Mango Street Presets Review

Mango Street Presets Review

mango street presets

Mango Street presets are a great example of presets that will be suitable for portrait, landscape and travel images taken outdoors. Beautiful background tones and smooth skin are what these presets are famous for.

In this review, I will tell you about Mango Street presets in more detail, show you the Instagram account of their developer and offer you 3 free alternatives inspired by Mango Street.

Mango Street Presets Overview

Mango Street provides 2 presets collection – Classic and Grid. Let's look at both collections in more detail.

Mango Street Presets: Classic Collection (Price: $60)

The Mango Street Classic collection was developed to maintain smooth and beautiful skin tones and let you achieve an everlasting look with your photo. This collection includes 6 presets for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

Mango Street Presets: Portrait

the mango street classic collection Download Professional Lightroom Presets

This preset is suitable for all types of photography, particularly portraits. It perfectly works with shadows, provides smooth skin tone and is universal for any picture.

Mango Street Presets: Alt

mango street preset collection free

This preset is similar to Portrait presets and has warmer tones in the midrange. It will help you emphasize wonderful lighting conditions and the sensere smile of your model.

Mango Street Presets: Moody

mango street presets moody

This preset gives your photos a moody look, adding deep black shades to it and, at the same time, preserving shadow details. A perfect choice for backlit images.

Mango Street Presets: Landscape

mango street presets landscape

This type of Mango Street presets is ideal for landscape photography and drone photography. Also, it’s suitable for portrait pictures. The preset emphasizes blue and green shades that you can see in nature and adds necessary contrast to make your scene deep, without going too far.

Mango Street Presets: B&W Mild

mango street presets b&w mild Download Monochrome Presets

This preset reduces the white point in the photo. By adding grain, it adds a special atmosphere to the photo. The preset is universal and looks nice in all types of photos.

Mango Street Presets: B&W Spicy

mango street presets b&w spicy

Using this preset, you can make your images contrasting and the models stand out.

Mango Street Presets: Grid Collection (Price: $45)

The next point of my review is the Mango Street Grid collection of presets that support Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile and Adobe Camera Raw.

They are created particularly to work with Lightroom Classic. However, you can easily use them in Lightroom CC 2015 and later versions. The presets from this collection are divided into 6 styles. Let’s go over them in more detail.

Mango Street Presets: Golden Style

mango street presets golden Download Matte Dream Presets

These presets were created specifically for influencers. They add a nice contrast, wonderful colors and makes pictures taken during the Golden Hour breathtaking.

Mango Street Presets: Grays Style

mango street presets grays

These presets were developed to give your photos a gloomy atmosphere. They are ideal for gritty urban locations and are especially suitable for pictures with not much colors. If you are going to shoot in this style, ask your models to wear black and white clothing.

Mango Street Presets: Tans Style

mango street presets tans

These Mango Street presets are the best ones if you take pictures for your Insta blog. They add warm tones and make your photos light and fresh. This collection works with any type of photos. Green, brown and red colors look fantastic with these presets applied.

Mango Street Presets: Whites Style

mango street presets whites

These presets are my favorite ones in the whole collection. They are perfect for those who enjoy taking minimalistic pictures of clean interiors or simple lifestyle photos. So if you are one of them, here is the best option!

Mango Street Presets: Blues Style

mango street presets blues

These presets will be effective for photos with even lighting and saturated colors. This style emphasizes deep contrast and improves the colors, preserving natural skin tone. It’s ideal for landscape and tourist photography.

Mango Street Presets: Copper Style

mango street presets copper Download Cinematic Colors Presets

The developers created these Mango Street presets specifically for travel bloggers. The presets work great with photos that have blue and red shades since they make red look closer to copper, adding a slightly washed-out aqua tone to blue. Just like some good old jeans.

Mango Street Presets’ Instagram

mango street lab instagram

Username: @mangostreetlab
Genre: portraits
Followers: 111k

The developers of this studio are Daniel Inskeep, Rachel Gulotta and Carlton Banks. The main page of Mango Street Lab, as well as a personal page of creators of these presets, contains plenty of portraits and landscape pictures with presets from Mango Street collection.

Besides, these photos are taken in different locations, which makes the presets universal. The profile looks amazing, everything is very aesthetically pleasing. I suggest you visiting the main and personal pages of creators and find inspiration for your future portrait, landscape and travel photos.

FREE Alternatives to Mango Street Presets

If you are not ready to spend money on these presets but you like the effects, pay attention to our free alternatives. With their help, you will achieve beautiful pictures and a smooth skin tone.

Old Styles

mango street presets free alternatives mango street presets free alternatives

These presets work with the white balance and add vintage style to the pictures. As a result, you will have a photo with clear colors and crisp white shades. This is a great alternative to Classic Collection (Portrait Preset) because it adds warmth to photos and makes skin tone smooth.


mango street presets free alternatives mango street presets free alternatives

This preset is perfect for street portraits. It adds warm shades and is a great alternative to Grid Collection (Copper Style) by Mango Street Lab Presets.


mango street presets free alternatives mango street presets free alternatives

This preset will come in handy if you wish to improve a shot taken in poor lighting conditions. With its help, you will add a nice strong look to your image. Consider using it in case you wish to get the Classic Collection (MS B&W Mild Preset) effect.

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