10 Best Video Tripods to Buy in 2024

By Tati Taylor 17 days ago, Tripods

High-quality video tripods to keep your film looking professional

top 3 video tripods

Video tripods have longer top plates than models aimed at photography, so you can position your camera more precisely when experimenting with filmmaking techniques.

Another cool advantage of such tripods is a counterbalance system. Thus, you can attach various accessories, e.g., a microphone, external light, or recorder without taking a toll on the balance.

Expert video tripods are equipped with leg spreaders that bolster their stability. Besides, if you want to have a perfectly straight horizon line, you should purchase a tripod with spirit levels. The cost of a good tripod for filmmaking ranges from 100 to 900 dollars, so both beginners with a limited budget and experts with high demands are sure to find a fitting model.

Top 10 Video Tripods to Get More Flexibility

  1. Manfrotto BeFree - Best video tripod
  2. Benro S6 - Designed to last
  3. Neewer Fluid Drag - Reasonably priced
  4. Magnus VT-4000 - Fast assembling
  5. 3 Legged Thing Legends Bucky - Can support bulky cameras
  6. Velbon Videomate 638 - Smooth and stable movements
  7. PROAIM Mitchell - Quick-lock levers
  8. JOILCAN - 360° Rotation
  9. Sachtler 1002 Ace M GS - Easy to carry
  10. Manfrotto Element MII - Fast setup

I want to help you choose a high-quality tripod for your video camera, so I’ve tested the most popular models from different categories and described their pros and cons below. I paid attention to such characteristics as max and folded heights, load capacity, usability, and cost.

1. Manfrotto BeFree – Our Choice

Best video tripod
manfrotto befree video tripod

Head Type: Video | Max Height: 60 inches | Weight Capacity: 9lbs

  • ✚ Portable due to weight
  • ✚ Horizontal regulation
  • ✚ Strong core
  • ✚ Pan bar is easy to remove
  • Isn’t suitable for heavy equipment

This tripod for filming has an ergonomic design, so you can bring it to the shooting spot and turn it into a working state very quickly. This is especially important for active videographers, who want to get the most out of every filming possibility instead of messing around with assembling.

The highlight of this Manfrotto tripod is a brand-new pider that guarantees perfect stability regardless of the surface you locate it on. So, you can easily adjust to new shooting conditions without worrying that your camera may tumble.

manfrotto befree lifestyle

I also want to draw attention to its improved on-off mechanism, which expedites the setup and adjustment processes. Besides, it ensures amazing stability for a whole system in all available tripod configurations.

Seasoned videographers will definitely appreciate the possibility to set a tripod to 3 independent leg angle positions and experiment with perspectives. All in all, Manfrotto BeFree can be called the best video tripod for both aspiring and experienced videographers.

2. Benro S6

Designed to last
benro s6 video tripod

Head Type: Video | Max Height: 60 inches | Weight Capacity: 7lbs

  • ✚ Space-saving two-way video head
  • ✚ Quick release plate for easy mount
  • ✚ Interchangeable screw-in rubber feet
  • ✚ 3-year warranty
  • Carrying bag is of poor quality
  • Price
  • The max height is disappointing

Unlike many budget tripods, Benro S6 stands out with a long-lasting design. I particularly like its center leveling mechanism, which allows avoiding the hassle of positioning a tripod. There is also a fluid head but it should be improved, as adjustments are confusing.

The release plate on this tripod for video recording is well-crafted and works flawlessly. You can attach and detach your equipment in a matter of seconds. Besides, there is a top-notch locking system, so once your camera is mounted, you can fully concentrate on filming instead of thinking that your gear may fall down.

benro s6 lifestyle

It’s perfect for videographers who strive for smooth camera movement thanks to a 360-degree panning rotation and mount with a fluid drag structure. You can replace the 501PL compatible release plate any time you need.

3. Neewer Fluid Drag

Reasonably priced
neewer fluid drag video tripod

Head Type: Video | Max Height: 80 inches | Weight Capacity: 7lbs

  • ✚ Solid aluminum alloy
  • ✚ Adjustable height
  • ✚ Easy to carry
  • ✚ 360° horizontal viewing
  • Can’t support heavy cameras
  • Lacks a ballast hook

If you are looking for a sturdy and durable tripod for filming, this aluminum alloy model is bound to meet your needs. It is suitable for recording in the most challenging conditions, firmly keeping your camera in one place. The fluid head pans by 360º and tilts in the range from -70º to -90º. Thus, you can easily adjust your tripod for the most intricate frames. Besides, this model can serve as a budget spotting scope tripod.

This vlogging tripod has flip legs with locks that are easy to manipulate for the needed height. Besides, there is a rubber coating on the legs for extra stability. Thanks to the 1/4" and 3/8" screws on the quick-release plate, you can attach lots of modern cameras.

neewer fluid drag lifestyle

The bubble level on the fluid head is a lifesaver if you frequently have off-kilter horizon lines in your videos and want to stave off such an issue.

4. Magnus VT-4000

Fast assembling
magnus vt4000 video tripod

Head Type: Video | Max Height: 60 inches | Weight Capacity: 9lbs

  • ✚ Good value for money
  • ✚ Excellent fluid head
  • ✚ Smooth panning both in vertical and horizontal planes
  • ✚ Well-made carrying bag
  • Legs often get loose
  • Can’t fit in a regular suitcase

This one deserves to be named the best video tripod, though it is a rather bulky and cheap model.

It can support up to 9 pounds. The fluid head has a half-ball mount that’s 65 mm wide and comes with two pan bar mounts on both sides. All head controls are located on the left side; thus, you can use your right hand to regulate panning.

I also like to mention a 2-stage design. Therefore, videographers can alter the height from 27.6" to 60". Moreover, there is a middle spreader, which keeps the legs locked in the chosen position, thus preventing stability problems.

magnus vt4000 lifestyle

The best part is that you can take advantage of fixed counterbalance, pan, and tilt features to make a viral video.

5. 3 Legged Thing Legends Bucky

Can support bulky cameras
3 legged thing legends bucky video tripod

Head Type: Video | Max Height: 73 inches | Weight Capacity: 66lbs

  • ✚ Amazing 20:1 load-to-weight ratio
  • ✚ 3 detachable tripod legs
  • ✚ Sleek patented Tri-Mount plate
  • ✚ Removable/reversible center column
  • High price
  • Compact only when folded

This tripod brand is highly feted by videographers due to the versatile and compact tripods it offers. You can easily find a reliable tripod, take it to the shooting spot, and let your creativity run wild, positioning a camera at the most intricate angles.

Professional videographers state this is the best video tripod for the most complicated shooting conditions due to its 5-section removable legs and 3-section removable & reversible center column that ensure stability without limiting filming capabilities. The max working height equals 73 inches.

3 legged thing legends bucky lifestyle

The tripod itself is amazingly lightweight but can support bulky cameras up to 66 lbs large. Besides, it is amazingly customizable if you need to make adjustments during video recording.

Thanks to convenient rapid latches, it is possible to make changes to the system while wearing gloves or if a videographer has some physical impairments.

6. Velbon Videomate 638

Smooth and stable movements
velbon videomate 638 video tripod

Head Type: Video | Max Height: 68 inches | Weight Capacity: 9lbs

  • ✚ Lightweight
  • ✚ Great maximum height
  • ✚ Budget-friendly
  • ✚ Fluid pan-and-tilt mount
  • No ballast hook
  • Durability problems

The feature that I like about this DSLR tripod is portability. It’s a perfect match for modern lightweight video cameras and casual shooting on the go.

This tripod’s payload capacity is 9 pounds and it has a fluid pan-and-tilt mount. A height of 68 inches can be achieved with center column extension.

velbon videomate 638 lifestyle

Leg angles are customizable, so you can easily set a camera at the needed height and record crisp footage. This tripod for filmmaking also has leg locks that are secure and easy to operate.

7. PROAIM Mitchell

Quick-lock levers
proaim mitchell video tripod

Head Type: Video | Max Height: 55 inches | Weight Capacity: 176lbs

  • ✚ Twin-leg construction
  • ✚ Easy assembling thanks to the design
  • ✚ Impressive max payload
  • ✚ Suitable for both outdoor and studio shooting
  • Limited portability due to heaviness
  • Too expensive

This is a powerful tripod for video recording that I have used for a variety of filming needs before. It’s made of high-quality aluminum and is quite heavy, so it’s not suitable for shooters who look for portable options.

On the other hand, this video tripod can hold up to 176 lbs. This pretty impressive payload could handle even my heaviest gear without any issues! The adjustable height allows you to experiment and choose any shooting angle.

proaim mitchell lifestyle

Setting up tripod is a breeze. Spreader legs are equipped with special knobs, using which you can easily alter the height.


360° Rotation
joilcan best video tripod

Head Type: Video | Max Height: 67 inches | Weight Capacity: 15lbs

  • ✚ Heavy duty construction
  • ✚ Adjustable height
  • ✚ Compact and portable
  • ✚ Non-slip rubber feet
  • Limited load capacity
  • Assembly required

The JOILCAN camera tripod has turned out to be the best tripod to cover all the video projects I get, giving me leeway in taking any video projects regardless of their lengths and bringing in the stability I need in capturing every moment just the way I want.

Build quality is solid. First up, it is built with a tough aluminum alloy that is strong yet remains lightweight enough for easy mobile shooting. Not to forget the nonslip rubber feet that keep it firm on its position, even on uneven surfaces. It assures me that even outdoors, I will be all right.

joilcan best video tripod

This enables the tripod to be very versatile, with an adjustable height range from 20" all the way to 67". Be it that I need to work from a low angle or I need additional height for a view from the top, this is just the best tripod. In addition, the flip-lock knobs make height adjustment a piece of cake, being very fast and convenient, saving time at my shoots.

9. Sachtler 1002 Ace M GS

Easy to carry
sachtler 1002 ace m gs video tripod

Head Type: Video | Max Height: 80 inches | Weight Capacity: 9lbs

  • ✚ On-ground spreader
  • ✚ It’s perfect for DSLRs and smaller camcorders
  • ✚ Very smooth fluid head
  • ✚ User-friendly ball leveling mechanism
  • Tightening screw issues
  • Plastic parts aren’t durable

Sachtler 1002 Ace M GS is often called the best video tripod thanks to its technical characteristics. This is a full system for video professionals, who have 4K cameras or camcorders that are a bit smaller.

The head has a branded drag and synchronized actuated (SA) drag that ensure accuracy and repeatability. There are 3 vertical and 3 horizontal grades of drag, using which you can perform very precise panning and tilting.

sachtler 1002 ace m gs lifestyle

The original camera plate is rather large. There is also a long 4.1" sliding range. The plate has a 1/4"-20 screw and a video pin.

10. Manfrotto Element MII

Fast setup
manfrotto element mii video tripod

Head Type: Video | Max Height: 62 inches | Weight Capacity: 18lbs

  • ✚ Can support heavy cameras
  • ✚ Twist lock legs
  • ✚ Easy to use
  • ✚ Small size and weight
  • May dip when fully extended
  • No 90º central column rotation

Regardless of your video recording style, you can make good use of this tripod. It is durable, lightweight, and brags about numerous handy features. In fact, it can securely support most camera + lens combos.

This travel tripod is capable of 360-degree panning, which is a great advantage that gives it a competitive edge over many counterparts.

manfrotto element mii lifestyle

Besides, the developer created several versions of this tripod, some of which are equipped with a phone clamp and a Bluetooth remote control. So, novices can start with mobile photography and videography, and gradually switch to more advanced tasks.

Considering the quality and characteristics of this tripod for filming, it is very affordable. This is a particularly well-justified investment if you want to record at 90 degrees.

manfrotto befree tripod
Manfrotto BeFree
  • Portable due to weight
  • Horizontal regulation
  • Strong core
benro s6 tripod
Benro S6
  • Quick release plate for easy mount
  • Interchangeable screw-in rubber feet
  • 3-year warranty
neewer fluid drag tripod
Neewer Fluid Drag
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to carry
  • 360° horizontal viewing

How to Choose the Best Video Tripod

As a professional videographer, let me assure you that no video shooting or filmmaking is possible without a quality support stand. That is why making the right choice in favor of a model that will fit your needs is crucial.

So, you should consider such features as fluid video head, spirit level, payload capacity, weight, height, feet type, spreaders.

tripod for video with right head type

Head type. If you want to get natural-looking fluid motion, you should use a fluid head. There are two main options available on the market: a real fluid head or a head that provides this effect for your best video tripod.

Spirit level. Make sure that a tripod for video recording and photography has a built-in spirit level that can easily be seen even with a DSLR or mirrorless camera attached. This device will ensure that your photos and footage are leveled correctly and won’t need straightening during image post-production.

Payload capacity. Since video gear is quite heavy (and expensive), you need to be sure it won’t just fall down and smash. It is better to choose a tripod that can hold more than your regular camera. Over time, your gear may get heavier, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble and money, as you won’t have to change your tripod to accommodate its weight.

Weight. There is hardly a tripod that weighs more than 9 lbs. In fact, most models weigh approximately 5 lbs or less. However, it doesn’t mean they are suitable for supporting only miniature cameras. Typically, modern lightweight tripods can stabilize shooting gear even in challenging conditions.

For example, carbon fiber tripods weigh less than aluminum models but offer the same level of sturdiness. The only thing that can scare you off is their cost.

how to choose the best video tripod

Height. Manufacturers usually indicate the maximum height for tripods with the central post fully extended.

However, you will not use this post configuration very often. The right height will be different for every person and depends on your height. Use the “eye-level principle” to figure it out and you will surely realize all your funny video ideas.

tripod for video with right feet

Appropriate feet. It can be rubber retractable or spiked. For better grip on a slippery surface, the legs of a tripod for filming have soft rubber feet. You can also screw or pull them back to get metal spikes. These spikes will help you get the necessary stability while shooting on wet grass or mud.

Spreaders. They are designed as a special bracket connecting the legs of the tripod. It helps to minimize the flex when the weight is changed. They also let you cope with positioning. Floor spreaders are usually used in location reportage or studio shooting. They are stuck to the tripod legs at the surface level.


  • • Why should I use a tripod for filmmaking?

If you want your videos to look professional and attention-grabbing, you should get a good tripod. It will stabilize your camera even on uneven surfaces. When you don’t have to worry about the security of your shooting gear, you can fully concentrate on realizing creative YouTube video ideas.

  • • What is the average price of video tripods?

The price range is truly extensive. Currently, you can find an entry-level model for as little as $100 and a pro-grade one for approximately 900 bucks. Fortunately, you can get a decent option without going bankrupt.

  • • What should I consider before buying a tripod for video recording?

First of all, check out whether a tripod is suitable for your camera. Consider, weight, type, and dimensions. Besides, you should learn the opinion of people who have already used that tripod.

  • • How much does the cheapest tripod for filmmaking cost?

The price of the cheapest tripod for filmmaking can vary depending on the brand and quality, but generally, you can find basic tripods starting at around $50 to $100.

  • • How can a tripod with adjustable legs and height variations enhance the creative possibilities for filmmakers during shooting?

A tripod with adjustable legs and height variations provides filmmakers with the flexibility to shoot at various angles and heights, allowing for dynamic and creative compositions. It enables them to capture unique perspectives, such as low-angle shots or overhead shots, enhancing the visual storytelling and overall cinematic experience.

  • • What is the difference between a fluid-head tripod and a ball-head tripod, and when would each type be most suitable for filmmaking?

A fluid head tripod features a fluid-filled mechanism that allows for smooth and controlled panning and tilting movements, making it ideal for capturing cinematic, fluid-motion shots in filmmaking. It offers precise control and is commonly used in professional filmmaking setups.

On the other hand, a ball head tripod provides quick and easy adjustment with a ball-and-socket joint, allowing for fast repositioning and versatility in shooting angles. It is well-suited for run-and-gun scenarios, documentary-style filmmaking, or situations where speed and flexibility are crucial.