Best Compact Camera

Best Compact Camera

Here are the best compact cameras for your money you can use to take family photos or beauty photographs in the studio. Point and shoot cameras have been updated over the last several years because there are many smartphones that show the same photo quality. That’s why I’ve decided to put together a guide to the best compact cameras for beginning photographers that can compete with the best dynamic range cameras.

What Is the Best Compact Camera?

Some years back, people used to take family photos with point and shoot cameras. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and there is no need to have a high-end camera for portraits.

Top 3 Best Compact Cameras

However, for those amateurs, who opt for first-rate images and are not eager to buy an expensive DSLR or hire a professional photographer, a cheap compact camera is a perfect possibility to satisfy their ambitions.

Best Compact Camera in 2022

I have prepared the 17 best compact cameras with different budgets and shooting capabilities.

1. Canon G7 X Mark II

canon g7 x mark ii View Prices on Amazon
  • Qualitative low-light images
  • Movable touch screen
  • Ability to shoot in Raw format
  • Optical image stabilizer
  • Screen not fully tilting
  • Narrow zoom range

ISO range of 125-12800 is provided by the camera’s 20.2 MP 1-inch BSI-CMOS. It is one of the best compact cameras, as it offers reduced shot-to-shot time and immediate playback. Fast maximum aperture and 24-100 mm definitely contribute to its functionality. Besides, it is also equipped with a 9-blade curved aperture diagram and a neutral-density filter. Flipping range of the 3" touch screen LCD is from 180 degrees up and 45 degrees down.

canon powershot g7 x mark ii photo sample Photo by Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

2. Panasonic Lumix ZS50 / TZ70

lumix zs50 tz70 View Prices on Amazon
  • 30x optical zoom ratio
  • Equipped with an electronic viewfinder
  • Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication
  • Picture smoothing at high ISOs
  • Absence of some functions in Raw shooting mode

Panasonic's ZS/TZ-series cameras are certainly worth their money since they are equipped with a huge 30x zoom, providing first-rate quality images. The Lumix compact camera offers auto and manual controls as well as Raw shooting. The Lumix ZS50 has an EVF squeezer function. It may be useful in dazzling light, though the viewfinder is not the biggest one. Thanks to its high quality and convenient control system, the Lumix can be easily called the best compact travel camera.

panasonic lumix zs50 tz70 photo sample Photo by Panasonic Lumix ZS50 / TZ70
  • If you are going to do professional photography, view more reviews of the best cameras for photography that are DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

3. Leica Q (Typ 116)

leica q View Prices on Amazon
  • Intuitive interface
  • Continuous shooting at 10 fps
  • Long work without recharging
  • Remarkable Wi-Fi module
  • Digital noise on images
  • Insufficient customization options
  • Unreliability of continuous autofocus

The Leica Q is a stylish compact camera that is designed for those who like to capture the beauty of the world around them. Thanks to the high ISO, you will get excellent quality RAW images . The RAW dynamic range cannot be called ideal if you compare the Leica Q with competitors. But if you set a correct exposure, you can get an excellent result. This compact camera is capable of shooting Full HD video, with a speed of up to 60 frames per second. The video quality is pretty good. The Leica Q is the perfect option for travelers, street photographers, bloggers and journalists.

leica q typ 116 photo sample Photo by Leica Q (Typ 116)

4. Sony DSC-RX1 RII

dsc rx1 rii View Prices on Amazon
  • Fast lens
  • Good 399-point PDAF system
  • Retractable OLED viewfinder
  • Ability to take RAW pictures
  • Autofocus modes are too complicated
  • Lack of touch control
  • No protection against moisture

The Cyber-shot RX1R II is a small camera with a Zeiss Sonnar T * 35 lens, a BSI 42-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, electronic viewfinder and autofocus system from the a7R II. High detailing, good ISO performance and a wide dynamic range allow the Cyber-shot RX1R II to be one of the best compact cameras today. The leaf shutter will save you from vibration when opening the lens. It is quite expensive, but its price fully corresponds to its characteristics.

sony dsc rx1 rii photo sample Photo by Sony DSC-RX1 RII

5. Olympus Air A01

olympus air a01 View Prices on Amazon
  • Compact size
  • Simple compatibility with a smartphone
  • Cheap MFT model
  • The absence of in-body image stabilization
  • Poor quality of photos taken in low light

According to many compact camera reviews, this camera may perfectly cope with many tasks. If you compare the Olympus Air A01 and the cameras of the most top-end smartphones, you will notice that it has better characteristics, such as detailing, color saturation, good dynamic range and deep shadows. The Olympus Air A01 is designed primarily for everyday or family photos, for instance, capturing landscapes, food or snapping group selfies. I think this is the best pocket camera for fans of social networks.

olympus air a01 photo sample Photo by Olympus Air A01

6. Panasonic Lumix LX100

lumix lx100 View Prices on Amazon
  • Excellent image quality (particularly RAW format)
  • Convenient combination of a bright lens and a big sensor
  • Multiple video recording options
  • Impressive Wi-Fi features
  • Limited lens range
  • Inconvenient manual autofocus positioning

The LX100 shoots excellent 4K (UHD) videos in 24p or 30p format. In short, the LX100 is rightfully the best small digital camera, which has an incredibly large sensor and convenient interface. It is the perfect choice for a professional photographer who needs a reliable additional camera. Due to its compact size, it will easily fit in your pocket. The disadvantages are its short zoom and a low number of pixels. Besides, even when you apply noise reduction and lower sharpness and adjust the JPEG engine, the pictures may not be satisfying.

panasonic lumix lx100 photo sample Photo by Panasonic Lumix LX100

7. Nikon COOLPIX B500

nikon coolpix B500 View Prices on Amazon
  • Cheap
  • Long battery life
  • Great zoom
  • Absence of viewfinder
  • Double-A batteries
  • Average picture quality

Exceptional zoom makes the Nikon Coolpix B500 one of the best small digital cameras. Despite the absence of a viewfinder, all troublesome angles may be simplified with the assistance of a tilt screen. Moreover, you may hide the screen from nasty sunlight. Basic modes available with the Nikon Coolpix B500 are a great option for those who do not search for something extraordinary. Unfortunately, fully automatic modes don’t let you change shutter speed or aperture. RAW shooting is not available, either.

nikon coolpix b500 photo sample Photo by Nikon COOLPIX B500

8. Fujifilm X100F

fujifilm x100f View Prices on Amazon
  • Updated viewfinder
  • Rapid operation and speed of focus
  • RAW format shooting and Wi-Fi module
  • Increased battery capacity with percentage indicator
  • Low AF speed
  • Unpractical ISO

Vintage Fujifilm FinePix X100 is one of the best compact cameras for professional photographers since it is equipped with an exclusive hybrid VF and a huge APS-C sensor. Besides, this fixed-lens digital camera features a modernized control layout and a third-generation 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor. The model is praised for a high sensitivity range and upgraded autofocus ,providing impressive picture quality. The modifications made this APS-C compact camera one the most desirable digital cameras among street photographers.

fujifilm x100f photo sample Photo by Fujifilm X100F

9. Olympus TG-5

olympus tg-5 View Prices on Amazon
  • Impressive picture quality
  • 4K and slow-motion video recording
  • Numerous sensors
  • Restricted zoom range

The Olympus TG-5 can be easily called an indestructible compact camera due to its durable protective performance. It is waterproof to a depth of 15 m, freezeproof down to -10 ºC and able to avoid being crushed under a 100 kg load. The Olympus TG-5 possesses a durable body that is not easy to break. If you are an intrepid photographer looking for adventures, this camera is certainly for you. No matter what your destination is ‒ stunning mountains or unfathomed deeps ‒ the Olympus TG-5 is undoubtedly a must-have for your trips. Moreover, it is equipped with such necessary outdoor features as GPS, compass, manometer and thermometer, information from which may be featured in your images and videos. A ‘variable macro system’ enables you to take exceptionally detailed pictures.

olympus tg5 photo sample Photo by Olympus TG-5

10. Ricoh GR II

ricoh gr ii View Prices on Amazon
  • Small dimensions
  • High functionality
  • Qualitative lens
  • Multi-functional autofocus
  • Poor autofocus in low light
  • Not enough dials

If you are looking for the best pocket camera, the Ricoh GR II is for you. It has all basic features, for instance, a big 16MP APS-C sensor, RAW shooting, a fixed 28 mm (equivalent) f/2.8 lens, which is especially sharp. Its magnesium alloy body makes it lightweight and provides great durability. The GR II is modernized with such up-to-date feature as Wi-Fi, allowing you to control the camera remotely and transfer photos via smartphone. Though it is not suitable for portraits, sports and wildlife due to its wide-angle lens, Ricoh GR II is perfect for street photography. Thanks to its compactness, superb photo quality, good autofocus and impressive lens, the GR II steadily heads the list of the best compact cameras 2018.

ricoh gr ii photo sample Photo by Ricoh GR II

11. Aberg Best

aberg best View Prices on Amazon
  • Spacious SD card
  • Qualitative LCD screen display
  • Complicated user guide

The Aberg Best is the best budget compact camera for beginners. A magnificent 2.7 inch TFT LCD screen lets you watch all videos you have just recorded in superb quality. The camera is equipped with a good battery, providing 60 minutes of continuous work. Although the Aberg Best belongs to the category of cheap cameras, it has 21 MP to snap photos that may also be printed and used. Besides, this cheap camera is upgraded with such useful features as Face Detect, Smile Capture and Anti-shake.

aberg best photo sample Photo by Aberg Best

12. Panasonic Lumix ZS100

lumix zs100 View Prices on Amazon
  • Improved autofocus
  • Superb 4K video
  • Convenient post-focus and 4K photo characteristics
  • RAW format files
  • Small EVF
  • Slow lens at the long end
  • Slight color distortion

Such ‘extras’ as a good autofocus system, 4K video recording and EVF make the ZS100 a notable model among other cameras. It is also improved with a 3" touch-sensitive LCD, Wi-Fi and 4K features. A 1"-type BSI CMOS sensor and a 25-250 mm equivalent lens make the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100/TZ100 one of the best point and shoot cameras. The Lumix ZS100 is ideally suitable for dynamic photo and video shooting since it has superb autofocus and other necessary features.

lumix zs100 photo sample Photo by Lumix ZS100

13. Sony DSCHX80/B

Sony DSCHX80 View Prices on Amazon
  • Electronic viewfinder
  • LCD monitor may be tilted up to 180°
  • User-friendly interface
  • No RAW photos support
  • Color distortion (cartoon colors) at high ISO settings

The HX80 is probably the cheapest full frame camera. It is equipped with a convenient electronic viewfinder (OLED Tru-Finder). Photographers can extend the viewfinder to adjust the composition of the image. The viewfinder has 100% coverage. This means that all captured objects will be on your picture. Thanks to the retractable viewfinder, many experts call the HX80 the best portable camera. Being a universal device, the model is ideal for different types of shooting. Most professionals use it to photograph picturesque landscapes (for example, in the mountains).

sony dschx80 photo sample Photo by Sony DSCHX80

14. Fujifilm XP130

fujifilm finepix xp130 View Prices on Amazon
  • User-friendly
  • Low price in comparison with similar models
  • Compact but reliable
  • Insufficient image quality
  • Functionality is limited

The Fujifilm XP130 is the best camera under 300 dollars. It is designed to work in harsh weather conditions. It is distinguished by high reliability, water and shock resistance, and quite decent image quality. It has a 5x optical zoom lens, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and built-in optical image stabilization. The XP130 is produced in five color variations (white, blue, green, silver and yellow). JPEG images are characterized by a high clarity of colors in the center of the picture. However, it gets slightly worse at the edges of the image. The XP130 is the best compact camera for travelers and lovers of extreme sports.

fujifilm finepix xp130 photo sample Photo by Fujifilm FinePix XP130

15. Sony WX220

sony wx220 View Prices on Amazon
  • Small size
  • A lens with 10x zoom
  • Wi-Fi module
  • Plenty of filters
  • Blurred images (in certain conditions)
  • Lack of grip or thumb-rest

It cannot be compared with professional cameras, but pictures for social networks taken with it look very good. Previously, Wi-Fi was a characteristic of large, expensive cameras. However, today, even portable gadgets, including this model, have a Wi-Fi module for sharing new pictures on the internet. Besides, remote control is a great way to take a beautiful group photo. The WX220 is an inexpensive point and shoot model that has excellent features, such as high color saturation and a user-friendly interface.

sony cyber shot wx220 photo sample Photo by Sony Cyber-shot WX220

16. Casio Exilim EX-S12

exilim ex s12 View Prices on Ebay
  • Small size
  • The ability to shoot HD video
  • Durable body
  • Good autofocus
  • Operation speed is disappointing
  • Wide angle image distortion
  • Inability to use the optical zoom during video recording

The EX-S12 is a very lightweight and small camera. This 12.1-megapixel model has a 3x zoom, while it weighs only 130 g. It has a 2.7-inch screen with a resolution of 230k pixels, automatic brightness correction, improved facial recognition, as well as portrait mode. An important feature of this model is the ability to create high-quality videos.

Of course, this compact camera has some drawbacks, such as rather poor performance, image distortion at certain angles and the inability to use the optical zoom during video recording. However, such advantages as color saturation and user-friendly interface make it probably the best portable camera for beginning photographers.

casio exilim ex s12 photo sample Photo by Casio Exilim EX-S12

17. Canon SX740 HS

canon sx740 hs View Prices on Amazon
  • Multifunctional due to a 40x optical zoom
  • Improved autofocus
  • Records 4K video
  • No RAW shooting
  • No screen sensor

A 40x optical zoom and compactness make the Canon SX740 HS the best small camera that fits in your pocket. It is a 24-960 mm flexible camera lens that takes pictures of remote objects. It is modernized with five-axis image stabilization, Canon’s Digic 8 processor, 4K video shooting and an option to snap stills at up to 10 fps. Nevertheless, the SX740 HS has some drawbacks which may prevent potential clients from buying it. They are likely to switch to other cameras such as the Panasonic TZ-series for example. It doesn’t have an EVF, RAW shooting mode, a screen sensor, and, unfortunately, the focal point can’t be altered. Still, being equipped with 40x optical zoom, 4K video providing relatively good picture quality and great portability, it satisfies the needs of its potential buyers.

canon powershot sx740 hs photo sample Photo by Canon PowerShot SX740 HS

17 Best Compact Cameras for Beginning Photographers

Image Name Details  
canon g7 x mark ii
Canon G7 X Mark II (Black)
  • 20.1 MP
  • CMOS
nikon coolpix b500
Nikon COOLPIX B500
UNDER $300
  • 16 MP
  • CMOS
lumix zs50 tz70
Panasonic Lumix ZS50 / TZ70
  • 12.1MP
  • CMOS
fujifilm x100f
Fujifilm X100F
  • 24.3MP
  • CMOS
olympus tg5
Olympus TG-5
  • 12 MP
  • Hi-Speed Image
  • Sensor
ricoh gr ii
Ricoh GR II
  • 16.2 MP
  • CMOS
aberg best
Aberg Best
  • 21 MP
canon sx740 hs
Canon SX740 HS
  • 20.3 MP
  • CMOS
lumix zs100
Panasonic Lumix ZS100
  • 20 MP
  • CMOS
lumix lx100
Panasonic Lumix LX100
  • 12.8 MP
  • Micro 4/3
Sony DSCHX80
  • 18.2 MP
  • CMOS
olympus air a01
Olympus Air A01
  • 16 MP
  • Micro 4/3
dsc-rx1 rii
  • 42.4MP
  • CMOS
fujifilm finepix xp130
Fujifilm XP130
  • 16.4 MP
  • CMOS
leica q
Leica Q (Typ 116)
  • 24.2MP
  • CMOS
sony wx220
Sony WX220
  • 18.2 MP
  • CMOS
exilim ex s12
Casio Exilim EX-S12
  • 12.1 MP

How to Choose a Compact Camera?

There are several aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing the best compact camera.


It all depends on your goals. If the image size is the most important aspect for you, you need to be guided by the number of megapixels. For example, if you are going to print photos of small size, you can use any camera from 4 megapixels (for example, a smartphone camera) and up. However, if you are shooting at a professional level and your work involves printing large pictures, pick out an expensive and high-quality Panasonic camera or a similar device produced by another brand.


I recommend opting for an optical zoom. Although the digital zoom is a good option when combined with photo editing in Photoshop, too. Compared to smartphones, compact cameras are leaders, since only the newest phones have 2x zoom on the market. Moreover, these gadgets are very expensive and cost even more than some of the best digital cameras for sports with a good zoom.

Sensor Size

A large sensor is able to capture more light, which makes it possible to get good photos at any time of the day. In addition, the size of the sensor affects the depth of field. With a big sensor, you can easily achieve the effect of a blurred background. By the way, the price of the highest megapixel camera largely depends on the sensor size.


In short, the “f’ ”indicator is responsible for the opening of the aperture. The greater this value is, the less light will be involved in the frame (for example f1.4 is better than f2). It affects the depth of field. Setting a large aperture may result in blurry photos.

Shutter Speed Control

There are various camera shutter speeds which are designed for different aims. These values ​​are denoted by numbers (for example, 1/1000 or 1/50). The average speed is 1/60. Be aware of the fact that indicators below this value can cause blurring of the image. Remember this when choosing your camera for macro photography.

ISO Range

ISO is an indicator of camera sensitivity to light. The advantage of digital cameras for street photography, as opposed to film ones, is in the ability to adjust the ISO at any moment. However, keep in mind that the higher ISO value you select, the more digital noise on the pictures you will get, even while using the best compact camera.


The built-in camera flash is rarely used when shooting, but sometimes it can help you in difficult situations, when the natural light is insufficient and you don’t have artificial light sources. A flash of inexpensive compact devices usually has a maximum range of only 2-3 meters, while the more expensive models offer 7-8 meters.

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