20 Youtube Photography Channels to Subscribe in 2022

By Tata Rossi 19 days ago, Photo Editing Tips

If you want to become a professional photographer and learn how to organize a photo session, develop your skills, select the right gear and find creative ideas, take a look at these YouTube channels about photography. Since there are too many online resources available online, I have compiled this list of the best YouTube photography channels to save you time.

1. DigitalRev TV

Reviews of photography gear released by various brands
digitalrev tv youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 1.89 million

DigitalRev TV is an engaging channel created by Chiara Ye who often shares information about the best cameras and other gear. On his channel, you will find many reviews and learn what results you can achieve when using devices released by your favorite camera brand. This photography YouTube channel will be especially useful for amateurs. If you are on a tight budget, make sure to watch cheap camera reviews created by Chiara to select an affordable device.

In addition, here you will find a lot of tips that will help you implement various creative photography ideas. For instance, you can watch tutorials that will help you capture levitation photos or nude photography portraits.

2. Matt Granger

For Nikon gear owners
matt granger youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 676 thousand

When creating videos for his YouTube channel, Matt Granger focuses on topics related to photography gear, including Nikon cameras since the author mostly uses devices released by this brand. He also regularly publishes video reviews of other cameras from different price ranges that are suitable for users of different skill levels. Here, you will also find loads of lens reviews where he discusses their main features, parameters, and purposes of use.

Besides, Granger shares useful tips on how to organize different types of shooting. On his channel, you will find many handy tricks for those who specialize in nature photography, bird photography, and water portraits. Watch these videos if you want to develop your unique style and stand out among other professionals.

3. Jared Polin

Advice for starting a photographer career
jared polin youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 1.35 million

Jared Polin is a photographer with years of experience. Like many photographers on YouTube, he created his channel to help beginners learn more about different kinds of photography gear, including cameras, lenses, and flashes. After watching his videos, you will know more about various image formats and the main differences between them.

On this channel, you will find many short videos where the author shares tips and tricks for organizing a photo shooting. If you want to learn more about capturing photos and even start photography business, Jared Polin will help you discover how you can earn money by creating photo content.

4. Christopher Burres

A lot of lens reviews
christopher burres youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 35.2 thousand

This blog is dedicated to all kinds of photography gear, from basic cameras for beginners to professional equipment. Christopher Burress likes experimenting with different lenses, camera mounts, and gimbals. He takes photos from unusual angles and at different focal lengths.

In one of his videos, he demonstrates how one can use budget CCTV lenses. He also tests various lenses with different camera models so that his viewers can see various levels of sharpness and image quality.

Burres will help you quickly choose camera lenses for various projects and photography types.

5. The Slanted Lens

Lighting guides
the slanted lens youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 421 thousand

The Slanted Lens is one of the most informative photography YouTube channels for those who want to learn how to set up lighting when working in the studio and outdoors. The author creates how-to tutorials, photography gear reviews, videos about recent news, cinematic techniques, visual effects, etc. He creates one of the most comprehensive photography tutorials that can be found on YouTube.

While these videos contain technical information that might be too difficult for beginners, Jay P. Morgan talks about these topics in an easy-to-understand way. He makes his clips even more engaging by adding his humorous remarks. His videos will come in handy for professionals and beginners alike. Most of them cover such topics as lighting gear and fixing lighting issues during post-processing.

6. Peter McKinnon

Basics of creating photos and videos
peter mckinnon youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 5.57 million

Peter McKinnon specializes in photography and cinema, which is why he extensively covers these topics in his video blog. On this channel, you will see many informative reviews that will help you adjust the settings of your camera and other gear depending on your needs. He often tests new cameras, lenses, and various devices to help photographers select the best photography equipment.

Peter shares interesting life hacks that will help you make your photos and videos more engaging. Besides, Peter creates tutorials that will help you master photo editing software, including Photoshop, After Effects, Lightroom. In his videos, he tells about the basics of mobile photography as well.

If you don’t have enough time for post-processing, make sure to contact the FixThePhoto team.

These professional editors will take into account all your wishes. You will receive your edited images within the shortest time possible.

7. ZY Productions

iPhone cameras overviews and testing
zy productions youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 145 thousand

Here, you will find a lot of useful information about cameras and other gear. The author describes different camera modes and shows how to use them. Besides, he often reviews iPhone cameras, tablets and other devices that will come in handy for capturing and editing photos.

If you don’t have much time, you will appreciate these short photography YouTube tutorials that will quickly teach you how to use professional gear. The author explains how you can cope with some issues faced by many beginner photographers. He tells how to read a camera histogram, which color temperature settings you should use, how to zoom in on an object, and what focal length works best for different types of photos.

8. Phlearn

A huge collection of Photoshop tutorials
phlearn youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 2.03 million

The photographer who created this channel helps his subscribers learn how to use Photoshop. He regularly publishes informative tutorials on topics related to photography and picture editing software.

Besides, he publishes long videos explaining how he created his most popular works. What makes it one of the best YouTube photography channels is that it includes an informative course called 30 Days of Photoshop where the author shows all the tips and tricks that you need to know to master Photoshop and improve your skills. You can also use his photography composition tips to master new techniques.

On this channel, you will find detailed step-by-step Photoshop tutorials that will help you master the tools available in this software and learn how to apply specific effects. Here, you will find out how to change background color in Photoshop and replace the background in a portrait photo. The author also explains how to mask in Photoshop, how to install Photoshop brushes and enhance photos with the help of various presets.

9. Serge Ramelli Photography

YouTube channel for beginner photographers
serge ramelli photography youtube channel cover

Subscribers: 629 thousand

Serge Ramelli mostly specializes in cityscape photography. Besides, he creates fine art books together with the Teneues publisher and works for Yellow Korner, one of the most extensive gallery networks across the globe. He created this channel to help beginner photographers take better photos and build successful careers.

This YouTube channel focuses on editing photos in popular Adobe software and various Photoshop alternatives. You can watch a detailed Lightroom review with step-by-step tutorials on how to use a range of its processing tools. Ramelli also created Photoshop courses for photographers of different skill levels. Besides, he regularly publishes content related to the topic of the photography business and explains how to create a professional-looking portfolio, promote services on social media, and increase profits.

10. Karl Taylor

Basic information about post-processing photos
karl taylor youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 524 thousand

Karl has been working as a professional photographer for over 15 years. His works were published all around the world. He often works together with well-established brands. Several years ago, he started creating educational photography YouTube videos for those who want to master the basics. His videos are quite popular since he knows how to explain complex subjects in a simple way.

Karl created his Masterclass Training Series to show his followers that anyone can master complex techniques easily. He writes scripts by himself and shares the ideas that he uses in his work.

In his blog, he shares the basics of post-processing, shows before and after retouching examples, as well as tells how to use complex techniques. He extensively covers a variety of topics, which makes his channel a perfect solution for beginner photographers.

11. The Art of Photography

Many interviews with famous photographers
the art of photography youtube channel cover

Subscribers: 736 thousand

This YouTube channel was created by Ted Forbes. This professional photographer shoots engaging videos about various photography techniques, interviews with famous creative photographers, information about digital photography competitions and other content. Besides, Forbes regularly shows the best works of his subscribers, which might help them promote their photography services in the future.

On this channel, you will find a playlist with videos about camera lenses. You are unlikely to find such detailed reviews on channels created by other popular photographers on YouTube. If you are interested in post-processing, pay attention to the videos where the photographer tells about different editing techniques. You can also find inspiration in videos demonstrating works of other photographers or watch lectures from the Ted Talks series.

12. Signature Edits

Lightroom tutorials for all levels
signature edits youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 125 thousand

Whether you need to master basic photo editing skills or complex techniques, the Signature Edits channel has everything that you might need to know about post-processing. The author of this video blog often posts step-by-step Lightroom tutorials that will help you embellish your photos in no time. To edit them even more quickly, you can download his collections of presets. All the presets are easy to install and use.

The photographer often shoots videos about photography marketing and creative branding. This channel is a great option for beginners who want to master new skills and become professionals.

13. Adorama

A variety of content for photographers of all skill levels
adorama youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 1.12 million

Adorama is a great channel covering topics related to photography, video and audio content. It was created by a team of over a dozen professionals who share their tips with beginners and professional photographers. Watch these videos if you want to find information about studio lighting setups, compact cameras for travelers, video and audio gear, Photoshop techniques, and interviews. The channel is regularly updated with videos on other interesting topics, such as the future of photography.

If you want to take your skills to the next level, watch videos posted under the Master Your Craft category. The authors of the channel tell you about the secrets of high-quality fashion photography, wedding photography, maternity photography and demonstrate how one can take professional-looking portrait photos.

14. B&H Photo Video

Videos about different types of photo sessions
b&h photo video youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 831 thousand

The B&H Photo channel was created for photographers who want to master new skills and learn handy tricks to take attention-grabbing photos and shoot engaging videos. These reviews, interviews, and step-by-step tutorials were created by a team of photographers, retouchers, videographers, and other content creators.

This channel covers many topics that will be interesting to creative professionals of all kinds. Here, you will find interesting information about travel photography, wildlife photography, and landscape photography.

In addition, the team shares useful posing tips, information about sports photography, etc. On this photography YouTube channel, you will also find many reviews of pro-level gear. Watch these videos if you want to learn what equipment you need to use for different types of shootings.

15. Fstoppers

Interesting behind-the-scenes clips
fstoppers youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 913 thousand

Fstoppers is a channel created by professional photographers and videographers who often share their reviews, handy tips, detailed tutorials, and news. They often go into detail when discussing useful photography gear. On this channel, you will find videos about lighting setups and photo storage options.

What makes it one of the most interesting photography YouTube channels is that it has many BTS (behind the scenes) videos where the photographers tell viewers about the process of shooting photos. If you are a beginner, you will learn plenty of useful information after watching these videos. Besides, you will see how different professionals work on their projects.

16. Mango Street

A source of inspiration for photographers
mango street youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 1.04 million

This engaging photography channel is a perfect solution for photographers who are looking for inspiration. You can use its content to find your own signature style, master the basics of post-processing, and learn how to use various creative techniques.

Subscribe to the Mango Street channel, if you want to watch clips helping people overcome difficulties they might face at the beginning of their careers. For instance, you will learn more about simple portrait photography poses that can be used by people without professional modeling experience. Besides, you will discover how to take great travel photos. The authors also often upload videos where they are trying to use tips shared by other professional photographers.

The team behind this channel created Mango Street presets. They often share information on how to apply these presets to photos and which settings were used for achieving various effects.

17. Brendan van Son

With the emphasis on travel photography
brendan van son youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 1.04 million

This channel is a must for anyone who wants to become a travel photographer. Brendan van Son is a traveler and professional photographer who often shoots behind-the-scenes videos during his travels. If you are mesmerized by picturesque landscapes and sunrises or want to learn more about long exposure photography, this travel photography blog is exactly what you need. Here, you will see handy tips for photographers of all skill levels.

Even if you are a beginner, you will still find plenty of useful information on this photography YouTube channel. Brendan van Son tells about difficult topics in an easy-to-understand language. He often pays attention to various issues that beginner photographers might face.

18. We Eat Together

Food photography tricks
we eat together youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 252 thousand

We Eat Together is a popular YouTube blog about food photography and related topics. Here, you will find plenty of useful tips about lighting, shooting time-lapse videos, working various surfaces, props, and other topics that might be interesting to anyone who wants to become a food photographer. On this channel, you will find plenty of good reviews that will help you choose the best food photography props, backdrops, and accessories that will streamline your workflow.

The author of the channel posts videos about camera settings, lenses, and other photography gear for food photo sessions. After watching these tutorials, you will learn how to implement a variety of food photography ideas. For instance, you will find out how you can take mouth-watering photos of food by making your dishes look more stylish.

19. Jessica Kobeissi

Many videos about taking portrait photos
jessica kobeissi youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 1.92 million

Jessica’s channel will come in handy for anyone interested in portrait photography. She often posts videos with posing tips and other useful pieces of advice that will help you take professional-looking photos of people. The photographer also adds her comments on various photography-related issues as well as shoots reaction and behind-the-scenes videos.

If you don’t have much time or your editing skills are quite basic, make sure to contact the FixThePhoto team to get professionally-edited photos within the shortest time possible.

Jessica Kobeissi has a unique approach when it comes to taking photos. Her YouTube channel stands out among others thanks to its useful videos.

For instance, she released a series of videos where several photographers take photos of the same model. These videos will be especially useful for beginners who want to learn how to improve their skills by taking inspiration from the works of other photographers. Besides, she likes taking photos of people she meets on the streets and posts the behind-the-scenes videos to her vlog.

20. Eric Kim Photography

Tips on street and lifestyle shooting
eric kim photography youtube channel cover

Subscribers: 55 thousand

Eric Kim’s YouTube channel will be especially useful for street photographers who want to improve their skills and find inspiration. He shares handy urban photography tips and uploads videos taken during his photo sessions.

Eric Kim has created a professional course for photographers interested in street photography. Some lectures you can watch on his channel for free. If you like the style of this photographer, you can apply Eric Kim Lightroom presets to your pictures to edit them in a consistent style.