10 Best Camera Remote Controls

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Would you like to have a reliable camera remote that will simplify your photoshoot?

best camera remote

best camera remote

Would you like to have a reliable camera remote that will simplify your photoshoot?

Use a camera remote controller if you want to take armless selfies or you want to prevent camera shake during long exposures.

Almost all modern DSLRs and mirrorless bodies feature built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, with the help of smartphones and special apps, you can control your camera remotely.

However, these apps usually have limitations, are the property of each brand and do not always have the necessary functionality. So, if you want to control your camera with a capable camera remote, here are reliable DSLR remote shutters to choose from.

1. AmazonBasics Wireless Remote

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amazonbasics camera remote

Type: Wireless | Range: 10 Feet | Frequency: 2.4 GHz | Timer: Yes

⊕ Excellent display 15.6 LED Full HD
⊕ Compatible with a majority of Canon cameras
⊕ Compact and lightweight
⊕ Great price
⊖ Not found

Amazon has recently released a series of Basics photography accessories that are amazingly cheap for their great quality. This digital camera remote control is compatible with both Canon and Nikon cameras.

Using a ten-foot range, this wireless controller allows you to shoot in various settings, including family portraits. This wireless remote is especially useful if you take zoomed-in photos as it prevents camera shake and enhances image clarity.

It is rather strange but Amazon specifies a 10-foot range for Canon cameras and 16-foot range for Nikon models. However, this distance will be enough for taking a family self-portrait.

2. Canon RC-6

Best wireless remote for Canon

canon rc-6 camera remote

Type: Wireless | Range: 16 Feet | Frequency: 2.4 GHz | Timer: Yes

⊕ Excellent display 15.6 LED Full HD
⊕ Compact
⊕ Extremely lightweight
⊕ Controlled by a single button
⊕ Works with numerous Canon cameras
⊖ Is compatible only with Canon cameras

RC-6 is a versatile remote camera trigger for Canon at an affordable price. Depending on what you are going to shoot, you may switch between two shutter release modes.

This allows you to instantly take a shot or choose the two-second delay mode. The latter option is useful when you need some time to get ready for shooting.

To control the preparation time, you can use a built-in 10-second timer, which is especially helpful for selfie lovers.

RC-6 doesn’t feature the remote sensor in the back, so you can use a remote device only within 16ft from the camera. It means this wireless controller is designed for taking portraits rather than for advanced photography.

Nevertheless, Canon RC-6 allows you to remotely activate or stop recording video as well as enable single or continuous shooting. Apart from being easy to use, this device is extremely compact and lightweight.

3. RFN-4s Wireless

For professional shooting

rfn-4s wireless camera remote

Type: Wireless | Range: 320 Feet | Frequency: 2.4 GHz | Timer: Yes

⊕ Excellent display 15.6 LED Full HD
⊕ Durable device
⊕ Top-quality material
⊕ Supports Bulb shooting mode
⊕ Supports up to 16 Channels
⊖ Uses AAA battery type
⊖ Is compatible only with selected Nikon cameras

Here is one of the best remote camera triggers that features 16 user-selectable channels in 2.4GHz frequency. The max range of this device is 320 feet (100 meters).

RFN-4s goes with a transmitter and a receiver kit. You can charge the receiver unit by attaching it to the camera and use AAA batteries to charge the transmitter.

A tiny receiver can be mounted to the 10-pin connector to the side of the camera. It fits into a hidden contour of the DSLR and is rather unnoticeable.

It is quite convenient to leave it mounted for a long time. You can use the ON/OFF button to switch from remote to manual trigger and vice versa.

If you want to enable the camera focus, half-press the button on the transmitter just like you half-press the shutter release button on the camera. Thus, you transmit information through the transmitter to the receiver.

Once the camera has gained focus, the bright blue light on the transmitter changes to dull blue. Then press the button down and you will see that the blue light goes out for a moment, indicating that you have taken the photo.

If the camera can’t adjust the focus point, there will be a red light on the transmitter. In this case, it is necessary to recompose your image to acquire a better focus.

4. Nikon ML-L3 Wireless

Best camera remote for Nikon cameras

nikon ml-l3 wireless camera remote

Type: Wireless | Range: 16 Feet | Frequency: 2.4 GHz | Timer: Yes

⊕ Excellent display 15.6 LED Full HD
⊕ Excellent construction
⊕ Lightweight and portable
⊕ Supports focusing
⊕ Isn’t compatible with Nikon D3400
⊖ No informative user manual

This DSLR remote shutter features infrared remote control. In case your Nikon doesn’t support this technology, you’d better choose another controller. ML-L3 is compatible with numerous Nikon models, including those from the DX series.

The remote controller also has a Bulb mode. There are various modes in Nikon that allow you to take a delayed or instant shot. You can also enable a Mirror Lock-Up feature on the camera menu to shoot long exposures.

I like that ML-L3 doesn’t require IR to be in the line of sight to operate the camera. It uses a transition technology that allows you to point to any direction to control the camera.

5. Marrex MX-IR5 Wireless

Best camera remote for Olympus, Sony and Pentax

marrex mx-ir5 wireless camera remote

Type: Wireless | Range: 19 Feet | Frequency: 2.4 GHz | Timer: Yes

⊕ Excellent display 15.6 LED Full HD
⊕ Stable work on almost any camera
⊕ Long-range remote control
⊕ No exterior product information
⊖ Difficult to open the battery compartment

Marrex is a DSLR remote trigger that uses IR technology and is compatible with cameras that support IR as well. Since the majority of the cameras have the IR sensor at the front, you can’t shoot standing behind the camera.

It is necessary to stay in front of the camera and control it with the remote. That is why the model will suit those photographers who are planning to take portraits or group shots.

6. Vello LW-500

For those who work with a smartphone, tablet or computer

vello lw-500 camera remote

Type: Wi-Fi | Range: 196.9 Feet | Frequency: 5.8 GHz | Timer: Yes

⊕ Excellent display 15.6 LED Full HD
⊕ Fast data transfer
⊕ A large list of supported devices
⊕ A built-in battery serves as a power source
⊖ Expensive

Vello LW-500 is the best camera remote which allows you to distantly operate your camera from a smartphone, tablet or laptop using the app. It features the wireless range of up to 196.9' (60m).

LW-500 is compatible with selected cameras from such brands as Canon, Nikon and Sony. Using the app, you can remotely change the camera settings: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, touch-focus (for smartphones and tablets), click-focus (for laptops and PCs), exposure compensation, white balance and metering modes.

Also, you can watch a real-time stream at a transfer rate of up to 10 MB/s using 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking.

7. Photoolex T710N

Wired camera remote with LCD screen

photoolex t710n camera remote

Type: Wired | Range: 3 Feet wire | Timer: Yes

⊕ Excellent display 15.6 LED Full HD
⊕ Wide range of capabilities
⊕ Handy camera settings
⊕ LCD panel
⊕ Stylish and ergonomic design
⊖ It's easy to rip the cable out of the camera if you pull it too hard

Unlike the above-mentioned models, Photoolex T710N offers some interesting features and capabilities. For example, it has an illuminated LCD panel and a built-in timer with endless possibilities as you can set it from 1 second to almost 100 hours.

This camera shutter release is suitable for both photography enthusiasts and professional shooters. It allows you to change the shooting interval and exposure time, specify the number of photos per interval and more.

With Manual Release mode, it is possible to take pictures manually by using the shutter-release button. To activate the auto-focus, it is necessary to press the button halfway.

Photoolex T710N comes with an impressive pack. As it is a wired controller, you will get 2 shutter cables, 2 AAA batteries, a review card, a user manual and a warranty.

8. Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release

Affordable wired camera remote

progo wired camera remote

Type: Wired | Range: 3 Feet wire | Timer: Yes

⊕ Excellent display 15.6 LED Full HD
⊕ Excellent work with all Canon cameras and even with some other brands
⊕ Amazingly cheap
⊕ “Plug and Play” connection
⊖ For shooting at a long distance, an extension cable is required

This is the best Canon remote shutter release which is more affordable compared to other wired remotes available on the market. It is compatible with almost all Canon cameras.

Since Progo is a wired controller, it comes with a 3ft/90cm long cable. Depending on your photographic situation, the cable may not be long enough. However, you can easily fix this issue by buying a male/female extension cable.

Progo has an auto-focus feature, just semi-push the shutter button and you will activate it. To take a shot, just completely press the button.

9. Hahnel Captur Timer Kit

For long-range shooting

hahnel captur timer kit camera remote

Type: Wireless | Range: 320 Feet | Frequency: 2.4 GHz | Timer: Yes

⊕ Excellent display 15.6 LED Full HD
⊕ Interval timer for time-lapse photography
⊕ Long-range shooting
⊕ Completely programmable
⊖ Rather expensive
⊖ Requires time to learn how to use the device

Hahnel Captur Timer Kit is not only the best camera remote but it is also a powerful device that is capable of capturing time-lapses. The main distinctive feature of Hahnel Captur is that it has an interval timer module powered by an AA battery and a receiver that can be mounted on a camera.

Its interval timer, two-timing sequences and delay timer are completely programmable. In addition, this remote has a Digital Channel Matching feature that ensures fast and easy pairing of additional receivers and triggers.

10. Phottix Aion

Excellent construction and easy setup

phottix aion camera remote

Type: Wireless | Range: 200 Feet | Frequency: 2.4 GHz | Timer: Yes

⊕ Excellent display 15.6 LED Full HD
⊕ Different modes
⊕ Durable device
⊕ Wireless signal strength indicator
⊕ Excellent packaging
⊖ If the cable connection from the camera to the receiver isn't all the way in, the remote will not work

Phottix Aion is a powerful digital camera remote control that provides the user with an array of functions. It features wired and wireless timer as well a 24GHz frequency with a range of almost 200 feet, which makes this device stand out of the crowd.

In addition to the auto-bracketing timer for HDR, you can use an incredible amount of shutter release modes, such as instant, continuous 5 shot, 2-second delay and bulb. The illuminated LCD makes it a handy tool for shooting in low light situations. Phottix Aion is compatible with Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras.

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