11 Best YouTube Alternatives in 2023

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Monetize and watch ad-free videos with one of these YouTube alternatives.

11 Best YouTube Alternatives in 2023

While YouTube introduces various restrictions, cuts the quality of your videos, does not pay or gives you a ban for copyright infringement, there are several pretty good YouTube alternatives to get around any problem, many of those work for free.

Top 11 Best Free YouTube Alternatives

  1. Dailymotion
  2. Vimeo
  3. Metacafe
  4. DTube
  5. PeerTube
  6. Veoh
  7. Twitch
  8. Facebook Watch
  9. TikTok IOS | Android
  10. IGTV IOS | Android
  11. Vevo Android

After testing dozens of platforms, I put together a list of the best YouTube alternatives for watching online videos or using as a platform for beginning vloggers with cheaper plans. Some of them make it possible not to monitor copyright, while others reduce censorship.

1. Dailymotion

Copyright Loyalty
  • Upload at 1080p
  • The ability to earn income
  • No copyright strikes
  • Video duration no more than 60 minutes

Verdict: This is a fairly old video sharing service. In here, you can find something to watch from the trending or other available sections, plus search for specific videos by names or tags.

Dailymotion videos can be uploaded reaching up to 4 GB in 1080p resolution. There is also the possibility of monetizing content through advertising or paid access.

One of the good reasons why some users prefer Dailymotion is a more loyal attitude to copyright. If almost every 3rd video on YouTube does not pass the test or a strike arrives in the future, then here you can peacefully add popular music to your video.

The only drawback is that all videos last no more than 60 minutes. You will not be able to watch long recordings of a concert or sports events. Also, you will not find live broadcasts.

dailymotion youtube alternative interface

2. Vimeo

To watch high-quality videos
  • You can edit the URL
  • Deep privacy settings
  • Customizable video player
  • 4k video
  • Convenient mobile application
  • Costly premium subscription

Verdict: Vimeo is an ad-free American video platform that is freely available. Among other content listings, you'll find high-quality short films, music videos and video blogs.

The maximum resolution when uploading 4K is 60 fps. But what I really like is the feature that allows you to deny access to your content from outside the source.

One of the great advantages of this conservative YouTube alternative is that it uploads your videos just the way you see them in your rendering program so viewers will watch an uncompressed copy.

Also, I would like to note a unique video player – you can customize its appearance. Just consider this opportunity to make the player look in accordance with the rest of the design of wherever you place it, a webpage, a portfolio. Separate looks for different marketing campaigns are possible.

  • vimeo youtube alternative interface

    3. Metacafe

    Duplicate filter
    • Remuneration for producers
    • High-quality upload
    • Duplicate filter when publishing
    • Outdated interface

    Verdict: Metacafe is probably the best alternative to YouTube with an extensive list of categories. They include movies or television, the latest news and sports matches, even footage of or about video games.

    The platform offers high-quality upload of videos (Full HD), and also has a filter that prevents duplicate uploads.

    Similar to YouTube, a “producer reward” system has been introduced. It allows content creators to earn from the footage they post – from $2 to $5 for every 1000 views. To activate the reward system, your channel must have 20,000 views in total.

    Among the main shortcomings, I note the outdated interface and the fact that you are not provided with several quality options when watching.

    metacafe youtube alternative interface

    4. DTube

    For uncensored videos
    • No censorship restriction
    • No one can block you
    • Payment by cryptocurrency
    • No content control
    • Small video base

    Verdict: Here is a replacement for YouTube that is freely available. When you add content to this site, you will not be subject to any rules, as there are none. There is no restriction on censorship and other factors. Users control themselves and post any content they consider appropriate.

    This sounds almost impossible, but you will not be bothered by advertisements here. The platform uses the Steem blockchain to keep records. Users do not need to make initial deposits or pay for transactions.

    In fact, uploading videos here rewards you with Steem cryptocurrency for seven days. In addition, users who comment on a video also have a chance to make money.

    When searching for a video, you can select the new or popular sections, and view the entire list. Also, when you search, you will see similar videos that the site will select for you personally. Since the platform is self-managed, you can vote for people who will be responsible for the production of new blocks and ensuring the safety of the infrastructure.

    • dtube youtube alternative interface

      5. PeerTube

      For viewing without advertising
      • 4K upload
      • Open source code
      • Very nice design
      • Small lags when watching popular videos
      • The video is compressed upon publishing

      Verdict: A potential alternative for YouTube in 2023 is this open-source platform for publishing video content.

      This free alternative supports uploading up to 4K, albeit at 30 fps, which significantly degrades the video quality. Also, before the video is published, there are several compressions, so do not be surprised at the original picture.

      The whole interface is made simple and neat, there is no advertising. You can look at trends or search for the most recent uploads to find what suits you the most at the moment.

      One of the strengths of this platform is that you don’t need to worry about becoming banned due to indecent content. On PeerTube, you can freely upload whatever you want.

      peertube youtube alternative interface

      6. Veoh

      For download and offline viewing
      • Full HD 30 fps
      • Ability to download video
      • No limit on the length and size of the video
      • You must download Veoh Player

      Verdict: This platform combines certain features of both streaming sites and social networks. Featuring a neat design and such useful tools as adding contacts, grouping them and even communicating, this is truly a great option with broad possibilities.

      One of the unique features that makes it the best YouTube alternative is the opportunity to download any video and watch it offline later.

      You can upload videos of any length and without any restrictions. The maximum quality is Full HD 30 fps.

      There are certain disadvantages. One of them is the need to download and install Veoh Player to play certain videos. The player is also required to download videos offline.

      veoh youtube alternative interface

      7. Twitch

      For 8k streaming of games
      • Streaming 8k 60fps
      • Many ways to make money
      • The ability to gather an audience by subscribing
      • For gamers only
      • Frequent bans

      Verdict: Twitch is one of the most perfect alternative YouTube sites but only for gamers, for those who like spending hours watching the broadcasts of a game as a pastime. This is an ideal place to monetize your lonely Sunday evenings on the couch while playing Fortnite or Dota 2 or to watch one of your favorite players playing live.

      Broadcast quality is where this alternative is better than YouTube itself. You can stream any game at 8K 60 fps, without a drawdown. Everything will depend on your Internet connection.

      But it is worth mentioning that Twitch does not treat its streamers well and bans can be caught for almost anything. In fact, any user can complain about a whole list of problems, including pornography and religion (an immediate ban for that) and more.

      One of the best YouTube monetization alternatives allows users to earn with paid subscriptions, mini-donations, regular donations, sponsorships, advertising, affiliate sales. It may seem ridiculous for an avid YouTuber. But I assure you that donations on this platform are sometimes too surprising when the final sums for an 8-hour stream reach $200 000.

      • twitch youtube alternative interface

        8. Facebook Watch

        Without leaving a social network
        • Huge selection of videos
        • Advanced video optimization
        • Upload in HD 30 fps
        • Weakly developed video search
        • An account is required

        Verdict: Facebook Watch is the best YouTube alternative for watching videos while staying connected to your profile. It works similarly to YouTube. The only difference is that it is not a standalone service, it works with Facebook.

        It’s very easy to upload content and also optimize it while you’re doing it. The latter tools cover such important actions as tagging the video, controlling the thumbnails, creating a meta description. In addition, you can upload HD videos without any reduction.

        The only inconvenience is the lack of filters that make searching for specific content more difficult. However, you can sort videos by year and channel. Another possible disadvantage is that you need to have an active FB account.

        • facebook watch youtube alternative interface

          9. TikTok

          For short sketches
          • Publish Full HD videos
          • Built-in video editors
          • Compatible with Adobe applications
          • Only for short videos
          • Low earnings

          Verdict: It's funny to watch, but the Chinese creation for content sharing has become one of the most popular video sites other than YouTube in 2023. TikTok is not a platform for clips, short films, sporting events. But it is a great place to post short sketches, lifehacks or short recipes.

          Users can upload videos vertically (horizontally supported), of duration no longer than 15 seconds, and measuring 1080×1920 (9:16) maximum. For iOS, the video size can reach 287.6 MB, and for Android – up to 72 MB.

          The application is equipped with several built-in video editors for Android and iOS, which makes the process of creating content easy and fast. In addition, TikTok has received compatibility with such applications as Adobe Premiere Rush, PicsArt and Fuse. They allow you to directly upload to the app.

          It is worth mentioning that recently, developers have added payments to the most popular vloggers. But the amount of payment has not yet been disclosed.

          • tiktok youtube alternative interface

            10. IGTV

            For long vlogs
            • 4K 60 fps
            • You can edit the cover
            • There is monetization for popular channels
            • 60 minutes are only available for verified accounts
            • The vertical aspect ratio is not for everyone

            Verdict: Instagram took everyone by surprise when they launched their own streaming platform called IGTV. Later, it became one of the most powerful YouTube competitors.

            A unique feature of this platform is vertical, long videos that were created specifically for viewing on smartphones. Viewing is only possible through the phone app. But you have the option of uploading through the website from your PC storage.

            To publish, you have to create an account. The video must be in MP4 format, the maximum file size is 5.4 GB, up to 10 minutes (for verified accounts, it is possible to add video up to 60 minutes), and the quality is 4k 30 fps. You have the opportunity to add hashtags, as well as edit the cover. Unfortunately, IGTV does not yet offer an advanced built-in editor.

            Monetization of videos is available only to the most popular users, but the developers say little about it.

            • igtv youtube alternative interface

              11. Vevo

              For high-quality music videos
              • Support for popular labels
              • Modern interface
              • Tight copyright control
              • Only for music videos

              Verdict: If you are particularly interested in music videos, this is the absolute best YouTube alternative. The content features exclusively videos for tracks produced by the two biggest labels – Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

              It is worth mentioning that so far, access to the platform can only be obtained using your smartphone. You can create your own account and upload an unlimited number of music videos. The only thing to consider is copyright, the developers monitor it as carefully as possible.

              vevo youtube alternative interface

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