Sleeklens Lightroom Presets Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 4 days ago, Lightroom Tips

If you are looking for high-quality tools to make your images look amazing, this collection of Sleeklens Lightroom presets can come in handy. They are suitable for improving portrait, wedding, urban, newborn and many other photos in a quick way.

The presets work flawlessly in Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom СС, and older versions of the program. You can use them on Mac and Win platform to give your JPEG and RAW picture a stylish finishing.

Sleeklens Lightroom Presets Collections

Those fancying Sleeklens’s editing style should get their collections of presets to make photos look ravishing. This article contains a detailed description of 10 unique bundles with many interesting effects. You only need to learn how to install Lightroom presets on Mac & Windows and get down to the creative part.

1. Studio Portraits Bundle

sleeklens lightroom presets portrait

Number of presets included: 20

This bundle is a real finding for those engaged in portrait photography, especially if you conduct photo sessions in a studio. Applying these presets, you can gently highlight facial features, small details and add fantastic definition. Besides, you can also use the collection if you specialize in professional headshot photography and want every picture to look impeccable. No matter whether you have to improve group images and a portrait of one person – these Sleeklens Lightroom presets will cope with the task just fine.

2. Mobile Bundle

sleeklens lightroom presets mobile

Number of presets included: 165

If you tend to work on the go and need high-quality tools running smoothly on a mobile device, this Lightroom presets Sleeklens collection deserves special attention. The package consists of varied effects for all photography genres. The process of applying presets is identical to the way you perform image processing on computers.

However, in this case, you have one significant advantage – you can share your photos with followers on social media right after editing. Moreover, you don’t need to pay for a subscription or a desktop program – just download a free app and relish your creativity. 

3. Warm Wedding Bundle

sleeklens lightroom presets warm wedding

Number of presets included: 15

The collection contains must-have Sleeklens Lightroom presets for wedding photography. You can choose warm and airy effects to highlight the mood of an event and give your pictures a beguiling look in a matter of seconds.

Modern wedding photographers really like such filters, so it makes sense to add them to your personal kit. The presets are equally efficient for improving photos taken indoors and outdoors.

4. Monochrome Bundle

sleeklens lightroom presets b&w

Number of presets included: 15

The beauty of B&W photos is unquestionable, so no wonder the Monochrome Bundle enjoys such vast popularity. Using these filters, you can embellish images with sepia touches, create color-tined monochrome photos, and mimic washed-out blacks and whites. The selling point of the bundle is its universal nature, meaning you can apply effects to any photo.

When a picture is deprived of colors, it becomes more attention-grabbing encouraging viewers to examine each detail longer. Black and white photography has many fans because of its power to make every compositional element meaningful. In addition, B&W pictures look dramatic, nostalgic, and amaze with a storytelling capacity.

5. Dark and Moody Bundle

sleeklens lightroom presets dark and moody

Number of presets included: 20

People who want to make their images arresting will definitely like the Dark and Moody Bundle. It consists of top-notch presets that mainly affect the contrast of a photo, raising it as much as possible. Such manipulations result in a hyper-stylized look which can be perceived as edge or dramatic depending on the scene captured.

In addition to contrast tweaks, these Sleeklens Lightroom presets make shades richer and tones muted without degrading the natural look of skin. If there are reds and oranges prevailing in a picture, they will acquire a beautiful intensified shade without going overboard.

Some changes are subtle, but you can also go for dark and bold vibes, thus stimulating a viewer to engage with your work. The biggest advantage of the tools is that you can apply them for various photos – starting with portraits and ending with dark food photography.

6. Golden Hour Bundle

sleeklens lightroom presets golden hour

Price: $24
Number of presets included: 20

There is hardly a photographer who has never heard about the benefits of taking images during Golden Hour. However, not every shooter is skilled enough to transform the magnificence of colors around him/her into a photo, so the resulted images look lifeless, flat, and uninteresting. If you have also faced such a problem, make sure to download this package.

Here you will find great presets capable of amplifying the saturation of warm hues and decreasing that of cold colors. Such a result is welcomed if you practice golden hour photography, or need to improve photos taken at sunset, sunrise, landscape images, portrait, etc.

If you lack image editing experience or have a busy schedule, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. FixThePhoto retouchers will correct colors and exposure, shift focus to particular elements, and will make your image look mesmerizing. We can also perform photo processing in accordance with your established individual style.

7. Vintage Bundle

sleeklens lightroom presets vintage

Number of presets included: 80

If you are curious about how to make a photo look vintage without dealing with numerous settings, you can make good use of this collection. There are multiple presets that allow achieving a genuine old-fashioned effect as if you have photographed with vintage cameras.

Some filters produce a classic grainy look, others make elegant unsaturated colors and soft tones. No matter what preset you choose, your photo will quickly acquire a dramatic and nostalgic feel. You can use the bundle for portrait and everyday lifestyle photography.

8. Cinematic Scenarios Bundle

sleeklens lightroom presets cinematic

Number of presets included: 16

These Sleeklens Lightroom presets were created with cinematic color grading in mind. You can apply them to photos if you want to make them look like stills from movies and totally alter their mood. The package contains very different effects – from light and airy to more dramatic color combinations. I found out that such presets are especially suitable for portrait and urban photography.

9. VSCO Film Bundle

sleeklens lightroom presets vsco film

Number of presets included: 50

VSCO app is very popular among photographers, who want to edit images on their Android and iOS devices. You can use the application to spruce up shots with fascinating effects and incredible filters. VSCO Lightroom presets were created based on the tools available in VSCO app, but are optimized for Adobe software.

If you don’t have film cameras at your disposal, but want to mimic the atmosphere and colors produced by such equipment, you can try applying these presets, and you are bound to marvel at the outcome.

10. Newborn Bundle

sleeklens lightroom presets newborn

Number of presets included: 57

Developed to highlight the innocence of babies and their soft skin, these presets will become go-to instruments for newborn photographers. You can apply them not only to make colors muted or warmer, but also to deal with common issues of newborn photography: red spots on a face and body, undefined eyebrows, etc.

Most presets produce clean and creamy skin tones, which is ideal for this photography genre. While downloading the bundle, you also get professional brushes to easily deal with different blemishes.


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Sleeklens is a Danish company that creates image editing tools for Lightroom and Photoshop. If you visit their social media for photographers, you will see numerous instruments available for purchasing, as well as samples of images improved with those tools. They also share info about upcoming presets, actions, overlays, etc., and discounts on particular collections.

Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection by fixthephoto

This collection contains tools that mimic the effects produced by Sleeklens presets. The only difference between them, is that you can save your money, and download this collection completely free of charge. Upgrade your photos in several clicks with this exclusive bundle.