Peter McKinnon Presets Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 13 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Discover a selection of Peter McKinnon presets, designed by a famous travel photographer Peter McKinnon who currently has a very successful YouTube blog and about 3m Instagram subscribers. Peter McKinnon Lightroom presets have become incredibly popular due to their grainy film effect and deep colors, which will be perfect for epic travel pictures.

Peter McKinnon Presets Collections

This article contains a detailed description of 5 preset bundles that will make your pictures look professional. They can be used not only in newer and older versions of Lightroom СС, but also in Lightroom Mobile. These presets are also suitable for Mac or Windows devices, and you can improve both RAW and JPEG images with them. All you need is learn how to install Lightroom presets on Mac & Windows, and start editing.

PM Preset Pack 2019

peter mckinnon presets pack 2019

Number of presets included: 15

This bundle is an indispensable collection for all of your travel photography. It’s a truly versatile preset pack to give your shots both a refined and commercial look. Besides, It is not only optimized for all versions of Lightroom, but also for Adobe Camera RAW.

The nostalgic color palette will help you create an authentic film look, which makes this bundle perfect for film photography lovers. In particular, it features Kodak Portra inspired looks, which is one of the most high-quality 35mm films nowadays. The collection features a few classic presets like “Banger” and “Full send”. These looks are trendy and are often used to edit Instagram photos by famous bloggers.

PM Preset Pack FALL 2018

peter mckinnon presets pack fall 2018

Number of presets included: 23

Similar to Aspyn Ovard presets this long-awaited preset pack offers rich moody colors that you can use to fully emphasize your creative photography ideas. In combination with adjustment presets, they are great if you need to make small changes to your images, without influencing colors but controlling shadows, highlights, sharpness, etc.

This Peter McKinnon presets pack provides 23 specific and stylized filters including 15 color and 8 adjustment presets that help you boost your creativity. This bundle will be perfect for landscape photography.

If you don’t have much experience, or you want to cut down your editing time, feel free to contact our services. Professional experts will improve colors, correct exposure, and create a unique atmosphere in your photos for an affordable price. They can also emulate the look of Peter McKinnon presets.

PM Preset Pack 2017

peter mckinnon presets pack 2017

Number of presets included: 15

One click is all it takes to edit pictures with these Peter McKinnon presets. The pack offers 15 new presets with a broad spectrum of colors, mood, and style. They are easy to install, work with and adjust. Peter McKinnon resorts to these presets when he needs to edit pictures for his Instagram account.

These presets will help you upgrade your Insta feed and build a photography portfolio similar to Peter’s. This pack consists of such presets as Ansel, Avatar, Brighten Me Up! Dolomite, Frontier, Heat Stroke, Kodak Summer, Machiato, Maritimer, Mute Master, Overexpose Fix, Pool Party, Red Crush, Rift Valley, and SoHo.

Peter McKinnon LUT Pack

peter mckinnon presets lut pack

Number of LUTs included: 7

If you are wondering how to make a viral video, using LUTs is an essential tool that you should use. A LUT is a special filter for improving colors in videos. In this pack, Peter McKinnon collected his own 7 LUTs that he constantly uses to color grade his travel video footage, B-roll footage, and YouTube videos in Adobe Premiere. Use these LUTs to upgrade your videos and admire the magnificent result.

Motion Graphic Title Pack for Premiere Pro CC

peter mckinnon presets motion graphics pack

Price: $34.99

By means of this pack of Peter McKinnon presets you can bring your videos to a whole new level. You get a chance to use 20 Pro-Grade Motion Assets for your videos! This pack will allow you to add professional animated titles, backgrounds, textures, and transitions by means of just moving your cursor.

Everything is thoroughly animated and developed in order to improve your footage. You can master it even if you are a beginner. You can apply these assets for your VLOGs, different projects, short films and instantly improve your YouTube video ideas.

Peter McKinnon Presets on Instagram

peter mckinnon instagram

Username: @petermckinnon
Genre: Landscape, travel, car photography
Followers: 2.8 million

Peter McKinnon is one of the most popular Instagram photographers and has built a massive social networking follower base. His photos and videos are very engaging no matter what he shoots: landscapes, cars or anything else. All photos feature cohesive editing, and are done in the same style.

His Instagram page is full of travel inspiration and breathtaking places. He also often promotes his YouTube Photography channel in his posts.

Bonus Tools

free lightroom landscape peter mckinnon presets collection by fixthephoto

Can’t afford buying Peter McKinnon presets? Save your money by downloading this collection of free Lightroom presets by FixThePhoto. They were custom-made in the style of Peter McKinnon, and will help you imitate a similar atmosphere without wasting a cent. The collection is perfect for landscape and travel shots.