12 Best Camera Brands in June 2024

By Tati Taylor 5 days ago, Cameras & Lenses

In terms of price-performance ratio, Canon, Nikon, and Sony are widely regarded as the best camera brands. However, the variety of camera makers is growing constantly, so you won’t have trouble finding a functional but cheap camera, which is great for those who cannot afford to splash out on some expensive models.

Average Pricing

The price of your camera is tightly connected to several factors like the type of images you are going to take and the shooting conditions. Basic “point and shoot” cameras, which offer a limited toolkit, are suitable for some simple scenarios. The cost of these devices ranges from $300 and $900.

The price of mid-range digital cameras is between $800 and $3,500, whereas pro-level cameras for photography cost a fortune. The owners of point and shoots won’t have trouble switching lenses as well as struggling with complicated setups. In their turn, sophisticated camera models come with multiple lenses, and have various features and configurations to adjust the level of lighting. Making them suitable for seasoned photographers.

1. Canon – The Powerhouse

canon camera brand

Canon EOS R6 Mark II – Canon Flagman

Canon cameras are one of the most renowned devices available on the market today. Producing camera models for many years, the company managed to remain a leading camera maker, which attracts consumers with extreme quality, reliability, and excellent performance of their devices, and not in vain. The engineers develop innovative solutions, producing cameras that are worth the attention of the most demanding photographers.

Canon was a pioneering company that produced 35mm cameras and introduced it to the mass market. From the Canon AE-1 to the Canon A-1, they were the leaders in making 35mm SLRs in the 70s and 80s. And in contrast to the rivals, they managed to get on top in the digital world without trouble.

The assortment of DSLR cameras is really huge. The Canon EOS SL3 is the best option for novices, whereas advanced photographers should consider the Canon EOS 90D. The brand also offers compact cameras with the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III being a leading model.

When it comes to mirrorless cameras, the Canon brand is also connected with innovations. Their EOS M6 Mark II is an impressive and functional APS-C mirrorless camera, which is in high demand among photographers and videographers. The Canon EOS R5 is a full framer, the toolkit of which is beyond the praise.

2. Nikon – The Classy Companion

nikon camera brand

Nikon Z 6II – Nikon Flagman 

Canon and Nikon have become two giants in the world of camera production alongside each other. Modern photographers often opt for Nikon cameras. The brand produces DSLR cameras for both seasoned and aspiring photographers as well as APS-C and full framers. The company also offers the Coolpix lineup of point-and-shoot cameras.

Nikon released the FM2 to beat Canon’s AE-1, which are both decent 35mm SLR cameras. When the popularity of analog photography began to fade, Nikon started to produce digital cameras. And even nowadays they are thought to be the best camera brands. They stand out among the competitors with an impressive variety of DSLRs.

The Nikon D3500 is regarded as the best camera for beginners. This option is for beginners who can conduct their photoshoots without oversimplifying it. The Nikon D500 and D7500 are amazing mid-range options. And the Nikon D850 is undoubtedly the most functional and pro-level camera ever produced.

Mirrorless camera fans should turn their attention to Nikon’s Z series. The Nikon Z50 is a fabulous mirrorless model, fitted with a crop sensor. The Z6 II is a popular full-framer, whereas the Nikon Z7 II is the best fit for professionals looking for a decent mirrorless model.

3. Sony – The Sensor King

sony camera brand

Sony α7 IV – Sony Flagman 

As a leading producer of electronics, Sony also invested much funds in camera development and nowadays it is probably the best camera company. By the way, most mobile devices are equipped with Sony high-quality sensors.

Besides, Sony cameras excel other mirrorless devices. Photographers praise Sony models for their compact design and crop sensor. However, the company’s full-frame mirrorless cameras are their major appeal. Moreover, their cameras beat the competitors with their video shooting capabilities.

The Sony Alpha series is worth your attention as well. Regarded as one of the most popular APS-C mirrorless, the Sony a6400 can become your handy assistant in every type of photoshoot. But the Sony a1 is undoubtedly the most attractive camera produced by this camera maker. Being a true trailblazer, this model is equipped with a 50.1 MP full-frame sensor. Although the device is very high-riced, the image quality it delivers is above praise.

The Sony RX100 VII has a small size and excellent functionality, which add more points to this model and make it more attractive to consumers. But the Sony a7R IV is not inferior to a competitor. This a full-frame mirrorless device that offers amazing configurations. Popularizing Sony as one of the best camera brands, this model is definitely at the top of the full-frame mirrorless industry nowadays.

4. Fujifilm – The Film Fanatic

fujifilm camera brand

Fujifilm X-H2 – Fujifilm Flagman 

Fujifilm cameras have been around on the market for a long time, seamlessly transitioning from the analog into the digital era. Although its impact on the industry is not so huge if compared to Canon and Nikon, Fujifilm is still one of the most trusted photo brands. Having its unique niche in the photography business, the company produces various camera types, but its range is much narrower if compared to its rivals.

Being one of the first camera brands to devote all its effort to making mirrorless devices, Fujifilm has become famous due to its X Series of mirrorless models. The Fujifilm X-T4 is a real gem of the series boasting an excellent APS-C sensor, which makes it an ideal option for amateurs and experts. But if you are an aspiring shooter, it is better to try your hand with the X-T200.

Many functional medium-format cameras appeared in the market thanks to Fujifilm. Their distinctive feature is a large sensor that ensures images of high resolution. No matter whether you specialize in landscape, portrait, or fine art photography, this camera type is what you need. It should be also highlighted that manufacturing of medium format cameras is a specialization of Fujifilm.

When it comes to 102 MP resolution, the Fujifilm GFX100 is definitely at the top of the industry. The GFX 50s II is a more suitable option for those whose budget is tight. Their Instax instant cameras are no less popular and even excel Polaroid.

5. Panasonic – The Photo Prince

panasonic camera brand

Panasonic LUMIX S5 – Fujifilm Flagman 

Panasonic hybrid cameras that record amazing videos and shoot high-quality pics are favored by photographers of all genres. This is the reason why these cameras are so sought-after.

Panasonic cameras are the main competitor to Olympus in the Micro Four Thirds division. The Panasonic Lumix GH6 is one of the most serious achievements of this camera maker. Being one of the most functional Micro Four Thirds cameras, this model amazes photographers with fabulous photo and video capabilities. And the G100 allows shooting engaging vlogs.

They are also a producer of full-frame models. The Panasonic Lumix S5 is one of the most sophisticated cameras that boasts excellent video quality. Panasonic compact camera range is beyond compare. If you want to experience all the benefits of their compact devices, try the TZ90.

6. Olympus – The Retro Resurgence

olympus camera brand

OM SYSTEM OM-1 – Olympus Flagman 

Olympus is one of the most well-known camera brand names with a long history. Their impressive range of film cameras attracts many photographers and includes high-end models of the modern era.

The Olympus Pen is a fabulous model for shooters who travel a lot. The series has been continued even nowadays with new models appearing on a regular basis. The Olympus Stylus Zoom is regarded as the best small-sized camera.

Olympus engineers work day and night to introduce new digital cameras to the market. And the company has taken the deserved place in the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) section of the industry. MFT cameras differ from APS-C and full-framers with a smaller sensor, meaning that this model boasts a more compact and lightweight design.

Olympus cameras use the MFT system. The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III is a sophisticated MFT camera that can easily compete with other advanced models. Although its body is small and ergonomic, it is stuffed with impressive specs and options.

The Olympus Tough TG 6 is a popular compact camera with action fans. It is waterproof and has a rugged body. Besides, TG 6 is regarded as the best waterproof compact digital camera, as it is highly durable and offers flawless performance. The OM-D E-M5 Mark III is the best bet for those who are just making strides as a photographer.

7. Leica – The Rolls Royce of Photography

leica camera brand

Leica M11 – Leica Flagman 

Leica is rightfully considered as the best camera brand that produces luxurious devices known for its high quality. There is no affordable Leica camera, and all models produced by this company can leave consumers' wallets thinner, but the goodies they offer are worth this money.

Since its foundation in 1869 in Germany, the company has become one of the giants in the age of digital cameras. Another benefit is that Leica specialists can also repair their film cameras.

The Leica SL2 is an amazing full-frame camera that offers all the most advanced specs of the Leica brand. And the Leica Q2 is an amazing compact camera that excels the competitors in terms of performance and price.

8. Pentax – The Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company

pentax camera brand

PENTAX K-3 Mark III – Pentax Flagman 

Pentax cameras are highly functional SLRs and DSLRs. Ricoh Imaging is the owner of the brand, but the Pentax name is still used for their DSLR cameras and lenses. Although the range of their products is not so extensive if compared to competitors, Pentax cameras boast top-level quality and reliability.

The company is widely regarded as the best camera company that makes premium DSLR cameras for experienced shooters. The Pentax K-70 is an optimal choice for novices, whereas the Pentax K-1 Mark II is its flagship model. Wildlife and landscape photographers appreciate its reliable and rugged body.

A large number of medium-format cameras also bear the Pentax name. If you are seeking a device that offers higher resolution than a standard APS-C or mirrorless camera, think of purchasing the Pentax 645z, which delivers images of top-rated quality.

9. Hasselblad – The Medium Format Maestro

hasselblad camera brand

Hasselblad 907X 50C – Hasselblad Flagman

Hasselblad cameras are popular among pro-level shooters. It is worth mentioning that Hasselblad 500C cameras were used during a NASA mission in October 1962 to shoot the ship’s orbit of the earth.

The brand focuses on manufacturing medium format cameras. The devices produced by the company are in extreme demand among the medium format shooters in the analog era. The cameras from their digital medium format range are becoming increasingly popular.

The Hasselblad 907X 50C is a fantastic medium format camera, which brags about all the advantages of Hasselblad’s optics. The Hasselblad X1D II 50C is also worth the photographers’ attention. But keep in mind that such premium quality demands considerable investment.

10. GoPro – The Extreme Sport Companion

gopro camera brand

GoPro HERO9 – Kodak Flagman 

GoPro cameras are like a breath of fresh air in the photography world. This is a young camera brand that influenced action photography greatly. Introducing innovative action cameras, this brand has remained a leader in the market for more than a decade. Their photo and video cameras are really impressive.

The GoPro Hero 11 is the most recent version of their classic action cameras. GoPro devices boast compact designs and robust and water-repellant bodies. Browse social media and you’ll manage to evaluate the impact of GoPro on photography and videography.

11. Kodak – The Red and Yellow Brand

kodak camera brand

Kodak AZ401-WH – Kodak Flagman 

Kodak is one of the best camera brands in the photography industry. The company became famous for its film stock rather than its shooting devices. However, the brand is also a producer of some decent camera models that are popular among shooters.

Kodak Gold is one of the greatest mass-market film stocks available today. Modern film shooters often opt for the Porta 400 to film their colored videos. The Kodak Tri-X 400 is an impressive B&W film stock.

Although the Kodak camera range is limited, there are still some decent models. The Kodak PixPro FZ43 is an affordable compact device, whereas the Kodak PixPro AZ252 is a top-level bridge camera, which is the best fit for young enthusiasts.

12. Polaroid – The Cult Classic

polaroid camera brand

Polaroid Now – Polaroid Flagman 

Polaroid is associated with instant cameras. The company has been a leader in the industry since the 70s and easily beats Fujifilm with its Instax cameras. Although the popularity of digital and smartphone cameras has grown, the company managed to retain its popularity over the last 10 years.

Polaroid 600 is the classic model, which is still available for purchase today. But nowadays in the Polaroid catalog, you can find fresher models like Polaroid Now and the Polaroid Go.

Which Camera Brand is Suitable Exactly for You?

To decide on the best camera brand, define the specs your camera should have. Canon and Nikon are probably the most popular and well-known companies and their range of top-rated cameras is really impressive. Their assortment includes excellent DSLRs and mirrorless cameras for shooters with different experience levels.

If you are looking for a full-frame mirrorless camera, choose one of the models produced by the Sony brand. But if you want a Micro Four Thirds camera, turn your attention to Olympus and Panasonic cameras. In its turn, Fujifilm stands out among the competitors with its amazing mirrorless cameras.

There are also such niche brands as Polaroid and GoPro that fill the gaps in the market. Hasselblad is widely regarded as a high-end medium format producer.

Lenses Average Pricing

The quality of the camera lens also varies. If you are an aspiring users, opt for lenses that cost $100-$400. Intermediate and advanced enthusiasts can rely on the accessories the price of which ranges from $200-$700, whereas pro-level shooters should purchase the lenses, the price of which vary from $500 to $11,000.