site.

STEP 2. While browsing through the “Tezza Presets” section, pick the collection you want.

shop tezza presets download

STEP 3. Click on the “Add to Cart” button.

tezza presets download

STEP 4. Type in all the necessary information including your contacts.

STEP 5. Pick from the offered payment services and purchase Lightroom presets by Tezza.

STEP 6. Check your email address and follow the included link. Your browser should automatically start downloading your bundle.

View more how to add presets to Lightroom on Mac and Widows in several clicks.

Tezza Presets vs VSCO

Tezza presets are actually newcomers in the image editing world. Still, they gained huge success and plenty of followers throughout the last few years. The primary offer of Tezza Presets is the possibility to download the app on iTunes and edit pictures straight on your smartphone without using Lightroom, as with VSCO.

tezza copy presets vsco

The interface of both programs is quite similar. Nevertheless, Tezza Presets doesn’t feature such a wide range of filters so that you don’t spend hours attempting to choose the most suitable effect. The visual appeal of these two apps’ filters is different. VSCO is characterized by delicacy and gentle emulation of film. Tezza mobile presets are aimed at adding vividness and conveying a certain atmosphere. Blacks and clipped highlights along with muted colors contribute to a retro vibe. That’s why Tezza is so popular among hipsters.

View more about how VSCO Lightroom Presets look, what effects they show and where to download them for free.

If you think that VSCO filters are presets like Tezza, it isn’t true. Actually, the latter plug-ins are more intuitive and understandable. You may get upset when you see not a vast selection of presets in Tezza. However, they are so universal and suit so many different scenes that you understood that it is more than enough. One drawback I noticed is that Tezza presets may be very intense or sometimes lack intensity. It would be more convenient to control the intensity of every preset in order not to resort to manual adjustment each time.

tezza instagram presets vs vsco

After applying Tezza presets, skin tones will be contrast and creamy-colored. Moreover, green tones will be warm and muted. You have to be very careful since some presets may whiten the skin tone and require adjustments. Such an effect is similar to Lightroom presets for fashion bloggers. Feel free to go for it if this style is what you are aiming at.

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