DoYouTravel Presets

DoYouTravel Presets

DoYouTravel presets is a classic example of travel image filters. Jack Morris, a famous Insta traveler, with around 2 million followers, apart from his photography business, is engaged in creating custom presets.

doyoutravel presets

In this article, I’ll review his DoYouTravel presets collections for desktop and mobile Lr CC versions, describe Jack Morris photography and offer 3 DoYouTravel Presets Inspired for FREE.

DoYouTravel Presets Collections

DoYouTravel website offers all available collections that are sorted according to various photography genres. Here, you may find plugins for the travel photos taken at various locations ‒ Bali, Egypt, Maldives, etc.

DoYouTravel Presets: Master Collection

doyoutravel presets master Download Professional Presets

This collection will definitely not leave you indifferent! It consists of 42 Do You Travel Jack Morris Lr plugins from Bali, Tahiti, Greece, Morocco and Egypt collections. It is a great way to edit your pics in several mouse clicks.

Having applied these tools, your travel images will become unique and arty. Make sure that these products are really great by checking out Jack’s pictures on Instagram.

DoYouTravel Presets: Master Collection II

doyoutravel presets master collection

Price: $186

Master Collection has become so popular among users that DoYouTravel team designed Master Collection II. It is a bunch of DoYouTravel Instagram tools that make wonders to your travel images.

The pack offers 47 DoYouTravel Presets from 5 best collections (Fashion, Maldives, City, Cali and Portrait). If you are sick and tired of old presets and think that nothing can impress you ‒ this set is absolutely your option.

DoYouTravel Presets: Bali Collection

doyoutravel instagram bali

Price: $77

With these Do You Travel Jack Morris presets, the process of image post-production will be great fun. The set consists of 9 plugins that were used while editing Bali pics.

If you need to improve photos with tropical greens, blues, waterfalls and sunsets, choose this set. However, you may experiment and apply them to any genre and get great results.

Don’t worry if you are not good at Lightroom CC since they are really easy to download and apply.

DoYouTravel Presets: Summer Collection

doyoutravel lightroom presets summer Download Orange and Teal Presets

Enhance your holiday images with these Do You Travel Jack Morris presets and you will never forget your paradise vacation! They are developed specifically for tropical sunny pics involving much greens and blues.

Having applied these tools, the photos will become warm and more colorful. However, don’t limit yourself to sunny vacation photographs and apply a Summer Collection to any photo material.

These plugins are really easy to use and install. Your images will be transformed into bright masterpieces with this amazing set.

DoYouTravel Presets: Fashion Collection

lightroom presets for travel photography fashion

Price: $77

Don’t pass by if you are looking for DoYouTravel presets to enhance fashion images. DoYouTravel has developed a Fashion Collection that perfectly works with fashion and accessory pics.

Having applied these plugins, your photos will acquire an artistic look. Although this set is created specifically for fashion images, feel free to apply it to any pictures.

DoYouTravel Presets: Maldives Collection

travel photography presets maldives

Price: $77

If you decide to buy professional filters, pay attention to this bundle. Maldives Collection consists of 8 custom tools that perfectly enhance tropical, nature images.

Developing this collection, DoYouTravel team was inspired by the beauty of Maldives. Therefore, these plugins are suitable for photos involving much greens and blues.

Like any other DoYouTravel presets, these effects are universal and may be applied to any shots regardless of the genre.

DoYouTravel Presets: Cali Road Trip Collection

landscape legend lightroom presets review cali road Download Film Presets

Cali Collection was designed to enhance the photos from the California road trip. The thing is that the users were so impressed by the pics edited by DoYouTravel that they asked to release these magical plugins.

Primarily, this collection was created for the specific tones of California but you may easily apply it to any other landscapes as well as other genres. If you still think that these effects are not worthy of your attention, check out DoYouTravel pics on Instagram.

DoYouTravel Presets: Elsa Collection 2.0

lightroom landscape settings presets elsa

Price: $77

Foodie Collection became an immense success among users, so DoYouTravel together with Elsa’s Wholesome Life designed the Elsa Collection 2.0.

It is a bundle of 11 DoYouTravel presets from Elsa’s effects that she applies to food photography. She improves images for her cookbook called The Global Vegan, for her brand photos and for the Wholesome Store. Moreover, she uses them to enhance her personal travel shots. Having applied these plugins, your images will become vibrant and bright.

Therefore, we may confidently name this pack a universal one since it easily works with any photo. Download this collection and make your Instagram feed shine with new shades!

DoYouTravel Presets: City Collection

professional lightroom presets city

Price: $77

Have you ever heard about the tool that perfectly works with night time city lights? Don’t be surprised since it really exists. It is a City 1 Preset from the collection of City DoYouTravel presets.

The whole bundle includes 11 plugins created to enhance urban colors and man-made vibes. The City Collection also perfectly improves other pictures, so don’t be afraid that you download a set only for particular photo genre.

DoYouTravel Presets: Egypt Collection

best lightroom presets egypt Download Travel Presets

Creating collections to edit pics from the most popular travel destinations, DoYouTravel hasn’t forgotten about Egypt. It is a place that really inspires to design beautiful filters.

This set consists of 9 DoYouTravel presets that work great with warm shades, making your images look vintage and stylish. Don’t limit yourself and use these effects with any photography genre.

DoYouTravel Presets: Greece Collection

summer lightroom presets greece collection

Price: $77

Although it is impossible to bring bad shots from the Greece trip, they still need photo post-processing. DoYouTravel has created the collection specifically for Greece images.

It offers 8 DoYouTravel presets adding timeless shades to the shot. Moreover, the Greece Collection provides the tools used to enhance pics from the Europe trip, so don’t worry if you haven’t been to Greece this summer.

Apply it to improve photos taken in any country in the world.

DoYouTravel Presets: Morocco Collection

warm lightroom presets morocco

Price: $77

If you want to know what DoYouTravel has started with ‒ check out these Morocco DoYouTravel presets. The collection includes 8 tools that marked the beginning of all DoYouTravel collections.

Today, they already offer various packs, but Marocco Collection is considered to be the favorite one. These effects perfectly work with warm, blue and green tones.

DoYouTravel Presets: Tahiti Collection

outdoor lightroom presets tahiti

Price: $77

Tahiti Collection is one of the DoYouTravel creations designed to edit tropical pics. This little paradise has inspired the designers to develop presets that will perfectly cope with blues and greens preserving the natural beauty.

Moreover, this collection of DoYouTravel presets has a tool to work with underwater images (T1 Preset). If visiting Tahiti is just a dream yet ‒ apply these amazing effects to any pics you like and the results will be also impressive.

DoYouTravel Presets: Portrait Collection

doyoutravel presets portrait Download Portrait Presets

Apart from travel presets, DoYouTravel offers great tools to edit portraits. The collection has 9 plugins. Although it is created specifically for portraits, you may easily apply the plug-ins to any other genres. Create masterpieces in several clicks!

DoYouTravel Presets: Foodie Collection

professional lightroom presets foodie

Price: $77

Elsa is a nutritionist and dietician who constantly uses various presets to edit her food photos for Elsa’s Wholesome Life website, café spreads and also personal images.

DoYouTravel together with Elsa created the collection of the favorite food filters that will make your pics vibrant and catchy. You may also use these plugins while working with any other images.

DoYouTravel Mobile Presets

For those who don’t use Lightroom Desktop, there is a perfect set of mobile filters. It is an easy and convenient way to edit your pics when you are still enjoying your vacation.

DoYouTravel Mobile Presets: Summer Collection Mobile

lightroom mobile landscape presets summer

Price: $37

The next collection of DoYouTravel presets is designed for summer images. It offers 4 tools that are applied like filters on your smartphone.

You will get amazing results in several seconds! They are perfect for summer travel images with bright green and blue tones. Having applied them, you will adjust the white balance making the images deeper and brighter.

DoYouTravel Mobile Presets: Master Collection Mobile

mobile presets master collection

Price: $117

They considered 5 DoYouTravel collections (Bali, Fashion, Greece, Cali and City) and chose 20 favorite mobile effects to create Master Collection Mobile. This set will definitely impress you with its diversity. Moreover, the tools are very easy to apply. You will improve the picture in seconds. Being a mobile bundle, these tools are a combination of filters that may be applied to any pics.

DoYouTravel Mobile Presets: Fashion Collection Mobile

mobile presets fashion collection

Price: $117

This set is a great chance to expand your mobile toolbox. It offers 5 favorite fashion plugins. These are ideal DoYouTravel Instagram presets. Use them to acquire a stylish matte effect.

DoYouTravel Mobile Presets: Selfie Collection Mobile

mobile presets selfie collection

Price: $37

Selfie Collection by DoYouTravel includes 5 tools to make your selfies impressive. Your shots will be instantly edited without any efforts. The plugins work like one-click filters. They add slight warm shades to your images smoothing the skin tones.

DoYouTravel Mobile Presets: Elsa Collection 2.0 Mobile

mobile presets elsa collection

Price: $37

DoYouTravel has successfully continued collaboration with Elsa from Elsa’s Wholesome Life and created Elsa Collection 2.0 Mobile. It is a set of 5 mobile effects that Elsa uses on her mobile to edit the pics.

These are usually food, beach, café shots as well as selfies and interiors. You only need a mobile Lightroom application to apply these plugins.

Jack Morris Photography

One day five years ago, Jack Morris realized that he extremely wanted to go on an adventure trip. He was sick and tired of his work as a carpet cleaner in Manchester and decided to change his life.

A 26-year-old man bought a ticket to Bangkok and did not regret it. Today, Jack and his girlfriend Lauren are famous Instagram travel bloggers known all over the world.

jack morris photography

They earn good money and enjoy the benefits of bloggers’ life. They have been together for nine months, and to date, Lauren has earned 700,000 and Jack ‒ around half a million.

Based on Jack’s extremely popular Instagram pictures, he created a DoYouTravel platform to share his presets. All the users may download the tools and add similar color effects to their images.

In Jack Morris photography, special attention is paid to orange and green shades. It is clearly seen in sunset and sunrise images.

When you edit this or that color, the photo acquires a completely different mood. For example, having applied DoYouTravel presets, the water in the Instagram shots becomes bright turquoise as if the image was taken in sunny weather.

DoYouTravel Instagram

doyoutravel instagram

Username: @doyoutravel

Genre: travel photography

Followers: 2.7m

Being a popular blogger, Jack Morris started his career on Instagram. This social network is still the main platform to share his creativity with the followers.

Here you may find a great number of photos from various locations, starting with Austria and the Faeroe Islands and ending with Bali and Greece. Find inspiration for the next vacation shots on DoYouTravel page.

FREE Alternatives to DoYouTravel Presets

In case you are not ready to spend money on DoYouTravel Presets and want to achieve similar results for free, pay attention to these free alternatives.

Having applied these tools, you will acquire the same colors and a faded film look. They are suitable for city, portrait, travel, etc. photography.

Street Light

doyoutravel instagram presets free download alternativedoyoutravel instagram presets free download alternative

This is a brilliant Lr freebie if you want to achieve not only the color improving of the photo but special atmosphere. This filter is perfect alternative to DoYouTravel Summer Collection as it creates sunny atmosphere and warm shades.

Instagram Look

doyoutravel presets free download alternativedoyoutravel presets free download alternative

Lr freebie is perfect if the colors of the photo a bit dull. You can use it while editing images with forest or at the beach landscape. This is the perfect alternative to Maldives Collection by DoYouTravel.

Travel Charm

doyoutravel lightroom presets free download alternativedoyoutravel lightroom presets free download alternative

The type of Lr freebies is recommended for portrait images, as its main function is tone correcting and produce high contrast to the skin. With the help of this filter, you will be able to make the skin smoother and your whole image bright and saturated. Check out this filter if you want to achieve Selfie Collection effect.

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