9 Best Selfie Stick Tripods for Everyone in 2023

Pick up the best selfie stick tripod to free your hands while taking photos.

top selfie stick tripods

Taking group photos is not easy, even for experienced photographers. You may end up with lopsided pictures, heads cut off, blurry or incorrect framing, etc. To avoid these problems, you need to use the best selfie stick tripod.

Some models are surprisingly affordable and will work with most smartphone sizes. They have flip-out tripod legs, a Bluetooth remote that triggers the camera shutter when you press the remote button, making them ideal also for self portrait photography.

Top 9 Selfie Stick Tripods to Buy

  1. Fugetek FT568 - Versatile selfie stick tripod
  2. MFW - Affordable for most users
  3. GoPro 3-Way - For action cams
  4. Andoer 54-inch - Great for Insta bloggers
  5. DJI Osmo Mobile 6 - For shooting on the go
  6. ATUMTEK - Can be used in harsh conditions
  7. Insta360 Invisible - Doesn’t appear on the image
  8. Manfrotto VR - For professional usage
  9. Erligpowht - Great option for travelers

If you're looking to purchase a selfie stick with tripod for realizing your selfie ideas, there are several characteristics that matter. It should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your phone or camera. This means it should be made from heavy-duty materials to prevent it from falling over.

The legs should also be made of hardened plastic or metal to prevent them from breaking. Also, the selfie stick tripod should be lightweight so that it can be easily carried around.

Adjustability is important as well. You should be able to adjust the tripod to take photos or videos from different angles and positions, making it perfect for your creative photo ideas.

1. Fugetek FT568 – Our Choice

Versatile selfie stick tripod
fugetek ft568 selfie stick tripod
  • ✚ Heavy-duty frame
  • ✚ Constructed from aviation-grade aluminum alloy
  • ✚ Rechargeable battery
  • ✚ Comes with a detachable wireless remote
  • Clamp may not be compatible with all smartphones
  • The tripod itself is a bit bulky

Fugetek FT568 selfie stick tripod is a great option for anyone who wants to take high-quality photos and videos on the go, especially with the added advantage of a smartphone gimbal.

One of the main advantages of this selfie stick is that it supports a wide range of devices, including smartphones, GoPros, and even DSLR cameras, making it an affordable option for those who want great stability. This means that you can use it to capture your favorite moments no matter what equipment you have on hand.

fugetek ft568 selfie stick tripod lifestyle

Another advantage of the Fugetek FT568 is its extra-long extension, which can reach up to 49 inches. This makes it the best selfie camera stick tripod for taking group shots and wide background shots.

The detachable Bluetooth control is also a great feature, as it allows you to take photos remotely and without having to be right next to your device.

2. MFW

Affordable for most users
mfw selfie stick tripod
  • ✚ Adjustable head and height
  • ✚ Suitable for various devices
  • ✚ Stable
  • ✚ Bluetooth remote control
  • Bluetooth may not be compatible with some cameras

MFW tripod under $50 is lightweight, portable, and easy to use, making it perfect for lifestyle photography. The adjustable height is a big advantage, as it allows you to take photos from different angles and heights.

This tripod doubles as a selfie stick, making it a versatile accessory for capturing selfies on-the-go.

mfw selfie stick tripod lifestyle

The Bluetooth remote control is also a useful feature, giving you the ability to take photos and videos from a distance of up to 30 feet. One of the standout features of this selfie stick tripod is the 360-degree fill light.

It's a great addition for those who love taking photos in low light conditions, and the light can be adjusted to three different settings, perfect for brightening up dark backgrounds.

3. GoPro 3-Way

For action cams
gopro 3-way selfie stick tripod
  • ✚ Comfortable to hold with a lychee texture handle
  • ✚ Stable and durable
  • ✚ Lightweight and compact
  • ✚ Can hold a phone and camera at the same time
  • May not be suitable for larger cameras
  • Higher price point compared to other selfie sticks

GoPro 3-Way selfie stick tripod is a well-designed and versatile tool that is perfect for anyone who wants to take amazing photos and videos with their GoPro cameras. It is also a great option for those who are looking for GoPro alternatives as it is compatible with many other DSLRs.

gopro 3-way selfie stick tripod lifestyle

The head of the camera stick can rotate 270 degrees and tilt back and forth 90 degrees for a variety of angles to capture the best shots. You can shoot in portrait mode and even switch it to wide angle for more sweeping scenes.

It is incredibly durable, so it won’t break easily when you’re out on an adventurous journey. If you're looking for more stabilization, you can pair the selfie stick with a GoPro gimbal for even smoother footage.

4. Andoer 54-inch

Great for Insta bloggers
andoer 54-inch selfie stick tripod
  • ✚ Sturdy and durable build
  • ✚ Adjustable height and position
  • ✚ Lightweight and portable
  • ✚ High compatibility
  • Not suitable for extreme sports
  • Lacks advanced features

Andoer 54-inch can be used as a table top tripod, high 54-inch tripod, and a monopod. It also comes with a detachable Bluetooth remote, making it easy to trigger the shutter with exceptional convenience.

The stick for phone camera feature allows you to take selfies from different angles, and the tripod is compatible with most mobile phones, GoPros, and DSLRs.

andoer 54-inch selfie stick tripod lifestyle

The telescopic lever extends up to 31.3 inches, giving you more freedom to take shots from different perspectives. Furthermore, the Andoer 54-inch tripod has a foldable design, making it portable and easy to carry around in your pocket or bag.

It also has an anti-slip rubber foot, preventing slipping and ensuring stability while taking shots.

5. DJI Osmo Mobile 6

For shooting on the go
dji osmo mobile 6 selfie stick
  • ✚ Motion control
  • ✚ Compatible with different devices
  • ✚ Intelligent shooting mode
  • ✚ 3-axis stabilization
  • Limited smartphone size support
  • Limited zoom control

Osmo Mobile 6 is a high-end smartphone stabilizer that can really up your content creation. It has a magnetic clamp that can hold smartphones up to 3.3 inches wide, which is great because it means you don't have to worry about your phone falling out. Plus, it comes with an extension rod that allows you to get those cool low-angle shots.

dji osmo mobile 6 selfie stick lifestyle

One of the main features that I really love is the ActiveTrack 5.0. It automatically tracks moving subjects, so you can focus on your content without worrying about staying in frame. This is perfect for vloggers and TikTok creators who are always on the move.

Another cool thing about the Osmo Mobile 6 is the Quick Launch feature. As soon as you unfold the gimbal, it powers on and opens the Mimo app on your iPhone. This saves you time and makes it super convenient to start filming.


Can be used in harsh conditions
atumtek selfie stick tripod
  • ✚ Lightweight, portable and easy to use
  • ✚ 270-degrees rotatable phone holder
  • ✚ Compatible with most iPhones and Android devices
  • ✚ Corrosion-free aluminum alloy material
  • Slightly more expensive compared to its competitors

ATUMTEK selfie stick tripod is a convenient and reliable photography gadget, especially for globetrotters. It features a 270-degree rotation head and a 180-degree rotatable phone holder, which supports devices up to 3.5 inches in width.

The telescopic pole is durable, rust-resistant, and corrosion-free, which is a plus for those who plan to use it in various weather conditions.

atumtek selfie stick tripod lifestyle

One of the greatest advantages of this selfie stick tripod is its detachable Bluetooth remote control. It's easy to use, and you don't need to download an app or plug in a cable to get started. This is a great feature for users who don't want to bother with complicated selfie apps. The remote control is made from a solid aluminum alloy and has an anodic coating, making it much stronger than cheaper products that are available in the market.

7. Insta360 Invisible

Doesn’t appear on the image
insta360 invisible selfie stick tripod
  • ✚ Automatically hidden by camera
  • ✚ Comes with a variety of accessories
  • ✚ Built-in tripod legs for stability
  • ✚ Can be used for aerial footage and wide-angle views
  • Works correctly with Insta360 cameras
  • No Bluetooth functionality

One of the main advantages of the Insta360 Invisible smartphone gimbal is its ''invisible'' feature, which automatically hides the selfie stick in the smartphone photography or videos you shoot using it. This is a great way to avoid having a black selfie stick at the bottom of your video and it can really change the perspective of your shot, making it look like you're floating in mid-air.

insta360 invisible selfie stick tripod lifestyle

Its telescoping length extends from a handgrip-size 9.6 to 42.9 inches and can be folded out when it's not in use to create a handle for your camera. It also features a set of built-in tripod legs that can stably support your camera, even when it's loaded with a large smartphone.

8. Manfrotto VR

For professional usage
manfrotto vr selfie stick tripod
  • ✚ Long extension reach
  • ✚ Quick release locking mechanism
  • ✚ Can be used for taking panoramas
  • ✚ Wireless remote control
  • Expensive

Manfrotto VR selfie stick tripod, offers a great combination of features and functionality that make it an excellent choice for vloggers and photographers who want to capture high-quality footage of themselves in action.

The Manfrotto tripod is also compatible with a wide range of attachments, including smartphones and action cameras like GoPro.

manfrotto vr selfie stick tripod lifestyle

One of the main advantages of the Manfrotto VR selfie stick tripod is its long extension reach, which can extend up to 69 inches, making it a budget tripod option for those wanting to capture high-angle footage. This is especially useful for taking panoramas or capturing footage from high angles.

9. Erligpowht

Great option for travelers
erligpowht selfie stick tripod
  • ✚ Wide range of adjustment options
  • ✚ 360-degree rotation phone holder
  • ✚ Comes with a detachable Bluetooth remote
  • ✚ Highly affordable
  • May not be sturdy enough for regular use or transport
  • Phone holder may not fit all smartphones

This flexible tripod stick has a solid build and non-slip feet, making it one of the best tripod selfie sticks that is stable and secure. Its lightweight and easy-to-carry design make it super easy to use 1 time each for outdoor activities and travel.

The Bluetooth remote is a fantastic feature that allows you to capture photos and videos from a distance, making group shots and family portraits a breeze.

erligpowht selfie stick tripod lifestyle

The main advantage of this tripod stick is its versatility. It can be used as a selfie stick, camera stand, or video-call holder, making it a multi-functional device. The 360-degree rotation phone holder and the 180-degree rotation head allow you to adjust your photos and videos as needed.

fugetek ft568 selfie stick tripod
Fugetek FT568
  • Maximum length: 49 inches
  • Material: Aviation-grade aluminum alloy
mfw selfie stick tripod
  • Maximum length: 59 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
gopro 3-way selfie stick tripod
GoPro 3-Way
  • Maximum length: 20 inches (when fully extended)
  • Material: Aluminum and rubber (for legs), lychee texture (for handle), carbon fiber (for Bluetooth remote)

How to Choose the Best Selfie Stick Tripod?

There is more to choosing the best selfie stick, especially when it comes to iPhone camera accessories, than simply going to Amazon, looking for a 5-star selfie stick review and buying the model.

The process of finding out which selfie stick is the most suited for you or for the types of photos you want to take (perhaps, it will be more than just selfies) is quite complicated.

selfie stick tripod size

Size. There are many features you should consider, including the size and maximum length of the selfie stick. It must be easy to carry around when it is not in use.

The majority of selfie sticks you can buy can be folded to 8 inches, like a mini tripod. However, there are a few options (which are a bit expensive, though) that can be even shorter, making them perfect for carrying around even in your pocket, especially if you like to experiment with different selfie poses.

Material. Build quality of the selfie stick are very important. The durability and weight of the gadget will depend on them, so make sure to choose a high-quality one. You can usually find selfie sticks made either from stainless steel (it is less expensive and more durable) or aluminum alloys (corrosion-free and lightweight).

If you don’t want to feel discomfort when using a selfie stick, make sure you choose one with a comfortable non-slip grip.

selfie stick tripod connection

Connection. The two ways to connect your phone to a selfie stick come with their own strengths and weaknesses, especially when it comes to shooting videos with sound. The cable connection that plugs into the headphone port is going to save you some battery life but has limitations when it comes to shooting videos (you won’t be able to record sound).

The Bluetooth connection, on the other hand, is a great choice for videos but will drain your battery more quickly. So, choose according to your priorities, whether it's for selfies or for a mini tripod to capture better group shots.

A lot of selfie sticks have an adjustable mount that will fit most of the smartphones, including the iPhone camera settings. However, just to make sure you have the gadget to fit your phone or camera, don’t forget to check out the description carefully to find out its compatibility.


  • • How does a selfie stick tripod differ from a regular selfie stick?

A selfie stick tripod incorporates a tripod base, which provides stability and allows for hands-free use. It offers the flexibility of functioning as both a selfie stick and a stationary tripod, providing users with more options for capturing photos and videos.

  • • Are selfie stick tripods compatible with digital cameras or GoPro?

Yes, many selfie stick tripods are designed to be compatible with digital cameras and GoPro cameras. They often feature standard tripod mounts or adjustable holders that can securely hold different camera types, expanding their versatility beyond smartphones.

  • • Are there any additional features or accessories that come with selfie stick tripods?

Yes, there are. The most popular accessories are Bluetooth remote controls for remote shutter release, smartphone holders that can rotate 360 degrees, adjustable ball heads for flexible positioning, and carrying bags or cases for convenient storage and transport.

  • • How compact and portable are selfie stick tripods?

Selfie stick tripods are designed to be compact and portable. They typically have collapsible or foldable designs so you can easily pack them into bags or carry in hand.

When collapsed, they are usually around 7-10 inches in length, making them convenient for travel and on-the-go use.