Eric Kim Lightroom Presets Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 11 days ago, Lightroom Tips

If you specialize in street images, Eric Kim Lightroom presets will come in handy. In his collections, you will find bundles that are suitable for night pictures, monochrome images, and color photographs.

These filters work well on both Mac and Windows. To enhance your JPEG and RAW images, you need to download and install these presets in Lightroom. If you prefer to edit pictures on the go, then you should install Lightroom Mobile on your device.

Eric Kim Lightroom Presets Collections

Eric Kim loves to take unusual pictures, mostly in dark tones, so his presets are perfect for black & white and grayscale photography.

Free Collection

eric kim lightroom presets b&w

Number of presets included: 3

Since the author primarily uses the Ricoh GR II to take photos, Eric Kim Lightroom presets are optimized for this camera brand. However, they also work well with other cameras for street photography. It doesn't matter if you are shooting RAW or JPEG images, these filters are suitable for both formats.

On the official website, the author offers to download a free collection of his presets to try. The pack contains 3 presets: Eric Kim 2018, Eric Kim Chroma Tokyo 2018, and Eric Kim Kyoto Chroma 2017 JPEG.

With Eric Kim Lightroom presets, you can increase the contrast, deepen shadows, and make pictures brighter. If you take a look at the author's portfolio, you will see that he likes very bright light in monochrome photos and this effect sometimes creates the impression of overexposed pictures.

You can also apply these presets to smooth out minor imperfections and remove the unnecessary texture. These presets allow you to create a gloomy atmosphere and add a special mood to your black and white photography.

2017 Collection

eric kim lightroom presets 2017

Number of presets included: 6

This pack includes 6 universal presets. They are suitable for both monochrome and color photographs. Portrait photography projects look very lively and emotionally if you use Eric Kim Monochrome 1600 or Eric Kim Ricoh Portra filters.

The first preset is one of the author's favorites and he uses it for various types of photography, especially B&W. Eric Kim Color 1600 preset is suitable for color photographs. It is a great solution for urban photography. This filter adds depth, muted tones and high contrast.

If you choose to download this set, you will receive a bonus from Eric Kim. Detailed instructions on how to install Lightroom presets will help you quickly understand how to work with filters and apply them correctly.

If you have no experience in editing or need to enhance your photos very quickly, you should contact professionals. The FixThePhoto team will tweak colors, adjust contrast, add highlights, shadows and handle any post-processing task.


eric kim lightroom presets portrait

Number of presets included: 5

If you'd like to try even more options for enhancing your photos, Eric Kim's site has earlier presets available. If you are a fan of shooting at night, and your photos look too flat and dull, you can fix it with this bundle. These stunning Eric Kim Lightroom presets are the perfect solution for those who specialize in nightlife photography. They will bring a unique touch and add an awesome mood to your pictures.

You can also apply them to your shadow photography projects to focus the audience's attention on the play of the light and shadows. In general, they make colors less vivid, reduce brightness, and remove noise and grain to emphasize shadows.

All 5 presets work well with portraits. They make faces more expressive, lively, and emotional. Usually, Eric Kim uses non-standard angles and poses to make his work more authentic. Plus, proper editing helps him to make a person stand out from the crowd. If you're following a similar photography style, you don't need to spend too much time on camera settings for portraits. With these bundles for post-processing, you can easily achieve the desired results.


In addition to being a talented photographer, Eric Kim is also the author of his own blog, where he shares his photography tips. There you can learn how to choose the best shots, pose correctly, and criticize your shots properly.

He also writes photography books and conducts regular photo editing workshops for beginners.


eric kim instagram

Username: @erickimphoto
Genre: street, portrait, b&w photos
Followers: 14.3K

Eric Kim popularizes his services not only on social media for photographers, but you can take a look at his Instagram page to learn more about his work and evaluate his editing style. If you like his photography approach, you can find night photography ideas, unusual model poses and creative ideas for photoshoots on his page. Besides, you will see how your Instagram feed might look like if you use his Lightroom presets.

Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection

If you want to edit your shots like famous photographers, try using the free presets from this collection. There are some filters similar to the ones created by Eric Kim. So, you can create almost the same effects.

Thanks to these bundles, you can easily correct the colors in a photo, improve the light, add contrast or reduce it where necessary. Besides, these presets will help you retouch faces like professionals who use complex editing techniques.