Peter McKinnon Presets

Peter McKinnon Presets

Peter McKinnon presets are professional Lightroom presets designed by a famous travel photographer Peter McKinnon who currently has a very successful YouTube blog and about 2m Instagram subscribers.

peter mckinnon presets

Peter McKinnon Lightroom presets have become incredibly popular due to their grainy film effect and deep colors, which will be perfect for epic travel pictures.

PM Lightroom Preset Pack FALL 2018

peter mckinnon presets review Download Lightroom Presets

This long-awaited preset pack offers rich moody colors that you can use to fully emphasize your creative ideas realized in pictures. In combination with adjustment presets, they are great if you need to make small changes to your images, without influencing colors but controlling shadows, highlights, sharpness, etc.

 Download Lightroom Free if you haven’t installed it yet.

This Peter McKinnon presets pack provides 23 specific and stylized filters including 15 color and 8 adjustment presets that help you boost your creativity.

PM Lightroom Preset Pack 2017

peter mckinnon lightroom presets

Price: $20

One click is all it takes to edit pictures with these Peter McKinnon presets. The pack offers 15 new presets with a broad spectrum of colors, mood, and style. They are easy to install, work with and adjust. Peter McKinnon resorts to these presets when he needs to edit pictures for his Instagram account. This pack consists of such presets as Ansel, Avatar, Brighten Me Up! Dolomite, Frontier, Heat Stroke, Kodak Summer, Machiato, Maritimer, Mute Master, Overexpose Fix, Pool Party, Red Crush, Rift Valley, and SoHo.

Peter McKinnon LUT Pack

peter mckinnon filters lut Download Free LUTs

Price: $15

In this pack, Peter McKinnon collected his own 7 LUTs that he uses to color grade travel video footage, B-roll footage, and YouTube videos. A LUT is a special filter for video editing. Use a LUT to improve your videos and admire the magnificent result.

Motion Graphic Title Pack for Premiere Pro CC

peter mckinnon title pack

Price: $34.99

By means of this pack of Peter McKinnon presets you can bring your videos to a whole new level. You get a chance to use 20 Pro-Grade Motion Assets for your videos! This pack will allow you to add professional animated titles, backgrounds, textures, and transitions by means of just moving your cursor.

 Download Adobe Premiere Pro Free for professional video color grading.

Everything is thoroughly animated and developed in order to improve your footage. You can master it even if you are a beginner. You can apply these assets for your VLOGs, different projects, short films and any other types of video.

Peter McKinnon Bio and Photography

peter mckinnon bio

Peter McKinnon is a photographer, filmmaker, and YouTuber from Canada. He is famous for his travel videos on YouTube and photos on Instagram. On his YouTube channel, he gives tutorials on photography, cinematography and shares different professional hacks. His channel has 3.75 million subscribers with 243 million views.

For his role in photography, he has been featured in many famous magazines. One of them was Magic Magazine. Peter’s most popular video is “8 Camera HACKS in 90 SECONDS” and it has 6.2 million views now. On his Instagram page, he posted photos with Zach King - an American filmmaker.

Peter McKinnon Photography

peter mckinnon photography

Peter McKinnon’s photography adventure started at his sister’s wedding. Everybody at that wedding had a camera as a present. Peter had a camera set to macro mode, so decided to take a photo of wet grass in their backyard. That was his first picture ever taken. A picture of tiny pieces of grass and large drops of water on the display changed his perception of the entire world.

Soon after that, a camera became his permanent fellow and photography occupied his life. Nowadays, Peter McKinnon inspires many people. He shares tips with millions of followers on social networks. Royal Canadian Mint Sales representative Matt Paré is one of them.

peter mckinnon photos

McKinnon is fond of all types of photography but his favorite one is landscape. For him, it’s really special to go somewhere while all the world is still sleeping. Even though everything is dark and it’s impossible to see anything, he feels the landscape around. Then he and his camera watch it getting lighter and revealing amazing views.

Moraine Lake is a glacial lake which was the first Canadian landscape captured for a two-coin Peter McKinnon Photo Series by the Royal Canadian Mint. Each coin is made of 2-ounces of silver, has a $30 nominal value and a diameter of 50 millimeters. It was released in 2019 and creates a feeling as if you are looking through the aperture blades of a camera lens. You can get each coin separately or buy all 2 in a set that comes with a box that shows both coins of the series.

Peter McKinnon YouTube Channel

If you watched any photo or video tutorials on YouTube, you probably saw Peter McKinnon's channel as well. Living in Toronto, McKinnon records videos about photography and cinematography for his 3 million subscribers and he has achieved the greatest honor of his career as he says himself. He is famous for his stunning videos and amazing video editing. Along with this, he also tells about the music that contributes to the great sound of his videos.

The main topics that Peter discusses in his videos are tutorials on photography and photo editing, filmmaking, vlogs from his personal life, and Two Minute Tuesday weekly section. These are short videos related to photography, photo editing, video making and other topics with useful information that he tells in a very short time period. This is one of the most favorite formats of Peter’s subscribers.

Check out his YouTube channel to learn something new and find out the secrets of photo and video shooting.

Peter McKinnon Instagram – Find Inspiration for Your Own Account

peter mckinnon instagram

Username: @petermckinnon

When I checked Peter McKinnon’s Instagram page that now has 1.8 million followers, I was amazed by his stunning and magnificent works. His photos and videos are very engaging no matter what he shoots: landscapes, cars or anything else. Scrolling his feed you really amazed by its beauty.

I curated some of them below but don’t forget to, actually, check his Instagram and if you really enjoy photography, his YouTube channel will be also to your taste.

3 Peter McKinnon Presets Free Alternatives

If you are interested in getting such moody effects for free, you can download these 3 FREE Lightroom presets that will help you carry out a quick color correction on portraits, wedding and street photography.

1. Free Lr Preset “Matte Contrast Warm”

peter mckinnon presets free alternativepeter mckinnon presets free alternative

This Peter McKinnon alternative works for about any outdoor portrait with lots of colors. It intensifies the overall coloring, affects vibrance and saturation, this preset will do brilliant effect for any type of your images and makes them stand out. This preset can be a solid replacement for Peter McKinnon’s Lightroom presets pack 2018.

2. Free Lr Preset “Dark Vibrance”

peter mckinnon presets free download alternativepeter mckinnon presets free download alternative

If you think that your image lacks vibrant colors, apply this Peter McKinnon Lightroom preset alternative. The image will acquire yellowish tone, which adds the joyful atmosphere to the shot. It is very similar to Peter McKinnon Lightroom Presets Pack 2018.

3. Free Lr Preset “Contrast Hard”

peter mckinnon lightroom presets free alternativepeter mckinnon lightroom presets free alternative

Why not make your portrait photos glamorous and fashion-like with this Peter McKinnon alternative preset? Thus, you can change the feel of your images, turning them into magazine covers. This is the perfect alternative to Peter McKinnon’s Lightroom Presets Pack 2017.

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