Best Camera Bags with Excellent Protectiveness in 2024

By Tati Taylor 24 days ago, Bags

Top-level camera bags with an appealing design that are easy to carry around.

top camera bags for photographers

If you have spent a lot of time and money investing in expensive camera accessories, you will need to get a camera bag to transport your photography gear securely. There are camera bags of different shapes and sizes, from basic camera cases to rugged backpacks designed for full-frame DSLR cameras with a wide range of lenses, flashes, and other useful equipment. Their prices range from $15 to $700.

Top 21 Camera Bags for Photographers

  1. Billingham Hadley One - $410 - The best camera bag for photographers
  2. Lowepro Adventura SH 160 II - $32 - Durable camera bag
  3. ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 20 - $48 - Budget model
  4. ONA The Prince Street - $309 - Old-fashioned design
  5. KomalC Retro - $96 - Vintage camera bag for fans of old things
  6. GATTA Lola Noir - $167 - Great choice for girls
  7. Peak Design Everyday 10L - $228.99 - Classical design
  8. Ritz Gear - $16 - Made of durable waterproof material
  9. Billingham 72 - $112 - Compact size
  10. National Geographic Africa Small Bag - $51 - Multiple external pockets
  11. Lowepro Passport Bag III - $100 - For avid travelers
  12. Vanguard Alta Sky 51D - $211 - For long trips
  13. Manfrotto MB MA-BP-TRV - $98 - External tripod connections
  14. ONA The Camps Bay - $449 - Perfect bag for heavy loads
  15. Chrome Niko - $149 - Easy-to-remove modular dividers for different gear combinations
  16. Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ - $70 - Impressive capacity
  17. F-stop XL Pro - $139 - Velcro tabs for better security
  18. AmazonBasics Holster Camera Case - $27 - Durable zippers
  19. ZONMAN Housing Case - $40 - Fully waterproof
  20. Pelican 1510 - $230 - Indestructible
  21. ThinkTank Airport Take Off V2 - $420 - High build quality

There are several types of bags you can buy for your camera body and carry it carefully without worries.

Messenger (shoulder) bags. Using these bags, you get great access to the side of the case. You can hold it on one shoulder, and the entire load will fall on it. These bags are spacious and designed for 1 camera and several lenses with accessories.

Sling bags are a good choice if you need to carry a mirrorless or point-and-shoot camera. So, if you are looking for a combination of convenience, fast access to all compartments and handy design, a camera sling bag will satisfy all your needs.

Backpacks are recommended for traveling and hiking photographers who have a big gear kit that should be carried over long distances and kept safe. Camera backpacks may even hold a tablet and a laptop.

Roller bags (hard cases) are definitely the solution you need for destination photoshoots abroad when you need to transport your equipment via planes without damage. Roller bags are quite expensive because they’re usually made of durable polyester and nylon.

Holsters are good for beginners who don’t have many items to carry. Inserts can turn your personal backpack into a professional camera bag.

1. Billingham Hadley One – Our Choice

The best camera bag for photographers
billingham hadley one camera bag

Type: Shoulder bag | Capacity: Mirrorless/DSLR, 13-inch laptop, several lenses, 1 tablet, some accessories | Exterior Features: 14.57 x 5.51 x 11.02 inches | Weight: 2.64 pounds

  • ✚ Excellent quality
  • ✚ Laptop compartment
  • ✚ Allows using inserts
  • ✚ Can be used as a regular bag
  • Doesn’t have many pockets

The Billingham Hadley One was designed for those who need to take a laptop and a camera when going on a trip. What makes it the best camera bag is that it comes with a 13-inch padded compartment for a laptop and an easy-to-remove padded insert that allows you to create a secure compartment for your camera.

This bag is suitable for owners of DSLR cameras that come without battery grip. In addition, it can fit a mirrorless or rangefinder camera unless it comes with a large lens. In some cases, you might be able to fit in a small additional lens as well.

billingham hadley one

The bag is securely protected on three sides from shock-impact thanks to foam padding. Due to this, you can use it for carrying heavy lenses and cameras with metal bodies, such as CSC and DSLR models. You can also put other items outside the insert. This model is fully waterproof thanks to the 3-layer waterproof fabric it’s made of. You can choose between bags made with different material, such as canvas and FibreNyte.

2. Lowepro Adventura SH 160 II

Durable model
lowerpro adventure sh 160 ii camera bag

Type: Shoulder bag | Capacity: Mirrorless/DSLRs with kit lens, extra lens (such as 28-300mm zoom), flash, spare memory card and small accessories | Exterior Features: 9.25x6.14x7.17 inches | Weight: 0.88 pounds

  • ✚ Protects cameras from moisture, debris and shock-impact
  • ✚ Dividers are easy to adjust
  • ✚ For budget-conscious people
  • ✚ Many handy details
  • A regular design

This camera bag will come in handy for photographers who enjoy traveling. It will securely protect your shooting equipment during short trips and long expeditions. This durable model doesn’t take up a lot of space and has everything a photographer might need. It securely protects a camera and its accessories from moisture, shock impact, and debris.

You can adjust the dividers to your liking to create convenient compartments. The camera bag comes with a zippered pocket with a rain flap that you can use for keeping your expensive accessories safe. There is a special pocket for a memory card and two extra side pockets for various items you might take with you on a trip. Another advantage of this camera bag is that it has a comfort-grip grab handle and an easy-to-remove padded shoulder strap that can be adjusted quickly. In addition, it is fitted with a belt loop.

3. ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 20

Affordable camera bag
thinktank mirrorless mover 20 camera bag

Type: Shoulder bag | Capacity: Mirrorless camera, 2-3 lenses, tablet, tripod, some accessories | Exterior Features: 19.7x11.8x7.9 inches | Weight: 0.66 pounds

  • ✚ Perfect size
  • ✚ Made of high-quality waterproof materials
  • ✚ Many pockets for small accessories
  • ✚ Stylish design
  • The quality of the strap isn’t high
  • The magnetic closure isn’t very strong and you need to use zippers

What makes it one of the coolest camera bags is that it provides enough space to carry the body, two to three lenses and some personal items. It is created only for small mirrorless or point & shoot cameras. You won’t be able to fit an SLR camera. The main compartment has a zipper and two removable soft dividers. There is a compartment for a phone, a wallet and other small things.

The side pockets can store batteries, memory cards and other items. The bag is fastened with a zipper and a magnetic top cover, which provide double protection. It also has a special rain cover for the front pocket.

4. ONA The Prince Street

Old-fashioned design
ona the prince street camera bag

Type: Shoulder bag | Capacity: DSLR, 2 lenses | Exterior Features: 12.5x10x4.5 inches | Weight: 3.25 pounds

  • ✚ High quality
  • ✚ Stylish design
  • ✚ Available in 8 colors
  • ✚ Handwork, waxed canvas
  • Smaller than advertised

ONA The Prince Street is a premium model for lovers of luxury and quality things. This case will reliably protect your camera and lenses. This designer camera bag is available in 8 colors so that you may choose your ideal tone. A detachable upper grip handle and a streamlined back pocket offer additional convenience.

ona the prince street

There are two pouches in front. You can use them for your smartphones, wallets and various documents. I want to highlight the excellent quality of the material, thanks to which the bag looks really good.

5. KomalC Retro

Vintage camera bag for fans of old things
komacl retro camera bag

Type: Shoulder bag | Capacity: DSLR, 1-2 lenses, 15’’ laptop/Macbook | Exterior Features: 15.5x11x4 inches | Weight: 3.37 pounds

  • ✚ Vintage look
  • ✚ Buffalo leather
  • ✚ Made of waterproof material
  • ✚ Affordable price
  • Inside material paints things you put inside

I like this leather camera bag with an authentic retro design from KomalC brand because of its unique texture. This model is made of waterproof material and real leather. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap. Thanks to the numerous mini pockets, you can organize all of your small accessories, as well as your smartphone, documents, etc.

In addition, this leather bag has a soft and comfortable laptop compartment and a magnetic button which provides safety while you’re wearing it. This model is suitable for students too. It’s multifunctional and can be used not only as a camera case but also as a laptop bag, leather messenger bag, leather briefcase or courier bag.

6. GATTA Lola Noir

Great choice for girls
gatta lola noir camera bag

Type: Shoulder bag | Capacity: DSLR, 1-2 lenses | Exterior Features: 10x7x5 inches | Weight: 1.68 pounds

  • ✚ Real leather
  • ✚ Adjustable shoulder strap
  • ✚ Front pocket for the accessories
  • ✚ Great value for money
  • Small-sized

GATTA Lola Noir is made of 100% real leather with a soft inner lining and an adjustable divider. Despite its small size, there are 2 inner compartments that can easily fit your DSRL as well as 1-2 lenses.

Lola Noir is suitable for most DSLRs (up to 4.5 inches in height) with attached additional lenses. There is even a neat pocket for various accessories in front. The bag is perfect for any girl. Lola Noir brand serves as a guarantee of quality and durability. If 2 compartments for your camera and one for accessories are enough, then feel free to buy this bag.

7. Peak Design Everyday 10L

Classical design
peak design everyday 10l camera bag

Type: Sling bag | Capacity: Mirrorless/DSLR, 2-3 lenses, 13" laptop, 11" tablet | Exterior Features: 15.8x9.1x5.5 inches | Weight: 1.5 pounds

  • ✚ Lightweight model with a beautiful design
  • ✚ Convenient straps for carrying the bag
  • ✚ Strap is easy to adjust on the move
  • ✚ Dividers provide limitless opportunities for camera arrangement
  • It is a little bit expensive

Last year I had an opportunity to get Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L, and it has become my best camera bag until this very day. It’s especially useful if I have an engagement photo session when there is no need to carry a great amount of equipment, or for my small everyday stuff.

peak design everyday 10l

According to Peak Design Company, the Everyday Sling is considered to be a low-key and easily accessible camera bag for carrying around. It is also an amazing bag for a mirrorless camera system. I wouldn’t recommend overloading your bag in any case, as it will be worse for you and you’ll get really tired.

8. Ritz Gear

Made of durable waterproof material
ritz gear camera bag

Type: Sling bag | Capacity: Mirrorless/DSLR, lens, some accessories | Exterior Features: 12.5x7x7.5 inches | Weight: 0.93 pounds

  • ✚ 2 main compartments + mesh side pocket
  • ✚ Extremely cheap
  • ✚ Convenient dividers made of foam
  • ✚ A special pocket for memory cards and batteries
  • Zippers on the side section hinder fast access

This camera bag isn’t very big, but it is ideal for a compact or mirrorless camera with several lenses and accessories. There are foam dividers in the main compartment. They provide strong protection and make it easier to arrange your equipment.

There is an inner mesh pocket in the upper compartment for memory cards and batteries with a zipper. The bag provides complete comfort thanks to the rubberized anti-slip technology. It is a good choice for those who have mirrorless cameras and want to feel comfortable all the time.

9. Billingham 72

Doesn’t take up a lot of space
billingham 72 camera bag

Type: Sling bag | Capacity: Mirrorless, lens, some accessories | Exterior Features: 5.91 x5.12x7.48 inches | Weight: 0.75 pounds

  • ✚ Durable build
  • ✚ Adjustable divider
  • ✚ Classic design
  • ✚ Comes in 5 colors
  • Only for small camera models
  • Pricey, in comparison with other bags for small cameras

Billingham is a reputable brand that has been releasing top-quality camera bags since 1973. It released a lot of lineups that included convenient models favored by professional photographers and beginners alike. Recently, the company released the Billingham 72 which became one of the smallest models in its lineup. It was created specifically for those who need to carry a rangefinder or a mirrorless camera with a prime lens.

billingham 72

This small camera bag is rigid and has durable, thick padding that securely protects camera equipment. It can be made of multi-layer canvas or FibreNyte nylon. Thanks to it, your shooting gear will be securely protected against elements. You can quickly fasten the lid, which ensures that your equipment will stay dry even if you get soaked wet.

10. National Geographic Africa Small Bag

Multiple external pockets
national geographic africa small bag camera bag

Type: Sling bag | Capacity: Mirrorless/Compact, lens, accessories and personal items | Exterior Features: 10.6x6.6x1.9 inches | Weight: 1.2 pounds

  • ✚ Made of high-quality materials
  • ✚ Provides good protection for a mirrorless camera
  • ✚ Unusual design
  • ✚ Many external pockets for quick access
  • Fastened with a clip and a belt, which makes it difficult to get a camera quickly
  • Two pockets have no protection for something valuable

This camera bag in a vintage style is made of leather. You need to open the clip and unfasten the belt to access your camera. That means the entire contents of the bag are perfectly protected.

national geographic africa small bag

There are adjustable loops on the sides of the bag. You can configure them as you see fit. The two additional pockets on the strap allow you to put a phone, keys and other important things in them for quick access. The bag is designed for optimal comfort, so it is quite versatile and durable.

11. Lowepro Passport Bag III

For avid travelers
lowerpro passport bag iii camera bag

Type: Sling bag | Capacity: Mirrorless/DSLR, 2 lenses, flash, personal items and tablet | Exterior Features: 5.7x17.3x16.1 inches | Weight: 1.06 pounds

  • ✚ Very comfortable and compact
  • ✚ Easy to adjust
  • ✚ Waterproof and suitable for different weather conditions
  • ✚ Affordable
  • Removable camera compartment
  • You can’t put a lot of things in it

You can use this bag when you take pictures in the city, traveling and just walking. The external pockets help store all the small accessories and provide quick access to them. There is also a separate pocket for a bottle of water.

The shoulder strap has a clasp with a lock, which allows you to adjust its length. The removable shoulder pillow on the strap protects you from discomfort. There is a zipper on the front of the bag, which allows you to open an additional compartment and increase your bag’s size by 30 percent. Despite its small size, it can fit a lot of things as it conveniently folds and expands.

12. Vanguard Alta Sky 51D

For long trips
vanguard alta sky 51d camera bag

Type: Backpack | Capacity: 2 Mirrorless/DSLRs, 70-200mm lens, about 7 lenses, 15-inch tablet, 1 laptop, 2 tripods, 1 drone, some accessories | Exterior Features: 14.6x22.2x10.2 inches | Weight: 6.4 pounds

  • ✚ Great capacity
  • ✚ 3-entry modular design
  • ✚ Thick padding
  • ✚ Convenient shoulder straps
  • Heavy
  • It is easy to overload

This all-in-one solution allows you to carry camera equipment and a drone system. You can fit them together in the backpack. It allows you to put D850 with attached 70-200mm plus 4 additional lenses just in the main compartment. There is also a hatch for quick access when you are on the move.

vanguard alta sky 51d

You can fit an additional body and up to 3 small lenses in a separate compartment as well as store some personal stuff in the top one. Due to its huge capacity, it can even be called the best camera bag for long-destination photoshoots. Moreover, this bag has hip pads of a perfect size, thick back padding, as well as wide and comfortable shoulder straps.

13. Manfrotto MB MA-BP-TRV

External connections for a tripod
manfotto mb ma bp trv camera bag

Type: Backpack | Capacity: Mirrorless/DSLR, 2-3 additional lenses, 1 drone, 13-inch laptop, tablet, accessories | Exterior Features: 11.8x9.1x18.9 inches | Weight: 3.1 pounds

  • ✚ Universal design
  • ✚ Compact size
  • ✚ Easy-to-adjust dividers
  • ✚ A compartment for a tripod
  • Straps could be better

Thanks to this camera and lens backpack, you can take with you all the pieces of photography equipment that you might need to use during your trip. Besides a camera and accessories, it can fit a tripod and personal items. By using dividers, you can better organize the single compartment. The front pocket of the Manfrotto bag can fit a 13-inch laptop and a tablet. The padded and zipped cover on the opposite site gives you access to the central pocket with camera equipment.

manfotto mb ma bp trv

You can put inside one camera body together with 3 lenses, including 70-200mm. The camera bag has an innovative design. It comes with a spacious top pocket for the accessories (you can even fit there your lunchbox), a built-in rain cover, and a special pouch for the tripod. Its size allows you to fit the DJI Mavic Pro drone inside.

14. ONA The Camps Bay

Perfect bag for heavy loads
ona the camps bay camera bag

Type: Backpack | Capacity: 2-3 Mirrorless/DSLRs, 7 lenses, 1 drone, 17-inch laptop, tablet, tripod, accessories | Exterior Features: 17.7x7.1x13.8 inches | Weight: 4.4 pounds

  • ✚ Handmade model made of waxed canvas and leather
  • ✚ Fits an SLR and up to 7 lenses
  • ✚ Easy-to-organize compartment for personal items
  • ✚ Can fit an up to 17-inch laptop
  • Expensive

It is undoubtedly an excellent choice for heavy gear. Its retro style together with canvas and buckles make it quite enduring for those who enjoy taking photos outdoors. Moreover, it allows you to store a huge amount of equipment. In the center pocket, you may fit a DSLR equipped with 70-200mm, and it even has space for 6 or 7 extra lenses if the dividers are moved cautiously.

ona the camps bay

It is great for carrying a 17-inch laptop, as it has a leather undercarriage. However, the Camps Bay bag can seem to be too heavy with all this gear together with 4 pounds of canvas.

15. Chrome Niko

Removable, modular dividers for varying gear combinations
chrome niko camera bag

Type: Backpack | Capacity: 2 Mirrorless/DSLRs, several lenses, drone, tablet, laptop, tripod, accessories | Exterior Features: 17.8x11x8 inches | Weight: 3.5 pounds

  • ✚ Waterproof zippers
  • ✚ Made of nylon
  • ✚ Additional straps for tripods, skateboards and other large items
  • ✚ Zip opening at the top
  • Quite big

Such a firm, enduring camera bag with an adjustable interior and a packed pocket for a laptop is in demand among professional and beginning photographers. This bag is considered to be high-quality. It’s beautiful and has great proportions. You will have no problems with quick access to your equipment due to the comfortable top compartment.

chrome niko

It is equipped with a very strong hook, and loop fastener straps that enable you to add your tripod or some other stuff. Chrome Niko Pack bag enables you to fit a large amount of equipment, including your MacBook Pro, cables, and memory cards.

16. Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ

Impressive capacity
abonnyc drlbp cz camera bag

Type: Backpack | Capacity: DSLR/Mirrorless, 6-7 lenses, accessories | Exterior Features: 18.1x11.8x6.69 inches | Weight: 2.56 pounds

  • ✚ Shockproof material
  • ✚ Abrasion resistant
  • ✚ Customizable
  • ✚ Nice zipper
  • Weighs too much

In case you want to securely protect your camera equipment against shock-impact and moisture, this camera bag will be the perfect solution for your needs. It’s fully waterproof, which ensures that your camera will remain safe. A padded shoulder strap can be adjusted from 18 to maximum of 39 inches per personal preference. A clip strap featured on the shoulder strap can hang sunglasses, eyeglasses, towels and clothes. A durable handle was added for more convenient use.

This camera and lens backpack comes with multiple pockets for storing camera accessories. The backpack is made of nylon, which ensures that you will be able to use it for years. You can organize the inner compartment as you see fit. This model is suitable for DSLR cameras. It is quite portable and doesn’t weigh a lot.

17. F-stop XL Pro

Velcro tabs for better security
f stop xl pro camera bag

Type: Backpack | Capacity: DSLR/Mirrorless, 5-6 lenses, accessories | Exterior Features: 19 x 11.5 x 7 inches | Weight: 2.06 pounds

  • ✚ High level of protection and convenient organization
  • ✚ Made of durable water-resistant shell material
  • ✚ Easy-to-remove foam lid insert
  • ✚ Affordable price
  • Takes up a lot of space

What makes this camera bag stand out among the rest is that it has convenient internal camera units for storing your equipment safely. This bag is perfect for mirrorless and DSLR cameras as well as for larger models. You can adjust the compartments to organize your camera and accessories.

f stop xl pro

When going on a trip, you might need to access your camera quickly to capture beautiful views. This bag is a must for avid travelers who need to protect their cameras without sacrificing accessibility. Internal camera units can also be used outside your camera bag. You can use them to pack your things quickly and organize your equipment before going on a trip.

18. AmazonBasics Holster Camera Case

Zippers function perfectly
amazonbasics holster camera case camera bag

Type: Holster | Capacity: DSLR/Mirrorless, 1 lens | Exterior Features: 6.9 x 9 x 6.3 inches | Weight: 0.88 pounds

  • ✚ Eye-catching design
  • ✚ 3 compartments for accessories
  • ✚ A broad shoulder strap makes it comfortable to wear
  • ✚ Nice finishing
  • To bulky
  • Too large for a DSLR with a cropped sensor

This camera bag is a must for travel photographers who need to protect their equipment in different conditions. Its surface is quite sleek. The model has an adjustable padded shoulder strap, which makes it comfortable to wear and allows you to access your camera without wasting a lot of time. Whether you need to take photos in severe weather conditions or want to snap candid pics when walking around a city, this holster will allow you to always have your camera at hand.

amazonbasics holster camera case

The main compartment is fitted with two zippers and adjustable Velcro straps. Using them, you can secure your camera to ensure that it will remain firmly in place. The camera bag has a convenient design, which allows you to use it for carrying your camera accessories as well.

19. ZONMAN Housing Case

Waterproof material
zonman housing case camera bag

Type: Holster | Capacity: DSLR/Mirrorless, lens | Exterior Features: 10.4x6.4x2.1 inches | Weight: 0.56 pounds

  • ✚ Cheap
  • ✚ Keeps your camera safe from water, snow, rain, wind, dust, and sand
  • ✚ Small weight
  • ✚ You can control camera settings through finger ports
  • Not all camera adjustments are available after closing
  • The zoom reach is limited

You can use this case for almost any DSLR camera. Its manufacturers used reinforced material and high-quality polycarbonate to design this reliable waterproof camera case. Almost all control buttons are available so you can change the settings without taking the camera out of the case. This model of waterproof DSLR cases is perfect for underwater shots at depths of up to 16 feet.

Your pictures will be clear and of high quality. You can also transport a camera in the bag when you go camping, kayaking, diving, or just relaxing by the lake or river. Your camera will be protected during the underwater photoshoots as well.

20. Pelican 1510

pelican 1510 camera bag

Type: Roller bag | Capacity: 2-3 Mirrorless/DSLRs, up to 8 lenses, tablet, 17-inch laptop, drone, tripod, accessories | Exterior Features: 22x13.8x9 inches | Weight: 11.9 pounds

  • ✚ Completely watertight
  • ✚ Customized fit
  • ✚ Huge capacity
  • ✚ Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Cumbersome

Pelican 1510 is great for travelers, who enjoy taking beautiful landscape photos. This bag protects your camera even if you are not using it. It has a number of advantages that distinguish it from other models. Its reliable protection will surprise every photographer.

pelican 1510

You might think that this camera bag is bulky, but this provides additional protection. The model is equipped with additional handles (front and side). In general, I can say that the Pelican 1510 is one of the coolest camera bags for long-term travel. When using it, you do not need to be afraid of moisture and dust.

21. ThinkTank Airport Take Off V2

High build quality
thinktank airport take off vs camera bag

Type: Roller bag | Capacity: 2 Mirrorless/DSLRs, about 7 lenses, 2 tablets, 15-inch laptop, drone, tripod, accessories | Exterior Features: 8.7x14x20.9 inches | Weight: 8.6 pounds

  • ✚ Convenient straps with soft shoulder harness
  • ✚ Padded back panel
  • ✚ Can fit a 400mm f/2.8 lens, two camera bodies, and other lenses
  • ✚ Handy front pocket
  • Expensive

Airport Take Off V2 has several useful features that will make your trip comfortable and safe. You can use this model for a long time. The bag can fit any modern laptop of medium size and up to 2 pro DSLR bodies with or without lenses attached.

thinktank airport take off vs

It is also equipped with an additional front lock for better security. I found a few small pockets where I can put all the extra accessories. I can carry the roller on my back if I travel on rocky terrain. This bag meets most of the standards of various international airports and airlines.

billingham hadley one
Billingham Hadley One
  • Roomy
  • Excellent quality
  • In-built laptop compartment
lowerpro adventure sh 160 ii
Lowepro Adventura SH 160 II
  • Easy-to-move dividers
  • A budget model
  • Additional details
thinktank mirrorless mover 20
ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 20 Bag
  • Convenient size
  • Waterproof material
  • Attention-grabbing design

How to Choose the Best Camera Bag?

A quality camera and other photography gadgets cost a lot of money, so you must protect your gear against all possible damages. That’s why you need to choose the proper bag.

Bags may vary in size, shape, color, and material. However, when choosing the best travel camera bag, you should pay attention to other characteristics as well.


Your bag should be able to fit not only the camera itself but all the additional shooting equipment. When you need a minimum amount of equipment, opt for a small bag. However, if you have a large-scale photo session in different conditions, you will need to use a bigger model.

Carrying Comfort

choosing the best camera bag

Easy handling is also one of the basic characteristics you need to consider when choosing the best camera bag. Larger bags are often equipped with a retractable handle or wheels that make them look like large suitcases.

Many photographers prefer to use a camera backpack. As a rule, such backpacks have a lot of padding on the shoulders which makes them more comfortable to wear.


In order to prevent the camera from moving inside the bag, designers created internal compartments that securely hold the equipment in its place. There is special Velcro in each traveling camera bag.

You can move it to adjust the position of the compartments. This way you can keep the camera and other equipment as safe as possible.

Exterior Protection

Thick walls and pads in the lining are necessary if you are searching for the best camera backpack or bag. If you are going to travel by plane, you should opt for a bag with a hard shell that will protect your equipment more reliably.


how to choose the best camera bag

The most common materials for bags are leather, cotton, canvas, and sturdy nylon. You can also buy a bag made of waterproof fabric that will allow you not to worry about wet weather.

If you often take photos on a rough surface, you can purchase a bag that is made of fabric resisting damage from snags.


This part of the camera bag is designed to protect your costly gear from bumps. The padding should be located not only in the bag lining, but it must also be a part of the walls of the internal sections.

Thus, your equipment will be protected not only from outside damage but from cracking against each other.

Internal Fittings

It may seem strange, but sometimes finding bags with enough quality latches and pockets is quite difficult. Some photographers prefer bags for DSLR camera with fewer buckles to get the necessary things quickly. Other photographers like camera bags with more fasteners, buckles, and belts.

Weather Resistance

Since photographers often take pictures outdoors and in different weather conditions, a good camera bag should protect shooting equipment from mud, dust, snow, and rain. Pay attention to the protective features of the material while choosing the best camera bag for travel.


  • • How do photographers carry their cameras and accessories?

Most photographers carry their photography gear in a camera bag. If you need to take only a camera with you, you can use a neck strap. Camera bags have convenient compartments for the camera body, lenses, and other equipment. In case you need to access your camera quickly, a neck strap might be a better option to consider.

  • • Which camera bag should I select?

The size of the camera bag you need depends on how many pieces of equipment you want to take with you on a trip. The first thing that you need to do is to create a list of your photography gear, including accessories. It will allow you to understand whether you need a small, medium-sized, or large bag. It’s better to buy a larger bag if you are going to buy more equipment in the future.

  • • Is it safe to keep a camera in a case?

It’s recommended to keep your photography equipment in a case or display cabinet only for a short time, for instance, when you are traveling. To protect them from dust and moisture, you may also put large silica gel packs inside a case.

  • • How do you carry a camera without a bag?

In case a camera bag seems too bulky for you, you can opt for a camera strap instead. Such models don’t weigh much and are more affordable. These days, most cameras are sold with a strap, which makes this option perfect for budget-conscious photographers.

  • • Why is it important to protect your photography equipment?

If you want to use your camera and lenses for years to come, you need to ensure that they won’t get damaged or affected by elements. It will allow you to take professional photos and avoid buying new equipment.