20 Cool Photography Gadgets To Have In Your Arsenal

To take professional-looking photos, make sure to use the newest photography gadgets and accessories that allow you to get clear pictures without any blur. You can buy a new camera, external storage device, protective case, etc. These indispensable gadgets and accessories can speed up your workflow and help you take eye-catching photos.

Top 20 Photography Gadgets

In this article, I’ve rounded up the best photography accessories that can be used with cameras, smartphones, and computers for photo editing. All of them will be great gifts for photographers who want to improve their skills.

1. Loupedeck Creative Tool

loupedeck cool photography gadgets

The Loupedeck photo editing console will come in handy for those who want to optimize their workflow. With it, you can assign various tasks and actions to buttons. This way, you won’t need to move sliders to adjust settings or look through different menus to find the feature that you need to use.

This console has a variety of workspaces that can be used for simplifying every step of your editing routine. You can also create custom workspaces with the tools and options that you use every day. Thanks to the customizable touchscreens, it will be easier for you to work with Lightroom and other photo editing software for beginners.

2. Wacom Intuos Tablet

wacom intuos tablet cool photography gadgets

If you want to simplify your workflow, try using a tablet for photo editing equipped with a pen. Such devices are pretty lightweight, which makes them convenient to use on the go. When using the Wacom tablet, you can quickly move a brush or other editing tool to any part of the screen to perform skin retouching and remove various imperfections. Thanks to the EMR technology, you won’t need to charge the pen, which will save you much time.

If you face any difficulties with editing or don’t want to waste your money on pro-level editing programs, you can contact our professional service. Our experts will improve your photos quickly and at an affordable price. They will fix lighting and exposure issues, tweak colors and adjust various parameters to make your photos look more polished.

3. Glass Prism Set

glass prism set cool photography gadgets

You can also find plenty of cool photography gadgets that allow you to manipulate light and achieve unusual effects. Photographers engaged in prism photography use various techniques to bend, refract or scatter light. You can use prisms when taking portrait photos, wedding pictures, or photos for album covers. For instance, you can create a rainbow light effect in the foreground.

Some photographers use this technique to emphasize the subject, creating the effect of a kaleidoscope or surrealistic landscape. For instance, this set includes 4 handmade prisms. They differ in their shapes and look stunning in the frame, so you can even use them as decorations. Besides, the set includes an accessory for crystal ball photography.

4. Lensbaby Composer Pro II

lensbaby composer pro II cool photography gadgets

If you are interested in artistic effects and want to take creative photos, try using this photo gadget that allows you to recreate the blur caused by tilt shift lenses and give your photos a dreamy look. You can change the focal point without changing the composition of your photo and adjust the intensity of the bokeh effect. Thanks to Lensbaby, you won’t need to use advanced photo editing software to create a blur effect. This gadget will help you fully transform the background in your photos.

5. 3D Hero System

3d hero system cool photography gadgets

Thanks to the 3D HERO System, you can put 2 1080p HD HERO GoPro cameras into one housing to create 2D and 3D multimedia content at the same time. Thanks to the synchronization cable plugs, you can join two cameras and use them to record video and take photos.

This model is compatible only with GoPro devices, so you won’t be able to use it with GoPro alternatives. Its native GoPro Cineform Studio software enables you to convert 3D HERO System footage into 3D files that you can watch on your 2D or 3DTV as well as upload to YouTube.

6. Opteka Spy Lens

opteka spy lens cool photography gadgets

You can also use fun photography accessories that allow you to take photos under unusual angles. This lens is a must for documentary and street photographers who want to take photos while remaining unnoticed. You can face one direction and position the camera so that it faces the opposite direction. This spy lens can be used with wide angle lenses. Thanks to a piece of glass on the front, it’s quite similar to a telephoto lens. It’s a perfect option to consider if you are interested in candid photography or want to take photos without distracting your models.

7. KUVRD Lens Cap

kuvrd lens cap cool photography gadgets

When taking photos or shooting videos in severe weather conditions, you can use these lens caps to protect the camera lens from water, mud, dust or sand. They are compatible with various types of lenses. You can stretch them from 60mm to 120mm.

In addition, these lens caps can be used both as front and rear caps. You no longer need to worry about damaging your lens. The cap is impact-resistant and fully protects your lens against possible damage. This lens cap will be useful for anyone interested in landscape and travel photography.

8. Datacolor SpyderX Pro Monitor Calibrator

datacolor spyderx pro monitor calibrator cool photography gadgets

Sometimes, when photographers process their photos and then post them on social networks, they notice that colors look different. By using monitor calibrators, you can avoid this issue and perform color correction without worrying that you will spend your time in vain. The colors in the frame will look perfectly balanced. They will stay the same regardless of the device that you use for viewing your images. Besides, these calibrators ensure that colors won’t look different when you print your photos.

You can purchase and use the Datacolor SpyderX Pro Monitor Calibrator to calibrate monitor. Thanks to the advanced calibration options, you can calibrate colors within a couple of minutes. Besides, this device allows you to tune several displays.

9. СhromLives Bubble Level

chromlives bubble level cool photography gadgets

Bubble level will come in handy for anyone interested in landscape photography or other genres where one needs to take images with a straight horizon line. It will be especially useful for those who need to create a panoramic image by merging several frames.

You can easily mount it into the hot shoe of a camera. This model is pretty lightweight and compact, which is why it will fit into your travel bag.

10. Joby GorillaPod

joby gorillapod cool photography gadgets

The key selling point of flexible tripods is that they enable you to take photos and videos at extreme angles. Besides, these creative photography accessories have adjustable height and allow you to wrap them around objects to achieve better stabilization.

The GorillaPod from Joby is a great tripod brand that can be wrapped around a tree or other object. You can use it as a selfie stick. Besides, it will help you stabilize your camera on uneven terrains. Since it’s pretty lightweight and compact, it will easily fit in your bag, which makes it a perfect option for avid travelers.

11. Peak Design Capture Lens Kit

peak design capture lens kit cool photography gadgets

If you have any difficulties with changing lenses, try using the CaptureLENS. This kit allows you to change lenses in no time and keeps your unused lenses secure. The CaptureLENS is perfect for those who don’t have a camera bag or want to have more free space for other devices.

Thanks to the double bayonet mount, it can fix 2 lenses at once. You can attach it to a backpack strap, belt or bag. It will allow you to access your spare lens at any moment.

12. GNARBOX Backup Device

gnarbox backup device cool photography gadgets

Use GNARBOX to avoid losing your data during a trip. This rugged device allows you to keep your media files safe. Unlike an external hard drive for photographers, this backup device is quite portable and comes with a set of pro-level features that allow you to manage your footage and images without connecting it to a laptop.

With the help of GNARBOX’s screen and buttons, you can manage your backups without using a tablet or smartphone. This photo gadget has 1TB SSD, SD slot, 2 USB-C ports and a native app. It allows you to organize your files before returning home from a trip, which will save you much time.

13. ULHcombo Lens Hood

ulhcombo lens hood cool photography gadgets

The ULHcombo lens hood serves as a perfect replacement for polarizing filters and lens hoods since it allows you to take photos without any reflections. Besides, you won’t need to buy lens hoods of different sizes since it’s compatible with 50mm and bigger lenses.

The lens hood was made of soft material, which makes it perfect when it comes to minimizing light leaks and reflections. It’s easy to clean. You can put it in a compact microfibre bag to protect it from possible damage while traveling.

14. Venterior Rain Cover

venterior rain cover cool photography gadgets

When taking photos outdoors, you might need to use cool photography gadgets to protect your camera. This rain cover will be useful for professional photographers and beginners who are interested in rain photography. Since it is pretty compact, you can put it in your camera bag and pocket to use it when it’s necessary.

The Venterior rain cover was designed to protect a DSLR camera and lens from rain, snow, dust, sand, etc. You can use it in harsh weather conditions. It has a viewing window, easy-to-adjust sleeves, and a double zipper, which makes it easier for you to mount your camera on a tripod or use it in a handheld mode.

15. Power Junkie Adapter

power junkie adapter cool photography gadgets

This adapter is compatible with various DSRL or mirrorless cameras. Use the Power Junkie if you want to extend your photo session. With it, you can use your camera for 10 hours longer, which makes it a perfect option for videographers.

It is fitted with 3 ports, which enables you to power your camera, a film light, and other gadgets that you might need to use. Thanks to its LED power indicator, you will be able to see when you need to recharge your device.

16. Cowboystudio O-Ring Flash Adapter

cowboystudio o-ring flash adapter cool photography gadgets

By using this O-Flash Macro Flash adapter, you can recreate the effect that can be achieved with the help of pricey studio ring flash units used by professionals. If you specialize in fashion photography and want to get rid of harsh shadows to make lighting more even, make sure to use this useful photo gadget. It will help you implement your macro photography ideas. Since it uses the hot-shoe flash to produce light, it doesn’t need any cables, flash tubes, or electronics.

17. DiCAPac Waterproof Case

dicapac waterproof case cool photography gadgets

To protect your camera from splashes of water when you take photos while swimming, skiing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, diving or snorkeling, make sure to use the Dicapac underwater bag. Thanks to its vinyl housing, polycarbonate lens, and neck strap, your camera will be fully protected from possible damage. This option will come in handy for anyone interested in beautiful underwater photography. With it, you can take photos with little to no blur while being submerged 16 feet underwater.

18. MIOPS Mobile Remote Camera Trigger

miops mobile remote camera trigger cool photography gadgets

If you are looking for a camera remote and flash trigger, make sure to consider this all-in-one solution. The MIOPS Smart Camera Trigger supports 7 triggering modes, including lightning, sound, and laser. Photographers engaged in timelapse photography can use it as an intervalometer. The device also has an HDR, scenario, and DIY mode. In its native app, you can select one of 4 available shutter release modes: cable release, press and hold, press and lock, and timed release. Alternatively, you can also use Bluetooth camera remotes released by Alpine Labs that allow you shoot stunning 360-degree time-lapse videos.

19. Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit

godefa phone camera lens kit cool photography gadgets

You can take pro-level photos by using these easy-to-attach phone camera lenses that allow you to improve the capabilities of your smartphone’s camera. With them, you can change the focal length and angle of view of your camera to take wide-angle photos.

The kit includes 14 lenses compatible with single, dual and triple smartphone cameras. In this set, you will find macro, zoom, and fisheye lenses that can be easily attached to your device.

20. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

fujifilm instax mini link smartphone printer cool photography gadgets

If you are looking for a replacement for instant cameras, try using smartphone printers. The main disadvantage of instant cameras is that they leave no room for mistakes. However, with compact iPhone printers, you can take as many photos as you want and then print only the best of them. These cool photography accessories will help you save money on photo paper.

The Instax Mini Link is a convenient portable printer that allows you to quickly print photos from your smartphone. It supports continuous printing, which will save you much time. It will take 12 seconds to print a single photo. If the device is fully charged, you can print about 100 photos without recharging it.