Two Blooms Lightroom Presets Review 2023

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Two Blooms Lightroom presets is a stunning collection of filters and effects that will help you adjust the balance of light and color tones. Besides, it enhances saturation, brightness, and contrast.

Using these effects, you can automatically improve your images in Lightroom СС, Lightroom Mobile, and older Lightroom versions.

Two Blooms Lightroom Presets Collections

You can combine these filters to make your photos even more unique. The collection works great for beginners and advanced users alike. You can find an effect that matches your style and apply it with one click.

1. Luxe Matte Bundle

two blooms lightroom presets luxe matte

Number of Lightroom presets included: 16

The Luxe Matte set gives your photos a beautiful, faded, and stylish look. This classic nostalgic-style preset reduces contrast.

Due to blurred colors, it will seem that you’ve printed your picture on matte paper. The matte effect creates a flat look. These Lightroom presets Two Blooms will create a dark and gloomy atmosphere in your photos.

Matte filters make your photos look delicate by blurring the colors. They work great for portrait photography and landscape photography.

2. Life in Color Bundle

two blooms lightroom presets life in color

Price: $49
Number of Lightroom presets included: 20

The Life in Color set includes 15 basic presets, 5 adjustment presets, and 10 color enhancement brushes that will help you instantly enhance your landscape photos.

These effects increase color and dynamic range. They work best with dull photos. If a photo has rich colors, the filter will make them too sharp.

3. Blessings Bundle

two blooms lightroom presets blessings

Price: $49
Number of actions included: 14

This collection includes 12 original color presets and 2 black&white presets for newborn photography. It helps you add pure colors and creamy skin. The set stands out with soft colors, which makes it great for portraits.

It includes several effects for enhancing photos, adjusting eyes and skin tone, adding soft warm effects, converting images to black and white, etc. Some filters can tweak colors and make the skin smoother. They are suitable for newborn, teen and family photography.

These Two Blooms Lightroom presets allow you to make the skin tone look more natural. You can use them to enhance newborn photos taken in different lighting conditions. They have neutral settings that enable you to enhance the skin tone without distorting it.

4. Call Her Crazy Collection

two blooms lightroom presets call her crazy

Price: $39
Number of actions included: 12

With these 12 Lightroom effects with vibrant colors and 4 brushes, you can make your pictures brighter. The collection works for slightly underexposed images. You can brighten and soften portraits and other images if you specialize in landscape, travel, and real estate interior photography.

The collection helps you optimize light and dark tones. It is ideal for outdoor shots and photos taken under indoor ambient or accent lighting.

If you have never worked with underexposed photos, feel free to contact our services. Our professionals will help you improve lighting, add brightness and contrast, apply high-quality visual effects.

5. Night & Day Bundle

two blooms lightroom presets night and day

Price: $29
Number of actions included: 16

The collection will come in handy for those who are interested in black and white photography. It enables you to apply classic, matte, HDR, and other effects.

You can make your portraits, wedding, and street photos look as if they were captured at night. Turn your photos black and white and give them a classic faded look.

You can use Two Blooms Lightroom presets to create a dramatic effect. Change the style of your photos, perform tone curve adjustment, and apply these effects to make your photos look more unique.

6. Recollections Bundle

two blooms lightroom presets recollections

Price: $39
Number of actions included: 26

These effects will make colors softer colors and create a timeless atmosphere in your pictures. If you prefer lifestyle photography, this set is your choice.

Along with 16 basic presets, the collection includes 10 enhancement presets that will help you find your own unique style. If the green color in your photos looks yellowish or too bright, use Lose the greens to fix it.

By adding a vignette, you can enhance the composition of your image. It helps you highlight the subject. To add dramatic tones and create a film effect, you can use the Film grain preset.

7. Storyteller Collection

two blooms lightroom presets storyteller

Price: $39
Number of actions included: 16

These color and monochrome effects will help you make the skin tones look natural and add beautiful vibrant colors. This collection includes 10 color presets, 2 black-and-white presets, and 4 presets that allow you to create a moody atmosphere.

These Lightroom presets Two Blooms create a sharp look and enhance skin tones. The kit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor photos.

The collection will give your pictures a warm, cinematic look with subtle matte notes. It helps you make colors look more natural, which makes it perfect for photos in various genres, including adventure, wanderlust, or escape style photography.

8. Purely Polished Bundle

two blooms lightroom presets purely polished

Price: $49
Number of actions included: 19

It includes 19 Lightroom presets and 12 skin brushes. These effects are suitable for event, wedding, lifestyle photography, and everyday shots that require fast processing.

If you are interested in HDR photography, try applying these filters to improve brightness and make the colors of dark and light objects more accurate. The Purely Bright and Purely Matte presets add warmth and brightness to your photos.

The Vibrant preset highlights colors thanks to graduated filters. These filters will make your photos look warmer and full of sunlight.

9. The Classics Collection

two blooms lightroom presets the classics

Number of actions included: 95

This set includes all the most essential classic filters for different purposes, such as Blessings, Life in Color, Night&Day, Purely polished, and Recollections.

This must-have kit includes effects for adjusting brightness in photos taken at night. You can also use it for photos taken with artificial light, including street lamps. It helps you create a vibrant effect with crisp contrast.

Other filters allow you to adjust tones, making them more saturated. Due to high contrast settings, colors look bright and fresh.

10. Nostalgia Mobile Bundle

two blooms mobile lightroom presets nostalgia

Price: $9
Number of actions included: 5

This mobile set is perfect for everyday and professional photography. It will give your images a retro look, make colors brighter and increase the contrast level.

This filter is popular among portrait photographers since it creates a simple warm-tone effect. Nostalgia 5 (Black&White) can reduce highlights. The collection can diminish shadows and blacks to make your photos look darker.

This collection includes another helpful effect for Lightroom that is popular among street photographers. With this effect, you can make pictures clearer and more vibrant. Since the effect reduces shadows, your image will look more attractive.

11. Kaleidoscope Mobile Bundle

two blooms mobile lightroom presets kaleidoscope

Price: $9
Number of actions included: 5

This set helps you create a fun photo with vibrant colors. Two Blooms Lightroom presets add a golden hue, increase saturation and soften whites to create high-contrast images with deep shadows.

With this collection, you can create a clean, bright, and airy look. It allows you to bring out beautiful details in shadows and highlights, keep contrast low, and create a relaxed atmosphere. The filters work great for both outdoor and indoor photos.


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