15 Best Canon Cameras: Buyer’s Guide

By Tati Taylor 14 days ago, Cameras & Lenses

Is any Canon camera good in a studio environment and outdoors?

top 3 canon cameras

Are you searching for the best Canon camera for portraits or a device with powerful characteristics for shooting in unfavorable weather? Selecting the most fitting option can be a challenging task considering how extensive the Canon camera lineup is. To help you make an informed choice, I have listed really efficient Canon cameras for different needs and budgets.

Top 15 Canon Cameras

  1. Canon EOS RP - The best Canon camera
  2. Canon EOS 6D Mark II - Improved touch controls
  3. Canon EOS R10 - Rich colors in photos & videos
  4. Canon EOS R - Long battery life
  5. Canon EOS REBEL T7i - For video recording at 60fps
  6. Canon 5D Mark IV - Full-frame sensor
  7. Canon 80D - Fast burst shooting
  8. Canon 1DX Mark III - Can record at 4K 60 fps
  9. Canon IXUS 185 - Affordable camera
  10. Canon EOS 4000D/T100 - Integration with cloud storage
  11. Canon EOS 2000D - Low noise during nighttime shooting
  12. Canon Rebel SL3/ 200D - Beginner Mode
  13. Canon EOS M50 - Dual Pixel CMOS AF system
  14. Canon EOS R7 - Excellent value
  15. Canon PowerShot SX70 HS - Best choice for Slow Motion at 240 fps

Though a plethora of Canon cameras can cause confusion for buyers, on the other hand, such a variety is advantageous, as every person can find an ideal device for his/her needs. There are beginner-aimed models with a great AF, as well as pro-level cameras with a full-frame sensor that guarantees stunning sharpness and higher resolution when used properly.

Even if you own the best Canon camera for photography, you shouldn’t neglect the image editing stage that comes after a photo session. Typically, professional photographers correct colors, making them more saturated in landscape pictures, and improve skin texture and shade when it comes to editing studio portrait shots. If you don’t feel like performing all these tweaks on your own, you delegate the task to our team of experienced retouchers.

1. Canon EOS RP – Our Choice

The best Canon camera
canon eos rp canon camera

Shooting type: standard ground survey, sports, landscape, studio, portrait, event | Sensor: 26.2 MP | Focusing: Manual, AF | Screen: 3.2-inch| Weight: 2.7 lbs

  • ✚ Doesn’t weigh much
  • ✚ Fully articulating screen
  • ✚ 4K footage
  • ✚ Tilting LCD
  • Comes without flash

The EOS RP is the second full-frame camera model released by Canon. It stands out for its compact size and budget price, which makes it a better option than other similar mirrorless cameras. It was created for those who want to start shooting using a full-frame mirrorless camera released by a well-known brand.

Due to its small size, it might seem poorly balanced when you connect it to a large lens. Besides, when shooting 4K video, you will notice that your frame will be cropped because of a 1.6 crop factor. In addition, you will be able to use the ultra-fast Dual Pixel CMOS AF only when you shoot at Full HD resolution.

The key selling point of this model is that it enables you to capture crystal-clear images. It has a tilting touchscreen display, which makes it perfect for taking photos and shooting videos. Thanks to the EF lens adaptor, you can alternate between Canon DSLR and RF lenses.

2. Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Full-frame sensor
canon eos 6d mark ii camera

Shooting type: standard ground survey, sport, landscape, studio, portrait | Sensor: 26.2 MP | Focusing: AF | Screen: 3-inch | Weight: 3.45 lbs

  • ✚ Great touchscreen control
  • ✚ Full-frame 26MP picture sensor
  • ✚ 45-point AF system
  • ✚ Wi-Fi/GPS on board
  • ✚ Slow-motion mode
  • No built-in flash
  • Video recording maxes at 1080p only

People professionally engaged in studio photography, as well as those fond of taking landscape and cityscape shots, will definitely appreciate the capabilities of this camera. With a shallow depth of field and a full-frame 26MP sensor, the 6D Mark II can become your reliable partner not only during daytime adventures but also while taking images in the dark. Your photos will have clear details and rich colors.

There is an adjustable, rotary screen, so you can instantly adapt to your current shooting conditions. Besides, you can rely on the device if you are going to add a creative element to your photo session and need to capture dynamic objects, fleeting facial expressions, etc. The camera allows taking shots at 6.5fps.

3. Canon EOS R10

Rich colors in photos & videos
canon eos r10 canon camera

Shooting type: landscape, studio, portrait | Sensor: 24.2 MP | Focusing: AF | Screen: 3-inch| Weight: 0.84 pounds

  • ✚ Excellent autofocus
  • ✚ 15fps mechanical and 23fps electronic shutter
  • ✚ Well-thought-out design and controls
  • ✚ Articulating display
  • No in-body image stabilization
  • 4K/60p footage is cropped

If you don’t pay attention to its slightly outdated sensor, the EOS R10 released by Canon will be one of the best mirrorless cameras for novice photographers. Featuring Canon’s Digic X chip, it has impressive AF capabilities and supports top-level subject tracking.

Fitted with dual control dials and a special AF joystick, the EOS R10 allows you to bring your creative ideas to life by experimenting with a range of settings. It doesn’t weigh much, which makes it perfect for anyone who has ever used DSLRs. The camera comes with articulating touchscreen display. If you used only smartphones for taking photos before, you will be pleased with this model.

4. Canon EOS R

Dual Pixel CMOS AF system
canon eos r camera

Shooting type: standard ground survey, sports, landscape, studio, portrait, event | Sensor: 30.3 MP | Focusing: Dual Pixel CMOS AF | Screen: 3.15-inch| Weight: 1.46 pounds

  • ✚ 10Bit output via HDMI
  • ✚ Awesome control personalization
  • ✚ Fully articulating screen
  • ✚ Dual Pixel AF with 5,655 AF positions
  • ✚ Works long without recharging
  • 4K footage is cropped
  • No internal photo stabilization

Canon EOS R has many features to attract buyers, so no wonder it is one of the most demanded Canon cameras for photography nowadays. It is supplied with RF lenses that make nighttime shooting a total pleasure. Other advantages of this beast are a full-frame 30.3MP sensor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, and a high ISO range. The best part is that all those goodies are packed into an innovative body.

The camera was specifically designed for travel photographers whose top priorities are clear and sharp landscape photos. Thanks to the inclusion of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can transfer pictures to cloud storage or share with your friends in a matter of seconds.

5. Canon EOS REBEL T7i

Video stabilization
canon eos rebel t7i camera

Shooting type: standard ground survey, landscape, studio, portrait | Sensor: 24.2 MP | Focusing: AF mode, manual, Movie Servo | Screen: 3-inch | Weight: 9 pounds

  • ✚ You can record Full HD 1080p videos
  • ✚ Supports MP4 format up to 60 fps
  • ✚ A 45-point all cross-type phase-detection AF
  • ✚ 24.2MP CMOS (APS-C) sensor
  • ✚ HDR Movie delivers greater highlights and shadow details
  • Rather small viewfinder
  • Video limit up to 1080p

Want to purchase a reliable Canon DLSR to level up your photography game? Have a closer look at this device. This is a pro-level camera with a 24MP sensor and a two-pixel AF system. It is fitted with a brand-new Canon processor that positively affects speeds in the continuous shooting mode. The camera is capable of recording videos but you can’t cross the threshold of 1080p HD resolution.

The highest frame rate is 60fps. The battery life is sufficient, so you can work in field without worrying about an accidental turn-off. It is also Bluetooth for wireless file sharing.

6. Canon 5D Mark IV

For remote camera control
canon 5d mark iv camera

Shooting type: standard ground survey, sports, landscape, studio, portrait, event | Sensor: 30.4 MP | Focusing: CMOS AF | Screen: 3.2-inch | Weight: 1.76 lbs

  • ✚ Capacious LP-E6N battery
  • ✚ Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS
  • ✚ Bright and detailed touch screen
  • ✚ It is possible to control the camera remotely
  • ✚ Full-frame sensor
  • No slot for a CFast card
  • Non-ISO sensitivity

Considering it a full-frame sensor and an accurate color rendering, Canon 5D Mark IV can be deservedly called the best Canon camera for portraits. It shows the most striking results with close-ups, capturing the slightest facial details. The ISO ranges from 100 to 32000, so you can take this camera with you for shooting at night. The AF has also been upgraded for a better photographing experience.

With so many cool features on board, the 5D Mark IV can easily compete with top-tier Canon EOS-1D X Mark II. Focusing is carried out through a viewfinder or on an image sensor, so choose what works best for you. All in all, this full-frame camera will become a justified investment for event, subject, landscape, and portrait photographers.

7. Canon 80D

For burst shooting
canon 80d camera

Shooting type: landscape, studio, portrait | Sensor: 24.2 MP | Focusing: AF | Screen: 3-inch | Weight: 1.40 lbs

  • ✚ User-friendly touch display
  • ✚ Fast continuous shooting
  • ✚ Lots of buffer in JPEG
  • ✚ Embedded Wi-Fi and NFC
  • ✚ Upgraded 45-point AF system
  • No built-in GPS and autofocus settings
  • RAW buffer size is limited to 25 frames

This is undeniable one of the best Canon cameras for photography if you are just learning the ropes of the trade. It has a high-res 24.0-megapixel sensor, which allows taking good photos and experimenting with cropping. Besides, you can print your images in large format without sacrificing the number and clarity of details. The viewfinder has almost 100% coverage. Moreover, you can take images from all imaginable angles and get arresting results every time.

Since the 80D is equipped with cross-type 45-point autofocus, it is possible to select a focal point and keep tabs on a broader area. So, the resulting picture will have no distracting spots no matter where the main object is placed. Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t add a stabilization element, which can spoil the quality of shots. Anyway, this isn’t a big problem for newbies, while their more experienced colleagues pair this camera with lenses featuring optical IS to receive better sharpness.

8. Canon 1DX Mark III

Can record at 4K 60 fps
canon 1dx mark iii camera

Shooting type: standard ground survey, sports, landscape, studio, portrait | Sensor: 20.1 MP | Focusing: CMOS AF Improved AF performance through 61-point | Screen: 3.2-inch | Weight: 3.17 pounds

  • ✚ Cutting-edge dual-pixel touchscreen CMOS AF
  • ✚ Capable of withstanding different weather conditions (32°F - 113°F)
  • ✚ Works long on single battery charge
  • ✚ Supports 4K video recording up to 60 fps
  • ✚ Filming with full tracking of focus
  • Lacks Wi-Fi
  • High-priced memory cards/extra batteries

Are you a seasoned photographer wanting to upgrade your kit with the best Canon camera? The 1DX Mark III can become a perfect match. Many experts engaged in different photography genres choose this device as their main body because of high-resolution images it delivers and lightning-fast data transferring.

The camera allows photographing at 14fps with full tracking of AF/automatic exposure and enjoying 16fps in Live View mode. There is also an intelligent viewfinder that covers almost 100% of the FoV. 20.2-megapixel CMOS works flawlessly when recording footage in 4K.

9. Canon IXUS 185

Budget-friendly camera
canon ixus 185 camera

Shooting type: landscape, portrait | Sensor: 20.5 MP | Focusing: TTL | Screen: 2.3-inch | Weight: 1.08 pounds

  • ✚ Сreative modes and filters
  • ✚ Сombo 32x zoom
  • ✚ Compact body
  • ✚ Small size
  • ✚ Good camera for starters
  • Lack an optical stabilizer
  • LCD screen is too small

This is a point-and-shoot camera that is suitable for basic needs. Though it lacks some features available in popular cheap Canon cameras, it is still a favorite tool of many travel photographers because of its space-saving design and small weight. Moreover, it has a 16x ZoomPlus zoom, 8x optical zoom, Easy Auto and instant HD video capture.

The IXUS 185 is a pocket-friendly model (you need to pay approximately $200) with lots of settings for a convenient shooting process. In good lighting conditions, you always receive eye-pleasing photos, which makes it an ideal fit for novices. However, professionals without high expectations can also make good use of this camera.

10. Canon EOS 4000D/T100

Built-in Wi-Fi for integration with cloud storage
canon eos 4000d/t100 camera

Shooting type: standard ground survey, landscape, studio, portrait | Sensor: 18 MP | Focusing: AF | Screen: 2.7-inch | Weight: 6.93 pounds

  • ✚ Nice ergonomic body with convenient controls
  • ✚ Enhanced brightness optimizer
  • ✚ Small size and weight
  • ✚ Capacious battery
  • ✚ Integration with mobile apps
  • The viewfinder lacks diopter adjustment
  • No way to choose autofocus points

This is an amateur-aimed DLSR released by the company. If you have limited funds but still want to get better photos than what your smartphone can produce, the EOS 4000D is a great camera to try. The manufacturer improved ergonomics to lets photographers enjoy the working process from the start to the end. Besides, you can attach external flashes to the camera body and get winsome bokeh in portraits.

Moreover, you can use this camera with interchangeable lenses to hone your macro shooting skills. There is also built-in Wi-Fi for immediate photo transferring to cloud storage or mobile devices. Besides, you can share them with your followers on Instagram, Facebook, etc. The manufacturer offers the Canon Camera Connect app for remote management with the help of a phone or tablet. Considering all the above-mentioned peculiarities, the EOS 4000D is the best cheap camera for undemanding photographers.

11. Canon EOS 2000D

To take noise-free photos
canon eos 2000d camera

Shooting type: standard ground survey, landscape, studio, portrait | Sensor: 24.7 MP | Focusing: AF with Center Cross-Type Point | Screen: 3-inch | Weight: 1.05 pounds

  • ✚ 24.1MP APS-C sensor
  • ✚ Full HD video recording
  • ✚ NFC and Wi-Fi
  • ✚ Intuitive operation
  • ✚ High-res sensor
  • No 4K video recording
  • Optical viewfinder covers only 95%

Have you outgrown mobile photography, but a compact camera doesn’t satisfy your needs? Then you should thoroughly examine this potent DLSR. You can attach different lenses to the camera body to delve into different photography genres and figure out what attracts you most. Besides, you can conduct creative experiments, add nice bokeh to your shots and later print them out in a large format. In fact, this is an upgraded version of Canon EOS 400D and you can trace this in design. However, the range of advanced features is more extensive.

The most praise-worthy improvements are a high-resolution 24.1MP sensor, a smart auto mode without a flash, and the possibility to connect mobile devices via an integrated NFC module. Besides, a plastic bayonet was replaced with a metal one, which means a longer overall service life. Many photographers call it the best Canon camera 2018-2021, highlighting incredible images it produces even at high ISO settings.

12. Canon Rebel SL3/ 200D

Special mode for beginners
canon rebel sl3/ 200d camera

Shooting type: landscape, studio, portrait | Sensor: 24.1 MP Focusing: CMOS AF | Screen: 3-inch | Weight: 1.5 pounds

  • ✚ Vari-angle touchscreen
  • ✚ 24MP APS-C image sensor
  • ✚ Touch LCD
  • ✚ Beginner Mode
  • ✚ Interesting color options
  • Only 9 AF points for viewfinder shooting
  • Cumbersome

Though it can’t stay on par with top-tier Canon cameras for photography, you can still use it for amateurish needs. The 200D was created on the basis of its predecessor, namely, the 100D model, but surpasses it in several aspects. The first thing that catches the eye is its white body, which is a very interesting decision. The device has a 9-point AF system, but this is a mere improvement considering the features that were removed – HDR, panoramas, interval shooting, multiple exposures, and fine-tune settings.

Anyway, you can derive benefit from an AF system in Live View mode and an articulating touchscreen for quick managing. Moreover, there is an excellent control scheme with a training mode aimed at novices. Thus, you can opt for the 100D if you want to bring your shooting skills to a new level without spending too much on equipment.

13. Canon EOS M50

Long battery life
canon eos m50 camera

Shooting type: landscape, studio, portrait | Sensor: 24.1 MP | Focusing: CMOS AF | Screen: 3-inch| Weight: 13.8 ounces

  • ✚ Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • ✚ Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • ✚ Low battery consumption
  • ✚ 4K video recording/Full HD
  • ✚ Handy touch controls
  • Dual Pixel autofocus doesn’t work in a 4K mode
  • Large crop factor

If you are accustomed to the point-and-shoot principle and don’t want to learn multiple settings, this is probably the best Canon camera for your needs. It has a straightforward menu and touch controls, so you can start taking images with a single click. Besides, there is an auto mode aimed at photographers without extensive experience. If needed, you can replace lenses to take close-up photos and capture distant objects with equal efficiency. A large sensor allows getting crisp images.

Canon EOS M50 can fully satisfy the demands of beginner photographers as well as amateurs willing to replace dated cameras. This model lets you dive into the shooting process without tiring preparations and get good photos with minimum manual adjustments. Moreover, it offers 4K video recording mode, so you can try your hand at filming too.

14. Canon EOS R7

Excellent value
canon eos r7 canon camera

Shooting type: standard ground survey, sports, landscape, studio, portrait | Sensor: 32.5 MP | Focusing: Manual and automatic | Screen: 3-inch | Weight: 1.17 pounds

  • ✚ The body is made of magnesium
  • ✚ Top-level AF with subject recognition
  • ✚ Shoots at 15fps with a mechanical shutter
  • ✚ Convenient controls
  • Subpar EVF for an entry-level model
  • Electronic shutter is hardly perfect for shooting moving objects

The Canon EOS R7 is a smart choice for those who are looking for a model with an APS-C image sensor, impressive speed, reliable AF, and high resolution. It’s a stunning addition to the series of the 90D and 7D models that will appeal to EOS R enthusiasts. This camera is suitable for shooting photos and videos of wildlife as well as for people who want to improve their photography skills.

What makes this camera different from the rest is that it has an excellent shooting speed of 15 frames per second when you use it in a mechanical mode. It allows it to beat other Canon EOS models, such as the R3, R5, and R6. You can shoot at 30 fps using an electronic shutter. It enables it to deliver similar performance to the R3, Sony A1, and Nikon Z9.

15. Canon PowerShot SX70 HS

For Slow Motion shooting
canon powershot sx70 hs camera

Shooting type: standard ground survey, sports, landscape, studio, portrait, slow motion | Sensor: 20.3 MP | Focusing: AF | Screen: 3.2-inch| Weight: 6 pounds

  • ✚ Fantastic optical zoom
  • ✚ RAW support
  • ✚ You can connect an external mic and a flash
  • ✚ Wide viewing angles (21mm)
  • ✚ Slow Motion at 240 fps
  • Slow focus locking mechanism while zooming
  • Small 1/2.3 matrix for 16 MP

This Canon camera has a 3.8-247.0 mm ultra-wide-angle lens with the largest zoom you can currently find on the market. It is positioned as a professional DSLR, surpassing many analogs with its amazing ISO range, high-res LCD screen, top-notch viewfinder, and RAW support. What’s more, it appeals to users with 1080p 60 (progressive) video mode and advanced video recording features.

The battery is capacious, so you can enjoy multi-hour shooting without interruptions. NFC and Wi-Fi modules make data transfer a breeze. If you are interested in creative experiments, try attaching the hood and adapter ring under filters and start photographing.

canon eos rp camera
Canon EOS RP
  • Compact
  • Fully articulating screen
  • 4K footage
canon eos rebel t7i
Canon EOS Rebel T7I
  • Great AF system
  • Video recording at 60 fps
  • Sleek design
canon ixus 185
Canon IXUS 185
  • Great price-quality ratio
  • Embedded creative effect
  • Compact dimensions

How to Choose a Canon Camera?

When selecting the best Canon camera, you should remember that this is the largest manufacturer, so there are lots of models and you can find excellent options for any purpose. However, it is important to consider and understand several factors to make the right choice.

Image Stabilization

An image stabilization system is indispensable if you want to avoid camera shake. The latter can spoil even the most beautiful frame, so you’d better get a device with a stabilization mechanism. This is especially important for photographers who take images without mounting a camera on a monopod by professional tripod brands.

Camera Type

The variety of cameras is mind-blowing. You can get DSLRs, camcorders, point-and-shoot cameras, mirrorless devices, and more. However, to invest in a camera that will satisfy your needs, you have to define them first. If you specialize in studio or landscape photography, choose full-frame DSLRs. They show amazing results when taking quick shots on the go or organizing long photo sessions.

If you want to shoot films or commercials, you should compare the capabilities of a DSLR and a mirrorless camera to understand how they differ.


Some photography genres require more elaborate controls, while others allow using the basic minimum. If you want to document things happening around you and don’t bother a lot about details, it is OK to buy a camera with standard controls only. However, to record pro-level videos, you need to invest in the best Canon camera with more settings and features, including manual focusing, quick access to IOS, shutter speed, etc.


If you are a beginner, you should favor models that have Live View to use a display as a viewfinder. It is also great if a camera has a tilt screen, as this helps avoid many awkward situations when shooting conditions are far from perfect.


  • • Why do Canon and Nikon brands compete?

These are 2 major players on the market of photography equipment and this is the main reason for their rivalry. Both companies produce powerful DSLRs and other camera types catering to the needs of novices and experts alike. However, when shopping for a good camera, you don’t need to concentrate on the brand only. Your specific requirements and photography style are more important in this case.

Canon has recently released the EOS R, which is a promising full-frame mirrorless camera. It is bound to amaze both videographers and photographers.

If you are new to photography but want a lasting Canon camera, pay attention to the Rebel series. These cameras look like point-and-shoot devices but can take images of better quality. You can use them to improve your shooting skills, learn manual settings, and experiment with different genres. The worthiest representative of the lineup is Canon Rebel T7i.

  • • Does Canon design original and third-party devices and accessories?

Though Canon is known as a camera brand, the company also creates various accessories for original and third-party devices. You can find high-quality Canon accessories for portrait and landscape photography, wedding lens flashes, and more. Purchasing a single 50mm lens, you can easily work in different shooting conditions without using adapters.

  • • What is the best Canon camera for wedding and event videography?

The range of video cameras is constantly growing, but no other brand can compete with Canon in terms of quality and variety of features. While selecting a camera for recording footage, you need to pay special attention to the frame rate. Your search for the best Canon camera for video is sure to be successful as there are models for any budget.