26 Must-Follow Photography YouTube Channels in 2023

By Tata Rossi 19 days ago, Photo Editing Tips

Is it possible to become a better photographer just by watching YouTube? If you’re gaining knowledge from the best photography YouTube channels out there – then yes, definitely!

The art of photography is constantly evolving, demanding the photographers to develop their skills alongside its advancements. Whether you’re a beginner who’s still trying to take that first perfect shot or an experienced pro interested in mastering a new photography type or gear piece, the hand-picked YouTube photography channels below are bound to offer something you need.

Gear Overviews

Picking the optimal camera, lenses, and other equipment for your photography kit while also spending as little money as possible is a challenging task. Thankfully, you can find a variety of photography channels on YouTube that provide useful and concise gear reviews while presenting all the information in a fun, engaging manner.

1. Tony & Chelsea Northrup

For a photographer of any experience level
tony & chelsea northrup youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 1.59 million

Tony and Chelsea are known for going over all possible topics related to photography. Their videos are always relevant and cover each new trend. They’re a fantastic source of both basic knowledge and news from the photography world.

This channel deserves your attention because it provides easy-to-understand and engaging videos that primarily focus on gear discussions while being aimed at both professional and aspiring photographers.

2. B&H Photo Video

Equipment and trending news in photography and videography
b&h photo video youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 918,000

The B&H Photo channel was created for photographers who want to master new skills and learn handy tricks to take attention-grabbing photos and record engaging videos.

On this channel, you will also find many reviews of pro-level gear and learn what equipment you need to use for different types of photoshoots including wedding photography, maternity photography, nude photography, etc. These reviews, interviews, and step-by-step tutorials were created by a team of photographers, retouchers, videographers, and other content creators.

3. TheCameraStoreTV

Real-life tests
thecamerastoretv youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 336,000

This is a fantastic channel for photographers on YouTube who are interested in gear reviews. Hailing from Canada, these content creators try out all the newest Nikon cameras as well as products from other manufacturers including lenses, flash units, etc.

This channel is also frequently updated with interesting videos that feature popular photographers who can inspire you with new ideas and expand your photography horizons.

4. DPReview TV

In-depth equipment and lens reviews
dpreview tv youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 413,000

DPreview is among the biggest camera review sites on the web. Their YouTube channel, DPReview TV, hosts real-life overviews of the best, newest, and most interesting photography and videography equipment that you might consider adding to your kit.

Additionally, this channel is always one of the first that provide reviews on new equipment pieces before you’ll find them anywhere else. The uploaded videos always offer an in-depth look at the product and cover real-life use cases.

5. Jared Polin

Advice for starting a photographer career
jared polin youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 1.44 million

Jared Polin is a photographer with a lot of years of experience. Like many photographers on YouTube, he created his channel to help beginners learn more about different kinds of photography gear and image formats.

On this channel, you will find many short videos where the author shares tips and tricks for organizing a photo shoot. If you want to learn more about starting photography business and photography marketing, Jared will help you discover how you can earn money by creating photo content.

6. Kai W

Hands-on camera reviews by a passionate photographer
kai w youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 938,000

Kai, previously a popular DigitalRev host, now has one of the most popular YouTube photography channels on the platform. This channel is a goldmine of knowledge for anyone interested in learning more about photography gear. Kai is known for his in-depth reviews, hands-on impressions, and thorough coverage of all the main camera brands including cheap cameras.

He always shares his honest opinions and you can tell he cares about what he does from every video. The passion that oozes from his content makes the viewer feel they’re watching an engaging TV show. Kai is a very fun host and his videos are great for binge-watching.

7. Jake Sloan

Mainly covers drones and travel-friendly camera equipment
jake sloan youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 94,100

Jake’s channel offers a wealth of information on all topics related to photography equipment. If you want to get a new camera or other related product, you can refer to his videos to find the best option for your needs.

Sloan’s review videos don’t simply cover the technical specs but also focus on such key aspects as weight, dimensions, usability, and price. Jake is a particularly huge fan of equipment that offers the optimal balance between quality, price, and size, which sets him apart from most other YouTube photography channels.

Tutorials and Editing Tips

YouTube is filled to the brim with photography tutorials and editing guides for every genre. However, such an enormous amount of videos can stop you in your tracks, having you try to figure out where to even begin.

8. Fstoppers

Interesting behind-the-scenes clips
fstoppers youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 992,000

Fstoppers is a channel created by professional photographers and videographers who often share their reviews, handy tips, detailed tutorials, news, and before and after retouching examples. On this channel, you will find videos about studio lighting setups and photo storage options.

What makes it one of the most interesting photography YouTube channels is that it has many behind-the-scenes videos where the photographers talk about their approach to the photo shooting process.


A huge collection of Photoshop tutorials
phlearn youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 2.14 million

Aaron Nace regularly publishes informative tutorials on topics related to photography and picture editing software. Here, you will find out how to change background color in Photoshop, how to mask in Photoshop, how to install Photoshop brushes, photography composition tips, etc.

What makes it one of the best YouTube photography channels is that it includes an informative course called 30 Days of Photoshop where the author shows all the tips and tricks you need to know to master Photoshop and improve your skills.


Fun method for learning photography
cooph youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 1.05 million

COOPH practices an engaging approach to teaching photography. The content creators behind this channel are primarily focused on DIY projects while providing various tips and tricks that should make your photography activities easier and more convenient.

The channel’s DIY content ranges from topics like “How to prepare a photography studio at home” to more imaginative and creative photography ideas that will help you hone your own artistic shooting style.

11. The Slanted Lens

Lighting guides
the slanted lens youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 443,000

The Slanted Lens is one of the most informative YouTube photography channels for those who want to learn how to set up lighting when working in a studio or outdoors. The author creates how-to tutorials, photography gear reviews, videos about recent news, cinematic techniques, visual effects, etc.

While these videos contain technical information that might be too difficult for beginners, Jay P. Morgan talks about these topics in an easy-to-understand way.

12. Micael Widell

Most videos are dedicated to macro photography
micael widell youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 92,000

If you’re a photographer who wants to capture the tiniest details of various subjects, then Widell’s channel is definitely for you! It’s full of content that will help you hone your macro photography skills regardless of whether you like to take photos of plants, bugs, water droplets, or any other tiny objects.

Micael has years of experience in the macro photography genre and owes a bunch of suitable lenses that he explains how to use. Widell’s channel also offers some videos on portraiture along with tutorials on choosing camera lens models for different needs.

13. Mango Street

A source of inspiration for photographers
mango street youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 1.06 million

This engaging photography channel is the perfect solution for photographers who are looking for inspiration. You can use its content to find your own signature style, master the basics of post-processing, and learn how to use various creative techniques.

The channel is owned by a group of experienced photographers whose on-screen chemistry makes watching their content a lot more fun and engaging. They created Mango Street presets and often share information on how to apply these presets to photos and which settings were used for achieving various effects.

14. SLR Lounge

Concise and useful tutorials
slr lounge youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 492,000

This YouTube photography channel features an expansive selection of tutorials dedicated to shooting and image post processing. Additionally, SLR Lounge covers industry news, equipment tests, and other types of videos.

New content is uploaded a couple of times per week and most videos are rather short and easily digestible. This channel is also known for its useful workshops and frequent giveaways.


Getting inspired and coming up with new ideas is as important for an aspiring photographer as picking a good camera or image retouching software. The YouTube photography channels below provide the exact content you need to devise a new project or add a fresh spin to your usual style.

15. Peter McKinnon

Basics of creating photos and videos
peter mckinnon youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 5.88 million

On Peter’s channel, you will see a lot of informative reviews that will help you adjust the settings of your camera and other gear depending on your needs. He often tests new cameras, lenses, and various devices to help photographers select the best photography equipment.

Peter shares interesting life hacks that will help you make your photos and videos more engaging. Additionally, Peter creates tutorials that will help you master various photo editing software, including Photoshop and free Photoshop alternatives, After Effects, Lightroom.

16. The Art of Photography

Lots of interviews with famous photographers
the art of photography youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 812,000

This YouTube channel was created by Ted Forbes. This professional photographer records engaging videos about various photography techniques, interviews with famous creative photographers, reports about digital photography competitions, and other content.

On this channel, you will find a playlist of videos about camera lenses. If you are interested in post-processing, pay attention to the videos where the photographer talks about different editing techniques.

17. We Eat Together

Food photography tricks
we eat together youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 262,000

We Eat Together is a popular YouTube blog about food photography and other related topics. Here, you will find plenty of useful tips about lighting, time-lapse videos, food photography props, and other subjects that might be interesting to anyone who wants to become a food photographer.

The owner of the channel posts videos about camera settings, lenses, and other photography gear that will help you implement a variety of food photography ideas.

Portrait Genre

Portrait photography is a difficult genre to master. Many photographers spend years learning different techniques to take pictures of people while ensuring they feel comfortable and show their best side. Lucky for you, the web is full of YouTube photography channels that will teach you how to approach this genre properly to get the best results.

18. Jessica Kobeissi

Large selection of videos about taking portrait photos
jessica kobeissi youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 1.9 million

Jessica’s channel will come in handy for anyone interested in portrait photography. She often posts videos with posing tips and advice that will help you take pro-looking photos of people. She also posts her comments on various photo-related issues, photoshoot reactions, and behind-the-scenes videos.

fixthephoto portrait retouching fixthephoto portrait retouching

No Time For Portrait Editing?

Delegate your portrait editing work to experienced retouchers. They will manually improve the look of your pictures while accounting for your needs and style.

Since she’s a true master of fashion photography, Jessica provides a lot of great advice on choosing suitable portrait photography poses, the optimal times for outdoor photoshoots, different lighting techniques that will flatter your model, and various ideas that you can try to get the most out of the location and clothing you’re working with.

19. Julia Trotti

Best tips for portrait photoshoots
julia trotti youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 585,000

Julia is a photographer from Australia who has one of the most interesting portrait photography channels on YouTube. She frequently shares useful tips for portrait and urban photography, covering aspects like poses, camera parameters, and recommended gear. Trotti also posts handy Lightroom tutorials that you can follow to improve your image retouching skills.

Thanks to her slick editorial style, Julia’s content will ensure you’ll learn how to take portrait photos on a professional level in no time. Another appealing part of her videos are the stunning places that are featured on her channel as well as the on-location insights Trotti provides.

Travel Genre

If your goal is to become a travel photographer, you can’t just settle with finding a compact camera and getting its settings right. You also have to know how to properly navigate your adventure, how to pick gear that won’t feel like a burden, and how to edit your photos.

20. Pierre T Lambert

Behind-the-scenes life of a travel photographer
pierre t lambert youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 684,000

Pierre is a travel and street photographer who has a very fun approach to explaining different photography topics, as he uploads hands-on equipment tests and on-location technique tutorials. Lambert’s travel photography blog features camera and lens overviews and shorter versions of his daylong photoshoots.

Lambert also posts a lot of image retouching tutorials, videos that cover common mistakes made by travel photographers, and inspirational content that will help you improve your photography skills.

21. Mitchell Kanashkevich

Critically acclaimed travel photographer
mitchell kanashkevich youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 62,100

Mitchell is a critically acclaimed travel photographer and tutor. His content represents an interesting combination of travel vlogs and photography guides that invite you to be immersed in the picturesque environments Kanashkevich is exploring while learning valuable tips in the process.

Mitchell’s videos cover all facets of travel photography including the landscape, portraiture, and documentary subgenres.

Landscape Genre

The industry boasts a broad range of talented landscape photographers who have a lot of knowledge to share. Check out some of the most interesting landscape photography YouTube channels that are dedicated to a variety of topics from Astro to sunset photography below.

22. Michael Shainblum

Advice on image editing, drone photography and videography
michael shainblum youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 109,000

Having earned his popularity thanks to spectacular Milky Way pictures and time-lapse videos, Michael become one of the most sought-after landscape photographers in California.

Shainblum posts video tutorials on photo retouching and drone videography as well as fun behind-the-scenes content that covers his landscape, astro, macro, and time-lapse photography projects. Additionally, Michael uploads inspiring short films that are perfect for getting your creative juices flowing.

23. Mark Denney

Beginner-friendly landscape photography tutorials
mark denney youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 258,000

Regardless if you’re still new to landscape photography or have a lot of experience, YouTube photography channels like this one can always teach you some new tips and tricks. Denney posts videos that go over his landscape photoshoots while also allowing you to join him on his engaging adventures in the wild.

The channel’s content encompasses everything from photography tutorials to image post processing tips as well as some inspirational clips that will motivate you to go on your own adventures.

24. AstroBackyard

Complete astrophotography coverage
astrobackyard youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 453,000

This channel posts videos related to all possible astrophotography aspects including long exposure photography detailed tutorials, gear recommendations, optimal camera parameters, and tips on how to take pictures of stars that are light-years away.

Here you’ll find all the information you need to start learning astrophotography, from the perfect gear starting kit to advice on how to ensure you properly position, align, and capture shots of the mesmerizing starry sky.

Wildlife Genre

Wildlife photography comes with several technical caveats that you have to be aware of. You also need to know the behavior of different animals, pick gear that is appropriate for rough terrain, and use suitable image editing techniques. The photography YouTube channels below cover all the essentials related to wildlife and nature photography.

25. Sudhir Shivaram

Primarily dedicated to bird photography
sudhir shivaram youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 368,000

This popular wildlife photographer hails from India and his videos are the perfect starting point for anyone who’s just getting interested in wildlife and bird photography.

Sudhir has uploaded a large range of useful tutorials for beginners while also recording interesting photo reviews dedicated to the images submitted by his viewers.

26. Mark Smith

Massive collection of useful tips for wildlife photographers
mark smith youtube photography channel cover

Subscribers: 657,000

Smith will acquaint you with the wonderful genre of wildlife photography through his exceptional work. His YouTube channel shares his experiences in the shape of breathtaking films that fully immerse you in the animal world.

Other than posting photography vlogs, Mark also records equipment reviews and provides wildlife photography tips that are relevant for both beginners and experienced photographers.