Gifts for Photographers

Gifts for Photographers

Trying to surprise a photographer with a cool gift? I have collected 150 best gifts for photographers that every shutterbug would be happy to receive. All of these photography gifts are organized by price range. Just pick your budget and choose a gift!

150 Best Gifts for Photographers

While making this Top Photography Gifts list, I took into consideration not only different budgets, but also photography genres: from wedding, to Instagram and product photos; and photography skill levels – from a total beginner to an experienced shooter.

1. Pixelstick

best gifts for photographers pixelstick

Many videographers and portrait and wedding photographers are dreaming of the Pixelstick for its light painting effects.

2. Software Subscription

best gifts for photographers software subscription

If you friend needs digital asset management software for photographers, you can buy him/her an annual subscription, or for a few months if you are on a tight budget.

3. GoPro Dog Harness

best gifts for photographers dog harness

A perfect gift for photographer friends who are also fond of pets is a GoPro harness. It allows the owners to see how their furry friends view the world.

4. Tickets

best gifts for photographers tickets

If you don’t know anything about photography and are afraid of buying a useless present, get tickets to an event, lecture or workshop dedicated to shooting.

5. Instant Lab

best gifts for photographers instant printer

Among the coolest gifts for photographers are all-in-one photo printers that turn pictures taken on a tablet or a smartphone into instant polaroid shots.

6. Digital Picture Frame

best gifts for photographers digital picture frame

Many shooters will appreciate a slideshow full of pictures taken by them. It can be made with the help of a digital picture frame.

7. Lens Filter Kit

best gifts for photographers lens filter kit

A lens filter kit is a wonderful present for adding a retro vibe to the shots straight in the camera.

8. PC-Free Compact Printer

best gifts for photographers compact printer

With a portable and wireless photo printer for photographers, your friend will be able to print pictures on the move.

9. Light Meter

best gifts for photographers light meter

One of the most useful photographer gifts is a light meter. It indicates incident light readings for spot-on exposure.

10. Portable SSD

best gifts for photographers portable ssd

Practically all photographers lack free space on their devices to store a great number of pictures. A compact SSD provides extra storage space.

11. Action Camera

best gifts for photographers action camera

Action cameras come in handy for travel photographers. Moreover, if they are interested in aerial shooting, such a device will perfectly complement a drone.

12. Portable Mini Drone

best gifts for photographers drone

One of the greatest gifts for photographers, who are eager to try taking images from the sky is an aerial photography drone.

13. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

best gifts for photographers noise cancelling headphones

Plenty of photographers enjoy editing shots in absolute silence. Noise-cancelling headphones block out the background noise and help them focus on the task.

14. Camera Harness

best gifts for photographers camera harness

Take care of the shooter’s health by getting them a harness for an even distribution of weight across the shoulders.

15. Photography Studio Strobe Lighting Kit

best gifts for photographers studio lighting kit

An example of good gifts for photographers working in the studio is a studio lighting kit. It is an indispensable part of the shooting process.

16. Instant Phone Printer

best gifts for photographers instant phone printer

If your friend is an Instagram blogger, this is the best photography gift you can buy at an affordable price.

17. Selfie Drone

best gifts for photographers selfie drone

A small selfie drone with phone control isn’t expensive at all. Besides, it easily fits into the pocket.

18. Graphic Tablet

best gifts for photographers tablet

What can be better for comfortable and fast work in Photoshop, Lightroom and other image editing programs? If you can't afford to buy a laptop under 900 dollars, this is a great alternative.

19. VR Goggles

best gifts for photographers vr goggles

If your friend takes drone wedding photography this is the best present for him/her. Now, this process will be more fun and interesting thanks to VR goggles.

20. Photo Editing Console

best gifts for photographers photo editing console

A photo editing console is a special keyboard that will save you time while editing photos in Lightroom.

21. Underwater Camera

best gifts for photographers underwater camera

Give your friend a chance to take unbelievable photos under the water.

22. Underwater Housing

best gifts for photographers underwater housing

Now, your photographer can work under the water without damaging their camera and lens.

23. Extension Tube Set

best gifts for photographers extension tube set

If you are looking for a gift for a photographer who is interested in macro shooting, an extension tube set is what you need!

24. Camera Holster

best gifts for photographers camera holster

Camera holsters are the perfect tool for professional sport, wedding or event photographers looking for a strap-free carrying device.

25. Time-Lapse Camera

best gifts for photographers time lapse camera

This is a great modern camera that is good for HD time-lapse photography.

26. Camera Motion Control

best gifts for photographers camera motion control

This compact and easy-to-use device allows you to control your camera's movement during shooting in order to avoid too-blurred photos. It takes incredible time-lapses and motion-controlled panoramas.

27. Light Wand

best gifts for photographers light wand

A light wand offers many functions that will be useful for professional portrait photo shooting. One of the best gifts for photographers on Amazon that is trending now.

28. Flash

best gifts for photographers flash

A flash is always a great gift for any photographer.

29. 50mm Lens

best gifts for photographers 50mm lens

This is a wonderful gift for every beginner. Find out what camera your photographer always uses and buy a lens of his brand.

30. Film Scanner

best gifts for photographers film scanner

If your friend is fond of shooting film, this device will be very useful for them. It scans negatives quickly and can also be used as an efficient slide scanner.

31. ColorChecker

best gifts for photographers color checker

One more excellent example of photography gifts is the ColorChecker. It adjusts color profiles depending on the lighting conditions and makes it possible to get precise colors.

32. Camera Muzzle

best gifts for photographers camera muzzle

Many photographers face the difficulty of their shutter making noise in silent surroundings, for instance, during a wedding ceremony. This accessory encloses the whole camera with a cloth jacket and foam to minimize noise.

33. Photography Blind

best gifts for photographers photography blind

One of the really helpful gifts for outdoor photographers is a top-grade blind. It gives them an opportunity to take pictures of wildlife closely.

34. Camera Bag

best gifts for photographers camera bag

Camera bags make it easier to bring all the necessary equipment to photo sessions. Be sure to consider the person’s shooting style, as photographers of different genres appreciate different features in a bag.

35. Lightbox

best gifts for photographers lightbox

All photographers will be grateful for a lightbox for product photography. It allows them to take high-quality pictures even with a smartphone.

36. Filter Accessory Kit

best gifts for photographers filter kit

I'd like to highlight the filter accessory kit as being among the best gifts for camera lovers. It consists of three filters: neutral density, polarizing and clear UV ones.

37. Camera Battery Grip

best gifts for photographers battery grip

With this present, a photographer won't have to worry about the camera constantly running out of power and can simply relax and enjoy shooting with the camera for a longer time.

38. Off-Grid Device

best gifts for photographers off grid device

A lot of wildlife and travel shooters will make use of this device for calling and texting in places where mobile service is absent.

39. Shoulder Camera Strap

photography gifts shoulder strap

A shoulder strap is one of the most appropriate gifts for photographers under 100 dollars. The part with a cushion is placed on the shoulder while the camera is hanging reliably from one of the sides when it isn’t used.

40. Posing Bean Bag

photography gifts posing bean bag

Any newborn photographer would love to own a bean bag to make the baby as comfortable as possible during shooting.

41. Instant Film Camera

photography gifts instant film camera

An instant camera with auto adjustments is a perfect present for beginning shooters who haven’t figured out camera settings yet.

42. Ring Light

photography gifts ring light

Lighting is very important when it comes to beauty and portrait shooting. Therefore, one of the handiest gifts for photographers working in this genre is the ring light, which produces even lighting around the model’s face.

43. Regular Tripod

photography gifts tripod

Photographers can’t do without a DSLR tripod to provide a camera with stability and neutralize camera shake.

44. Camera Phone Case

photography gifts phone case

When looking for gifts for iPhone photographers, pay attention to phone cases that resemble a traditional camera.

45. Vintage Camera Bookends

photography gifts bookends

If the person is fond of both photography and reading, he/she will enjoy having retro camera bookends.

46. Backpack Add-On

photography gifts backpack add-on

For a shooter who already has a camera bag, you can get this accessory to conveniently carry a camera without a neck strap.

47. Multitool

photography gifts multittool

An example of practical gift ideas for photographers is a multitool for adjusting the setups while shooting and fixing something in case it breaks down.

48. Hoodloupe

photography gifts hoodloupe

The hoodloupe shields the viewfinder from the sun, allowing a photographer to observe the shot and enabling a magnified view to see focus. The device will come in handy for all outside shooters.

49. Waterproof Case

photography gifts waterproof case

This gift gives shooters the opportunity to learn a new photography genre – taking photos under raindrops or underwater.

50. Collapsible Light Diffuser

photography gifts light diffuser

A simple thing that all photographers need – a light diffuser. Try a collapsible one for traveling ease.

51. 360 Pano Camera

photography gifts 360 pano camera

Rotating 360 degrees, the 360 Pano Camera takes great volume shots. If you are looking for something modern and unusual, then this is the right choice!

52. Wearable Camera Protection

photography gifts camera protection

This accessory will save a camera from damage. A photographer may carry it separately or use it as a camera cover in a standard bag.

53. Viewfinder Magnifier

photography gifts viewfinder magnifier

Among the best gifts for photography lovers is a magnifier. It prevents the eyes from getting tired and provides double magnification without blurring and distortions.

54. Blower Fan

photography gifts blower fan

Photographers doing female portraiture will certainly appreciate such a fan for creating a flying hair effect in shots.

55. Photography Book

photography gifts photography book

It is always a great idea to please a shooter with a book dedicated to 100 photographs that changed the world.

56. Crystal Ball

gifts for photographers under $50 crystal ball

Talking about gifts for photographers under $50, consider buying the Lensball. It allows shooters to play around with refraction effects that result in fascinating crystal ball photography.

57. “Photo Opoly” Board Game

gifts for photographers under $50 board game

This game is inspired by the famous board game Monopoly. A shooter can even add his/her own pictures to the game board.

58. Bokeh Kit

gifts for photographers under $50 bokeh kit

A bokeh kit is a great gift for photographers who are keen on night shooting.

59. Aperture Watch

gifts for photographers under $50 aperture watch

This watch always indicates the right time to photograph! Every shutterbug is going to appreciate a watch that measures time by aperture.

60. Solar Charger

gifts for photographers under $50 solar charger

It is no secret that gadgets often run out of power at unexpected moments. But your photographer will not have to worry about this if you present them with a solar charger.

61. Camera Bean Bag

gifts for photographers under $50 camera bean bag

This support system allows you to work comfortably on any surface. It’s a more compact and portable alternative to a tripod.

62. Turntable

gifts for photographers under $50 turntable

Such a gift will be a real find for a product, shoe, and jewelry photographer. It helps take 360-degree pictures.

63. Bag Inserts

gifts for photographers under $50 bag inserts

If you can’t afford to purchase a standard camera bag, you can get special inserts. They will turn any ordinary bag into a camera bag.

64. Flash Grid

gifts for photographers under $50 flash grid

A wonderful gift for photographer engaged in portrait shooting. It helps to create dramatic or moody portraits and is used for accent, rim, main, hair or background lights. You can als complement your present woth the best strobe lights for photography.

65. Winter Gloves

gifts for photographers under $50 winter gloves

Landscape and wildlife photographers will be thankful if you get them warm gloves for convenient work in cold weather.

66. Handstrap

gifts for photographers under $50 handstrap

Instead of a wrist camera strap, you may purchase a hand one. It ensures a more efficient photography process and reduces the chances of the camera falling down.

67. Camera Strap

gifts for photographers under $50 camera strap

An incredible example of gifts for photography enthusiast and beginner photographers is a customized camera strap. For instance, a world map strap is suitable for travel shooters.

68. Reflector

gifts for photographers under $50 reflector

A light reflector kit is a necessary thing for all shooters. It is equally effective for outdoor and studio photo sessions.

69. Ring Flash

gifts for photographers under $50 ring flash

A cheaper analog of a large ring light is a ring flash. It is created specifically for the aims of close-up and macro photographers.

70. PictarGrip

gifts for photographers under $50 pictar grip

As for creative photography gifts, you may buy a Pictar camera grip. It will give the shooter the feeling that they're holding a real DSLR camera.

71. Screen Protector

gifts for photographers under $50 screen protector

A camera’s LCD screen will be 100 percent safe with this reliable protector.

72. Photography Portfolio

gifts for photographers under $50 photography portfolio

The best way for photographers to showcase their works in all their glory is a portfolio. With its help, a shooter is sure to attract more clients.

73. Wine Bottle Holder

gifts for photographers under $50 wine bottle holder

One of the most unusual gifts for photographers is this wine holder. When placed in the kitchen or in the bar, it will be a definite sign that the owner is involved or interested in photography.

74. Earplugs

gifts for photographers under $50 earplugs

If you choose a gift for a photographer who takes pictures at concerts or other events, earplugs are a great option. They will help protect the ears from noise.

75. Eyelighter

gifts for photographers under $50 eyelighter

The Eyelighter is one of the best photography gifts for those, who take portraits. Using this item you can brighten the shadows on the model’s face. This is an indispensable thing for headshot photography.

76. Lightroom Preset Bundle

gifts for photographers under $50 lightroom presets

You can facilitate the work of your photographer by presenting him/her with a set of high-quality professional presets. It will speed up their workflow and save a lot of time.

77. Mini Tripod

gifts for photographers under $50 mini tripod

A mini tripod is a very useful stabilization tool for a photographer, which can also be used as a convenient grip.

78. GoPro Accessory Kit

gifts for photographers under $50 go pro accessory kit

This set of accessories will delight any photographer and help them get ready even for the most extreme shooting.

79. Flash Filter Kit

gifts for photographers under $50 flash filter kit

This kit helps to make the pictures more vivid and attractive. It includes 20 quality filters, gel-band, and a pouch.

80. Flexible Tripod

gifts for photographers under $50 flexible tripod

Are you looking for gifts for outdoor photographers? Then a flexible tripod deserves your attention. It can hold a mirrorless or DSLR camera and can be attached to any surface.

81. Gift Card

gifts for photographers under $50 gift card

Gift cards for photographers can be a good way to say thank you!

82. Custom Calendar

gifts for photographers under $25

A custom calendar is one of the best gifts for photographers under $25. This practical thing will be especially useful in everyday life.

83. Magnetic Picture Frames

gifts for photographers under $25 magnetic frames

These magnetic frames can be attached to various metal surfaces. They are suitable for Polaroid shots.

84. Photography Magazine Subscription

gifts for photographers under $25 national geographic

Another gift idea is to present your photographer with a 1-year subscription to some popular photo magazine.

85. Phone Ring Light

gifts for photographers under $25 ring light

Good lighting is always necessary, and such a device will provide studio light for iPhone photographers at any moment.

86. Lens Pen

gifts for photographers under $25 lens pen

If you notice that your friend uses his/her clothes or tissues to clean their lenses, consider presenting him/her a special lens pen.

87. Polaroid Toilet Paper Dispenser

gifts for photographers under $25 polaroid toilet paper dispenser

The funniest gift for photographers with a good sense of humor. Instead of Polaroid pics, this camera dispenses toilet paper.

88. Keyboard Shortcut Skin

gifts for photographers under $25 keyboard shortcut skin

With the help of such an Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Skin, your friend will be able to become a real Photoshop master and improve their skills much faster.

89. USB Flash Drive

gifts for photographers under $25 usb flash drive

Such fun photography gifts will allow the recipient to store necessary documents, files, and photos and keep everything safe in their pocket.

90. Memory Card

gifts for photographers under $25 memory card

A memory card is the best gift for photographers, as they always need one.

91. Cap Buckle

gifts for photographers under $25 cap buckle

It can be a serious problem for the photographer to find a place for their lens cap while shooting. Such a cap buckle can be a real godsend!

92. Lens Cap Holder

gifts for photographers under $25 lens cap holder

This holder will make it impossible to lose a lens cap. It will help the photographer keep the lens caps attached to the camera at all times.

93. Memory Card Case

gifts for photographers under $25 memory card case

Such an example of gifts for photographers will allow your friend to keep all his/her memory cards organized in one place.

94. Pocket Memory Card Reader

gifts for photographers under $25 memory card reader

It is very important for photographers to transfer their pictures from the camera to the computer. That is why such a gadget is among the best gifts for photographers 2021.

95. Photographer’s Notebook

gifts for photographers under $25 photographer’s notebook

Great gift for photographers that will allow them to write down the information about the photo session, meetings, business or other important details.

96. Camera Modes Cufflinks

gifts for photographers under $25 cufflinks

Cufflinks in a shape of camera modes can be a wonderful gift for a photographer boyfriend. It will be especially nice and appropriate if he likes to wear smart clothes.

97. Camera Cookie Cutters

gifts for photographers under $25 cookie cutters

A great present for a photographer with a sweet tooth. Make tasty cookies in the form of your favorite DSLR camera.

98. Cable Management Case

gifts for photographers under $25 cable management case

If you want to make your friend a practical present, consider this special case, which will help him/her keep all their cables organized.

99. World Travel Adapter

gifts for photographers under $25 travel adapter

This gift is indispensable for a travel photographer. The different plugs in different countries are a real problem that can be easily solved with the help of such an adapter.

100. Bubble Level

gifts for photographers under $25 bubble level

Such a bubble level is an indispensable thing for landscape or architecture photographers to take exact shots, as you cannot only trust your eyes.

101. Car Stickers

gifts for photographers under $25 car stickers

Though these are cheap gifts for photographers in 2021, you can create really memorable and impressive decorations for cars, laptops, windows, and so on.

102. Camera Armor

gifts for photographers under $25 camera armor

Camera armor will help protect the most important thing in the list of photography equipment and is available for each DSLR model.

103. Atmosphere Aerosol

gifts for photographers under $25 aerosol

Safe, non-toxic, clear aerosol spray for photography and filmmaking. Get the look of fog or haze without the need for power, a fog machine, or fluid.

104. White Balance Cards

gifts for photographers under $25 white balance cards

This is a necessary thing if the photographer is working in poor lighting conditions. It will allow him/her to control the color correction and exposure.

105. Funny T-Shirt

gifts for photographers under $25 funny shirt

Among the many unique gifts for photographers are T-shirts with funny or original pictures or inscriptions.

106. Beach Towel

gifts for photographers under $25 beach towel

This is a nice present if your photographer friend is going on vacation to the sea.

107. White Balance Lens Cap

gifts for photographers under $25 white balance lens cap

If you are looking for an alternative for the grey card, take a closer look at the white balance lens cap. It will help the photographer to achieve ideal colors.

108. Shutter Button

gifts for photographers under $25 shutter button

Such a shutter button will be a wonderful gift for a photography enthusiast, as it allows him/her to shoot with more comfort and control.

109. Camera Cleaning Kit

gifts for photographers under $25 camera cleaning kit

If you are looking for cool gifts for camera lovers, this kit is a great option. This is a useful gift because every photographer wants to keep his/her camera clean!

110. Bottle Cap Tripod

gifts for photographers under $25 bottle cap tripod

The bottle cap tripod allows you to use a regular water bottle as a tripod for a smartphone.

111. White Balance Filter

gifts for photographers under $25 white balance filter

This filter will be useful for those photographers, who often have to change white balance settings in the camera.

112. Remote Shutter Release

gifts for photographers under $25 shutter release

This is an incredible gift for selfie lovers. Thanks to this device, they can take pictures at a distance of up to 16 feet.

113. Lens Coffee Cup

gifts for photographers under $25 lens coffee cup

This is one of the best travel photographer gifts. Thematic coffee mugs are both practical and creative!

114. Wrist Strap

gifts for photographers under $25 wrist strap

If you're looking for practical gifts for photography lovers, then consider this wrist strap. It provides additional security for the camera and prevents it from slipping out.

115. Smartphone Flash Drive

gifts for photographers under $25 flash drive

Do you need an inexpensive gift for photographer friends that will be useful for their work? A flash drive for a smartphone is what you need!

116. Photography Backdrop

gifts for photographers under $25 backdrop

This universal gift will come in handy for any photographer.

117. Lens Cap

gifts for photographers under $25 lens cap

Almost every photographer has lost their lens cap at least once. A few spare items will be a pleasant thank you gift for photographer friends.

118. Car License Plate

gifts for photographers under $25 car license plate

These kinds of gifts for photography enthusiast friends will emphasize their love for this art genre.

119. Chalkboard Speech Bubbles

gifts for photographers under $25 speech bubbles

Present a set of cool chalkboard speech bubbles to your photographer. Such props will be useful for many photo sessions including wedding, corporate, and birthday celebrations.

120. Film Roll Tissue Dispenser

gifts for photographers under $25 tissue dispenser

If you want to give something interesting and creative, think about buying such a tissue dispenser.

121. Smartphone Lens Kit

gifts for photographers under $25 phone lens kit

These lenses will be great gifts for photographers who use mobile phones for shooting. Thanks to them, the quality of the photos will be improved significantly.

122. Prism

gifts for photographers under $25 prism

A prism is a useful thing for both professionals and amateurs. It helps to take more interesting shots by adding unique shapes and colors. Besides, you can hide unwanted objects in the picture.

123. Cable Organizer

gifts for photographers under $25 cable organizer

Buying cable organizers is one of the best gift ideas for photographers. Organizers will help arrange the computer cables and keep the studio clean.

124. Shutter Hugger

gifts for photographers under $25 shutter hugger

Such funny photographer gifts will be especially valuable for children photographers. Funny animals will amuse a child and evoke a natural smile. With them, photo shooting will be easier and more interesting.

125. Camera Keychain

gifts for photographers under $25 keychain

These keychains will appeal not only to professionals but also to beginning photography enthusiasts. You can choose from several color options, while the built-in flashlight is a nice bonus.

126. Lens Wristband

gifts for photographers under $25 wristband

If you are interested in cheap gifts for photographers, this option would be a great choice. Such a thing will be useful to any photographer and will remind the recipient of your gratitude.

127. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

gifts for photographers under $25 cleaning cloth

Having a clean lens is important for any photographer, so this microfiber cloth will be a practical and pleasant gift.

128. Custom Pillow

gifts for photographers under $25 custom pillow

This pillow with a creative print can be used both as a prop and for relaxation.

129. Camera Necklace

gifts for photographers under $25 necklace

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a unique and cute necklace. It can be one of those cool gifts for photographers.

130. Lens Wrap

gifts for photographers under $25 lens wrap

Since lenses are expensive equipment, photographers always take care of their safety. Present this lens wrap as a Christmas or thank-you gift.

131. Hanging Picture Display

gifts for photographers under $25 hanging photo display

Your creative photography gifts in the form of a hanging picture display can be used for further photo shoots.

132. Custom Coasters

gifts for photographers under $25 coasters

Customizable cup coasters will come in handy in everyday life. It is possible to put some photos inside and make them similar to Polaroid shots.

133. Camera Pins

gifts for photographers under $25 pins

Are you searching for gifts for photographers under $50? Then these pins are a perfect option for you. They can be attached to backpacks, clothes, camera cases, etc.

134. Umbrella Diffuser

gifts for photographers under $25 diffuser

Such portable umbrellas would be good gifts for photographers. This umbrella diffuser will help eliminate sharp glare by evenly spreading the light across the frame.

135. Film Salt & Pepper Shakers

gifts for photographers under $25 salt and paper shakers

This lovely gift for a photographer will bring an interesting look to the kitchen decor.

136. Water Bottle

gifts for photographers under $25 water bottle

Photographers often drink water during shooting. Present them with a water bottle with a clip so that it can be attached to a convenient place. These gifts for a photographer can be used both during a photo session and for regular running.

137. The Photographer’s Playbook

gifts for photographers under $25 playbook

This gift will inspire the photographer to further explore the world through the camera lens.

138. Camera Socks

gifts for photographers under $25 socks

Another cool photography gift idea is a pair of socks with a camera print.

139. Vintage Camera Organizer

gifts for photographers under $25 organizer

Practical gifts for photographers are very popular. This vintage organizer will help keep the workspace in order.

140. Lume Cube

gifts for photographers under $25 lume cube

This is a great option if you need gifts for mobile photographers. This pocket light will help you control the light and brightness in your shots.

141. Lens Pouches

gifts for photographers under $25 lens pouch

If you want to give something nice to your photographer, give him/her a few lens pouches with a carabiner. These gifts for photographers 2021 allow you to carry lenses safely and conveniently.

142. Apron

gifts for photographers under $25 apron

If your photographer is a cooking enthusiast, then he/she will definitely like this apron.

143. Camera Ornaments

gifts for photographers under $25 ornaments

These unique ornaments can be wonderful Christmas gifts for photographers.

144. Eyecup

gifts for photographers under $25 eyecup

Does your photographer wear glasses? Then this eyecup is a nice gift for photographer. It helps them to avoid glare and protects their glasses from scratching when approaching the viewfinder.

145. Focus and Zoom Grip

gifts for photographers under $25 focus and zoom grip

This grip provides smooth and precise zooming and focusing.

146. Flashlight Gloves

gifts for photographers under $25 flashlight gloves

Are you looking for some modern gifts for photographers? Pay attention to these gloves with built-in flashlights. Night shooting will become more comfortable and simple.

147. Photo Album

gifts for photographers under $25 photo album

Choose an interesting photo album to keep the best pictures in.

148. Backup Phone Battery

gifts for photographers under $25 phone battery

A spare battery will allow a shooter to take pictures longer. If you are thinking about gifts for iPhone photographers, then this is a nice option.

149. Jigsaw Puzzle

gifts for photographers under $25 jigsaw puzzle

Give your photographer a puzzle with a photograph taken by him/her. Let him/her assemble the puzzle without telling them what photo it is. It’ll be a pleasant surprise.

150. Insoles

gifts for photographers under $25 insoles

Photographers spend many hours standing while shooting. So, special insoles are good and practical gifts for photographers.

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