Best Camera Strap

Best Camera Strap

If you are in search of the best camera strap for your camera body, that is stylish, high-quality, safe, and affordable, my list of best camera straps for travel is what you need. Find out 10 various straps to carry your camera efficiently.

best camera strap

Best Camera Strap for Photographers

If you’ve already found the best camera bag or the best camera backpack and want to have a stylish strap that suit your camera body, check out this list of demanded camera straps for photographers.

1. Ona Presidio Strap

ona presidio strap View Prices on Amazon
  • Stylish
  • Very convenient
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • High price

Would you like to get a beautiful and reliable retro style strap for your camera? Have a look at Presidio from the famous Italian manufacturer ONA. It is made of leather with chrome hardware elements. It will be easier for you to endure the weight of your equipment during the shooting thanks to the special padding of this camera neck strap. Leather models are available in two options - Antique Cognac and Dark Truffle. If you prefer waxed-canvas, you can choose from three options: Smoke, Tan, and Black. If your budget is short, canvas straps will suit you as they are $30 cheaper.

Key features:

  • ONA camera strap is made of a nice leather and durable waxed-canvas
  • You are able to carry equipment up to 6 lbs
  • Chrome hardware is used
  • The drop length can be customized as you need. The neckline is padded with neoprene
best leather camera strap

2. HoldFast Gear Sightseer Sling Camera Strap

camera strap system View Prices on Amazon
  • Convenient
  • Customizable
  • Stylish
  • Not cheap

The design of this strap provides you with the whole range of functions that all standard cross-body models have. The advantage of this particular model is various accessory paunches that will make your job more convenient. This best camera strap allows you to keep your mobile phone, small lenses, and other personal things in the paunches at the front part. Hang the larger lenses at the back bags. These paunches can be attached to the belt’s loop or you can fasten them using their own strap loops.

Key features:

  • It can keep a DSLR camera with a lens
  • The width is 1.0"
  • Adjust this cross-body camera strap from 42.5 to 58.5"
  • Produced of waxed canvas with bison leather elements 
  • It has a reliable HoldFast catch
cross-body camera strap

3. Think Tank Photo Camera Strap

best camera sling strap View Prices on Amazon
  • It doesn’t slip
  • Classic style
  • Comfortable
  • A strap is not thick enough

Crossbody camera strap reviews highly appreciate this system due to its ergonomics. DSLR with lenses are securely held by the metal construction. This is the best camera strap for those, who specialize in active, sports, and wedding photo shoots. The two-position metal lock gives you the possibility to move freely without worrying about the security of your gear. The SpiderPro base is attached to a durable and lightweight belt that will easily hold any camera and lens.

Key features:

  • You may stick a pro flash thanks 
  • Can be supplemented with a shoulder or neck strap that you can use as a tether or another strap
  • If you position the plate correctly, it will allow you to carry the camera securely, even with the Spider Lock open
  • You can fasten hand straps with a D-ring that is attached to the main strap
  • This model is suitable for the waists 28 - 50" and professional cameras from 5 lb
  • The set consists of 4 components that hold your camera fixed on the waist.
  • Plate sticks to camera's tripod socket and the spider pin are stuck to the plate 
  • Camera protection is ensured by a two-position lock
  • Sturdy metals are used for an active shooting
best camera sling strap

4. HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two

best leather camera strap View Prices on Amazon
  • You can fasten 2 cameras or lenses
  • Convenient
  • Your camera moves easily
  • Even tall photographers can use this strap
  • Three available sizes
  • It costs much

The manufacturers use tan leather to produce this 2-camera harness. Extra back support by the X-shaped design. The speed clutch mechanism of this best camera strap for hiking gives you an opportunity to move the camera easily and fast. You can lift the camera up to the eye level.

Key features:

  • You can attach 2 cameras or lenses
  • 'X' Like Harness is rather comfortable
  • Quick Access due to the speed clutch
  • Two 1/4"-20 Holdfast Accessory Clips
  • 4 D-Ring fasteners
best camera strap for travel

5. Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap

best camera wrist strap View Prices on Amazon
  • Perfect work
  • It is safely fixed
  • The strap should be a little looser

This wonderful best camera strap will ensure the safety of your equipment and keep it from unexpected falling. The special connection system guarantees constant safety for your gear. The camera or other devices are firmly fastened to the strap. In the open position, the strap is securely fixed to the wrist with a magnetic lock. For extra confidence, you can fasten it around the waist.

This quick release DSLR strap is suitable for a wide range of cameras from small ones to full-frame models. The strength of the strap is beyond doubt. New anchor cords are reliable and durable. Over 200 lbs can be held by each loop.

Key features:

  • Lightweight quick release camera strap
  • It fits various types of cameras
  • Manufacturer's Warranty is limited
  • Dyneema Anchors provides you perfect safety
best camera wrist strap

6. BlackRapid Breathe Curve Camera Strap

black rapid strap View Prices on Amazon
  • Good quality
  • Budgetary
  • Convenient
  • Not a long life

This best camera strap is created for right-handed users. You can hang it on your left shoulder and it will be located near your right hip. The maximum width of the webbing strap is 1.0". You may adjust its length from 36.0 to 65.8". It features Brad Breathe Stabilizing Strap that helps to stabilize the camera. In what way? It protects the camera from being twisted to another side. The stabilizing strap can be easily removed if you don't need it.

This Black Rapid strap includes a reliable zinc-alloy and brass CR-3 Connect R locking carabiner with the help of which a lens or a camera is fastened. FR-5 Fasten R Breathe has a large D-ring which can be used with those BlackRapid straps that have CR-3 Connect R. Besides, this strap produces a point of connection for a 1/4"-20 tripod. It will be great for photographers, who carry only one camera. Moreover, it is an excellent variant for those shooters, who always have to actively move during photoshoots.

What to do if you need to carry a second lens or camera? You can get an additional Couple R Strap to attach the camera sling strap for another camera. Lockstar Breathe is folded over a carabiner so you can avoid unnecessary contact that may lead to an unintentional unlock. The advantages of the cross-body camera strap are a good quality and a reasonable price. I can’t really name any drawbacks of this sling camera strap.

Key features:

  • Durability
  • Webbing water-wicking material: nylon
  • Couple R, dual harness with the second strap
  • FR-5 FastenR Breathe, Soft Pouch
  • Spring-Loaded Bumper Locks 
  • CR-3 Connect R Locking Carabiner
  • 65.8" Length of Webbing and 3.3" Wide Shoulder Pad (can be adjusted)
black rapid metro camera strap

7. Spider Camera Strap Holster

best camera wrist strap View Prices on Amazon
  • The belt of the strap is broad enough, with decent padding
  • Swift mechanism
  • Durable construction
  • Troublesome process of buckle detachment
  • High price
  • Hamper movements

The Spider Camera Strap Holster has been created by professional photographers, who innovated the approach to carrying cameras. With this camera sling strap, its utility style belt, and hip holster system, the upper body part will be free and the camera near the hip will always be at your disposal.

The belt is very comfortable. Thanks to the triple action buckle you don't need to worry about unexpected unlock. Your camera will be totally safe, as a pin's tripod socket moves accurately in and out of the holster plate, while a plate is firmly screwed onto the belt.

The key advantage of this camera strap system is its security. To prevent the camera from falling out, the manufacturers created a locking latch. The mechanism is also very fast Without any doubts, this is the best camera strap for those photographers who wish to carry their cameras in a convenient way. Concerning the disadvantages, the strap adds several additional inches to your thigh and, as a result, you will need to turn sidewards to go through the mass of people. Furthermore, pressing the belt buckle with your hands in order to detach it may cause some painful sensation. However, this is the best camera strap in this category.

Key features:

  • Material: reliable stainproof aluminum, steel for dynamic photoshoots
  • Pin slide, plate and a two-position lock for camera protection
  • Quick-release belt for a holster 
  • A four-piece system to fix a camera on the waist
  • Appropriate for a waist 28 - 50" 
  • Spider pin is attached to a plate which is connected to the tripod socket
  • Suitable for professional cameras that weigh 5lb or more
best camera wrist strap

8. Tarion Vintage Camera Strap

best leather camera strap View Prices on Amazon
  • Unique design
  • Reliable material prolongs the life of the strap
  • The universal size
  • Can be inconvenient to adjust because of the sturdy material

Tarion may seem to be a developer of camera straps sold particularly at Amazon. Actually, when you search for detailed information, you can find that Tarion is a relatively unknown producer of professional and inexpensive photography equipment that has been able to advertise its products in 2018.

Tarion Vintage Camera Strap has received a decent number of good reviews. Because of the affordable price (almost $8) I have made a decision to order it and give it a try. The DSLR sling strap is made from quality PU and cotton yarn, with trendy white and brown weave outer elements, which look like leather. You may drape the camera strap over your shoulder as the insides are covered with anti-slip surface. (See more cheap camera gear.) This is the best DSLR camera strap because of its length. You can carry more than one camera. The lock-in prevents the possible shifting. Besides, the durable material ensures that the strap will serve you for a long time.

As any traditional camera strap for Nikon or Canon, the Tarion Vintage Camera Strap is fastened to the camera through the loops, which contribute to the overall retro look. Additional elements of this best leather camera strap are small, brass, button-shaped ‘pin’ and an embossed logo. It seems to me that Tarion has created a recognizable retro style for their products.

Key features:

  • The strap fits for popular DSLR camera brands
  • Special anti-slip surface protects the camera from unintentional slipping
  • The width of the strap – 3.8cm
  • Entire length – 53 inches, length of the strap – 28 inches
  • Made from reliable PU and Cotton Yard
  • Timeless retro design
best camera strap

9. Custom SLR Glide One

best camera sling strap View Prices on Amazon
  • Interesting design
  • Easily adjustable
  • Carries substantial weight
  • Buckles can be released in one quick motion
  • Can be separated into two straps
  • Durable construction
  • You need to remove QR plate and purchase M-Plate
  • Very space-occupying
  • Separate straps require adjustments

You will not need to take the strap off the shoulder. The camera system glides along the strap without additional help. When you have finished taking photos, you can simply glide the camera back down. You can change the cameras quickly thanks to the release buckles.

With this quick release camera strap, you are able to carry around heavy photography equipment conveniently. The strap is firmly constructed and has an amazing look. 

The most noticeable drawback of this quick release DSLR strap is that it takes a good deal of space in the bag in comparison with regular camera straps. To use this strap you will have to purchase M-Plate or to take off basic QR plate. If you want to switch from the harness to separate straps, firstly, you will need to readjust the strap.

Key features:

  • The design is ergonomic, with a quickly adjustable strap for your shoulder
  • Made from qualitative and durable cushy neoprene padding with the binding all over the split
  • With a split strap mechanism, the weight is equally spread to lessen painful sensation
  • Quick release buckles can be flexibly rotated and took off
  • Specific gliding mechanism ensures that camera slides up the strap and stays at the side which speeds up a process
best camera shoulder strap

10. Vortex Optics Harness Strap

best camera strap for travel View Prices on Amazon
  • Evenly spreads the weight across your body and protects you from unpleasant sensations
  • Appropriate for all sizes
  • Provides hands-free use
  • High price

Vortex is a company mostly appreciated for its excellent customer support. They have managed to develop a great leather camera strap suitable for hands-free use.

Despite the fact that this strap was originally created for binoculars, many photographers call it the best camera strap. The strap's material ensures the safety of the camera and spreads the weight evenly across the body. It is an excellent option for those who want to be sure that nothing is going to happen to the device while they are using it. That is why it is the best camera strap for travel.

Key features:

  • Harness firs all the sizes. It can be easily adjusted and attached
  • The distribution of weight across the shoulders brings comfort and possibility to carry binoculars for a long time
  • The kit consists of Vortex lens cleaning pen and a harness for binoculars
  • Material: reliable lycra and nylon
  • The binoculars are placed near your chest
best camera strap for travel

11. Altura Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap

best camera sling strap View Prices on Amazon
  • The kit strap isn’t as heavy as most camera straps, so the risk of straining your neck is minimal
  • If you are worried that the mount may give out, use the safety strap
  • Can be uncomfortable after a long usage

The Rapid Fire camera strap is an excellent option for carrying around the necessary equipment. It has enough space for cards, lens caps, batteries, that is why it is considered to be the best camera strap for hiking.

This camera neck strap is really appreciated by photographers for its durable construction and a high quality build.

This best camera strap is designed to work with every DSLR camera with a regular tripod mount, but in case something goes wrong, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 90 days.

After reading the reviews, I have discovered that some users were not fond of the so-called safety strap and got rid of it. Furthermore, one of the users broke the bottom of the camera because of the base plate.

Key features:

  • A reliable solid non-plastic metal plate which includes a bottom layer made from rubber to prevent accidental dropping. The plate firmly attaches a camera to the strap for extra security
  • You can attach a plat and a camera to the tripod without taking a plate off
  • Camera can be fastened or detached in several seconds due to the quick release function, which is perfect for photoshoots in motion
  • The convenient strap pads, made from neoprene, spread the weight equally on both shoulders
  • An additional zipped pocket for cards or batteries is extremely useful while traveling
best camera sling strap

Top 11 Best Camera Strap for Photographers

Image Item Features  
ona presidio strap
Ona Presidio Strap
  • Drop length: Adjust from 19.5" to 23.5"
cross-body camera strap
HoldFast Gear Sightseer Sling Camera Strap
  • Drop length: Adjust from 42.5 to 58.5"
best camera sling strap
Think Tank Photo Camera Strap
  • Drop length: Adjust from 50" to 56"
best leather camera strap
HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two
  • Not adjustable
best camera wrist strap
Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap
  • Not adjustable
black rapid sling camera strap in single and double
BlackRapid Breathe Curve Camera Strap
  • Drop length: Adjust to 65"
best camera wrist strap
Spider Camera Strap Holster
  • Not adjustable
best leather camera strap
Tarion Vintage Camera Strap
  • Drop length: Adjust to 63"
camera sling strap amazon
Custom SLR Glide One
  • Drop length: Adjust up to 70"
best camera strap for travel
Vortex Optics Harness Strap
  • One size
best camera sling strap
Altura Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap
  • Drop length: Adjust up to 60"

How to Choose the Best Camera Strap

Before you make a final decision, you must ask a few basic questions:

What material is the camera strap made of?
Most often the best straps are made of nylon or leather. However, you can find other fabrics. Leather camera strap looks very beautiful and stylish. But if you live and work in a hot climate, they are not very comfortable. In addition, it will not be easy to grip some synthetic materials with leather straps.

What is the best attachment for camera straps?
The best DSLR camera strap can be attached through the hole for the tripod screw or through the hinges on the top of a camera. Some models are attached to your belt or backpack straps with clips. Another option is to use straps with quick release attachments.

Neck, wrist or shoulder strap?
You can select a versatile strap that can be worn both on a shoulder and a neck. You can also choose a specific model to wear only on a neck or a shoulder. If you prefer compact or mirrorless cameras, the best camera wrist strap will suit you.

How many cameras?
As a rule, shoulder and waist straps allow you to carry several cameras at once.

What are the reasons to choose a quality camera strap?
It often happens that choosing a camera you become baffled and confused with technical information and you forget about the camera strap system. You can remember about the strap the last moment but it is one of the essential elements of your photo gear and you should not be careless about it.

How to attach a camera strap?

Fortunately, you can easily solve this problem, studying this article very attentively. You do not need to read hundreds of reviews to find what the best camera strap is. I offer you short descriptions of several straps for cameras that differ in their cost. Here you can find both high-quality budget options for beginners and more expensive straps for professionals. Someone would prefer the best leather camera strap, while others would choose a fashionable decorative variant. Tastes differ, but in any case, a high-quality and convenient camera strap is a necessary part of your gear.

Hope, you will be able to select the best camera strap successfully. The opinions of other photographers can be really useful when you are picking up the necessary photography equipment. What are the most important features of the best camera strap for you? Feel free to write your comments in the section below!

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