10 Best Flexible Tripods for Comfortable Shooting in 2023

By Tati Taylor 24 days ago, Tripods

Flexible tripods with various angle positions for unusual shots

top 3 flexible tripods

You need a flexible tripod to give your DSLR or smartphone an accurate position.

Even though a regular tripod for DSLR cameras represents a reliable stand, a flexible model will enable you to wrap the camera around a tree, your bike handle, and allow you to take unique photos from unusual angles.

The rundown below goes over a broad range of flexible tripods that are priced within the $10 to $92 range.

Top 10 Flexible Tripods

  1. Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit - For portraits & landscapes
  2. ULANZI Camera Tripod - Switch between camera and phone
  3. UBeesize Tripod - With wireless remote control
  4. VidPro Gripster - Easy camera mounting
  5. Xenvo SquidGrip - For tablets and smartphones
  6. Fotopro - For tablets and phone
  7. Joby GorillaPod 5K Kit - Stable shot on any surface
  8. Joby GorillaPod Magnetic 325 - Strong magnetic feet
  9. Digicharge 10” - For GoPro
  10. Neewer 20″ - Affordable price

The best flexible tripod has to be lightweight since it’s likely to become your most trusted travel companion that you’ll carry around everywhere. You also have to determine how good such travel tripods are at dealing with various weather conditions and what kind of cameras you’ll need to use.

1. Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit

Perfect for portrait and landscapes
joby gorillapod 3k kit flexible tripod

Head type: Ball | Max height: 12” | Max payload: 6.60 pounds | Weight: 0.63 lbs

  • ✚ Lets you pick between 3 distinct usage styles
  • ✚ Convenient to carry
  • ✚ Comprised of quality materials
  • Wrapping the tripod is a relatively lengthy process

Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit offers the perfect mix between raw strength and handy features that significantly simplify the process of taking pictures and recording videos. Moreover, this tripod for vlogging is capable of holding even a full-frame DSLR with a bulky lens without any issues.

joby gorillapod 3k kit flexible tripod for camera

The offered ball-leg design offers a terrific grip and dependable security, as it wraps around railings and tree trunks without ever falling off.

Lastly, the provided universal mount plate is compatible with mirrorless and DSLR cameras alike, but if you want to use this tripod with your smartphone, you’ll have to get a separate adapter attachment.

2. ULANZI Camera Tripod

Allows attaching either cameras or smartphones
ulanzi flexible tripod

Head type: Ball | Max height: - | Max payload: - | Weight: 0.55 lbs

  • ✚ Equipped with a phone holder
  • ✚ Convenient monitor magic arm mounting
  • ✚ Compatible with a broad range of devices
  • Can’t support heavier gear
  • Ball can occasionally slide off a bit when force is applied even if “locked”

ULANZI is a lightweight and small table top tripod that can be used with regular cameras and iPhones. This small flexible tripod offers a solid grip when wrapped around various objects and is guaranteed not to fall off even if it moves a bit thanks to the rubberized legs.

ulanzi flexible tripod for camera

The gadget’s head comes with a level that is useful for enhancing the composition of your shots and setting perfectly even horizon lines. The adjustable ball head supports 180o smartphone rotation as well as vertical and horizontal shooting.

3. UBeesize Tripod

Comes with a wireless remote control
ubeesize flexible tripod

Head type: Ball | Max height: 11” | Max payload: 2.2 pounds | Weight: 0.4 lbs

  • ✚ Feet are comprised of thick, high-quality metal
  • ✚ Anti-slip leg build
  • ✚ Suitable for selfie photos
  • Limited maximum supported camera weight
  • Legs can't adjusted to stand straight

UBeesize is the best bendable tripod you can get if you mainly plan to use it with your phone or mirrorless camera due to its smaller maximum supported weight. The gadget’s bendable legs are convenient to hold and wrap around uneven surfaces, while the ball head lets you pick the optimal angle for each shot.

ubeesize flexible tripod for camera

This budget tripod comes with a universal mounting plate for cameras. Additionally, it’s supplied with a remote shutter that can be paired with iPhones and Android devices.

Lastly, it offers a universal phone adapter that will ensure your smartphone is attached firmly while you use it to snap as many pictures as you want.

4. VidPro Gripster

Convenient gear mounting
vidpro gripster flexible tripod

Head type: - | Max height: 7.5” | Max payload: 6.6 pounds | Weight: 0.04 lbs

  • ✚ Fast-release plate
  • ✚ Includes a safety lock
  • ✚ 360o rotatable legs
  • ✚ Rubberized rings and leg grips
  • Isn’t compatible with GoPro cameras
  • Plastic components aren’t durable

This flexible tripod is good for compact digital cameras and camcorders. It’s 360 degrees rotatable and lets you take pictures from any imaginable angle.

vidpro gripster flexible tripod for camera

Additionally, this video tripod comes with an easy-release feature that allows dismounting your equipment in record time. Finally, it includes numerous rubberized components that ensure secure fixation regardless of the surface.

5. Xenvo SquidGrip

For tablets and phones
xenvo squidgrip flexible tripod

Head type: Ball | Max height: 9” | Max payload: 6.6 pounds | Weight: 1.39 lbs

  • ✚ Gripping neo-rubberized feet
  • ✚ Small build
  • ✚ Ideal for recording smartphone videos
  • Feet locks could have been a bit tighter
  • Both ball joints can occasionally shift position

The Xenvo SquidGrip is a dependable mini tripod with bendable rubberized feet, which let you snap pictures and record videos with your phone nearly anywhere.

Since the feet have a noticeable texture and consist of neo-rubber, you’ll have no trouble attaching the tripod to lamp posts, chairs, trees, or railings.

xenvo squidgrip flexible tripod for camera

The factor that especially makes this camera tripod flexible is the rotatable ball head. This model is supplied with the 360 metal ball head that supports 90o perpendicular adjustments, meaning you can even aim your smartphone straight down at the ground, which is particularly useful for overhead photography and video recording.

6. Fotopro

For tablets and phone
fotopro flexible tripod

Head type: Ball | Max height: 12.2” | Max payload: 3.30 lbs | Weight: 0.61 lbs

  • ✚ 360° spherical head
  • ✚ Mall size and weight
  • ✚ Waterproof
  • Low-quality camera holder
  • Remote may fail to work correctly

Fotopro appeals to photographers with its terrific flexibility. Thanks to high-density rubber-coated legs, you can place a tripod on virtually any surface without compromising the stability and safety of your camera. There is a 1/4-inch screw for attaching mobile cameras to a 360° swivel head.

The process is fast and intuitive. Photographers can snap vertical and horizontal images with ease. You just need to turn the locking knob to adjust the head and you are good to go.

fotopro flexible tripod for camera

Fotopro is an extremely lightweight iPhone tripod that is very easy to pack and carry with you wherever you go. It’s also supplied with a tweakable phone mount that is compatible with a broad range of smartphone models as well as a mounting plate that allows attaching mirrorless cameras and smaller DSLRs.

7. Joby GorillaPod 5K Kit

Great stability on all surfaces
joby gorillapod 5k kit flexible tripod

Head type: Ball | Max height: 14.5” | Max payload: 11 pounds | Weight: 1.63 lbs

  • ✚ Incredible portability
  • ✚ Smooth movement
  • ✚ Stands perfectly on uneven surfaces
  • Sensitive rubber grips
  • Relatively expensive

This tripod is probably the best tripod under $100. It's a highly durable, powerful tripod that can hold heavy equipment while staying lightweight. GorillaPod 5K allows mounting a huge DRSL camera with a telephoto lens.

joby gorillapod 5k kit flexible tripod for camera

This model also has a quick-release plate that is based on the Arca-Swiss system that ensures it remains attached to the camera for nearly instantaneous setup.

Moreover, it’s compatible with Joby pro-grade accessories like grip-tight professional mounts, GorillaPod arms, and a hub adapter that allows using various GoPro adapters, light sources, and mics.

8. Joby GorillaPod Magnetic 325

Powerful magnetic legs
joby gorillapod magnetic 325 flexible tripod

Head type: Ball | Max height: 6” | Max payload: 0.7 pounds | Weight: 0.14 lbs

  • ✚ Durable construction
  • ✚ Perfectly suitable for videos
  • ✚ Lightweight
  • Not suitable for heavy cameras and lenses
  • Feet aren’t long enough

Similarly to others, Joby GorillaPod Magnetic 325 excels at stabilizing your camera on rough surfaces and connecting to trees and railings to provide you with mind-blowing angles. This flexible tripod also stands out from the competition due to the addition of magnetic feet that enable you to attach it to metal surfaces.

joby gorillapod magnetic 325 flexible tripod for camera

The ball head is made of stainless steel and offers 90-degree tilt support, which is perfect for FaceTiming, online streaming, and taking selfies. This tripod for landscape photography lets you instantly switch between different positions while wrapping the legs around any surface that will allow you to compose the shot perfectly.

9. Digicharge 10”

Compatible with GoPro
digicharge 10‘’ flexible tripod

Head type: Ball | Max height: 10” | Max payload: 2.64 pounds | Weight: 0.4 lbs

  • ✚ Quick-Release Plate with a spin-lock mechanism
  • ✚ Perfectly adjusts a camera even on the bumpy ground
  • ✚ 360o recording perspective
  • Plastic build isn’t particularly durable
  • Occasional problems with the camera base hole

With Digicharge 10" you can get sharp and clear shots thanks to the stable grasping legs. Meanwhile, the 360o rotatable ball head allows you to shoot from different sides and angles without changing the position.

digicharge 10‘’ flexible tripod for camera

Universal 1/4-inch screw adapter lets you connect nearly all modern GoPro cameras without any issues. As such, this GoPro tripod is perfectly suited for recording YouTube vlogs and travel videos.

10. Neewer 20″

Affordable price
neewer 20 flexible tripod

Head type: Ball | Max height: 20” | Max payload: 6.60 pounds | Weight: 0.63 lbs

  • ✚ Portable and sturdy
  • ✚ Affordable
  • ✚ Extendable legs
  • Overloading can damage it
  • Requires additional accessories

Neewer 20" is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry around while you're out and about shooting. It's also versatile in its usage, with a 3-in-1 camera and monopod design, allowing you to switch up your shooting styles. The adjustable legs can be locked at different lengths, giving you the flexibility to capture shots from various angles. And the 360-degree dial adds to its versatility, allowing for smooth panning and capturing those epic shots.

neewer 20 flexible tripod lifestyle

Another great feature is the all-in-one phone holder and cold shoe on top. This means you can easily attach your smartphone or even LED fill lights and microphones for video conferencing or vlogging. It's a convenient feature that adds to the functionality, especially taking into account that this is a tripod under $50.

best flexible tripod joby gorillapod 3k kit
Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit
  • Max height: 12”
  • Max payload: 6.60 pounds
  • Weight: 0.63 lbs
best flexible tripod ulanzi
  • With a smartphone holder
  • Weight: 0.55 lbs
best flexible tripod ubeesize
  • Max height: 11”
  • Max payload: 2.2 pounds
  • Weight: 0.4 lbs

How to Choose the Best Flexible Tripod?

When choosing the best flexible tripod, you have to factor in the height, dimensions, weight, and maximum supported weight of each option. Additionally, pay attention to the used material and possible setup capabilities.

Minimum and maximum height. Firstly, you need to understand how high the tripod should be extended. The lowest height is also important, as you won't be taking shots only at eye level all the time. The average maximum height for flexible tripods lies somewhere in the 9” to 11” range.

how to choose best flexible tripod

Material. Most flexible models are made of ABS plastic and TPE. However, it’s important to not just look at the main material but what the gripping elements are made of as well. For instance, popular tripod brands like Joby make sure all important parts are made of durable materials like aluminum and stainless steel.

Loading capacity. The total weight of the bulkiest camera and lens that a tripod or its head can manage is referred to as maximum loading capacity. Flexible tripods can usually sustain a weight between 2-4 pounds. For comparison, mirrorless cameras usually weigh around 1.5 pounds while smaller DSLRs end up weighing about 3 pounds.

The model with the highest loading capacity on our list is the Joby GorillaPod 5K Kit. It can support equipment that weighs up to 11 pounds.

Feet. Metal spikes on a flexible tripod are absolutely great for bumpy surfaces. Rubber feet operate excellently on wooden floors and carpets but will work nicely on other types of grounds as well. There are some models which feature rubber feet with spikes. They are revealed when screwed back.

Devices. It’s important to determine what device you’re going to use and whether you need a dedicated flexible tripod for DSLR or mirrorless cameras or a universal one that lets you switch between different models and smartphones.

Tripods are usually supplied with a standard mount plate that is compatible with most cameras on the market, but you might also have to buy an adapter to use it with your phone.

best flexible tripod how to choose

Head type. A tripod with ball head lets you smoothly adjust the camera’s angle as you see fit. Meanwhile, a panoramic head is perfect for introducing more subtle, instant tweaks while also usually being cheaper.

Additional useful inclusions that can enhance your experience with a flexible tripod are remote shutter releases for selfies and group photos, textured handles for hand-held vlog recording, and a bubble level on the mounting plate that makes it easier to align the horizon line in your shots.


  • • What is the main purpose of flexible tripods?

Flexible tripods are sturdy enough to support a phone or camera in a place that is usually inaccessible to them. For instance, you can use them to record your bicycle or motorbike ride or a hike up a steep mountain.

Alternatively, you can attach the tripod to a branch or bench to receive an unusual angle while still enjoying the stability that tripods are known for.

  • • Are flexible tripods suitable for vlogging?

Absolutely! Bendable tripods improve the camera’s stability and allow you to keep it further away to make sure more of your streaming setup is included in the frame.

  • • What’s the proper way of using a flexible tripod?

The most efficient way of using such a gadget is wrapping it around different surfaces and objects. Such an approach allows you to take photos from a larger number of unique angles and place cameras in locations that are unsuitable for handheld photography.