Where to Find Photography Inspiration? 15 Ideas for Inspiration

Photography Inspiration

Seems that you have already tried all photo ideas? Don’t know how to impress clients? Get your photography inspiration and start taking awesome photos.

15 Photography Inspiration Tips

Photographers are artists who are constantly looking for something that can motivate them for new projects and achievements.

If you feel that you’ve run out of the ideas, then look at this list of useful tips and get some photography inspiration.

1. Find Inspiration on Pinterest or Flickr

Instagram, Pinterest or Flickr are surely the best websites to find photography inspiration. You can find many cool shots, which may inspire to start something new. On Pinterest you may create motivation boards with all creative ideas you saw. These boards are the places where you may save, collect, and organize your pins.

2. Take Books, Movies, and Cartoons as a Basis

photography inspiration books and films

There are many photography inspiration ideas in different cartoons and films. You need to watch a new movie and decide what can be used as a concept for a new photoshoot.

RECOMMENDED MOVIES: One Hour Photo (2002), High Art (1998), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013).

It is possible to do the same after reading some photography inspiration books. I recommend you to check up the photography book reviews to choose the best one. In fact, it has even more options for your creativity. Think of images according to the plot just the way you imagine them.

RECOMMENDED BOOKS: Vivian Maier: Street Photographer by by Vivian Maier, The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos by Michael Freeman, Light Lines by William Ewing.

3. Visit New Places

photography inspiration

Pack your bag and go to the places you have been dreaming of. You can also set out on a journey without a definite aim.

RECOMMENDED PLACES IN THE US: Big Sur - California, Key Largo – Florida, Grand Prismatic Spring- Wyoming.

Let intuition and search of inspirations in photography guide you. Soon you will see where they have brought you. It is a great way not only to add new photos to a portfolio but gain new experience. Agree, it is no less important for the shooter than his/her skills.

RECOMMENDED PLACES ABROAD: Fingal’s Cave - Scotland, Avatar Hallelujah Mountain - China, Hvitserkur – Iceland.

4. Join Photography Walking Tours

photography inspiration

Photography walking tours are the best way to test your gear and learn how to work with natural light. Usually they are held abroad, on the streets or at the national parks. Photo walks are a great way to learn, get outdoors and meet new people.

5. Read Photography Inspiration Quotes

Reading different quotes about pictures and memories is not always very entertaining. However, such activity can really save you from a creative crisis. Also, these can be inspiring books with interesting photography inspiration quotes as well. They can help you believe in yourself, find photography inspiration and start working.

6. Print Your Photos

photography inspiration photos

Looking at the photos on the screen and on the paper are two different things. While you choose the pictures, which you want to print, you will review your works. This can bring you some new photography ideas.

Moreover, you may want to realize the older ones, only in another way and at a higher level. This corresponds to the plot, shooting techniques, image post-processing and other photography aspects.

7. Take Photos with Disposable Cameras

photography inspiration photos View Disposable Cameras Prices

This is one of the funniest way to take cool pictures for inspiration. Buy a disposable film and take around 24 pics of everything you see. This is the cheapest way to use a film camera. Most of these cameras have a flash and shutter button.

8. Try New Techniques

photography inspiration photos

It isn’t only about equipment or various accessories. If you shot portraits before, then try some new photography theme ideas, like taking still lives and landscapes, or vice versa.

Trying a new genre can reveal another way of working with light, color, aperture, exposure and photo post-production.

9. Shoot in One Color

photography theme ideas

Just go outside and pay attention to things, clothes, architecture and cars of one color. Shoot only these objects. Focus on this one color.

Each color has a peculiar mood. There are many unexpected colors and shades that you can see and capture. Each one has its emotional coloring and interpretation.

10. Join a Photography Challenge

Even online photography challenge is a good way to find the inspiration. As a rule, you are asked to express a certain idea or feeling in your works, which absolutely boost your photography inspiration.

Photo challenges provide you with an opportunity to develop your shooting skills along with inspiration. If you don’t like practicing alone, then join any local group or club like GuruShots photo challenge.

11. Tell the Story in Several Frames

photography challenge ideas

You need to decide what story you want to tell. Then think of a way you are going to present it.

Storytelling is important in photography. Thus you will learn how to concentrate on sharing any stories effectively, string pictures together in order to create a logical narrative.

Besides, you’ll understand how the camera’s perspective may influence the overall atmosphere of a shot. For example, close-ups look more intimate than full-length photos.

12. Start Photographing Strangers

Sometimes we think that we must decide what and how to shoot in advance. Actually, it does not always work. You’d better not waste days and weeks trying to find the idea and the way to express it.

You can just go out and photograph. Such a process may turn out to be a photo inspiration for ideas, which you will realize in a studio later. Even lampposts can suddenly give you a concept for future projects.

Shoot landscapes, streets, even just strangers and everything that is around you. Such a searching process can lead to unexpected and pleasant results.

13. Take a Self-Portrait

self portrait ideas

It is another photography challenge. You just need a camera, tripod, and some creativity to generate interesting and conceptual self portrait ideas. Think of some interesting poses, extraordinary angles, props. Do anything you want to take an impressive photo.

14. Photograph One Object from Different Angles

tips on photography inspiration for beginners

Your task is to take a picture of a person or an object several times from different angles. Mind, the shots must be unique. Use various distances, light sources, and colors. It’s an amazing kind of photography ideas at home for beginners, as you can photograph your favorite pet, a cup of coffee, a book, etc.

15. Follow Other Photographers

These eminent photographers have made a name for them and continue to shine the light for those who want to follow in their stead. Each one of them has their own unique style and differs from the rest.

Photo Editing Freebies for Your Photography Inspiration

I’ve collected 5 free amazing presets, actions and overlays, which will not only inspire you with new photo ideas but also help make your pictures consistent.

1. Free Lightroom Preset "Film"

free lightroom preset for photography inspiration free lightroom preset for photography inspiration

This preset will be of great help if you have decided to go outside and shoot everything you see. The filter will help create a Hollywood-like photo with sharp detail. Mind, the preset doesn’t boost the contrast very much.

2. Free Lightroom Preset "Confetti"

free lightroom preset photo inspiration free lightroom preset photo inspiration

This preset will inspire you to take landscape images or arrange a photoshoot with a fantastic background. It allows separating the horizon and giving the sky some rich blue shades. You will get either intense or light blue tone depending on the contrast settings.

3. Free Photoshop Action "Pale"

free photoshop action for photography inspiration free photoshop action for photography inspiration

This PS action will appeal to the shooters who like high-contrast and expressive photos. Use it to correct sharpness and white balance, get rid of yellow tones and make colors more natural. The “Pale” action will make your pictures fresh and attractive.

4. Free Photoshop Action "Warm"

free photoshop action for inspiration photography free photoshop action for inspiration photography

This is one of the most popular actions that will suit almost every photography ideas. It will add some warmth to your pictures, inspiring you to take more beautiful and unique shots.

5. Free Bokeh Overlay "Mirror Glows"

free photoshop bokeh overlay for inspirations for photographers free photoshop bokeh overlay for inspirations for photographers

This overlay will add glowing lights across the entire photo. Experiment and try to create some interesting light effects, making your picture a real masterpiece. Add glassware, glistening water, Christmas trees, burning street lanterns in the background and your shot will definitely attract the viewer’s attention.

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