Best Camera Holster

Best Camera Holster

Looking for a waterproof and inexpensive camera holster to protect your camera and help it stand? Check out my choice of 10 camera belt holsters that will keep up with your quest for taking amazing photos anytime.

best camera holster

What is the Best Camera Holster?

It’s not just about the camera holster system, but it’s also about what kind of gear you’re going to carry. Some people are carrying tiny mirrorless cameras and other people have giant telephoto lenses.

best camera holsters

There are many original and modular camera holsters that can help you eliminate the neck pain caused by wearing your camera strap.

Best Camera Holsters in 2024

Choose one of these 10 camera holster systems as your stable method of carrying your DSLR and preventing it from swinging awkwardly.

1. SpiderHolster SpiderPro

camera belt holster spider pro Buy on Amazon

Capacity: 2 DSLRs
External dimensions: 10.2 x 2 x 10 inches
Weight: 2.35 pounds

  • Holds 2 items
  • Easily adjustable waist belt
  • Immediate and easy access to items
  • Haven’t been found

This is a double DSLR belt holster that allows easy access to both cameras. It is specifically designed for dealing with bulky gear and can even serve as a portable replacement for the best roller bags. Its reliable construction gives you a cowboy vibe as soon as you put it on.

This is definitely more convenient than cameras dangling from shoulders. It also relieves you from the weight better during longer use as opposed to a harness. You can also use the camera lens belt holster to carry an additional lens on the other side if you attach it by the tripod mount.

You can upgrade a Single SpiderPro camera holster into a dual one by purchasing one more holster, plate and pin of this company separately and installing them on. The belt used by the company is made of webbing materials very close to those of the army/police equipment.

2. Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3 (with Plate)

camera holsters peak design Buy on Amazon

Capacity: DSLR
External dimensions: 9.1 x 6.7 x 13.4 inches
Weight: 1.35 pounds

  • Classic vibe
  • Quick-release button
  • Possible to easily change lenses
  • Hardware should be improved

This version could be called the best camera holster for the convenience and security it provides for its price. It differs from a strap by the rigidly fixed camera position that ensures comfort during activities like hiking, riding a bike or just running around a venue.

It differs from a regular female camera bag by keeping the device immediately ready with a small button click. The camera holster consists of two things: a clip to be installed on anything like a strap or belt, a plate that is compatible with tripods of Arca type and needs to be screwed on the camera body.

The two items lock securely together and can be released with a button. The whole construction easily withstands 200 lbs (90 kg) that will be more than enough even for the biggest lens mounted on the heaviest professional camera.

3. SpiderLight Single Camera Holster System

camera lens belt holster spider light Buy on Amazon

Capacity: DSLR
External dimensions: 10.6 x 7.7 x 2.1 inches
Weight: 10.9 ounces

  • Fast, elegant access
  • Secure even during jogging
  • Tough to install
  • Pretty expensive

This holster has a very simple design with two components like the previous one. The clip is to be attached to your belt and the plate is to be screwed to the camera body.

If you lock those together, the camera holster will even let you jog with no risk of damaging the equipment as if it is glued to your hip. With the camera in position, the lens will be directed backwards and that ensures that no damage can be incurred even when you bend down.

Whenever the camera is needed, you make the camera belt holster release it flipping the “quick draw” lock open and pulling it upward.

4. Spider Holster Black Widow Belt Kit

mirrorless camera holster black widow Buy on Amazon

Capacity: DSLR
External dimensions: 13 x 10 x 1 inches
Weight: 6.7 ounces

  • Universally compatible
  • Fair price
  • No-strap design
  • Uses the tripod quick-release plate

The most compact one among all camera belts holsters in my list, the Black Widow can fit in a palm and thus be easily taken on a trip and become barely noticeable as you do your job.

Whenever you drop the camera back into the holster, the mechanism instantly locks it. Thanks to that, your gear will stay secure even in the hottest photoshoot and will be protected from theft. Plus, your hands are always free for some climbing, biking or even just a tasty snack, which turns the process of taking photos into a lot more fun.

5. Manfrotto Holster Plus 40

manfrotto advanced holster plus Buy on Amazon

Capacity: DSLR with attached 70-200 F/2.8 lens with reversed hood, extra lens, flash and accessories
External dimensions: 9.1 x 6.7 x 13.4 inches
Weight: 1.35 pounds

  • Great design
  • Suitable for heavy gear
  • Waterproof rear
  • Too bulky

It’s a kind of closed camera holsters. This particular model can fit the minimal setup: a DSLR plus an F/2.8 lens with reversed hood on, second lens, external flesh and small accessories. Its Core protection System is reinforced with several layers of Exo-tough construction for unequaled protection.

The top lid allows you to quickly get the camera out. This Manfrotto holster will surely become a reliable partner for any outdoor photoshoot. On the tripod market, this company has already gained leadership and it has great perspectives among producers of Photo Accessories.

Thus, the company launched a series of camera holster cases that can already boast of incredible protection technologies together with an exclusive style. Each model will offer the highest level of protection and convenience to any traveling photographer.

6. Case Logic Slr Zoom Holster Bag Black SLRC-201

case logic camera holster bag Buy on Amazon

Capacity: DSLR with attached lens, flash and accessories
External dimensions: 10 x 6 x 6.5 inches
Weight: 12.2 ounces

  • Resistant waterproof base
  • Stands without support
  • Scratch-resistant foam lining
  • Lacks a snap buckle
  • Hardware could be improved

Its aim is to suspend the camera above the bottom for canceling external impact and providing efficient security in case of a fall. The bag’s front pocket conveniently fits any compact necessities like a camera cable.

The hard-molded underside certainly pays off. So does the attractive and rather compact design. This camera holster is closed with a zipper and that is the only drawback, since a buckle or a clasp would have made it quicker to open.

7. Lowepro Toploader Pro 75 AW

lowepro toploader pro 75 aw camera holster Buy on Amazon

Capacity: DSLR with grip and 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached, additional accessories
External dimensions: 8 x 8 x 12.8 inches
Weight: 1.76 pounds

  • Nice padding
  • Has a waterproof cover
  • Comfy carry strap(s)
  • Useful pockets
  • Small pocket depth
  • Resembles a camera bag

Whether shooting outside or indoors, an active photographer will appreciate the Lowepro Toploader Pro 75 AW. It is perfect for putting away a pro DSLR with a mounted 70-200mm lens.

The special shape provides your camera stability and security. The side opening ensures the camera’s accessibility within seconds, so you will never lose a shot. If it’s a rainy photoshoot, the equipment will stay dry with the 360°.

Its big U-shaped sliders will never slip from your fingers. The 3-point harness system is bound to fit any photographer’s complexion comfortably. Additional storage can be found in the top pocket and obtained through adjusting the divider of the main compartment.

8. Adventura TlZ 30 II

lowepro adventura tlz 30 ii holster bag Buy on Amazon

Capacity: DSLR equipped with a kit lens, an extra SD card, and other equipment
External dimensions: 6.9 x 4.7 x 8.1 inches
Weight: 10.6 ounces

  • Zipper is secure and slides smoothly
  • Fast and easy access
  • Lacks a shoulder pad
  • Outer pockets aren’t very reliable

This camera holster is perfect for trips and adventures. It’s secure, small, and loads from the top, making it suitable for tourists, hikers, and professional photographers. This DSLR belt holster has a sturdy, custom-made body that protects your equipment from moisture, debris and light collisions.

Moreover, it has an SD card pocket and a couple of pleated external sections designed for storing accessories. It also has additional features such as a convenient grip, a customizable shoulder strap with padding, and a handy belt loop.

This model can fit a full-fledged DSLR together with its kit lens, a spare SD card, and some accessories.

9. AmazonBasics Holster Camera Case

amazon basics camera holster lifestyle Buy on Amazon

Capacity: SLRs paired with a zoom lens
External dimensions: 6.9 x 6.3 x 9 inches
Weight: 14.1 ounces

  • 3 accessory sections
  • Comes with a comfortable broad shoulder strap
  • Has great finishing
  • Zippers work really well
  • A bit too big and can be inconvenient to carry
  • Holster is too large for a DSLR with a cropped sensor

AmazonBasics camera holster is the perfect tool to have with you while taking breathtaking travel photographs. This sleek case comes with a resizable shoulder strap with padding, allowing you to keep your hands free all the time while still having convenient access to your equipment.

Regardless of whether you’re traversing difficult terrain, exploring old cities, or simply enjoying a nice stroll in the park, this holster will ensure you feel comfortable while having the camera by your side.

AmazonBasics’ central compartment has two zippers and double customizable Velcro straps that keep the camera motionless to protect it from collisions. Thanks to its well thought-out design, this type of camera holsters has extra storage space for accessories without becoming cumbersome.

10. Manfrotto Solo II

manfrotto solo ii camera holster Buy on Amazon

Capacity: SLRs paired with a zoom lens
External dimensions: 7.1 x 4.7 x 7.1 inches
Weight: 9.6 ounces

  • Durable body and clip
  • Eye-pleasing color
  • Perfect size if you have a telephoto lens
  • No space for accessories or extra equipment

Manfrotto Solo II is a lightweight ergonomic bag designed specifically for carrying photography equipment. This DSLR hip holster will impress you with its amazing technical and protective characteristics as well as its stylish, modern design that make the bag suitable for photographers of all levels (from enthusiasts to professionals).

Thanks to its portable dimensions, this model can become your most trusted travel companion. Manfrotto Solo II has a special compartment for a DSLR with an attached mid-sized lens.

The compartment’s walls are covered with soft, tight padding that absorbs external shock and hits and protects the camera from damage in case of accidental falls.

The inner finishing of the compartment is made of velvety material that prevents camera and lens scratches, making it superior to other camera holsters.

Top 10 Best Camera Holster Belts and Bags

Image Camera Features  
compact camera holster
SpiderHolster SpiderPro
  • Holds 2 items
  • Adjustable
  • Cheap
camera lens belt holster
Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3
  • Classic design
  • Quick-release
camera lens belt holster spider
Spider Camera Holster SpiderLight
  • Fast access
  • For jogging
dslr hip holster spider
Spider Holster Black Widow
  • Fair price
  • No-strap design
manfrotto holster
Manfrotto Holster Plus 40
  • For heavy gear
  • Waterproof
case logic slr zoom holster bag
Case Logic Slr Zoom Holster Bag Black
  • Cheap
  • Scratch-resistant
Lowepro Toploader Pro 75 AW
  • Carry straps
  • Nice padding
lowepro adventura tlz 30 ii holster bag
Adventura TlZ 30 II
  • Good zipper
  • Easy access
camera holsters amazon
AmazonBasics Holster Camera Case
  • Great finishing
  • Zippers work well
manfrotto solo ii
Manfrotto Solo II
  • Durable clip
  • Perfect size

How to Choose a Camera Holster?

how to choose camera holsters

When picking a holster, you have to mind your camera’s size and the rest of the equipment you need on a daily basis. There’s a chance you don’t even need a large mirrorless camera holster if you only have a relatively small mirrorless camera. Thankfully, most of the bag-picking process comes down to choosing the option that feels comfortable.

You should always bear in mind how much space your equipment needs to fit nicely in the holster and on your body. If the belt or strap turns out to be too tight, you won’t be able to take out and start using the camera quickly. If it’s too loose, there’s a chance you’ll accidentally bump the camera lens belt holster into something and damage the equipment.

I always recommend trying on the camera holster, so that you can be certain it can be adjusted to your needs. Only then, you should think about all the other characteristics and see if they suit your gear and shooting habits.

Other important factors are the material used for the straps and compartments, whether they’re resizable, can the camera belt holster be expanded with attachments, and how many cameras and smaller gear pieces can it store.

  • Functionality

A camera holster is considered to be good if it provides quick access to your equipment, so that you can get your camera without fuss and take a photo. Being a photographer, you need to evaluate the situation and react very fast if you really want to capture interesting moments.

Choose holsters that have several access points and can be easily opened from the top. What’s the point of buying a holster that reduces your efficiency?

  • Padding

Manufacturers offer bags with regular padding or with closed-cell foams. Of course, the choice is yours, but mind that the protection and safety of your gear largely depend on the padding your bag has.


  • • What are the considerations for wearing a camera holster in various weather conditions?

It's crucial to choose a holster with weather-resistant materials to protect your gear from rain, dust, and moisture. Besides, consider wearing clothing that allows you to cover the holster during extreme weather or using additional rain covers to safeguard your camera and accessories.

  • • How to maintain and clean a camera holster for long-lasting use?

To ensure the longevity of your camera holster, regularly inspect and clean it by gently wiping off dirt and dust using a damp cloth. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or direct sunlight, and periodically check for any signs of wear on straps, buckles, and stitching to address issues before they worsen.

  • • What are the potential downsides or challenges photographers might encounter when using a camera holster?

Photographers using camera holsters may face limitations in carrying multiple accessories compared to larger bags. Moreover, holsters could hinder access to some camera functions or require practice to master swift drawing techniques, potentially impacting the speed of capturing certain shots.

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