30 Amazing YouTube Video Ideas to Try in 2024

In order to grow your audience on YouTube, you need to come up with innovative video ideas, which is often a difficult task. To help you with that, I will share viral and amazing YouTube video ideas that you can either try or draw inspiration from.

Top 30 YouTube Video Ideas

Use these video ideas for YouTube to gather a tremendous number of views and get new followers each day. From simple and fun ideas to energy- and time-consuming ones – there is something for everyone on this list.

1. Video Introduction

Dedicate one of your videos to yourself – tell people about who you are, and what kind of content you post. Also, don’t forget to mention the frequency of your video releases.

This video will sort of welcome viewers to your channel so that they can decide whether they are potentially interested in you and your videos or not. In this case, a professional YouTube intro maker will greatly help you out.

2. Channel Trailer

Whenever a person clicks on your YouTube channel, they will immediately see the channel trailer. It is one of the most efficient YouTube videos ideas to make the person stay on your channel. When it comes to an intro video, remember to show more and tell less.

Use vivid colors and a dynamic atmosphere to convey the main idea of your channel. Try to minimize the talking if possible. Besides, keep your intro video short – it should be between 30 seconds to one minute.

3. Start a Vlog

Unless you film vlogs on a daily basis, people may be wondering what exactly you do outside of your YouTube activity and how your day usually goes. If that is the case, take a vlogging camera and show people your day-to-day endeavors as one of YouTube content ideas.

This way, viewers will know a little bit more about you as a person. You can even gain a whole bunch of subscribers by filming and posting daily vlogs, just like Casey Neistat and David Dobrik did.

4. Tour Video

When shooting a video, you are probably doing it in a particular place in your room. How about showing the rest of your room or house/apartment to your viewers? They will be glad to see it – as our dwellings can say a lot about as. If it is relevant, film a tour of your office, workspace, school or college – the viewers would love it!

5. Draw My Life

One of the most unusual YT video ideas is to show your life from the moment of birth till now using drawings while focusing on the most significant events. Typically, you just draw whatever the parts of your life you want to highlight, and then accompany them with a voiceover.

Even if you are a poor artist, don’t be discouraged by that and turn it into a fun activity. The viewers will definitely find that amusing.

6. Day in the Life

Film a YouTube video where you will show a regular day in your life. It isn’t the same as daily vlogging since the vlog emphasizes only the brightest moments of the particular day. Most of us do similar activities during the day, so people are bound to relate to some of them while watching your “day in the life” video.

7. Q&A

If you are only starting as a YouTube blogger, a Q&A video is among good YouTube video ideas you need to realize. Your viewers type in their questions in comments or on social media, so you have to answer them in the video.

Before you begin filming, write down or copy the most exciting questions. Try answering them not by yourself but collaborate with friends, relatives or your partner – it will be more fun!

8. Gaming YouTube Videos

Try recording how you play your favorite game. In case you aren’t exactly a gamer or don’t have a game console, it is possible to play some games online, straight in the browser.

Don’t limit yourself to gameplay only – record the walkthrough of a certain part of the game from the very beginning till the end. Let’s say a person doesn’t know how to pass some level. They will watch your video and will be able to do it. One of the most famous YouTubers ever, PewDiePie, gained recognition thanks to filming gameplay.

9. Collaboration with a Friend

Many YouTubers have boosted their subscribers count by collaborating with fellow YouTubers. This practice can also serve as one of the greatest YouTube video ideas – just remember to pick a blogger with similar content or audience.

There are numerous ways of how you can collaborate. Film a tutorial together, make two videos at once – both for your channel and for theirs. Don’t forget about giving a shoutout in each video you post.

10. Random Facts About Me

We all have our quirks, odd or weird things about ourselves that are not always worth sharing with others, unless you are a YouTuber. With such a video, you will open up a little bit more to your viewers, letting them into your small peculiar world. Ask your family or friends – they will definitely have some interesting facts to add about you.

11. Top 10

Top 10 videos will always be one the most relevant YouTube ideas as they can be dedicated to any subject. Pick top 10 of your favorite books, movies or TV series and dwell upon why you enjoy them and why they deserve to be on your list.

12. What’s in My Bag?

A British beauty YouTuber Zoella was among the first to make such a video, which then turned into a trend. Your viewers would definitely want to peek at the contents of your bag, no matter how weird it sounds.

If your YouTube blog is all about fashion or lifestyle, such a video is a must-have for your channel.

13. Reaction Video

If you need ideas for YouTube videos that will make your viewers laugh, try reaction videos. Basically, you record yourself reacting to something.

This may be your old YouTube videos, social media responses or tweets you receive, scary or amusing videos, or whatever else you want to comment upon, preferably entertaining. I highly recommend you to react to something you have never seen before so that your reaction is 100% authentic.

14. What’s On My Phone?

We all have different apps installed on our phones. It is always interesting to see what apps the other person uses frequently. That is exactly what you can show to your viewers. For instance, tell about the video editing apps or video collage apps you prefer, the reasons why you like and use them.

15. How-To Tutorial

How-to videos are mostly shot by beauty bloggers and tech YouTubers. Still, you can create such a video on any subject, whether it is how to play a certain song on a ukulele or how to boost self-confidence.

In case you don’t think of yourself as a pro in any of the areas, you probably have hobbies or day-to-day activities that take plenty of your time and you have plenty of knowledge about. This can be anything – from doing everyday makeup to taking stunning photos for Instagram at home using ordinary props.

It is one of the must-try YouTube video ideas for beginners that you can recreate and then edit in the video tutorial software.

16. Product Reviews

Before buying something, we all tend to go online and search for reviews. So why not create a video review on some product – it can be anything, not only a beauty gadget or a tech device. The most important thing here is to concentrate not on yourself, but on the product you are reviewing. Your opinion on the product should be truthful and non-biased.

17. Share or Review Life-Hacks

Lifehacks can be a real game-changer for your subscribers if you decide to make a video on this topic. If you have already tested some of the hacks, tell whether they are really effective in the video.

Try one of the YouTube video ideas challenges where you pick any list of hacks, for instance, photography hacks, check all of them, and then share the entire process along with results.

18. DIY Video

Many people prefer doing some things themselves instead of spending their money or just because they enjoy it. If you are also one of them and know a thing or two about crafts, film a DIY video for your YouTube channel.

Record a step-by-step tutorial with detailed explanations, or showcase the recent project telling what you have done and why. Among the YouTube video ideas I can offer are creating a DIY softbox or DIY photography props.

19. 73 Questions

You must have seen the “73 Questions” series done by Vogue. Actually, it might be an excellent idea to recreate such a video on your channel too, putting yourself in the spotlight. Use it as a more original way to tell about yourself to the viewers.

Ask the subscribers if they have any questions that bother them, or come up with questions yourself. Then ask someone to film you while you are walking around the house and answering questions at the same time.

20. Event Recap

If you are invited to a large event in your sphere or town, use it as an opportunity to make unique content for YouTube. Bring your video camera with you and capture the highlights of the event.

As a result, you will attract a new audience – people who are interested in whatever happens there. It may be a concert, a festival, an award show, an exposition, a workshop, etc.

21. Behind the Scenes

Whenever people are watching a video, they may start wondering what is actually happening behind the scenes. Use this to your advantage and capture how you make preparations for the video and record them. Focus on each process of filming a video, as well as share some tips on how to produce qualitative content.

Viewers will certainly appreciate the tips on setting up lighting, proper placement of a camera, etc. You can also record behind the scenes of your project, photo shoot, music video, etc.

22. Timelapse

One of the video ideas for YouTube you should definitely try is making a time-lapse video, for instance, of some of your day-to-day activity, traffic, etc. A time-lapse video is an effective way to record any process from start to finish, like drawing. For editing such a video, free timelapse software will come in handy.

23. Prank Video

Filming pranks and foolish actions is one of the tried-and-true YouTube video ideas to get subscribers. If you are wondering how to make a viral video, pull a prank on someone and film it.

Most of the time, YouTubers record how they managed to scare a person. You can try anything else, just remember not to do any harm to that person or people around. The prank is supposed to be funny first of all, not offensive.

24. Bloopers

It is a common practice to make mistakes while filming a YouTube video. For a refined final look of the video, you tend not to include these bloopers. Don’t immediately delete them – pile them up somewhere on your PC. When you gather enough of them, merge these bloopers in one video and post it. The viewers are bound to have a few laughs.

25. My Partner Does My Makeup Tag

The majority of guys are clueless when it comes to applying makeup. Ask your boyfriend to do your makeup and record his attempts – the viewers will find it amusing.

26. Challenge Video

When you post a challenge video, it is likely to gain a greater number of views than your normal videos. This way, you may increase your subscribers count as well. The most widespread challenges are Try Not to Laugh Challenge, Whisper Challenge, 30-Day Challenge, Not My Hands Challenge. Steer clear of risky challenges, for instance, a Cinnamon one.

Remember to select a challenge that aligns with your channel's niche and interests. It can be a popular internet challenge, a trending challenge on social media, or even a unique challenge you create yourself.

27. Testimonials

In case you are an entrepreneur, one of the best YouTube content ideas is to dedicate a video to customer testimonials. With a customer story, you will make your brand more trustworthy and attractive in the eyes of potential customers. Once a person hears about someone’s positive experience with your brand, they will be eager to try it out as well. Of course, you’ll need to devote some time to improving your video & audio pieces, using music video maker software, but the result is worth the effort.

28. Meet the Team

A team behind your business or brand is also a wonderful subject for a YouTube video. Ask each member of the team to tell more about themselves and record it.

Customers would love to see who is responsible for creating a product or delivering services. Once customers learn about the team in detail, they will feel more connected to your brand at a personal level.

29. Explainer Video

Explainer videos may serve as a quick introduction to a product, service, app or company. Use such a video to tell viewers about your product in simple words, without diving deep into theory, history or numbers.

According to studies, more than 70% of people prefer to watch a video in order to learn more about the product, as opposed to reading an article or text. Remember that an explainer video should be short, concise, without the use of complicated vocabulary.

30. New Product Announcement

If your product is about to release, highlight its features and benefits in an announcement video. You have full freedom to present the product in all its glory, even compare it to its previous version or a rival product to focus on the improvement of the newly released product.

Clarify the main advantages of the product, explain to the potential customers why this product is a must-have and how to use it. With an announcement video, you will surely attract the customer’s attention and make them excited about your product release.

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