330 Lightroom Landscape Presets

By downloading this bundle of free filters you receive a powerful tool to enhance your landscape, nature and travel photos in several clicks. These landscape Lightroom presets are easy to use and they are compatible with many versions of LR including the Lightroom Mobile. They also fit the Adobe Camera Raw cross-platform. To apply filters in your smartphone, you should start with synchronizing them with the desktop program.

Lightroom Landscape Presets #1 "GoPro Travel"

lightroom landscape presets free

Preset Lightroom Landscape #2 "Wanderlust"

landscape legend lightroom presets free download

Landscape Lightroom Presets #3 "Forests & Sands"

lightroom presets landscape

Lightroom Landscape Presets Free #4 "Road Trip"

landscape presets lightroom

Lightroom Presets Landscape #5 "Rich HDR"

Landscape Presets Lightroom #6 "Cold Beauty"

Free Lightroom Landscape Presets #7 "Chroma Crisp"

Landscape Presets #8 "Drone Look"

Free Landscape Lightroom Presets #9 "Maldives"

Free Lightroom Presets Landscape #10 "Magic Nature"

Lightroom Presets Free Landscape #11 "Light Dream"

Landscape Presets for Lightroom #12 "Cross Processing"

Lightroom Presets Landscapes #13 "Daydream"

Lightroom Landscape Presets #14 "Neon"

Lightroom Presets For Landscapes #15 "Summertime Lifestyle"

Free Lightroom Presets For Landscapes #16 "Burgundy"

Lightroom Landscape Presets Free #17 "Cinematic"

Free Landscape Presets Lightroom #18 "Winter Tale"

Earth Tone Lightroom Presets Free #19 "Nature"

Free Lightroom Presets For Nature Photography #20 "Summer Vibes"

Free Nature Presets for Lightroom #21 "Jungle"

National Park Presets Lightroom #22 "Car Trip"

Free Lightroom Presets for Nature #23 "Urban"

Nature Lightroom Presets Free #24 "Sunset"

Nature Lightroom Presets #25 "Morning Paradise"

Lightroom Yellowstone National Park Presets #26 "Wildlife"

Nature Presets Lightroom #27 "Orange & Teal"

Nature Photographer Lightroom Presets #28 "Madness"

Lightroom Presets For Nature #29 "Tropical"

Lightroom Landscape Presets #30 "Vintage Voyage"

Preset Lightroom Landscape #31 "Drama Land"

Landscape Lightroom Presets #32 "Beachy"

Landscape Lightroom Presets #33 "Sunset Desert"

Lightroom Presets Landscape #34 "Instagram Blogger"

Landscape Presets Lightroom #35 "Analogue Film"

Lightroom Presets Forest Nature #36 "Adventure Time"

Landscape Presets #37 "Golden Hour"

Free Landscape Lightroom Presets #38 "Summer Paradise"

Free Lightroom Presets Landscape #39 "Nature Lover"

More Free Lightroom Presets by FixThePhoto
This set of filters will help you transform your photo editing into a truly fun process. The finished images will be just awesome and receive many admiring reviews. With these landscape presets you will need less time to achieve the desired result. You can apply filters to a new landscape picture or create a whole pack of photos edited in one style. Our set of Free Lightroom landscape presets created by pro photographers will help you reach new heights in the quality of your images.

Lightroom Landscape Presets #40

Lightroom Landscape Presets #41

Lightroom Landscape Presets #42

Lightroom Landscape Presets #43

Lightroom Landscape Presets #44

Lightroom Landscape Presets #45

Lightroom Landscape Presets #46

Lightroom Landscape Presets #47

Lightroom Landscape Presets #48

Lightroom Landscape Presets #49

Lightroom Landscape Presets #50

Lightroom Landscape Presets #51

Get Free Lightroom Presets for Landscapes and Make Your Pictures Poppy

Lightroom presets for landscapes are ready-made settings created taking into account all the features of this genre of photography. You can change, import, and export them. This is an easy way to give your photos an incredible look while spending a lot of time on it. Filters overlap your original images, enhance them, and give a new stunning look. You can find brief instructions on installing and using these LR presets.

Enhance Photos with Lightroom Landscape Presets

Would you like to create incredible landscape images absolutely free? Then use our LR filters. We offer you a great variety of effects to enhance your shots. They will help you get cool landscape images just in a few clicks. You don’t need to spend many hours searching effective filters to get breathtaking photos. We provide a powerful collection of Free Landscape Presets for Lightroom that will be indispensable in your workflow.
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