Best Camera Backpacks in 2022

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Carry your gear and laptops comfortably with one of these camera backpacks.

Best Camera Backpack

Top 28 Camera Backpacks

Need a camera backpack to carry your gear, laptops and tripods? You’re about to travel the world but don’t have a safe, secure backpack for it?

Having read this list, you can choose an excellent camera backpack for shooting landscapes, astrophotography, wild animals and urban, traveling abroad or just walking. Each camera backpack has its own differences and features, therefore, I hope my tips will help you make the right choice!

1. LowePro Tactic 350 AW

Best camera backpack for beginners

LowePro Tactic 350 AW Camera Backpack

Weight: 4.4 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 6 | Laptop: 13" | Dimension: 9.1x12.1x16.9 inches


⊕ The interior can be customized
⊕ 2 convenient pockets for additional equipment
⊕ Separate compartment for a laptop
⊖ Upper compartment is bulky

LowePro Tactic 350 AW appeared on the market several years ago, but despite this, it is still one of the best camera backpacks for all photographers. Having analyzed the characteristics of this bag and looked through the reviews, I discovered that LowePro has thousands of fans on Amazon.

What is the secret of such a success? At first glance, LowePro Tactic looks like a regular travel backpack. But opening it, we will see a lot of free space for a DSLR camera, additional equipment, clothing, snacks etc.

This backpack is suitable for photographers, who want to keep the equipment safe.

The webbing running across the front provides up to 50 different types of fasteners.

I also want to highlight the additional benefits of LowePro Tactic 350 AW: extra pockets for accessories, a separate pocket for a laptop.

2. Koolertron Canvas Camera Backpack

Budget backpack

Koolertron Canvas Camera Backpack

Weight: 3.3 lbs | Material: Canvas, Leather | Lenses: 3 | Laptop: No | Dimension: 12x10.3x7.3 inches

⊕ Great and convenient design
⊕ Two separate packets
⊕ Store clothes, snacks and other objects
⊖ Not durable material for rain

As you can see, this model differs from the classic style of camera backpacks. I think that this is something new and interesting in the world of the DSLR backpacks for photographers who want to be in trend.

Koolertron Canvas Camera Backpack has received many positive reviews thanks to its convenient design and practical two-pocket construction.

It protects things from light rain and moisture, so the equipment won’t be damaged if you get in the rain. But in spite of all these advantages, the experts stated that the quality of the bag is low.

If you are looking for a spacious backpack for the camera and additional equipment, I advise you paying attention to this model.

3. Manfrotto Street Medium Backpack

Best camera backpack – FixThePhoto’s choice

Manfrotto Street Medium Camera Backpack

Weight: 3.2 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 3 | Laptop: 15” | Dimension: 18.5x10.8x3.9 inches


⊕ Unique color scheme
⊕ Laptop sleeve is very spacious
⊕ A small top pouch is great to store additional accessories
⊖ Camera section may be too small for some DSLRs

A stylish design, orange trim, and denim characteristics single out Manfrotto’s Street Backpack among boring and gray models. Of course, this backpack is not suitable for every photographer, but if you are looking for something interesting and unusual, this is really what you need.

Street Medium Backpack fits a camera, up to 3 lenses as well as a laptop (15''), and additional accessories. The backpack has two compartments. So, you can put the camera and additional equipment in the first (soft) compartment and other things in the second.

A side pocket is designed for a tripod. In general, this cool camera backpack has enough pockets (two zip pockets and one pocket on each side).

I wish it had a zip-fastened pocket for an extra memory card because I always need to hold it somewhere.

4. Case Logic KDB-101 Kontrast Pro Backpack

Best choice for carrying laptops

Case Logic KDB-101 Kontrast Pro Camera Backpack

Weight: 4 lbs | Material: Polyester | Lenses: 8 | Laptop: 15” | Dimension: 12.2x9.4x18.5 inches


⊕ Convenient design
⊕ Much space
⊖ No hip belt
⊖ Not waterproof

Caselogic Kontrast Pro-DSLR is one of the best DSLR camera backpacks. There are no soft compartments for the camera and other tools.

Instead, you will store the camera in a hammock that is designed for DSLR with lens. This backpack will protect your camera from any impact.

In other aspects, the Caselogic Kontrast is a standard backpack with standard tripod clips, a water bottle holder and additional pockets for your gadgets (laptop, smartphone or tablet), and their accessories.

But it is worth noting that Kontrast does not protect your gear against water and rain. Despite the fact that this backpack is made of a heavy and durable material, they are lighter than other similar products on this list.

The model also has three access panels. But Caselogic is not equipped with convenient side pockets for quick access to the device. Some users talk about the problem with fasteners.

5. Burton F-Stop 28L Camera Backpack

Good backpack for photographers-hikers

Burton F-Stop 28L Camera Backpack

Weight: 3.6 lbs | Material: Polyester | Lenses: 10+ | Laptop: 17” | Dimension: 61x35x25 inches


⊕ 100% Polyester
⊕ Ergonomic shoulder straps and load-balance waist harness
⊕ Vertical board/tripod carry
⊕ Dual side panel light stem storage and shovel pocket
⊖ No pocket to keep a laptop

Burton F-stop camera backpack is the most convenient for those, who are seriously into an extreme photo industry. The backpack is just like a transportable studio, as it includes so many compartments.

There are different purpose pockets, hide divisions and other insertions for the photography equipment. This camera backpack is made of 100% Polyester.

It is spacious enough and offers much inner space. Vertically adjustable shoulder straps are really comfortable.

The dividers of this backpack are adjustable and it’s got individual Film, Cords, and Batteries compartments. One more thing I would like to mention is a side pocket for snacks and a bottle of water.

The design of this backpack’s shoulder harness is ergonomic. There is a vertical board or tripod carry attachment.

It has got waist harness to hold the balance. It also provides dual side storage to keep light stem and a shovel.

6. Lowepro Pro Runner x450 AW Backpack

Best backpack for destination photoshoots

Lowepro Pro Runner x450 AW DSLR Camera Backpack

Weight: 10.3 lbs | Material: Nylon, Polyester | Lenses: 6 | Laptop: 15.4" | Dimension: 12.6x14x20.3 inches


⊕ Large and has much interior space
⊕ Available wheels, can be easily moved
⊕ Nice design and you can accurately pack everything in
⊕ Pretty shoulder pads, you can tuck them away if need
⊖ Can be too large for somebody
⊖ Not for comfortable backpacking
⊖ No security feature

It sometimes happens that you have to take all your photo equipment with you. You may be traveling to another country or elsewhere for a photo session and you will have to use all the necessary things you have in your studio.

Putting your equipment into a simple bag doesn’t make any sense, but it would work with this camera backpack for hiking Lowepro PRO Runner.

It is spacious and provides you with the possibility to arrange a portable studio. It seems to be an advantage, especially for photographers.

The pockets and attachments are fully adjustable that allows you to find the space for your laptop as well. It has a tripod strap on the back part.

You may also fit a small laptop inside the bag. The wheels are well-designed. But if you are going to spend your time hiking or walking a lot, it is not what you need, as wheels will hurt your back.

7. Chrome Unisex Niko Pack

Waterproof camera backpack

Chrome Unisex Niko Pack Camera Backpack

Weight: 3.5 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 3 | Laptop: 15" | Dimension: 17.8x11x8 inches

⊕ Very cozy
⊕ Many cushions on the back and shoulder straps
⊕ Good water resistance
⊕ Many harnesses and useful pockets
⊖ It may be hard to take the pack off to get to the main section
⊖ The tripod straps are wonky a bit

Chrome Unisex Niko is suitable for those photographers, who don’t need to wear a heavy bag full of photo equipment and lenses. It is a small but convenient camera backpack.

It is water resistant and has enough space for the main camera body and two lenses. You may also store small elements, tripod, and laptop.

In addition, the very useful feature is the side access. You don’t have to open the main section to get your spare lens or a camera. It’s easy to do it via this side pocket.

This backpack is created of a rough, weatherproof covering. Zippers are made with PU coating. It somewhat imitates the military style with a tarpaulin liner.

You may be sure about the straps quality; they are very durable. No way they tear off or wear out even if you use the bag every day.

The only drawback I could notice about Chrome Niko is the size. Actually, it provides enough space for the necessary camera and lenses kit at least for a one shooting day.

8. Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250

Best backpack for carrying drones

Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250 Camera Backpack

Weight: 2.9 lbs | Material: Nylon, Polyester, Polyurethane | Lenses: No, for drones | Laptop: 15" | Dimension: 11.4x6.7x18.5 inches


⊕ Budget
⊕ Adjustable inner panels
⊕ Shoulder straps can be removed
⊕ Special room to store batteries and a tablet
⊕ Gives workspace for repairs
⊖ It isn’t suitable for DJI Phantom 4
⊖ Can’t store drones with a propeller attached
⊖ Not enough Velcro in the battery section
⊖ Some elements may be lost if not fastened

CS 250 backpack is designed according to the DroneGuard’s FormShell technology, so the coating is tough and strong. There is a handle attached and two removable straps.

Otherwise, it is possible to put away all the harness and transform the backpack into a drone case.

The most essential feature I’ve found while examining this backpack is its workspace. You shouldn’t worry about items rolling out of there.

It has the curved edges and its bottom is even to organize comfy repair area. At both ends of this camera backpack, you may see two boxes padded a bit to keep your drone gear.

There is also a bottom box with a zipper which you can use for batteries. The pockets that look like an elasticized ladder are meant to store different tools.

There are so-called DroneGuard dividers that are customized the way you need to fit different drones. It’s very convenient if you have more than one drone to put into a backpack.

9. Incase DSLR Pro Pack Black 2 One Size

Best size for a big gear kit

Incase DSLR Pro Pack Black 2 One Size Camera Backpack

Weight: 2.6 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 3 | Laptop: 15" | Dimension: 12x20x9 inches


⊕ There is enough space for diverse accessories
⊕ Great for MacBook Pro
⊕ The spacious compartment for iPad Pro with Incase Origami sleeve that goes with the MacBook
⊕ The pads are vast, slightly soft, easily adjustable
⊖ Sometimes it is hard to lock/unlock the pocket
⊖ Straps aren’t very comfortable

The travel camera backpack doesn’t necessarily cost too much. This example is a budget-friendly option, which looks very stylish.

Still, it wouldn’t fit every photographer. It also provides adjustable dividers to control the size of the compartments. The Incase DSLR Pro Pack can fit 3 prime lenses, a 70-200mm zoom lens, a professional camera body, and some other photo tools in the main compartment. That seems more than enough.

If you need to have your portative studio in a bag, it will become heavy, of course, but due to pads in the shoulder straps and mesh back panel, you will still feel comfortable to carry it.

The covering material is breathable, the sternum strap is customizable. To carry your backpack, you may also grab it by sturdy top carry handle.

10. Kelly Moore Bag Pilot Backpack

Cute backpack for fashion-lovers

Kelly Moore Bag Pilot Camera Backpack

Weight: 4.3 lbs | Material: Canvas, Leather | Lenses: 3 | Laptop: 15" | Dimension: 13x11.5x17 inches

⊕ Big enough to store DSLR and long lenses
⊕ Looks cool and comfortable
⊕ There is a detachable basket
⊕ Convenient
⊖ Closing clasp is not strong enough to keep staff safe

This backpack is considered to be unisex and fits both broad men’s shoulders and women’s slim figure. Kelly Moore Pilot Backpack has become popular thanks to its dimensions and shape, but also due to the covering material and nice backpack color.

The backpack with camera compartment is known and trusted due to its fashionable leather style as well as a high quality and good design.

You can feel the designer’s creative touch while taking this beautiful backpack at shootings, as it attracts so much attention being simultaneously functional. The top handle and straps are ordinary but can be customized to meet any demands.

There are 5 Velcro dividers with pads inside the backpack that can be adjusted to properly arrange all photo equipment. It gets also another one divider serving as the cover for the basket.

11. TARION Camera Backpack

Stylish waterproof camera backpack

TARION Camera Backpack

Weight: 3.15 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 5 | Laptop: 15.6" | Dimension: 11.2x6.1x18.1 inches


⊕ All types of protection
⊕ Excellent rain cover
⊕ Spacious
⊕ Special back support
⊕ Lots of pockets
⊖ Waist strap isn’t included
⊖ The padding is too thin

Despite the lack of many external pockets, this backpack is very popular. The spacious internal compartment holds all the necessary equipment.

You can easily remove it from the main section. A few zippers provide excellent access to it.

This waterproof camera backpack consists of two parts. In addition, it has a specially designed laptop sleeve.

The top section has an open space. You can put your camera, extra clothes or other accessories here.

The bottom section is what makes this model one of the best photography backpacks. Several customizable compartments allow you to keep your equipment safe.

You will certainly like a special section for quick battery removal. All you need to do to grab the battery is just to push the top out.

Perhaps this backpack is not the best option for hiking as its padding is too thin. However, if you are engaged in urban photography, this backpack can be an excellent choice.

12. Gitzo Adventury 45L Backpack

Best backpack for extreme hiking

Gitzo Adventury 45L Camera Backpack

Weight: 6.39 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 5 | Laptop: 15" | Dimension: 13.8x8.7x21.6 inches

⊕ Outside attachments for a tripod
⊕ Cabin luggage
⊕ Removable and flexible dividers
⊕ Place for a laptop
⊕ Rain protection
⊖ Too large

This is one of the best camera backpacks for travel that is a frequent choice of pro photographers involved in wildlife or landscape shooting. You can carry heavy equipment without any discomfort.

In addition, it provides reliable protection in various weather conditions. Removable dividers and GITZO G-Cushion prevent any damage of your camera and lenses.

If you do not need the inner insert, you can remove it quite easily. You can even carry a large tripod in a special outer side pocket opening from the bottom and top.

Another advantage of this hiking backpack is excellent protection against rain and water, so weather problems won’t frighten you.

It is worth noting that even completely filling this roomy backpack with your equipment, it will be comfortable enough to carry.

13. Abonnyc Camera Backpack

Anti-theft camera backpack

Abonnyc DSLR Camera Backpack

Weight: 3.55 lbs | Material: Oxford | Lenses: 5 | Laptop: 15" | Dimension: 17.6x11.3x6.1 inches


⊕ Waterproof fabric
⊕ Adjustable inside dividers
⊕ Durable and padded design
⊕ Shock protection
⊕ Resistance to extrusion
⊕ Very spacious
⊖ A waist/hip strap is absent
⊖ Gear is difficult to access

The incredible level of safety fully compensates for the lack of multiple slots and pockets. You do not need to worry about your expensive camera being stolen while you walk through the crowd or go by public transport.

Thanks to the rear access, no one can open a zippered section against your back. You can customize the desired configuration of the compartment by moving the internal partitions.

All you need to do is take off one shoulder strap and roll the backpack around the waist. Now you can open a zipper! Compartment flap can be used as a shelf if you are going to change the lens or you are looking for something.

However, at first, you may have difficulties trying not to drop anything from the backpack. This bag for hiking is also perfect for shooting in wet conditions and long airline trips.

14. Beschoi Waterproof Camera Backpack

Best light waterproof backpack

Beschoi Waterproof Camera Backpack

Weight: 2.29 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 4-6 | Laptop: 13.3" | Dimension: 17.3x5.5x11 inches


⊕ Inside dividers are easily customized
⊕ Safety Lock
⊕ Quality design
⊕ Great capacity
⊕ Sturdy
⊖ Lack of access points

If you are looking for a durable backpack to photograph in the wild or for outdoor shooting, then pay attention to this option. This waterproof camera equipment backpack allows you to take photos under any conditions.

Despite its compact look it can hold quite a lot of your stuff. You can move internal dividers to arrange your things as safely as possible.

Moreover, it has a separate internal patch pocket where you can put a tablet or laptop (no larger than 13.3 inches).

Zippered outer pockets can store many small accessories. The weight of the backpack is evenly distributed so it is comfortable to wear.

Additional security is achieved with antitheft zippers for the main compartment.

15. Manfrotto MB MA-BP-BFR

Backpack for Airline travel

Manfrotto MB MA-BP-BFR Camera Backpack

Weight: 2.95 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 7 | Laptop: 15" | Dimension: 17x12x12 inches


⊕ Back access
⊕ Rain protection
⊕ Outside tripod connections
⊕ Separate laptop/tablet pocket
⊕ Movable dividers
⊕ Trolley attachment
⊖ Lacks external loops for carabiners

This convenient backpack has special external connections for a tripod. In addition, it is possible to carry a tripod in a special internal compartment.

You can customize the internal section according to your needs by moving the dividers or folding them.

Thanks to such adjustable dividers, this small camera backpack reliably protects your equipment from any bumps and scratches. You will also appreciate the opportunity to put your laptop or tablet in a safe place.

The manufacturer also included the foldout rain cover that will reliably protect your gear from moisture. You can easily transport a laptop and camera backpack on a luggage handle or a standard trolley by attaching it with the designated strap connector.

16. Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Camera backpack with comfort side-body access

Peak Design Everyday Camera Backpack

Weight: 3.99 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 4 | Laptop: 15" | Dimension: 11.8x6.7x18.1 inches


⊕ Roller compatible
⊕ Section for a laptop
⊕ Access from the side
⊕ Flex-fold dividers
⊕ Elegant
⊖ Poor padding of straps

This option is very simple and easy to use. You can choose 20L or 30L depending on your needs.

This backpack is well thought out and multifunctional. In addition to the camera, you can store other equipment including a laptop.

It is possible to customize the internal dividers to best fit each item. Flex Fold dividers allow you to organize your equipment perfectly and also make it possible to use it in daily life.

This camera backpack stands out for its high level of weather protection. Therefore, even when it is raining heavily all your stuff will remain dry.

17. Thule Aspect Backpack

Compact backpack for drone photographers

Thule Aspect Camera Backpack

Weight: 3.52 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 3 | Laptop: 15.6" | Dimension: 8.7x20.5x11.8 inches


⊕ Adjustable storage
⊕ Fast-access pocket
⊕ Easy to carry
⊕ A section for a tripod
⊖ Badly customizable Inside compartments

This spacious backpack has very simple and convenient access to the equipment. The main compartment opens to the side.

Depending on the size of your equipment, you can customize or even fold the dividers. However, you will not be able to take out the dividers.

Use chest and hip straps to evenly distribute the weight. This way you will not suffer from back and shoulder pain after a long shooting day.

Besides, the reinforced back panel is worth mentioning as it provides extra comfort. This is one of the best backpacks representing the perfect combination of price, convenience, and functionality.

18. Evecase Extra Large Camera Backpack

Perfect for professional photographers

Evecase Extra Large Camera Backpack

Weight: 7.1 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 8 | Laptop: 15.6" | Dimension: 13x7.9x22.8 inches


⊕ Rain cover included
⊕ Shoulder/waist bag
⊕ Convenient pocket organizer
⊕ Lots of functions
⊕ Convenient carrying
⊖ Lacks a laptop slot

This backpack is an excellent choice for professional photographers who have to travel long distances or shoot various events on the spot. It is convenient and has enough space for large professional cameras, additional lenses and small accessories.

Between the upper and lower compartments, there is a removable divider that you can take out when it’s necessary. To get maximum security for your equipment, you can customize the dividers or remove them completely.

This backpack comes with a special bag for the camera that you can carry separately on the shoulder or waist and a protective cover against rain.

19. GOgroove Full-Size

Creative look

GOgroove Full-Size Camera Backpack

Weight: 2.7 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 3 | Laptop: 15.6" | Dimension: 17x12x7 inches


⊕ Stylish look
⊕ Convenient sections
⊕ Easiness in access via side zippers
⊕ Practical compartments
⊖ Not found

Are you eager to change your old-fashioned bag into something trendy? Then the GOgroove DSLR backpack is designed just right for you.

Filling inside allows carrying different DSLRs and laptops of varying size. Moreover, this large backpack is equipped with durable zips that prevent from losing your accessories if the buckle breaks.

Likewise, it includes rain cover, a tripod holder and a practical handle. Each detail is produced to simplify the photographer’s life. It is available in red, black, gray, tan and blue-green colors.

20. VINTA S-Series

Compact backpack for mirrorless cameras

VINTA S-Series Camera Backpack

Weight: 2.2 lbs | Material: Nylon, Leather | Lenses: 5 | Laptop: 15" | Dimension: 11.5x5.5x15.8 inches


⊕ Trendy design
⊕ Compact and lightweight
⊕ Convenient
⊕ Magnetic snaps and padded interior dividers
⊖ Rather expensive
⊖ Not designed for carrying additional things, such as water, etc.
⊖ Dividers are not cushioned enough

Searching for the best fashionable backpack? Look no further. This one is invented to carry a DSLR with its five lenses and is really photographer-friendly.

Your costly equipment will be definitely protected by means of waterproof material and magnetic straps. Crisscrossing front straps make this backpack stay out from the herd.

They help distribute the weight better and advance the support. The useful straps protect your backpack from stealing.

If you need a backpack with lots of separated areas for different stuff, the VINTA backpack is certainly not for you. This bag is perfect for those who need a particular amount of equipment and wants to look trendy.

Speaking about this backpack, the price undoubtedly corresponds to the quality.

21. S-ZONE Waterproof Waxed Canvas

Vintage style waterproof camera backpack

S-ZONE Waterproof Waxed Canvas Camera Backpack

Weight: 2.9 lbs | Material: Leather | Lenses: 3 | Laptop: 15.6" | Dimension: 16.1x13.5x3.2 inches


⊕ Water-resistant waxed canvas
⊕ Detachable padded camera compartments for better protection
⊕ Separate padded laptop areas
⊕ Decorated with leather trim, flap-over form, and convenient exterior pockets
⊖ Exterior pockets are not safe enough due to magnetic straps

This one certainly stands out from other canvas camera backpacks since it is very adjustable and may be suitable for lots of your purposes. It is possible to use it for other needs aside from photography, for example, you may take the camera insert out and use it as an average backpack.

Its water resistant qualities and trendy design make this bag the best variant among waxed canvas backpacks. It includes a large well-cushioned separated gear area and a compartment for your laptop.

22. GOgroove Mid-Volume Tan

Budget choice with quick slide pocket

GOgroove Mid-Volume Tan Camera Backpack

Weight: 1.8 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 2 | Laptop: 13.5" | Dimension: 15x10x7 inches


⊕ Sleek design
⊕ Convenient shoulder straps
⊕ Rain cover
⊕ Bottom tripod straps
⊕ Many pockets
⊖ Not very flexible
⊖ Inconvenient buckles
⊖ Not very compact

It will be your reliable assistant everywhere! Camera compartments are very flexible and you can adjust them according to your needs.

Any minute you may easily take out all the necessary equipment, such as batteries, lenses, lights, memory cards etc. There is no need to think how to carry your tripod.

This backpack has a special strapped tripod holder. Moreover, you may put your tablet into a well-cushioned compartment.

The main advantage of this bag is undoubtedly its Dual zippered side doors which provide quick access to the camera compartment on the other side.

Don’t worry, it will not fail! Shoulder straps position may be easily changed in order to wear it on one or both shoulders.

23. Kelly Moore Pilot

Classic leather backpack

Kelly Moore Pilot Camera Backpack

Weight: 4.3 lbs | Material: Leather, Canvas | Lenses: 4 | Laptop: 15" | Dimension: 13x11.5x17 inches

⊕ Unisex awesome design
⊕ Padded basket is easily removed
⊕ Convenient well-cushioned dividers
⊕ Secure standing
⊖ Rather low security due to magnetic snaps and drawstring closure
⊖ Inconvenient shoulder straps (if the bag is heavy)
⊖ Rather expensive

The Kelly Moore is definitely suitable both for boys and girls due to its plain design, neutral colors and suitable size. Pleasing and convenient straps, nice handle and magnetic closures make it really perfect.

You may even take this bag for a walk removing internal camera “basket” which consists of 5 well-cushioned detachable Velcro dividers and 1 big divider serving as a cover for the “basket”.

Distressed leather, brass hardware and strong canvas make it both reliable and trendy. The Kelly Moore Pilot Backpack is definitely a worthy variant if you are looking for something really fashionable.

24. Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II

Travel ready backpack for a DSLR

Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II Camera Backpack

Weight: 3.9 lbs | Material: Polyester | Lenses: 3 | Laptop: 15" | Dimension: 12.2x10.2x19.7 inches


⊕ Durable
⊕ Suitable for all weather conditions
⊕ Many convenient compartments
⊕ Made of reliable materials
⊕ Convenient for carrying heavy equipment
⊖ An absence of compression straps
⊖ No tripod holder
⊖ No bottle pocket

The Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II features three large compartments and lots of storage areas which organize and protect your valuable equipment. Due to its dedicated camera zone, you may take the camera out in no time.

It is a perfect option for a trip since it includes a weatherproof cover to take care of your camera and accessories.

Moreover, the Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II is modernized with a well-cushioned waist belt which may be removed if necessary.

25. Manfrotto Windsor

Lifestyle travel backpack

Manfrotto Windsor Camera Backpack

Weight: 2.34 lbs | Material: Genuine Leather, Nylon, Synthetic Fabric | Lenses: 4 | Laptop: 15" | Dimension: 8.7x18.1x12.6 inches


⊕ Much space
⊕ Detachable padded tray
⊕ Good-looking inside design
⊖ The absence of memory card slots
⊖ Complicated side access

This Windsor backpack is the right option for those photographers who travel a lot and are trying to find a convenient and elegant bag. The designer backpack has detachable cushioned inserts and dividers on touch fasteners.

It gives selective access to your gear on the sides and from above. Then padded tray also can be fully taken off which gives you an opportunity to use it as a typical travel bag.

The pack is equipped with a huge top flap with drawstring closure beneath which provides weather protection. This backpack has designated padded laptop compartments.

Besides, it features both interior and exterior pockets to provide your equipment and accessories with extreme security on different occasions.

26. Lowepro Fastpack 250

Maximum protection

Lowepro Fastpack 250 Camera Backpack

Weight: 3.5 lbs | Material: Nylon | Lenses: 4 | Laptop: 15.4" | Dimension: 9.8x12.5x18.5 inches


⊕ Enough space for personal items and a camera kit
⊕ Perfect covering
⊕ Rugged build quality
⊕ A classy design which doesn’t attract undesirable attention
⊖ It’s inconvenient to wear with heavyweight items like 15.4-inch laptop
⊖ You can place only small phones into the mobile holder
⊖ Too big for usage on a daily basis

Fastpack may be described as a solid, practical backpack that works well within the field. It features a side-entry compartment for immediate access to the camera.

Even though the portable computer storage compartment isn't placed very conveniently, having the ability to carry a portable computer and a bulky camera gear in one bag could be an excellent virtue.

Those who use large SLR cameras and zoom telephoto lenses may not be able to fit every piece of their equipment. Nevertheless, due to the adaptable storage along with an inexpensive cost, the Lowepro Fastpack 250 can be called one of the most suitable backpacks for digital photographers.

27. Portage Kenora

Small travel leather backpack

Portage Kenora Camera Backpack

Weight: 5 lbs | Material: Leather, Waxed Canvas | Lenses: 4 | Laptop: 15.4" | Dimension: 17.2x14x7 inches


⊕ Excellently rugged build
⊕ Water resistant
⊕ Easily accessible sides
⊕ A great number of pockets
⊕ Reliable
⊖ Tiny objects can get lost in the top section
⊖ Difficulties with zippers

The waxed canvas backpack is fabricated of the leather of superior quality. It is designed to fit in your camera equipment, lenses, and up to a 17" laptop.

If you need to place some additional items, there is extra space at the top. You can use side pockets and straps to put a tripod and other objects.

To prevent unwanted accidents and secure the equipment when you're on the move, portage is made the top-grade hardware, materials, and elements, with enough padding.

If you are an experienced photographer or only a beginner who wants to look great while taking pictures, this leather camera backpack is certainly designed for you. Waxed canvas has appeared at the beginning of the 1600s and was extensively used by mariners. It is mainly characterized by water resistance.


Perfect choice for photographers who need comfort

BAGSMART Camera Backpack

Weight: 3.5 lbs | Material: Polyester | Lenses: 4 | Laptop: 14" | Dimension: 12x7.1x17.9 inches


⊕ Weatherproof
⊕ Place for a tripod
⊕ The insert of a camera may be removed and used separately
⊖ It is not suitable for all camera models and lenses

The BAGSMART backpack boasts of an up-to-date design and versatility. With the detachable dividers, the bag may be adapted in order to hold the equipment for an entire trip.

Its removable field bag is perfect for lighter shooting conditions. The bag has a leather bottom and is durable.

It copes with the task in all kinds of weather conditions thanks to 840D water-repellent polyester. You can arrange the padded compartment for a camera the way you want it.

In addition, the backpack is capable of fitting in a DSLR, 2-4 lenses and a 15-inch laptop. You can have really quick access to the bag and its contents.

How to Choose a Camera Backpack?

I tried to make this review brief and informative, so I adhered to important criteria to evaluate each camera backpack.

CONSTRUCTION / DURABILITY. The backpack must be durable and, at the same time, convenient for photographers of different categories.

First of all, keep the size and weight in mind. If you travel a lot and have to carry a lot of equipment with you, then choose spacious models made of light materials.

Try to choose the option with the most efficient organization of space so that your backpack is not too bulky.

best camera backpack

PROTECTION. If you take a lot of photos outdoors, then all-weather protection should be very important to you. Dust, moisture, dirt, accidental shocks can badly damage your equipment and entail huge expenses.

Therefore, you should opt for camera backpacks made from special moisture and dust resistant fabrics or having a special removable rain cover.

best camera backpack

DESIGN. Сonsider the additional features of each backpack (how many pockets it has, if they are large or small, etc.). Design matters because photographers are artists.

You also need to mind the equipment you plan to carry with you. Depending on this, choose bags with the capacity you need.

Do not forget that in addition to the camera, you will need spare batteries and lenses, a tripod, maybe a tablet or laptop and other small things.

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