Luxury Bags for Women Photographers in 2022

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Is it real to find a luxury but practical bag for women photographers?

best bags fo women photographers

best bags fo women photographers

Top 14 Bags for Women Photographers

A bag for women photographers should be luxury, compact, and practical. They have to be ultra-comfortable, either you are on your feet for many hours, or running to and from many places on the same day.

Is it possible to find functional but cute bags for ladies on the market?

Naturally, most women's bags and backpacks can be used by both men and women. However, in this article, I will pay attention to the female bags that are designed specifically for the ladies engaged in photography.


Best bag for women photographers – FixThePhoto’s choice

PURPLE RELIC Leather Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 13x10.6x5 in | Material: Leather/Canvas | Weight: 2.65 pounds | Extra compartment: personal things + camera accessories


⊕ Unique design
⊕ Multi-functional
⊕ Leather
⊕ Suits different styles in clothes
⊕ Worth its price
⊕ Perfect size
⊖ Haven’t been found

This Women's Bag can be used not only to holding photo equipment. It is quite versatile. In addition to the camera with a professional lens, you can put your personal things as telephone or cosmetics in it.

High-grade natural leather provides an antique and vintage look. If you like luxury bags, pay attention to this option. The bag consists of four compartments.

If necessary, you can easily adjust them to place the equipment as you wish. As these compartments are removable, you can use this female bag for other purposes.

For example, you can to put a laptop in it or use as an office briefcase. If you wish to keep the bag in the hand, there is a special handle on the top.

If you prefer to have the bag on your shoulder, you may customize the leather shoulder strap according to your constitution.

I believe that this female bag is worth its price. Great capacity and versatility are only few of its advantages.

2. Kattee PU Leather Canvas

Luxury bag for ladies

Kattee PU Leather Canvas Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 5x10.2x3.7 in | Material: Leather/Canvas | Weight: 1.85 pounds | Extra compartment: IPAD + personal things + camera accessories


⊕ Outer pockets are designed for a memory card, wallet, and even a smartphone
⊕ With the lining taken out, you can use it as a leisure bag
⊕ Adjustable dividers
⊕ Sturdy
⊖ Side pockets are difficult to access
⊖ Sharp metal zipper

This women’s bag is made of durable artificial leather. It is great for all DSLR brands (Olympus, Canon, Sony, Nikon and others).

A back exterior open pocket can hold items of different sizes from IPad-Mini to IPad Air. All gadgets, cameras, and accessories will be kept safe thanks to the soft liner.

You can put accessories and extra memory cards in the pockets. Additional strap will make your shooting more comfortable. You can use Kattee PU Leather Canvas Bag as a leisure bag, after all.

Now you can take a camera for any travel and shooting. This women's bag protects all your devices and gadgets as well as holds accessories, so you won’t get distracted while shooting.

3. GOgroove

Big and functional bag for female photographers

GOgroove Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 15x10x7 in | Material: Nylon/Canvas | Weight: 1.8 pounds | Extra compartment: 15.6" laptop + accessory + tripod holder


⊕ Cute design
⊕ Adjustable shoulder straps
⊕ Rain cover included
⊕ Bottom tripod straps
⊕ Multiple accessory pockets
⊖ Structure prevents flexible space
⊖ Buckles become a pain the first time you need to access the top
⊖ Larger than expected

This beautiful option is one of those bags for women that are not only pleasant looking, but also has a special design that is incredibly practical. You can use this bag in any conditions that are convenient for you, including the workspace of the studio or while travelling abroad.

Your equipment will be reliably protected. Due to the fact, that the delimiters in the bag is very convenient to swap and rearrange, you can position your equipment as you like.

Dual access to the internal compartment allows the quick control of everything in the bag. Also, this women's backpack comes with the front pocket, a separate section for a laptop/tablet (for example, 12 '' Macbook Retina), and side pockets.

4. Aide de Camp Leyden

Bag with gold plated hardware

Aide de Camp Leyden Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 12x5.5x4.7 in | Material: Nylon/Leather | Weight: 3.4 pounds | Extra compartment: 13" laptop + DSLR + four lenses

⊕ Small size, comfortable construction
⊕ High quality and durability
⊕ Affordable price
⊖ Not enough space inside
⊖ Thin padding
⊖ A small number of pockets

Aide de Camp Leyden is one of the leaders in today's bags for women market. Therefore, I really wanted to see this model in an exclusive ‘sable brown’ color-way.

Aide de Camp Leyden attracted a lot of attention and received positive feedback from experts. Such success is the result of the classy design, modern elements and durable details.

In addition, you can use this model as an everyday bag. In a word, Aide de Camp Leyden is a designer bag for women, who always want to look elegant.

I also found this bag very popular among bloggers, who frequently use a digital camera. Planning the photo session, you can put all the equipment in it.

Aide de Camp Leyden bag has zippers on top. Thus, it protects your gadgets and accessories from damage while traveling.

In general, this women's bag is not suitable for photographers, who carry lots of gear, but in spite of this, it is perfect for ladies, who want to look trendy.

5. Jill-e Designs Small Leather

Compact designer leather bag

Jill-e Designs Small Leather Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 16 x 10 x 10 in | Material: Leather | Weight: 3.3 pounds | Extra compartment: DSLR + two lenses + accessories

⊕ Elegant
⊕ Well-made and durable
⊕ Lightweight
⊕ Easily adjusted camera insert
⊖ No padding for the laptop sleeve bottom
⊖ When the camera insert is inside the bag, it is difficult to access the gear

Perhaps, I would not have studied this small women's bag because of its unpretentiousness but tons of positive reviews from the satisfied customers, made me examine this option in more detail. This bag has many fans, even despite its strange name.

Would you like to have an original and pretty bag for your photo equipment? Jill-e Bag may suit you. Regardless of whether this model is in the same line with the cutest and modern bags for women photographers, it stands out for its uniqueness and creativity.

The designers created an interesting solution - the dual zipper top access. Probably, you will not immediately get used to it but gradually you will appreciate the opportunity to get everything you need with just one hand.

The bag has many pockets where you can store not only accessories to your camera but also ordinary things: keys, a notebook, a wallet, etc. These pockets are located both inside and from different sides outside.

With such a design, this bag is a niche product. However, do not underestimate it. Durability, affordable price, unique access point – all this make it one of the best bags for women.

6. Koolertron Waterproof Vintage

Vintage bag for women

Koolertron Waterproof Vintage Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 10.7 x 8.7 x 5.2 in | Material: PU Lether | Weight: 1.9 pounds | Extra compartment: DSLR + two lenses + additional small accessories


⊕ Excellent material quality
⊕ Convenient size
⊕ Very nice and accurate design
⊖ Buttons on the front pockets are awkward and not convenient to use

Koolertron Waterproof Vintage women's bag is a great option among leather bags for photographers. The fact is that it is made of special material, which does not require special care, like genuine leather.

At the same time the material is very dense, it is not wrinkled, therefore your equipment will always be safe. In my opinion, the price of this model corresponds to the quality. This is not a cheap option from the nearest store, but it is not a designer thing.

The bag is small, but it contains a camera and up to two lenses, which is ideal for traveling and small work trips. In front of the bag, there are two small pockets with magnetic clasps.

The camera insert can be adjusted to the size of your camera body and lenses. You can also make the strap your desired length. Moreover, this women's bag can be used simply as an additional accessory, and not just as a small women's bag for the gear.

7. Evecase Large Canvas

Female bag for professionals

Evecase Large Canvas Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 15 x 12 x 7 in | Material: Canvas/Synthetic leather | Weight: 2.8 pounds | Extra compartment: 10.1" Tablet + DSLR + two lenses


⊕ Can be used for different purposes
⊕ Compact
⊕ Protected from rain
⊕ Attractive design
⊖ Cannot accommodate a large number of accessories
⊖ Inconvenient device for tripod
⊖ Large laptops won't fit

This option is the best fashion bags for women suitable for experienced photographers, but especially for those who often travel to work. The design is made in vintage style.

The material is a canvas, a pleasant ocher shade. Some parts of the bag are made of leather, which adds functionality and appeal.

The manufacturer claims that the material is very strong and does not even get wet in the rain, which makes this model ideal for working outdoors.

Bag inserts allow you to keep your valuable equipment safe from damage. In addition, the laptop compartment is removable, which gives additional space if you do not carry a laptop with you.

If you get all the dividers, this bag can become the most common weekly messenger. While the tripod holders are not the main thing for all women photographers, it is present here.

The straps are attached at the bottom. In addition, the kit also comes with a special protective rain cover.

8. Kattee

Classic bag’s design for women photographers

Kattee Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 12.2 x 5.9 x 18 in | Material: Canvas/PU Leather | Weight: 2.4 pounds | Extra compartment: 14" laptop + DSLR + Tripod


⊕ Has a lot of space
⊕ Convenient and very beautiful design
⊕ Additional rain protection and tripod holder
⊖ Side pockets difficult to use

Pay attention to this women's backpack, as it can be purchased in two different sizes: small or large. It is large enough to have a special compartment for a laptop.

Made from a durable and soft material, the inside keeps a sturdy laptop, camera and all the extra equipment.

At the bottom of the women's bag, there are two special belts where you can easily and simply attach your tripod and then there will be no problems with its transportation.

A special protective rain cover is attached to help keep your equipment and backpack from moisture.

There is a large zip in the middle of the bag’s lock, which allows you to unzip it in two parts. This feature allows you to easily and conveniently manage the internals, place the gear and get it without any difficulty.

Because of the large amount of space, you can use additional women's backpack insert or limit internal pocket, which make it possible to store small things, such as memory cards or filters.

9. Topixdeals Vintage

Fashionable and antique look

Topixdeals Vintage Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 8.2 x 5.5 x 7.8 in | Material: PU Leather | Weight: 0.4 pounds | Extra compartment: DSLR camera + small accessories


⊕ A great option for a city walk
⊕ It has good material that does not leak
⊕ The strap can be stretched to your convenience
⊖ Very small side pockets

This small women's bag is made specifically to ensure that your photography travels with the camera are as safe as possible for the gear. It is made of eco leather and has special characteristics that help protect the equipment from moisture and rain.

The material from which the bag is made is very soft, which prevents numerous scratches and this will definitely increase the life of the bag. Due to the fact that the bag is small, it is intended only for carrying the camera and a small amount of additional accessories like a phone, a wallet, memory cards, etc.

There are also two side pockets, but they are very small and are more like design elements than a functional device.

The vintage design of this small women's bag will not leave indifferent any lady, it looks so elegant, moreover, can be used as an ordinary handbag for every day.

If you do not need to carry a large number of various equipment and accessories, this option will be ideal for you. Moreover, the price is more than pleasant.

10. Jo Totes Abby

Super stylish and small bag for ladies

Jo Totes Abby Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 12 x 9 x 5 in | Material: Leather | Weight: 2.4 pounds | Extra compartment: iPad mini + Mirrorless + two lenses


⊕ Spacious enough front zip
⊕ Sleek design
⊕ 4 studs protect Jo Totes Abby from scratches and dirt
⊕ 4 pockets to store your accessories
⊖ Strap protector is useless thing
⊖ Cross-body strap is not strong enough

The main advantage of this bag is that it absolutely does not look like other bags for women. It is medium in size, made in the style of ordinary handbags and I often use it even when I don’t take a camera with me.

This bag has two straps – short and long – so it can also be used as a messenger. Model Abby has four pockets, three of which are locked.

Large front pocket is very convenient, so that you can put an iPhone or even an iPod mini in it and it will be handier than using internal pockets for such purposes in other professional bags for women.

At first, it may seem that this bag is not large enough, but it is. Jo Totes Abby is just the perfect size in order to take a sufficient amount of equipment, but not to overdo it.

In general, this option is not so ideal for everyone, it is more suitable for city walk and urban journalism and will be not functional for big trips.

11. Compact Evecase

Compact woman’e bag

Compact Evecase Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 7.4 x 6.9 x 3.9 in | Material: Canvas | Weight: 0.7 pounds | Extra compartment: DSLR + Additional lens


⊕ The inside pocket is perfect for storing memory cards and other accessories
⊕ Access to all pockets and compartments is comfortable for use
⊕ Good quality materials
⊖ The padding is too light, quickly becoming dirty

This is one of the best travel bags for women. Compact size allows you to travel with a camera easily and freely or be involved in city photography.

The only thing worth considering when using this bag is its size. In most cases, it is designed for mini-cameras and it will be difficult to fit additional accessories in it.

However, it perfectly protects your equipment and is simply irreplaceable at family events or at the airport.

Note that the internal divider of this small female bag is removable, so you can always customize it for the size of the gear that will be stored in the bag. Straps are also customizable, so that you can choose how to carry your bag.

The front pocket is very convenient to use, as it has a fastener and is large enough so that it can be used to store memory cards, phone or other small accessories.

Evecase is made of environmentally friendly materials, artificial leather, which is perfect for those who pay attention to environmental protection.

12. Johansen Jo Totes Bellbrook

Best women’s bag for laptops

Johansen Jo Totes Bellbrook Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 15.8 x 6.3 x 11.8 in | Material: Nylon | Weight: 4.05 pounds | Extra compartment: 15" laptop + DSLR + Three lenses


⊕ Nice leather decoration and waterproof waxed fabric
⊕ Brushed nylon is used as inner fabric
⊕ 7 padded separators which you may use in two sizes
⊕ A 15-inch laptop can be put into a special sleeve
⊕ A spacious well-zipped front pocket
⊖ Rather expensive
⊖ You will need more space for your equipment

This gorgeous, versatile, and comfortable laptop section is made of waterproof, American-produced waxed fabric and is decorated with high-quality leather.

You can take out your equipment from the side compartments. Swing it around your body and get the necessary stuff. It’s a very pleasant and nice feature.

The Bellbrook model contains a large compartment for your laptop. Besides, it is possible to use a spacious front pocket. There are some smaller pockets in the back compartment.

Your business cards, mobile phone, pens, batteries, and notebooks can be kept there.

If you’ve already seen a lot of options for your camera and gear, but haven’t yet found what you need, I advise having a closer look at Bellbrook.

13. Kelly Moore Pilot

Large canvas bag for young ladies-photographers

Kelly Moore Pilot Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 13 x 11.5 x 17 in | Material: Canvas | Weight: 4.3 pounds | Extra compartment: 15" laptop + three lenses + additional accessories


⊕ You can place your DSLR camera with the lens attached
⊕ Amazing feel and look
⊕ A detachable basket
⊕ You won’t get tired to carry this backpack for a long time
⊖ The closing clasp is not safe enough

This amazing item is ideal for both women and men. A special drawstring provides you with quick and easy access to your equipment. The best female bag for camera gear has a leather flap that is attached to the top with straps and magnetic closures.

Your camera will be securely locked but you can easily reach it. Choosing a backpack from Kelly Moore, you get an excellent opportunity to change and remove some components.

It is very convenient and economical since you will not need to buy several bags. After such transformations, this female bag can be used for other absolutely amazing purposes.

There are five separate soft, customizable, detachable dividers inside. You can organize multiple sections for your equipment.

Closing the compartment with the equipment, you can fill it with other necessary items: books, clothes, props, etc. This model combines strength and attractiveness. Antique hardware, distressed leather, and strong material are the key to its popularity.

If you are a fan of things with small scuffs and scratches, you will enjoy this beautiful bag even more in half a decade.

14. Lei Momi

Creative stylish bag for women

Lei Momi Bag for Women Photographers

External size: 13 x 5.2 x 9.5 in | Material: PU Leather | Weight: 1.9 pounds | Extra compartment: Camera body + two lenses + accessories


⊕ Very comfy
⊕ Durable parts
⊕ You can use a large number of additional pockets
⊖ Is susceptible to theft
⊖ Shoulder strap will not be convenient if you put a lot of items in the bag

Lei Momi Women Bag is one of the best and most popular products in our list. The bag is in demand by professional photographers as well as women, who accidentally came across it.

Probably every woman will pay attention to this cute and creative item. As a rule, photographers want their bags to perform basic functions. But why can't we combine unique design and functionality?

Compiling this list, I paid attention only to interesting examples that are not like ordinary bags. Lei Momi Alice from a famous brand is one of the best bags for women.

Lei Momi Women Bag has several additional straps that allow you to use it in different ways (photography, traveling, walking). In spite of all the advantages listed above, I cannot say that the bag fits many items.

How to Choose Bags for Woman Photographers?

CONSTRUCTION/DURABILITY - this is one of the most important characteristics of any bags for photo equipment. Both professionals and amateurs want their bags to be well designed and durable.

APPEARENCE – photographers constantly deal with beautiful things, so this factor must be taken into account in the review. No doubt, preference will be given to luxury bags and not gray and boring models.

DESIGN – the functional factor should definitely be taken into account when selecting bags for women. Is it a specially designed product or a women’s handbag with a section for the camera?

VALUE FOR MONEY – many photographers pay special attention to the price of the proposed bags. Since each lady photographer has her own budget, I focused on those items that most closely match the price-quality ratio.

For example, if you choose a high-quality leather bag, it will be well worth the money you pay.

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