Matt Kloskowski Lightroom Presets Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 3 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Matt Kloskowski Lightroom Presets were developed for photographers that rely on Lightroom to improve the look of their images and make them more eye-catching. This article goes over 10 preset packages designed to ensure your photos look as professional as possible.

Matt Kloskowski Lightroom Presets Collections

Matt Kloskowski presets can be used in Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom CC, 4, 5, 6. Additionally, these tools can be at your disposal regardless if you’re working with RAW or JPEG photos and whether you’re a Mac or Windows user.

Landscape Bundle

matt kloskowski presets landscape

Number of presets included: 15

Ideal for landscape photography, this collection allows you to completely change the way your urban and landscape images look and feel. The included presets excel at making the blues and blacks more intense without applying a tint to the photo.

The contrast is also adjusted accordingly to ensure all light only serves to underline the blues without being affected by them.

Portrait Bundle

matt kloskowski presets portrait

Number of presets included: 13

This collection primarily serves for correcting the lighting, tones, and hues in your photos. Additionally, these Matt Kloskowki Lightroom presets are efficient at getting rid of all blemishes from the subject’s skin. The bundle offers all the essential effects for improving portraits, emphasizing the most appealing facial features, and making the photo stand out more.

Light, Airy, and Clean Bundle

matt kloskowski presets light airy and clean

Price: $15.99
Number of presets included: 11

This bundle includes 11 effects created for professionals involved in portrait photography, primarily, working in a studio setting. The presets let you achieve the ideal white balance with just one click.

Taking photos of white subjects can be quite difficult, particularly, if you’re striving to get a perfect shade. These tools allow conveniently enhancing the white balance while achieving a pleasing creamy white tone.

If you’re a beginner, you should start by learning how to add presets to Lightroom first.

Now, if you lack the necessary editing skills, you can simply reach out and request our services. Our team will adjust the shadows, tones, white balance, and other key parameters to provide the professional results your photos deserve.

Wedding & Portrait Bundle

matt kloskowski presets wedding and portrait

Number of presets included: 25

This collection is the go-to choice for all photographers that appreciate a natural, cozy, organic look. Each included effect serves to highlight warm tones while boosting contrast, which is why these Matt Kloskowki presets are perfect for wedding photography. They make the contrast softer while muting the shades and establishing a more tranquil atmosphere in the photo.

Wildlife Bundle

matt kloskowski presets wildlife

Price: $39.99
Number of presets included: 20

This bundle is a must-have if you like to take photos in the woods or jungles. The included presets add depth to the greens and boost contrast in a way that is highly flattering for nature images. They are ideal for lush forests, misty mountains, endless valleys, riversides, and all other kinds of landscapes.

If you want to convey the beauty of the forest and the animals living inside it, these presets will add the final touches you need.

Black & White Bundle

matt kloskowski presets black and white

Number of presets included: 20

If your goal is to add class to your portfolio, consider making some of your photos black and white. Such an effect increases the contrast to emphasize crucial details while helping establish a vintage feel.

Matt Kloskowski has developed this preset collection to help photographers tweak the contrast without having to resort to high-end retouching methods. With their help, your fashion photography will be more stylish and eye-catching than ever.

Night & Astro Bundle

matt kloskowski presets night and astro

Price: $15.99
Number of presets included: 7

This collection was developed for photographers who love to implement all possible night photography ideas. The presets allow you to deal with lighting issues, increase the brightness of the light sources in the photo, and create a stylish bokeh. They enable you to quickly tweak essential parameters without wasting too much of your time on image editing.

Some retouchers use these effects on night photos to make the final changes after doing the main editing with other tools.

City & Street Bundle

matt kloskowski presets city and street

Price: $15.99
Number of presets included: 8

This bundle of presets adds a bright look to your city and street photos. The tones in your urban scenes will look deeper and more saturated, as each parameter of these presets is aimed at creating vibrant, yet still natural, tones. This collection is a must-have if you're interested in urban photography and travel photography.

Sports Bundle

matt kloskowski presets sports

Price: $15.99
Number of presets included: 15

These Matt Kloskowski Lightroom presets were designed primarily for sports photos. They serve to establish a colorful yet natural aesthetic, with the applied changes being highly flexible. You can use these effects for images taken in vastly different lighting conditions without any issues.

This bundle is a great choice if you want to achieve deep blue skies, rich greens, and crisp tones. Such a look is achieved by increasing clarity and subtly boosting vibrance.

Sun Flare Bundle

matt kloskowski presets sun flare

Price: $29.99
Number of presets included: 23

These tools were designed to enhance photos taken during the golden hour or at sunrise/sunset while providing the best results when working on images with natural light. The presets achieve a surreal feel by boosting the warmth and lowering the saturation of cool hues.

They subtly increase the color temperature to make it resemble the radiance of sunshine. The endearing, soft orange tint looks particularly appealing on skin. If your goal is to highlight the intricate tones of your sunrise or sunset photos, you can’t go wrong with this collection.


matt kloskowski instagram

Username: @mattkloskowski
Genre: landscape, wildlife, nature photography
Followers: 29.5K

Hailing from Tampa Bay, Matt is a photography expert that spends most of his days filling his website with content and producing courses and presets designed for making you better at photography and photo editing. Meanwhile, his Instagram profile features a lot of travel and wildlife photos.

Kloskowski has more than 300,000 subscribers on his social media for photographers, as he gathered such a following thanks to his intuitive training style and no-nonsense approach.

Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection

This bundle is a reasonable free alternative to the Matt Kloskowski Lightroom presets featured in this post. These tools add a softer, more saturated look to the photos while enhancing all the tones. They’re also great at dealing with small skin flaws and evening out the skin tone.

You can use this collection to make your photos stand out more by highlighting the emotions shown in the image and completely changing the feel and mood of the scene. If you’re interested in making your portfolio look more vibrant and unique, these are the presets for you.