Mango Street Presets Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 4 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Mango Street Presets are universal tools for improving indoor and outdoor shots. You can use them to beautify landscape, cityscape, and portraits images.

The article below provides detailed descriptions of 4 preset collections that are extremely helpful for those who work in Lightroom.

Mango Street Presets: Location Collection

These Mango Street Lightroom Presets are a perfect fit for photographers who need to improve photos taken in interesting locations. If you want to achieve realistic tones of the wheat field or green forest, this collection is a sure way to go. If a photo features people, these presets will preserve natural skin tones, so you don’t have to make different manual adjustments.

The bundle consists of 16 presets and costs $45. These effects are suitable if you frequently batch edit in Lightroom. Each preset is represented in two+ variants.


the mango street presets beach

This effect is very similar to DoYouTravel Presets. By applying the filter, you will add dreamy and nostalgic vibes to your photos. It works great with pastel and summer photos, but you may apply it to any other image. Beach Punchy option takes the vintage, summery look and makes it bold.


the mango street presets desert

Use the Aqua Preset to turn the harsh sun into beautiful and creamy highlights. The preset works great for photos with many orange and yellow shades, but you can also apply it to standard portraits taken in a studio. This filter makes skin tones natural and adds contrast to the shadows.

If you want to get stunning results without doing image processing on your own, contact professional retouchers. They will skillfully improve shots so that they will be suitable not only for family albums but also for photography contests.


the mango street presets fields

If you need to correct greens by creating a deep contrast, the Fields Preset is an ideal option. It adds gentle highlights to the frame and is especially fitting for photographs full of sunlight and with minimum details. Just imagine a photo depicting a person surrounded by sun rays in a field. This preset is perfect for such scenes.

Fields Golden may also come in handy if you need to edit a portrait photo when a model is posing in lush greenery and your main task is to preserve natural skin tone. 


the mango street presets forest

Bronze Landscape makes greens and yellows shift towards autumn shades while reds and blues become less vivid.

If you need to enhance portraits taken in woods, you can safely rely on Forest People. It strikes a perfect balance between saturated greens and warm skin tones.

The Forest Washed filter enriches greens with deep blue tones creating a truly mesmerizing outcome. You are bound to amaze your clients and followers with the result.

Rust Belt

the mango street presets rush belt

Rust Belt is one of the most universal Mango Street Presets. If you have a photo in which a person’s face is shadowed, you can apply this filter and get a perfectly lit image in a matter of seconds. Just like Phil Chester presets, this bundle works great for outdoor shots.

Mango Street Presets: Street Classic Collection

Mango Street Presets Classic Collection is a lifesaver if you need to preserve smooth skin tones and get a pro-level image. It includes presets that make shadows colder, smooth skin tones and enrich blacks, keeping details clearly visible.

The bundle costs $60 and consists of 6 presets that are compatible with Lightroom Mobile app and Adobe Camera Raw. They are designed to work with a standard version but you can also download them in earlier and later Lightroom editions. The process of applying presets in mobile and desktop versions may differ, so you need to think twice and learn how to install Lightroom mobile DNG.


mango street preset collection portrait

This preset is suitable for all types of photography, particularly portraits. It perfectly works with shadows, provides smooth skin tone and is universal for any picture.


mango street preset collection alt

This preset is similar to Portrait presets and has warmer tones in the midrange. It will help you emphasize wonderful lighting conditions and the sensere smile of your model.


mango street presets moody

This preset gives your photos a moody look, adding deep black shades to it and, at the same time, preserving shadow details. A perfect choice for backlit images.


mango street presets landscape

This type of Mango Street presets is ideal for landscape photography and drone photography. Also, it’s suitable for portrait pictures. The preset emphasizes blue and green shades that you can see in nature and adds necessary contrast to make your scene deep, without going too far.

B&W Mild

mango street presets b&w mild

This preset has two variants with varying contrast levels. With the help of the B&W Mild preset, you can reduce the white point in an image. Grain effects help create a special atmosphere regardless of the type of image. When applying the B&W Spicy Preset, the contrast gets higher and the focus is on the main object.

Mango Street Presets: Street Grid Collection

This set consists of 16 Mango Street Presets. You need to pay $45 to get these effects and can use them for all photo genres. These filters increase the contrast in images, make colors brighter, and preserve natural skin tones. If you specialize in landscape and travel photography, or try your hand at golden hour photography, this collection is a must for image processing.

These presets allow you to have a similar style across all images, while making them winsome. No wonder many people are looking for methods of how to get Lightroom for free, but such endeavors may have too negative consequences.

Golden Style

mango street presets golden

These presets were created specifically for influencers. They add a nice contrast, wonderful colors and makes pictures taken during the Golden Hour breathtaking.

Grays Style

mango street presets grays

These presets were developed to give your photos a gloomy atmosphere. They are ideal for gritty urban locations and are especially suitable for pictures with not much colors. If you are going to shoot in this style, ask your models to wear black and white clothing.

Copper Style

mango street presets copper

The developers created these Mango Street presets specifically for travel bloggers. The presets work great with photos that have blue and red shades since they make red look closer to copper, adding a slightly washed-out aqua tone to blue. Just like some good old jeans.

Tans Style

night photography gear

These Mango Street presets are the best ones if you take pictures for your Insta blog. They add warm tones and make your photos light and fresh. This collection works with any type of photos. Green, brown and red colors look fantastic with these presets applied.

Whites Style

night photography 600 rule camera settings

Most of all, I like these Mango Street Presets. If you like photographing minimalistic interiors and uncluttered scenes, these effects are a must-have for you. In case you are one of Instagram photographers or a blogger, you can make good use of these effects.

Blues Style

mango street presets blues

These presets will be effective for photos with even lighting and saturated colors. This style emphasizes deep contrast and improves the colors, preserving natural skin tone. It’s ideal for landscape and tourist photography.

Mango Street Presets: Complete Bundle

This collection includes 38 unique Mango Street Presets that come with a price tag of $125. Using these tools, you can turn the photo editing process into a pleasant and enjoyable activity. You get access to 6 presets from the Classic collection, Grid bundle of 16 presets and Location Collection of 16 presets. Make sure you know how to add presets to Lightroom and then get down to a creative part.

Mango Street Lab on Instagram

mango street lab instagram

Username: @mangostreetlab
Genre: portraits, landscapes
Followers: 125k

Mango Street Lab is developed by Daniel Inskeep, Rachel Gulotta and Carlton Banks. They have profiles on social media for photographers, so you can check their accounts to get inspired by their works. The official page of Mango Street Labs on Instagram and personal pages of the developers contain dozens of portrait and landscape photos improved with these tools.

Besides, these photos are taken in different locations, which makes the presets universal. The profile looks amazing, everything is very aesthetically pleasing. I suggest you visiting the main and personal pages of creators and find inspiration for your future portrait, landscape and travel photos.

Free Bonus Tools

bonus tools for lightroom

If you don’t feel like spending money on paid effects, you can always download Fixthephoto freebies. You can apply them to photos taken inside and outside.

Applying these effects, you will add warm touches to the frame and make greens more appealing. Moreover, these presets balance lighting and shadows. Yet, remember that one filter may work for one photo but be inappropriate for another. So, make sure you customize the presets when necessary.