9 Best YouTube Intro Makers in 2023

By Eva Williams 14 days ago, Software reviews

A YouTube intro maker is an app that interests both beginner video bloggers and owners of popular channels. In this article I’ve collected the best programs that will help you significantly save your time on creating engaging openings and offer a huge number of customizable templates for any topic. Most programs work online and don’t take up any computer space at all.

Top 9 YouTube Intro Makers

  1. Wondershare Filmora - Extensive possibilities for working with video
  2. Animaker - For working with animation
  3. Renderforest - Large selection of templates
  4. Wideo - For creating simple yet vibrant animations
  5. MotionDen - For direct upload to YouTube
  6. OFFEO - The fastest startup of the editor
  7. Flixpress - Ideal for small and medium businesses
  8. Biteable - For any social networks
  9. Ivipid - With upload to personal cloud

An intro, taking only a few seconds at the start of your video, plays a really big role in it. Normally, it would contain a logo and some catchy tune, possibly with themed animations. The main goal of an opening is to entice the viewers to continue watching, make them aware of your brand, and possibly commit it to long term memory if the intro is very well-made.

1. Wondershare Filmora – Our Choice

Full-featured video editing studio
  • Extensive number of tools
  • Intuitive interface
  • Library of audio files
  • Ability to work from the phone
  • Watermark without PRO

Verdict: Filmora is a powerful program that lets you make more than just the intro. Though packed full of tools, this contended for the title of the best video intro maker is not overwhelming and can be mastered intuitively.

Adding effects to your footage is drag-and-drop easy. Unlike many alternatives, this one supports 4K quality and green screen processing. You can also perform advanced work over audio to cut off background noise and balance sounds with an equalizer. As for the visual media itself, enhance it with effects and transitions, add labels or inscriptions.

For all that you, will have to forgive the program its slow rendering algorithms. It is possible to download Filmora for free but succumb to having a watermark on every finished project then. If that is not acceptable, pay a $49.99 every year or spend $59.99 once.

filmora youtube intro maker interface

2. Animaker

For creating animated intros
  • Drag-and-drop operation
  • Extensive catalog of animation templates
  • Allows use on several devices
  • Laggy preview feature

Verdict: This free animation software is good for those, who need a digitally created intro. It is a very popular program with the number of users overshooting three million so you can imagine how well-equipped it must be. You will be supplied with a thousand different templates to start your project with.

Alterations and additions are a breeze to make in the well-organized and straightforward workspace of the best intro maker for YouTube. You can embellish the project with transitions and sound effects or record some audio comments. If you’re aiming at a mobile audience, you will be especially happy to find optimization for the vertical format.

There is no limit as to the number of two-minute projects you can assemble in the free version but it is possible to export only five of them a month. The latter can be done directly to YouTube in SD quality. Those, who want to remove restrictions, have to pay $12 or $39 per month depending on whether it is a personal or business account.

animaker youtube intro maker interface

3. Renderforest

All-in-one design program
  • Many customizable settings
  • Ability to change the template
  • Intuitive interface
  • Poor quality unless you subscribe

Verdict: This free intro maker software for YouTube can create openings in an instant. This will be a great option for those, who find themselves incapable of installing software on a computer for whatever reason. Naturally, you need a decent Internet connection to carry out such a project.

The hardest part of the work would probably be browsing through the catalog of 50,000+ templates to find the one that suits you. Then you are welcome to adjust it with a number of basic tools that allow correcting the colors and adding an audio track, logo, or inscription.

Besides, this program is listed as the best free whiteboard animation software and is often used for other kinds of work. When operated for free, it does not restrict your ability to make clips if they are under three minutes long and exported at 360p quality.

renderforest youtube intro maker interface

4. Wideo

The easiest to use
  • Adjustable templates
  • Countless tools
  • Animation library
  • Free period
  • Not for complex animations
wideo youtube intro maker logo

Verdict: A simpler intro maker app would be useful to all those users with no intention of creating professional clips. If you’re not too experienced, advanced features will only confuse you and this program allows you to achieve a decent result faster. Certain clips or their portions can be saved and reused, for instance, your channel’s signature opening that you are unlikely to change frequently.

The main bulk of your projects would benefit from the rich template catalog that consists of adaptive elements. You can add titles and comments, use an astonishing selection of fonts and any elements that match the colors of your brand. When you’re done, the HD outcome can be saved in MP4.

If you expect to make short clips frequently, it would be reasonable to invest in the subscription that costs $19 a month. This is a starter pack with access to 20 templates and the possibility of saving 10 1-minute videos.

wideo youtube intro maker interface

5. MotionDen

Full customization
  • Uncluttered workspace
  • Direct YouTube export
  • Substantial template catalog
  • Only operates online
  • Few editing options
  • No audio inserting
motionden youtube intro maker logo

Verdict: This program can be called the best YouTube intro maker because of its extensive template catalog. It is not only rich in professional materials but also categorized in a helpful way. You can find kinds of intros more appropriate for your occupation, be it eCommerce, YouTube vlogging, or whatever else.

Your next step is to introduce changes to the cliché to match your business identity by adding logos, comments, and everything else. The program is reported to crash occasionally and the rendering is a somewhat lengthy process. However, you are free to create five full videos with the entire toolkit and catalog at your disposal.

The watermark is added to every unpaid intro. You can get rid of it and introduce a convenient feature of exporting to YouTube alternatives as well as the platform itself. The charge is $9 per clip or $39 a month.

motionden youtube intro maker interface


For any video size
  • Easy to use
  • Fast creation of intros
  • Templates for any topic
  • Sometimes freezes when rendering
offeo youtube intro maker logo

Verdict: Here is one of the best intro makers for YouTube aimed at beginners, who are eager to create but don’t yet have all the necessary skills. You get an astonishing collection of thousands of clichés, doodles, and other objects that could make up any supplementary elements of your main content.

They are not some lame pieces of doubtful quality, but possess particular aesthetics and expressiveness. Don’t be afraid of the abundance, though, because you will find everything carefully organized into clip categories and industries. You can easily put together a short clip and provide it with the necessary branding elements and then go to any video editor for YouTube to do further work.

offeo youtube intro maker interface

7. Flixpress

Automatic creative templates
  • Affordable
  • Lots of commercials and backgrounds
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable only for businesses
flixpress youtube intro maker logo

Verdict: In case you need the best free YouTube intro maker for a small business, give this option a try. It is a cloud-based program designed for the efficient production of clips. It could be inconvenient for those with a poor Internet connection but if that’s not the case, you will be happy there is no need to download the contents. The launch is very quick and the workspace is neatly organized.

Customary to this sphere, the program restricts your abilities until you subscribe. For free, you will get 15 templates and one 360p export per month supplied with a watermark. The most affordable plan is $0.83 a month.

flixpress youtube intro maker interface

8. Biteable

Professional videos and presentations
  • Free access
  • Easy to edit each template
  • Effortless workflow
  • Limited functionality
biteable youtube intro maker logo

Verdict: This is a very popular Adobe Character Animator alternative and the number of users is a great indicator already. The main library of clichés is divided into convenient catalogs named after types of content and platforms.

There are many flattering things in this program that make it accessible for beginners and sufficient for users with higher requests. The free intro templates are topped occasionally, but not too frequently. Those who intend to have a successful Instagram account, should skip this one entirely due to the lack of a square format.

This program functions for free if you can tolerate the watermark and no download allowance. To correct that, get the starter pack for $20 a month and have one download a month in HD and the entire library at your disposal together with rights for commercial usage.

biteable youtube intro maker interface

9. Ivipid

Imitation of popular screensavers
  • Simple clear design
  • Upload to the cloud
  • The selection of templates is limited
ivipid youtube intro maker logo

Verdict: Though it is not suitable for professionals, this program still has enough to offer to be enlisted. For starters, it has various quirky video intro templates that look different and could be of interest to those who work on their social channels. For instance, you can find something mimicking large movie production companies which could be quite fun.

The workflow is very simple and chill, you pick a cliché, paste the crucial elements like logos and stuff, and then export the outcome. If you have a certain brand identity, it will be hard to work with it in this program so refer to some earlier options.

In addition, this isn’t a free program, and working in it will require some math to figure out the puzzling credit system. In short, you can pay the lowest fee of $1.99 to get some 200 credits and this will entitle you to a 270p video export. The full 1080p quality would cost something like $6.99.

ivipid youtube intro maker interface