19 Best Travel Photography Blogs

By Tata Rossi 16 days ago, Inspiration

19 Best Travel Photography Blogs in 2024

Whatever your trips or plans, the best travel photography blogs will perfectly satisfy your travel craving. While it is impossible to travel across closed borders due to quarantine measures against COVID-19, viewing travel blog pictures is the only way to help explore a future trip, remember a favorite vacation, or inspire you to explore something completely new.

Top 19 Travel Photography Blogs

  1. TravelAndDestinations - Information center for travelers
  2. TravelFreak - Coverage of all practical aspects of travel
  3. Ken Kaminesky Blog - Professional travel photographer’s blog
  4. PhotoTraces - Simple and clear presentation style
  5. Camping Fun Zone - Active sports while traveling are in focus
  6. Farfelue - A well-organized blog dedicated to Paris and beyond
  7. AnnMarie John - Frequent posts
  8. Photodoto - Educational blog for photographers
  9. Stuck in Customs - HDR Photography, travel photography and camera reviews
  10. CampingHiking - Hiking trip photography tricks and suggestions
  11. Bookatrekking - Hiking destination guides
  12. Anywhere We Roam - Best travel blog of UK
  13. Owl Over The World - Complete destination guides
  14. Aperlust - Travel tips from a pro
  15. Alex In Wanderland - An award-winning travel blog documenting journeys since 2009
  16. The Legendary Adventures of Anna - For fans of travel, comments and social subtext
  17. Beers and Beans - Creators of Pin-Up Live, the innovative live chat on Pinterest
  18. Kirsten Alana - Creative socially conscious visual stories
  19. Paris in Four Months - Focuses on the glamorous side of Paris

Many travel photographers have switched to Instagram, but some researchers continue to share amazing images with stories that can excite, motivate and inspire. Whether you are a regular traveler or not, you will enjoy viewing the photo travel blog to learn more about new places, other people’s activities, as well as find tips, ideas and inspiration for your own work.

Now travel blogs look the same, with common standard templates due to automated tools that let you focus on writing articles, marketing and SEO, sacrificing user experience for profit. In this article, you will find a list of blogs with different identities that aren’t overloaded with unnecessary content.

1. TravelAndDestinations - Our Choice

Information center for travelers
  • Illustrative guides
  • Pro global authors
  • Travel-optimized UI
  • Photography tips
  • Free trials, special offers
  • Content of an advertising nature

Verdict: TravelAndDestinations is a fully illustrated information center and travel resource created by an avid traveler and itinerant photographer Mike Clegg to help travelers around the world. Travel shots here are supplemented with travel articles that contain ideas about places to visit and things to do upon arrival, as well as city guides, budget travel tips and everything related to travel destinations.

This versatile blog features articles about photos, interviews, travel tips and tricks to help and inspire travelers. It is the best travel photography blog to find vacation ideas and places to visit. A number of keen travel writers regularly share their experiences via this website, which is designed to provide visitors with a good experience and high-quality content, as well as photography tips, so that they can make more informed decisions about shooting on trips.

travelanddestinations travel photography blog

2. TravelFreak

All practical aspects and stages of the trip
  • Practical experience to help you prevent mistakes
  • Testing of equipment
  • Travel tips from the team of pros
  • Collaboration with well-known publications
  • More attention is paid to equipment, not shooting

Verdict: Talented mixologist and TravelFREAK creator Jeremy Scott wants you to put your doubts aside, and he will stop at nothing to make you do it, enticing you with beautiful photos and a free photo tour that evokes a passion for travel. TravelFREAK has an excellent travel photography portfolio.

This professional adventurer has created an online community. Its goal is to help as many people as possible to discover the world of traveling. If you have a travel camera and wild spirit, Jeremy will do everything to take you outside, on the road and in nature. By focusing on transformative and adventurous rides, you will immediately book your next plane ticket - most likely by viewing one of his photo essays. Besides, I recommend to follow the Photographertouch blog that will help you become a better photographer on your next trip.

travelfreak travel photography blog

3. Ken Kaminesky Blog

Travel photography tours to learn directly
  • Professional shots of rare natural phenomena
  • Articles with tips and hints
  • Organizing exotic photo tours
  • Collaboration with famous photography magazines
  • Content of an advertising nature
  • Rare updates

Verdict: Ken’s home page shows a passion for travel and photography, encouraging us to read the catalog. His view of the amazing things immediately catches the eye when you examine his shots. Ken takes juicy, detailed pictures of landmarks around the world on a variety of topics, from culture and nature to people at work. Ken’s cityscapes are beautiful, and his nature shots are particularly rich.

His travel blog pictures are some of the most comprehensive, from the interior of the Hungarian Opera house to the wild river in Canada. Not only does Ken share his images, but he also gives you tips on how to take them.

ken kaminesky travel photography blog

4. PhotoTraces

Simple and clear presentation style
  • Cruises recommendations
  • Regular posts
  • Shares practical experience
  • Equipment tests
  • Lack of convenient article categorization

Verdict: PhotoTraces blog was created to make photographers’ life easier and explain complex things in simple terms. You may think that photography is expensive and too difficult because of tons of “extra” stuff around it. In fact, the reality is different from this opinion.

If you don't have to deal with these distractions, you can focus on key tasks and enjoy the process. Viktor Elizarov, the owner of PhotoTraces, is ready to share his experience. He talks about his entire journey in the industry: from the first steps to the business aspect of photography.

This community consists of more than 60,000 photographers and photo enthusiasts. They are ready to open their secrets and make learning easier and fun.

phototraces travel photography blog website

5. Camping Fun Zone

Active sports while traveling are in focus
  • Describes various outdoor activities
  • Handy content categorization
  • Bright traveling photos
  • List of places and leisure activities
  • Too little text info

Verdict: Camping Fun Zone is an eye-grabbing live travel photography blog where the author publishes a great variety of travel photos to inspire followers. Here you will find a myriad of images featuring various travel and outdoor sports activities including fishing, birdwatching, hiking, etc.

Conveniently, they are organized into categories like Camping, Adventure, Places, RVS, Equipment, Vehicles, and Nature to accelerate your search for the required content. In addition to multiple travel photos, the blogger also gives readers helpful tips on how to cope with certain difficulties or prepare for a certain type of activity.

camping fun zone travel photography blog website

6. Farfelue

Travels across continents, cities and islands
  • Clear organization into places and categories
  • Articles describing the attractions
  • Little advertising content
  • Excellent shots, unique tips
  • Interesting Instagram feed
  • The main theme is dedicated to one place
  • Not all tabs are filled with content

Verdict: Faye is an Englishwoman who moved to Paris and started a photoblog about the city in a unique way, not just with a few overexposed professional shots. It is hard to make Paris look bad, but Farfelue knows how to make Paris perfect. While Faye’s blog is great for its Paris travel guide and travel tips, it is mostly notable for her shots that capture the French capital in all its glory.

Farfelue should be your main reference point and one of the best travel photography blogs if you are planning a trip to the French capital. Focusing on Paris, she has been traveling around the world as well.

A quick visit to her blog shows a variety of places, 15 of them in Europe alone. Her travel photography blog goes beyond that, with beautiful photo guides to major but not so popular cities and countries like Rome, London, Reykjavik, Myanmar and many others.

farfelue travel photography blog

7. AnnMarie John

Frequent posts
  • Helpful photography tips
  • Accommodation reviews
  • Convenient categorization
  • Cruises tips
  • Frequent posts
  • Content of an advertising nature

Verdict: AnnMarie John is an engaging travel and lifestyle blog, run by a retired army veteran and amateur photographer. Anna shares her images alongside great writing and tips on traveling across the globe, you won’t find anywhere else. She’s travelling around the world with her kids and posts helpful articles frequently.

The blog is conveniently categorized, and all the tips are divided by destinations: Africa, Asia, Americas, Middle East, Caribbean, Oceania, Disney, from where she brings back gorgeous and colourful images.

annmarie john travel photography blog

8. Photodoto

Educational blog for photographers
  • Constant updates
  • Contains categories for easy search
  • A good choice of free learning tools
  • Simple language
  • The design could be more modern

Verdict: Photodoto is an informative photography blog that includes educational posts on a variety of genres. The authors of the blog believe that you need to be well-versed in the equipment, constantly hone your photo editing skills, and also take inspiration from various sources to become a successful photographer.

Here you will find articles that will be useful for both novice photographers and professionals with extensive experience. The blog contains a wide collection of ebooks, articles, email courses, and other learning materials for those who want to improve their skills. Readers regularly get access to new articles and guides that will be useful for their work.

photodoto travel photography bloginterface

9. Stuck in Customs

Read the blog or learn photography
  • Plenty of tutorials and guides
  • Hardware and software reviews
  • Shots from exclusive events and festivals
  • Tutorials
  • The blog is simply overloaded with information
  • Exclusive content and unlimited access have to be paid for

Verdict: Trey Ratcliffe has created and runs a blog dedicated to art and travel photography, with a free guide to HDR photography, photography tips, reviews of cameras and photo editing programs. The author is a sincere old-school gentleman researcher with really cool toys. Trey has one of the greatest personal travel blogs, and his shots reflect some of the amazing places that he writes a lot about.

Here you will find a lot of Asia, a bit of Antarctica with the addition of South America in moderation. His shots shine from different angles and perspectives. Trey has a real talent for photography, and his images, from the Great Wall of China to the mountains of New Zealand, will make you pack your bags as soon as possible.

stuck in customs travel photography blog

10. CampingHiking

Hiking trip photography tricks and suggestions
  • Abundance of notes on camping sites, hiking trails, and recreational areas
  • Convenient article search
  • Tips for both beginners and professionals
  • Outdated interface

Verdict: The CampingHiking blog was created in 2020 and its main goal is to help visitors come up with new hiking trip ideas. Here you’ll find articles on how to take unconventional travel photos and where you can organize an outdoor photoshoot. The website contains information about a long list of campgrounds, recreational areas, and hiking trails.

Other than that, the blog provides general tips on portrait and product photography as well as suggestions on how to take photos using a drone. The author also publishes articles on how to set up your photography studio properly and start making money with your work.

campinghiking travel photography blog interface

11. Bookatrekking

Hiking destination guides
  • Convenient website design
  • Excellent shots, unique tips
  • In-depth hiking and trekking destination articles
  • Articles appear regularly
  • Inconvenient article search

Verdict: Bookatrekking believes that every step you take on a hiking trail is a step closer to discovering the beauty of our planet. Their travel blog is your gateway to a world of awe-inspiring landscapes, untamed wilderness, and incredible treks. They curate a diverse selection of hiking routes, catering to both novice explorers and seasoned trailblazers.

Their travel blog boasts a treasure trove of meticulously crafted articles that delve deep into the heart of hiking destinations. Each piece is a labor of love, thoughtfully composed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the terrain, culture, and challenges that await you on your adventure.

bookatrekking blog

12. Anywhere We Roam

Nominated for UK blog awards
  • Detailed routes broken down by day
  • Useful links for booked trips
  • Focus on wildlife and exotic locations
  • Articles with reviews and ideas to be implemented
  • Content of an advertising nature

Verdict: This blog is an invitation to get a unique experience and unforgettable memories of unusual trips. Without paying much attention to major attractions or famous hotspots, Mark and Paul from Anywhere We Roam focus the lens on less-visited places where there is a lot untold.

Their adventure photography blog is a journey through inspiring moments and exciting experiences that engage the senses and recreate the emotions of being in a completely new place, encouraging a deeper look at different cultures through lifestyle photography. These are breathtaking landscapes on relatively unknown hiking trails, close encounters with some of the world’s most valuable animals, local characters and their collective stories, as well as the joy of simple travel.

anywhere we roam travel photography blog

13. Owl Over The World

Complete destination guides
  • Describes various destinations in detail
  • Doesn’t post many ads
  • Professional shots, handy tips
  • Female-oriented content

Verdict: Owl Over The World is the name of the blog created by a traveler Bilyana. During her travels across the globe, she is always trying to find something unexpected, meet locals and other travelers to learn more about their experiences, try new things, and explore her surroundings wherever the road takes her.

Bilyana is a huge fan of outdoor pursuits. As a true thrillseeker, she enjoys adrenaline activities and always tries to learn more about various countries that she visits during her travels in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Being a seasoned traveler, Bilyana often supplements her photos taken during the trips with unique tips based on her own experience. Her blog is easy to navigate thanks to the convenient system of categories. You can sort tips by different locations, such as Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, the Caucasus region. From every trip, she brings back stunning images of incredible locations.

owl over the world interface

14. Aperlust

Travel tips from a pro
  • Hardware and software reviews
  • Helpful tips for photographers
  • Posts appear regularly
  • Fantastic images
  • Inconvenient article search

Verdict: Aperlust is a blog run by a young guy named Vincent. He is an avid traveler, photographer, and WordPress enthusiast. He created his blog to share ideas on topics he likes. Vincent has a penchant for traveling and documenting his adventures along the way.

The blog abounds with useful tips on how to choose shooting equipment, what places to visit if you are fond of hiking, how to use Photoshop for image processing, how to earn money being a photographer, and more. Besides, there is a section with inspirational travel quotes, which you are bound to like.

aperlust travel photography blog website

15. Alex In Wanderland

The real story of a successful blogger
  • Plenty of organized archives
  • Original site design and map
  • Virtual portfolio of writing for well-known publications
  • Promo codes and discounts
  • Content of an advertising nature

Verdict: Many years ago, NY-born Alex left the US to travel around the world, documenting her trips in the blog, and never looked back. Her adventures are reflected in her gorgeous shots.

Alex has a well-designed website, so it is a pleasure to browse. It breaks down tourist activities into categories that are easy to find. Her passion for travel is infectious, and the travel map is amazing. The site is clear, and the beautiful design makes it one of the best travel photography blogs.

alex in wanderland travel photography blog

16. The Legendary Adventures of Anna

Eight years of solo travel
  • Interesting articles about travel and social phenomena
  • Free consulting
  • Collaboration with well-known publications
  • Stunning Instagram
  • Site adaptation and design are minimal

Verdict: Anna’s blog is a humorous reflection on the joys of travel. A playful mood defines the idea and style of this travel blog. She gives a number of useful travel and restaurant tips, especially for Northern and Southern America. Her images of Iceland are particularly spectacular.

Anna shares her travel photography stories along with great emails and travel tips around the world. She currently has five travel guides to Japan, Italy, British Columbia, Ecuador and Iceland. Take a look at her Instagram to find the best shots. They convey her exuberant spirit and passion for travel.

legendary adventures of anna travel photography blog

17. Beers And Beans

Over 8.5M followers on Pinterest boards
  • Good blog content
  • Creative campaigns
  • Feedback about the app, product, hotel
  • Creators of Pin-Up Live, an innovative chat
  • Content of an advertising nature

Verdict: Here is one of the most extensive travel blog websites. If you are planning a trip, get plenty of travel tips and tricks, destination details, info on volunteering and more. Beth and Randy have interesting photo essays, writing and travel tips.

Their shots are joyful, diverse and inspiring. The Venice After Dark series is very atmospheric. Also, check out their Pinterest Board, one of the most well-known travel photography boards.

beers and beans travel photography blog

18. Kirsten Alana

Illustrated brands stories
  • One of the most beautiful blog designs
  • Collaboration with well-known brands
  • Available for all social networks
  • Professional content from a four Seasons staff photographer
  • More attention is paid to brands in travel

Verdict: The blog of travel photographer Kirsten, a multimedia creative from New York, perfectly tells the brand’s stories through the lens of her camera. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but her photography is just as talented as her design ideas. But beyond the graphics, Kirsten’s travel blog pictures, which range from whimsical shots of culture to pure images of nature, are simply beautiful. Her shots of the sky are undoubtedly special. Also, you will find quick shots of culture and vivid images of landscapes.

kirsten alana travel photography blog

19. Carin Olsson’s Paris In Four Months

Paris fashion trends
  • Shots from fashion and romantic capitals of the world
  • Unique film photography
  • Recipes for traditional dishes and desserts
  • Reviews of clothes and fashion looks
  • Content is more suitable for ladies
  • The main theme is focused on one city

Verdict: Paris is one of those cities with a rich culture, cuisine and lifestyle. Don’t look for better female travel blogs about this City of Lights. Since 2012, Carin, who is originally from Sweden, has been absorbing all the charms of this wonderful city and presenting it well to us.

Her blog is an ode to the beauty of Paris, from streetscapes to pastry shops and fashion boutiques. There you will find architecture, fashion and urban photography in a variety of images traveling through the urban landscape.

paris in four months travel photography blog