Best Camera Sling Bags in 2024

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Are shoulder bags the most convenient way to carry gear?

best camera sling bags

best camera sling bags

Top 9 Camera Sling Bags

Сamera sling bag has recently become a very trendy kind of photography equipment bags. It seems to be the most favorite case type due to its comfortable and unique design.

The professionals, as well as amateurs, have started to choose smaller camera bodies, purchasing mirrorless camera systems. Many shooters favor a sling as it combines the design of a spacious backpack for portable studio and a shoulder bag with a fast access.

No matter what the reason is, I give you a chance to read about the roundup of the trendy and demanded sling bags on the market. Just have a look at the list below and leave comments if you like/have any model.

1. Lowepro Passport Sling Bag III

Best camera sling bag – FixThePhoto’s choice

Lowepro Passport III Camera Sling Bag

Exterior size: 17.3 x 5.7 x 16.1" | Interior size: 7.4 x 3.9 x 7.4"


⊕ Can be extended
⊕ Special tablet compartment
⊕ A pad in
⊖ Haven’t been found

Lowepro sling bag is designed as a universal and durable sling. It has got enough space to hold all the camera gear while traveling. There are also separate compartments for personal things.

On the outer side of the bag, you may find three pockets to fit your sunglasses, a bottle of water or the documents.

The shoulder strap on Lowepro sling is customizable and the pads are easy to remove. The biggest section is protected by two zip fasteners with loops.

This camera sling bag can be significantly extended, you can increase the inner compartment up to 30%.

There is a pocket with pads for your digital devices. I admire Lowepro sling bag capacity to be enlarged. You can also get the inserts out, which is very handy.

This enables you to pull the camera kit out and use the bag for everyday purposes. The straps are adjusted in a non-standard way.

Instead of a clasp, there is a stopping clip. Though, if you need to shorten the strap, there will be left a loop to hide it in the fore pocket.

2. Case Logic Sling Bag Luminosity

Best sling bag for travel

Case Logic Luminosity Camera Sling Bag

Exterior size: 9.1 x 7.9 x 10" | Interior size: 6.7 x 5.1 x 9.4"


⊕ External padded pockets
⊕ The front side isn’t cumbersome
⊖ Water protection is poor
⊖ Quite expensive
⊖ It would be better to use another fabric to make the surface smoother

Case Logic sling bag fits almost all DSLR cameras. It was designed with spacious compartments for the gear and the extra lenses or you may store a camera body, a lens, a flash, and some additional stuff.

The inserts are padded and customizable, that allows you to fit any camera. The fore pockets are meant for some personal accessories or any other items. There is a special pocket for a memory card, so you’ll never lose it.

The major compartments of the sling are designed to protect any DSLR camera, one or two lenses, and a flash. Some extra accessories can be stored there as well.

This sling bag includes the zipped top part to store the small things (a phone, wallet, ID or sunglasses). Ergonomically designed this sling has a back panel and padded shoulder strap.

This construction makes the long trip hiking more comfortable. If you are not going to use its protective hood, just store it into a back pocket.

3. Altura Photo Sling Bag

Top-rated sling bag for extreme photographers

Altura Photo Camera Sling Bag

Exterior size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 16" | Interior size: 8 x 5 x 15"


⊕ The outer covering is made of water protective material
⊕ The padded back panel is breathable
⊖ There isn’t enough space to store personal stuff

There is only one shoulder strap to wear. For more active shooters, there is a special chest strap to prevent swinging around while walking, running or cycling.

There are two possible ways to open Altura camera sling bag. First, you may pull the bag to your front to take the camera out, though still having the bag fasten to your body.

Second, there are adjustable Velcro dividers to store a big DSLR camera and about 3 lenses and still some more personal items. The inside dimensions are 10.2″ high, 8″ wide and 5″ deep.

So it is considered to be the largest sling bag in its class. Indeed, this is one of the best bags due to an extra strap and a stretchy pocket for a portative tripod or a bottle of water.

Small design elements, such the pads next to a quick-release clip, are meant to protect your hip from rubbing. The upper handle and transparent zipper pockets are made for you to quickly view the camera gear.

The bag is elaborately designed, though it isn’t very expensive.

4. Amazon Basics Sling

Best sling bag at the cheapest price

Amazon Basics Camera Sling Bag

Exterior size: 8 x 6 x 15.3" | Interior size: 6.50 x 4.25 x 10.3"


⊕ Perfect zips
⊕ External fastening for a tripod
⊕ Suits only smaller SLRs
⊖ The front pocket could be a little deeper
⊖ A grab-and-go bag construction doesn’t suit everyone

I assume that Amazon could have its own products on the site, absorbing the smaller companies’ products and creating competitive analogs at a lower price. This has been done to AmazonBasics Sling Bag.

With the best bags for travel, it takes a moment to undo the waist belt to quickly slide the bag around to your front. The open clip can be unfastened with just one hand.

It resembles Altura Sling design a little. You can use the top pocket to open the AmazonBasics sling with its spacious compartment that fits a camera body with all camera kit, including lenses, and flashes.

There is a side pocket to store spare batteries and other accessories. The bag’s tripod attachment has got a secured system to hold a compact tripod safe.

I think it is a durable product to compete Altura.

5. Think Tank Photo TurnStyle 10 Sling

Best sling bag for landscape shooters

Think Tank Photo TurnStyle 10 Camera Sling Bag

Exterior size: 8.3 x 15.4 x 5.2" | Interior size: 7.1 x 12.6 x 4.8"


⊕ Very comfortable to carry on the back even if it is full
⊕ You can fit a considerable amount of gear
⊕ The chest strap is long enough even for tall people
⊖ If you are kneeling down to take an image with a loaded bag, get ready that it can slide forward
⊖ The back of the bag can be sultry in hot weather

As you know, Think Tank is famous for their excellent rollers, but their sling bags are great as well. Actually, this camera sling bag is my favorite one because it is an incredibly fashionable and allows you to take all the equipment you want.

This sling bag features a padded back and a shoulder strap. The last one comes diagonally across your chest.

If you want, you can undo the strap at the bottom buckle and take out the pad from the bottom of the bag. Thus, attaching a strap will give you an opportunity to turn this bag into a waist-pack.

The main buckle on the shoulder strap seems to be quite firm regardless of the fact that it is plastic. It is not very easy to unclip it, and this is great.

There were some negative reviews that the strap can detach from the buckle, but it has never happened to me. Another advantage about this sling bag, which is not typical for other bags, is that it has a separate zipper pocket for your tablet.

An iPad, for example, fits perfectly here, but only in the case when it does not have a bulky cover on it. Your tablet has to be thin.

6. Pacsafe Camsafe V18

Best anti-theft sling bag for DSLRs

Pacsafe Camsafe V18 Camera Sling Bag

Exterior size: 11 x 21.3 x 5.9" | Interior size: 7.5 x 4.5 x 7.5"


⊕ Soft, antislip padding on the shoulder strap
⊕ Convenient outside pockets with zipper
⊕ Good and firm material
⊕ Convenient and elastic side compartments for an umbrella or water bottles
⊕ A double lock on the strap and secure zippered locks
⊖ Quite expensive

Pacsafe Camsafe V18 is considered to be a special camera sling bag, designed by the company, which makes it really hard for thieves and pickpockets to get what they want from your bag loaded with expensive equipment.

Another great feature of such a sling style bag is a baggage handle sleeve. It enables you to attach the bag to the suitcase or another rolling case.

It is typical for the messengers or backpacks, but it’s a very rare thing for such a type of bags.

Thus, these characteristics and a protective device make this sling good especially for travel photographers.

So, if you are an experienced traveler, or you just want to get a reliable protection for your photo equipment, take a closer look at this camera sling bag, as it is definitely worth your attention.

You can select either completely black or olive bag with yellow patches.

7. Thule TLGS-101 Legend

Best GoPro sling bag

Thule TLGS-101 Legend Camera Sling Bag

Exterior size: 8.5 x 3.5 x 13.6 " | Interior size: 8 x 3 x 12.5"


⊕ Nylex-lined compartment for the phone
⊕ Compression belts for selfie sticks
⊕ Interior does not look too huge
⊖ After some time the logo becomes a little worn out
⊖ The excess strap may flop after you tighten it down if you don’t add a Velcro strap

This camera sling bag of medium size is created especially for the shooters that are constantly on the move but want to feel comfortable. Judging by its name we can guess that is was designed to carry action cameras, however, it can be easily used for other cameras as well.

Turning back to the action cams, I should say that it is important to know how this sling bag keeps them safe. So, the central pocket provides you with shock-proof foam pallet with breakouts, which can hold your gear.

You can carry two cameras, the fastening screws for them, and other mounting gear necessary for shooting.

If you need to transport a greater amount of equipment, you can easily make room in the central compartment just removing this foam pallet. It is not very difficult to do it, and as a result, you can turn your Thule Legend Sling Pack into a usual everyday bag that has enough space for your gear.

8. Caden Sling Bag

Waterproof and rain cover sling bag

Caden Sling Bag

Exterior size: 12.2 x 4.7 x 9.4" | Interior size: 11 x 4 x 8.5"


⊕ Very durable
⊕ Lightweight
⊕ You can easily swing it to the front
⊖ Zippers leave much to be desired
⊖ Shoulder strap should have better packing

This Caden sling bag in the form of a triangle is thought to serve as an alternative for travel backpacks.

Though it is designed to be worn over your shoulder, you can transport it on the back, at the side and even on your front in case you are already carrying something on your back.

Thus, I think such Caden sling will be an amazing choice, especially if you are searching for the bag that could be carried with your backpack.

9. LowePro Slingshot Edge 250 AW

Best choice for male photographers

LowePro Slingshot Edge 250 AW Camera Sling Bag

Exterior size: 10.5 x 6.1 x 18.9" | Interior size: 9.06 x 4.72 x 8.27"


⊕ Hideout mount for the tripod
⊕ It keeps its form
⊕ Great weight distribution
⊖ If you are on a long day photo trip, it can hurt a lot
⊖ No pocket for the laptop
⊖ You can use the sling trap only on one side, as it is fixed

LowePro sling differs from the other products. First of all, it is opened at the back, instead of the front. Of course, you have an opportunity to move the bag to the front and get access to the main pocket, but it is not as easy as in usual backpacks.

You will find this case to be really spacious, as it has space for your DSLR together with up to 3 lenses.

At the front of this sling, there is the compartment with different necessary things, such as charger, memory card or batteries. A peculiar feature of this sling bag is a small pocket on the back.

There will be a weather-resistant case, which will be very helpful when you get caught in a sudden rain somewhere on the road. In fact, you can find such a feature in other products of LowePro AW series.

Carrying this sling style bag, you have nothing to worry about, as LowePro company creates really high-quality and durable products. Not everyone will like the look of this bag, but it is still the best sling for traveling and hiking with photo equipment.

How to Choose Sling Bags?

The evident advantage of any sling is the accessibility and the small weight. It looks very similar to hip packs or to the shoulder bags, because of its cross strap.

You can carry all the equipment on the back and take a shot without taking the bag off. If you want to have a big camera backpack or a safety roller bag for travelling, read my review of all best camera bags on the market.

What Type of Gear Can I Put There?

The camera sling bag is an excellent choice for mirrorless cameras and DSLR kits owners. It’s comfier to carry a light camera kit on one shoulder then the heavy one.

For the heavy camera stuff, it is better to use bigger bags with different attachments.

What is the Shooting Location?

When choosing the sling bag you should pay attention to the covering that is used to protect your camera items from the external damages. If you are used to hiking a lot or travel somewhere, the travel sling bags are just for you.

Can I Take a Tablet?

Before you decide what kind of a sling bag to buy, it is worth to check if the model has a safe division. Besides your camera stuff, you will probably take digital devices.

You need to be certain that you don’t put your tablet in the bag which isn’t intended to protect it.

Can I Take Sling Bags for Travelling?

The sling bag is flexible to use if you travel a lot. It also may serve as a simple bag to pack all the necessary stuff, when you take your camera body out and leave it in a safe place.

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