Brandon Woelfel Lightroom Presets Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 11 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Brandon Woelfel is known for his editing style and unique presets. However, you will not be able to get his original plugins. In this review, I offer you filters similar to Brandon Woelfel presets. They will add flattering bokeh and vibrant colors to your pictures.

Brandon Woelfel Lightroom Presets Collections

You can use these bundles in a variety of Lightroom desktop versions and Lightroom Mobile.

Mark Angelo Collection

brandonwoelfel presets mark angelo

This package works great with low-light pictures. Before applying this alternative to Brandon Woelfel Lightroom presets, you should retouch your images. Make sure there are no visible flaws and too much noise in the photo.

This filter is a real godsend for shooting at night. It will help make an image richer and brighter. With it, you can easily emphasize the city lights, signs and various highlights. At the same time, the model’s face will look natural.

Feed Presets Collection

brandon woelfel presets feed

This collection contains presets to help you create images that resemble Woelfel’s photos. These plugins add amazing bubble gum pinks and blues, crushed blacks, and stunning bokeh to create a magical atmosphere. This package includes two presets and a few overlays for adding smoke, sparks, and bokeh.

This bundle allows you to create a colorful glow. Depending on your creative idea, you can adjust the saturation and brightness of skin tones.

Neon City Lights Perfected Collection

brandon woelfel presets perfected

This analog of Brandon Woelfel presets is useful for editing travel pictures and Instagram shots. They will bring a fairy lights effect and help add a magical touch to your photos. You can use them both through the desktop and mobile Lightroom versions.

Whether you are into nightlife photography or urban photography, this collection is for you. These filters adjust lighting beautifully by making colors brighter. Plus, you can add subtle tints and attractive haze to your pictures by using these plugins.

RuffHouseShopCo Neon Urbanlife Collection

brandon woelfel presets ruffhousephopco

You can apply this pack to a variety of photography genres. They work well with lifestyle photography, travel photography, street photography, and other similar types. They were originally designed for implementing creative night photography ideas.

By using presets for other types of photography, you can turn ordinary shots into real art projects. Intense colors, bright flashes, neon elements and a whimsical play of light and shadow will surely attract the viewers. Moreover, this collection is similar to Peter McKinnon presets.

Inspired Filter Neon Collection

brandon woelfel presets filter neon

If you are engaged in portrait photography and like Brandon Woelfel presets, then this bundle will come in handy for you. Using it with a portrait photo, you can easily retouch the model's skin with just a few clicks. The skin takes on a light tan. Mind that you can adjust the saturation for more accurate results.

The preset is ideal for dark photos, such as those taken at night. So if you have creative portrait photography ideas or you want to try long exposure photography, this pack is a must-have for you.

Master Photography Collection

brandon woelfel presets masterphotography

Like Brandon Woelfel Lightroom presets, this collection will instantly enhance your photos giving them a professional and polished look. You can tweak each filter to achieve an intensity that suits a particular style. This universal pack is suitable for various genres of photography and will help you realize your most daring ideas.

The set is good for twilight photography. It deepens colors, especially blues. The preset emphasizes lights, making them contrastingly bright and warm. When it comes to blue hour portraits, you will get the natural skin look after applying the preset. You won't notice too much blue or gray.

Bokeh Collection

brandon woelfel presets bokeh

If you need to add a flattering pink and blue tint to your shots, this bundle is worth your attention. Apply these effects to wedding photography projects to make images softer and more delicate. By applying these filters, you can get rid of harsh shadows and reduce contrast.

The colors look natural and vibrant. Besides, these presets correct skin tones. You can use them for hair retouching as well. Thus, wedding photographers can use them to get natural tones and remove all skin imperfections.

This collection resembles Brandon Woelfel presets and is suitable for those who like to enhance images in Photoshop.

The experts of FixThePhoto have developed these overlays to achieve a bokeh effect in a few clicks. They are perfect for wedding shots and other types of photos.

Bech Milliot Collection

brandon woelfel presets bech milliot

Bech Milliot has developed an impressive collection of presets that work just like Brandon's filters for portraits. When choosing these presets, you must remember that they were created specifically for portraits. This means that it will not provide such impressive results in other genres.

If you decide to try this collection with other types of photography, you should take into account colors and light. Changing the filter settings allows you to use it with other images, even if it was not designed specifically for them. For example, you can use Dawn Charles presets for outdoor photography and nature photography, although they were created for portraits.

Chester.Wade Collection

brandon woelfel presets chester wade

While admiring the Brandon Woelfel presets, Chester Wade tried to design plugins that would provide similar effects. This versatile collection works well with different photos by styling them in the same way. The retro film effect gives the pictures a special cinematic charm. Your photos will look flawless and professional. These presets have a positive effect on skin tone, which makes them perfect for portrait photographers.

This pack allows adding different gradient effects, from subtle changes to bright transitions from one color to another. The preset also highlights individual shiny details, such as glasses, a mirror, a fire, a prism and other cheap photography props.

Happy News LR & PS Collection

brandon woelfel presets happynews

Brandon Woelfel Lightroom presets were the inspiration for the authors of this Happy News collection. They were impressed by the incredible combination of blues and pinks in the images and do their best to create similar effects. These effects are suitable for both Photoshop and Lightroom. You can enhance your ordinary shots with colorful gradients and fantastic light effects.

Just like Dirty Boots presets, this pack is great for portraits. With it, you can achieve a cinematic look. You can apply these filters to studio photography if you take pictures with a plain background. This way you can bring more color and diversity to your pictures.

Brandon Woelfel Lightroom Presets on Instagram

brandon woelfel instagram

Username: @brandonwoelfel
Genre: portrait and neon photography
Followers: 2.6 million

Check out Brandon Woelfel's feed for tons of before-and-after images as well as some awesome shots he captured. What's more, he shares useful info about camera settings, shooting locations, along with bright wallpaper for your phone.

Brandon's Instagram can be a good source of creative photography ideas. If you are new to shadow photography and neon photography, then check out the posts of this talented Instagram photographer to learn how to take eye-catching photos.

Free Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection

Take advantage of these free presets that will help you add warmth and light to your pictures. These filters create deep highlights and shadows. You can use them as an alternative to Brandon Woelfel presets. They also come in handy for hair retouching and improving skin tone.

If you don't already have Lr editor, you can get Lightroom for free from the official website. Be careful and do not download this software from other sources.