Greater Than Gatsby Lightroom Presets Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 19 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Greater Than Gatsby presets are the bundles for portraits, wedding photoshoots, newborn pictures, etc. The presets are supported on PC and Mac devices and were designed to be used with JPEG and RAW images, which are the two most popular formats used for photo enhancing.

Greater Than Gatsby Lightroom Presets Collections

The presets can be used in all recent versions of Lr, including Lightroom CC, 4, 5, and 6. If you prefer to do your editing on the go, you can get these presets for Lightroom Mobile as well. Lastly, these tools are supported by ACR (versions 10.5+).

Portrait Collection

greater than gatsby presets portrait

Number of presets included: 5 parts

This collection of Greater Than Gatsby presets includes tools that are perfectly suited for portrait photography. It consists of 5 parts that represent smaller bundles designed for different types of photography, with portraiture being their primary focus. The five bundles are listed as Family, Fine Art, Low Key Studio, High Key Studio, and Black &White.

The Family collection comes with 34 presets aimed at relaxed, endearing family photos. It’s also a nice fit for outdoor photography. These presets are particularly improving how green tones look, which are considered to be among the most difficult parts to get right during picture editing.

Fine Art consists of 34 portrait presets that are designed to enhance your photos with various interesting effects. For instance, this bundle offers multiple tools that allow you to create a vintage look. When using these presets for photoshopping portraits, you can notice how they naturally correct the skin tone without making it look like a mask.

The Low Key Studio bundle comes with 35 presets meant for editing studio photography. High Key Studio is a collection of 35 presets for studio portraits. Unlike the previous bundle, these tools add a sense of tenderness, lightness, and airiness to the photo.

Black & White is a collection of classic presets for transforming regular portraits into black and white photography. The provided 32 tools allow you to enhance your photos with a variety of distinct effects.

If you’re interested in receiving professional color correction results for your portraits, reach out to FixThePhoto services. Their experts will ensure you get a top-quality photo with a fast turnaround.

Other than Lr presets, the Great Than Gatsby website also features an abundance of Ps actions. If that’s something you’re interested in, you can download Photoshop free to be able to install Photoshop actions that can make your photos look even better.

Wedding Collection

greater than gatsby presets wedding

Number of presets included: 6 parts

This bundle of wedding Greater Than Gatsby presets is sorted into 6 thematic groups that include Light & Airy, Garden Party, Painted Desert, Sundrenched, Black & White, and The Wedding Bundle.

Light & Airy includes 27 effects suitable for subtle wedding shots editing, as they add tenderness and pastel tones while softly correcting the colors. Garden Party (27 presets) is designed to lower the color temperature of greens in the image, making other colors more vibrant and eye-catching, and ensuring the skin tones look smooth and peachy.

The Painted Desert bundle comes with 27 presets made for adding earthy tones, golden browns, and olive-like greens. They look particularly appealing on wedding photos, as they add a fantastic bronze skin tone to the newlyweds. They also offer the white balance necessary to ensure you won’t have to whiten teeth in Photoshop ever again.

The 27 presets included in the Sundrenched collection are aimed at adding bright orange-pink tones and softly correcting the skin tone while creating a subtle tan effect.

Black & White is a classic option for wedding photoshoots. You can pick from the available 27 presets depending on the desired effect, as the possibilities range from vintage monochrome to more original styles with artistic tints. The Wedding Bundle represents the entire collection of all 136 wedding Lightroom presets.

Film Collection

greater than gatsby presets film

Number of presets included: 4 parts

Professional Greater Than Gatsby Lightroom presets that are included in the Film collection are divided into 4 bundles: Darkroom, Watercolor, Hitchcock, and The Film Bundle that all serve to add a distinct cinematographic effect to the photo. You can use them with images from a broad range of genres including portraiture, wedding, love story, and lifestyle photography among several others.

Darkroom offers you a selection of 32 moody effects that will be particularly to the taste of people who love VSCO Lightroom presets. If you prefer a darker editing style, you’ll appreciate the enhanced skin tones (that range from milky to bronze), deepened contrast and textures, and the gritty undertone applied to the entire image.

The 33 presets from the Watercolor bundle are a nice fit if you want to add soft skin tones and pastel undertones to your pictures. You’ll receive soft and light colors that look natural and authentic.

The Hitchcock set consists of 27 black-and-white presets that will enhance your images with a grain effect, boost saturation, and add depth to the highlights and shadows. They also resemble the popular Pretty presets collection.

The Whole Bundle includes all 92 presets from the aforementioned bundles. You can use them to receive a professional result that is usually only achievable with the help of premium Photoshop filters.

Innocence Collection

greater than gatsby presets innocence

Number of presets included: 25

This preset collection is designed for editing child portraits and it includes 25 single-click artistic effects.

These Greater Than Gatsby presets are great at performing color correction. Once applied, some effects make the colors brighter and more saturated while others soften the color palette and add pastel tones. Regardless of which effect you choose, the child’s skin tone will remain natural and won’t be damaged by excessive retouching.

These bundles are also fantastic at improving the lighting in the photo. They increase natural lighting while also creating beautiful glares on the hair, skin, and clothes of the young models.

Newborn Collection

greater than gatsby presets newborn

Number of presets included: 48

As evident from the name, this collection is meant for editing newborn photography. It offers an array of distinct Lightroom presets that were designed with the help of Amy McDaniel from Dewdrops Photography.

The editing applied by these artistic effects is clean, refined, and neutral to ensure the baby's skin tone maintains its natural appeal. They provide the best results when used on studio photos, but even if the images were taken in a home environment rather than a professional studio, these presets will help you correct insufficient lighting, remove imperfections, and highlight the textures where needed.

If you need to use actions to edit newborn photos in Photoshop, I suggest getting the Gentle Newborn Ps Collection.

Golden Hour Collection

greater than gatsby presets golden hour

Number of presets included: 30

If you want to receive a professional golden hour photography effect, this bundle of Greater Than Gatsby presets is what you need.

Additionally, these presets get rid of excessive shadows from the face while restoring detail to muted backgrounds. Akin to other reviewed bundles, here you can also find B&W effects that allow you to achieve some interesting classic looks.

Everyday Favorite Mobile Collection

greater than gatsby presets everyday mobile

Number of presets included: 10

This collection contains presets that are perfect if you want to do some basic editing before publishing a photo on Instagram or other social media for photographers. They are a nice fit for portrait, lifestyle, and selfie ideas. Just remember that Lightroom mobile presets can only be used on JPG images.

The provided tools are great at improving the lighting in your images, performing color correction, naturally boosting contrasts, and bringing out the textures where needed.

Light & Airy Mobile Collection

greater than gatsby presets light and airy mobile

Number of presets included: 10

These presets can be used for a variety of genres including newborn, lifestyle, portrait, and interior photography. The collection includes 10 effects that desaturate and soften dark bleak image areas while infusing them with freshness and light. The boosted cooler hues enhance milky skin tones and help you get the perfect exposure without overblowing the highlights.

These presets are also great at improving lighting conditions. They significantly increase the amount of light while ensuring the photo looks natural and its original colors are preserved.

Bleached Honey Mobile Collection

greater than gatsby presets bleached honey mobile

Number of presets included: 10

This collection of Greater Than Gatsby presets serves to enhance your photos with a yellowish muted warmth. You can be certain the final image will shine with bright and warm tones regardless of the conditions it was taken in.

These presets softly retouch the skin and add a subtle tan effect to it. They also deal with skin flaws while removing excessive contrast and grain. Lastly, you can employ these mobile presets to improve the highlights and shadows while adding beautiful sun glares to the photo.

Cozy Linen Mobile Collection

greater than gatsby presets cozy linen mobile

Number of presets included: 10

This collection is a great fit for images that feature a lot of textures and natural materials. The included presets add a sense of coziness and comfort to the images by establishing a creamy, beige, and pastel color scheme.

Cozy Linen is also a good choice for food photography as long as the images have an array of bright tones and various textured details. The photos end up looking cozy and somewhat vintage thanks to the soft lighting and lack of any sharp shadows or transitions.

Free Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection fixthephoto

If you’re on a limited budget and you want to practice image processing before you purchase any tools, try installing these presets developed by FixThePhoto photographers and retouchers. Download Adobe Lightroom for free from the official website and see how your images will look like with these presets.

If you do the bulk of your image editing work in Adobe Ps, consider using some Photoshop actions. They are provided in ready-to-use collections and will help you perform basic corrections of your RAW images.