Brandon Woelfel Presets

Brandon Woelfel Presets

Would you like to download Brandon Woelfel presets and edit your photos in the style of this photographer? All his photos are full of big city night lights, bokeh, and bright colors. Unfortunately, Brandon doesn’t share his own presets but I’m going to overview several Lightroom presets inspired by Brandon Woelfel’s color correction style and tell you how to edit like Brandon Woelfel with 5 FREE presets in the end of this post.

brandon woelfel presets

Brandon Woelfel Lightroom Presets

Since Brandon doesn’t sell his presets, just books and art prints, his fans all over the world try to match his style of photo editing and create Brandon Woelfel Lightroom presets, which would somehow remind the special look of Brandon’s art. Here are the most popular ones.

Brandon Woelfel Inspired Preset for Lightroom CC Mobile by Mark Angelo

edit like brandon woelfel presets alternative Download Lightroom Presets

This preset is designed for low-light photos. The effect will look better if your pictures are not too noisy and have had some prior image retouching so all visible flaws were removed. The best thing is that there is no need to edit photos on your computer, you can simply get this mobile alternative to Brandon Woelfel presets and enjoy the final effect.

Brandon Woelfel Lightroom Presets Mobile & Desktop by Feed Presets

bokeh effect lightroom pesets

Price: $5

These analogs to Brandon Woelfel Lightroom Mobile presets will help you achieve that magical look everyone admires in Brandon’s images. As usual, you’ll get a lot of crushed blacks, bubble gum pinks and blues, and that peculiar bokeh. In the bundle, you’ll get two presets, and some overlays to add bokeh, sparks, and smoke.

Filters Neon City Lights for Instagram by Presets Perfected

lightroom bokeh effect presets

Price: $3

These Neon Lights Brandon Woelfel presets will work well with your Instagram and travel images. The pack includes filters for all desktop and mobile versions. You can imitate Brandon Woelfel fairy lights effect or simply work with regular city lights.

Neon Urbanlife Brandon Woelfel Lightroom Mobile Preset by RuffHouseShopCo

brandon woelfel presets for lightroom mobile alternative

Price: $3

These filters inspired by Brandon Woelfel presets for Lightroom Mobile will work with different kinds of photos (outdoor or indoor, travel, portrait, etc.) and also any atmosphere you may want to create. To make them work and get the effect you need, you should slightly adjust some parameters.

Brandon Woelfel Preset Inspired Filter Neon

brandon woelfel preset lightroom mobile alternative

Price: $15

This is a Brandon Woelfel preset alternative for both mobile and desktop Lightroom versions. The creators claim that it can be used with any style and genre of photography and will create the effect very similar to what you see in Brandon’s images.

Pro Brandon Woelfel Lightroom Preset by MasterPhotography

brandon woelfel presets alternative

Price: $7

These alternatives to Brandon Woelfel presets were created to increase your workflow speed and add a stunning finish to your Blue Hour photos. You can get effects of different intensity suitable for various styles of photography. The creators of these presets tried really hard to create a good bundle of presets that will work with different kinds of images.

Brandon Bokeh Lightroom Presets

brandon woelfel lightroom presets alternative Download Bokeh Overlays

This is a great Brandon Woelfel inspired set for Blue hour photoshoots. It contains two presets designed to add a beautiful pink and blue tint to the images, making them look bright and dazzling, and several overlays (Lightroom bokeh effect, sparks, and smoke).

Brandon Woelfel Preset Pack by Bech Milliot

brandon woelfel lightroom preset alternative

Price: $20

This bundle of presets was created by Bech Milliot to get the look similar to Brandon Woelfel presets in portraits. The creator of this collection specifically emphasizes that these filters are designed to work with portraits and you need to keep in mind that if a preset is meant to be used with a certain type of image, it would probably not work for other genres. It all depends on the light, and colors in the shot.

Bokeh Presets by Chester.Wade

brandon woelfel bokeh alternative

Price: $5

Trying to imitate Brandon Woelfel preset pack, Chester Wade created filters that will bring the consistent finish to your photographs. He promises that they will work well with any kind of images. The pictures you get as a result look professional and have a nice cinematic finish due to the retro film effect. With this preset you also preserve beautiful skin tones.

LR & PS Presets ACR Neon City Lights by HappyNews

lightroom bokeh preset brandon woelfel alternative

Price: $11

The iconic Brandon Woelfel editing is crushing the blacks and adding blues and pinks to the photo. The creators included both Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions in the bundle to get this color effect. Another ‘must’ for his type of photo editing is having bokeh effect which is included in the set in the form of .JPG overlays. Besides, you will get a manual with installation guide.

Brandon Woelfel Bokeh Photography Style

brandon woelfel fairy lights

If you want to try and recreate Brandon’s style on your own, let me help examine his photos and give you a number of steps and techniques you can use.

Low Light

brandon woelfel editing photoshop

Low light is the key to Brandon’s shooting style. Don't remove all the light, as you may not be able to get enough illumination from the props only. Choose the time of the day, like dusk or dawn, when there’s little light. Or shoot at night but with moderate light in the street.

Make sure you have high ISO, this is what will create some noise in the image. It is absolutely his style! Make sure your camera can handle increased ISO.

The aperture number has to be low, and it will help get the iconic Brandon Woelfel’s bokeh. Use a prime lens (a 50mm 1.4 or 1.8) for this, as it will guarantee the best result.


brandon woelfel background and props

Even a quick glance at Brandon’s Instagram feed will tell you that he clearly uses objects to produce or reflect light. You will need such props as a mirror, glasses, something shiny, a source of fire, a prism or bubbles. Be creative! Make sure you get that hip and cool vibe. Use modern elements like graphic T-shirts or distressed jeans, objects in cool color schemes, big frames, hats or caps, Polaroid. Anything that will help you create a collage similar.

You can add the props to the composition, let the model play with them, or put them in front of the lens. It’s all about creating an atmosphere of fun and coziness.


lightroom bokeh effect

I personally think that Brandon Woelfel is the king of bokeh. He really knows how to use this effect creatively. In addition to low light and props, there’s definitely small aperture number involved. This basically means that Brandon shoots with a focus on the subject of the photo (a person or an object) with 1.4-2.8 aperture. This is exactly why this beautiful Brandon Woelfel bokeh effect appears in the foreground or the background.

So you need to make sure that the sources of light are in the shot. These could be street or city lights, or even fairy lights. Having them behind the model is great but taking some fairy lights actually in front, close to the camera, will create nice large blobs in the photo. High aperture is great for blurring the background and also works wonders when the camera is only an arm’s length away from the subject in focus.

Brandon Woelfel Instagram

brandon woelfel instagram

Username: @brandonwoelfel

Genre: portrait and neon photography

Followers: 3m

Brandon is one of the most popular photographers in the world, so his personal Instagram account has more than 3 million followers. Brandon Woelfel before and after images take up most of his feed, although you may also find the most beautiful photos he managed to take. The stories also include useful info about camera settings, shooting locations, or wallpaper for your phone. Follow him on Instagram if you want to get the latest updates from Brandon.

Brandon Woelfel YouTube

Brandon’s YouTube channel is less popular and has only 500,000 followers at the moment. However, this is an excellent platform not only to enjoy the amazing talent of this photographer, but also learn a lot of new info. He often records video lessons on how to shoot at night, how to use various props, e.g.

Brandon Woelfel Luminescence Book

brandon woelfel luminescence

Price: $39.99

Brandon Woelfel Luminescence book has 218 full-color images. He carefully selected every single one of them. There you will find both some of his best prints that have already been published and a few unknown photographs. In addition to the photobook, he also sells prints of his photos that you can use to add more glamour to your home or workspace.

Brandon Woelfel Gear

brandon woelfel gear

To create his masterpieces, Brandon Woelfel uses quite a wide range of various equipment. Let’s look at some of the most essential ones.

First, the camera - Nikon Z7. This camera has a 45.7MP backside Illuminated image sensor and a low pass filter. It makes it perfect for taking photos in low light conditions, like at night.

Nikon AF-S 58mm lens is another important gear that allows Brandon to shoot with very little light but doesn’t have to be used just for that. It’s a great lens in general.

Profoto A1 AirTTL-N flash is a must for taking stunning professional images taken in low-light. It can be easily mounted and requires batteries to work.

The beautiful colorful light that Brandon creates indoors is made with MAMOIU 2M LED Rope Lights.

Gahaya 5.9"/15cm Moon Lamp is a great prop for unusual nighttime photoshoots. This moon-shaped lamp creates a special atmosphere.

Finally, Axicon Rainbow Window suncatcher. This little prism can be put on your window and dozens of small rainbows will fill the space with a beautiful explosion of color. No need to say that in a photograph they will look amazing, no image editing required.

How to Edit Like Brandon Woelfel?

First, to get that crushed black effect use the Curves, then get White Balance close to blues. Finally, play with HSL sliders to enhance the dominant colors in the image (blue and magenta in the example). You may want to use Split Tone as well, I chose not to.

how to edit like brandon woelfel

Get your bokeh images, desaturate those first and then colorize them to match two dominating colors. Next, set Color Dodge in your blending mode and mask the edges with a large soft brush. Finally, adjust the level of Opacity and place the boken exactly where you want.

Freebies for Photographers

As a matter of fact, there is one more great way to add Brandon Woelfel editing finish to your images. Get some alternative presets that will help you recreate his style for free.

Colorful Cold Green

brandon woelfel presets free alternativebrandon woelfel presets free alternative

If you want to make your images brighter and warmer, check this free Lightroom preset. It is a wonderful alternative to Brandon Woelfel presets as it creates deep lights and shadows. Also this preset helps improve the skin tone.

Colorful Ocher

brandon woelfel lightroom preset download free alternativebrandon woelfel lightroom preset download free alternative

Trying to achieve the same effect as Brandon Woelfel filter, you can download and this free alternative. It affects shadows, making them less intense. Your pictures will look more clear and bright.

Colorful Turquoise

brandon woelfel lightroom presets download alternativebrandon woelfel lightroom presets download alternative

If you are looking for Brandon Woelfel analog, you will be glad to download this FixThePhoto preset. It creates modern and popular turquoise shadows, alters the coloring of the shot, corrects white balance and makes greens more saturated. The entire photo acquires matte finishing.

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