Dirty Boots Presets Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 22 days ago, Lightroom Tips

With the help of the Dirty Boots presets, you can add warm tones to your photos and create an airy feel in your pictures. You can easily customize them to your needs by adjusting their exposure, temperature, and tint. 

Dirty Boots Presets Collection

On the Dirty Boots website, you will find 2 collections of presets for Adobe Lightroom. The first bundle of desktop presets includes 13 presets in total. It costs $89.

The second set is suitable for owners of mobile devices. It includes 7 color effects. Besides, you will find 4 additional presets that will come in handy for anyone who wants to enhance travel, food, or beach photos. This pack costs $59.

Dirtyboots Preset #1

dirty boots presets

If you need to enhance dark pictures, highlighting details in shadows, this Dirty Boot preset will be an ideal match. In addition to boosting contrast, it also gives your photo an intense red shade and perfectly affects the skin color.

Dirtyboots Preset #2

messy boots presets

If you notice that the white balance in your photo is drastically spoilt, you can use this variant of Dirty Boots and Messy Hair filters to fix the defect. It is also helpful if your pictures contain green and orange elements, and you want to give them a natural look.

You can also use them to even out skin tone and accentuate the dark parts of a shot. Highlights in bright areas will also acquire a gentle glow.

Dirtyboots Preset #3

dirty boots and messy hair presets

Among all Dirty Boots and Messy Hair presets, this plugin is deservedly called a universal tool that suits all photographers. It gives your pictures a film-like look, brightens them and adds charming pastel shades. Having been tested on dozens of portraits, it is claimed to make miracles to skin tone and texture.

Dirtyboots Preset #4

dirty boots messy hair presets

With this Dirty Boot filter, you can give your photos a film look. In addition to characteristic film style, there will appear matte and hazy tones as well as slight grain in your images.

The result will please with balanced coloring and a soft, romantic atmosphere that looks especially appropriate in wedding, engagement, and couple shots. If you want to get professionally edited pictures within the shortest time possible, make sure to contact our experienced retouchers.

Dirtyboots Preset #5

lightroom presets

Another film-inspired preset created for photographers, who enjoy capturing all the dynamics of the wedding day with abruptly changed scenes and locations. It gives a slight reddish tint to your image, thus improving skin tone, while a gentle contrast makes shadows more attractive. 

Dirtyboots Preset #6

best lightroom presets

This is truly the most helpful Lr plugin among Dirty Boots Messy Hair presets if you need to improve the natural color of mountains, rivers, seas, lakes, etc. You will see that the blue color will become deeper with mild greenish shades. This preset is frequently used for travel photography, as well as wedding and love-story shots. You can use it for tweaking curves and adding highlights. Besides, it will give additional depth to your pictures.

Dirtyboots Preset #7

dirty boots messy hair preset

In case your aim is to give your shots a colder and cleaner look, take advantage of this preset. It perfectly regulates a gray color, raises contrast, thus making light parts of an image more prominent. In Dirtyboots presets shop, this one is the most popular product among landscape photographers https://fixthephoto.com/best-landscape-photographers.html (Top Landscape Photographers List) who often need to enhance the sky and water in their pictures.

Dirtyboots Preset BW

dirty boots messy hair preset

If you want to give your pictures a stylish and timeless look, you won’t find a better preset. This one suits all colorful photos, turning them into monochrome ones and conveying the main idea with the help of light and shadow interplay. Even if your shot was taken in harsh light, this Dirty Boot preset will help preserve the details.

Dirtyboots Mobile Preset #1

dirty boots presets mobile

Thanks to this preset for Lightroom Mobile, your photo will acquire a whole range of colors, mainly turquoise, red, brown and yellow. Besides, there will appear a distinct line between shadowy and light parts. I recommend using it for outdoor images taken in bright light.

Dirtyboots Mobile Preset #2

messy boots presets mobile

If you specialize in portrait photography and want to make your works eye-catching, each with unique zest, opt for this example of Dirty Boots mobile presets. It desaturates all the colors, keeping the focus on the skin tone.

Dirtyboots Mobile Preset #3

dirty boots messy hair presets mobile

Trying to imitate an old-school seasoned look with faded contrast in your photos, you won’t do without these Dirty Boots mobile presets. It reduces highlights and lowers blacks, which means that all colors will become desaturated. The skin tone is pleasantly warm and the background looks especially intriguing with that somber mood.

Dirtyboots Mobile Preset #4

dirty boots and messy hair presets mobile

It is a truly multi-purpose tool covering a wide range of editing tasks. You can use this preset to make lines sharper, raise contrast, preserve warm colors and skin’s natural look, desaturate background tones and make the main subject pop out. 

Dirtyboots Mobile Preset #5

boots photography presets mobile

If you really fancy Dirty Boots shots known for their edgy vibes with a dash of love, you will be absolutely happy to get this mobile plugin. It reduces shadows, while drawing attention to the brightest highlights, and adds some saturation and hues to make a photo more captivating.

If there are cold tones in your image, they will be raised, with green being the most vivid example. It perfectly beautifies engagement pictures.

Dirtyboots Mobile Preset #6

messy boots presets mobile

Teal and orange color combination undergoes the biggest changes if you use this Dirty Boot mobile preset. Apply it to photos with cold backgrounds to balance the entire color gamut.

Mind that you should be careful with this plugin if there are too many cold colors in the photo. It may also add a bluish tint to white objects, so monitor each step of the editing process.

Dirtyboots Mobile Preset #7

dirtyboots mobile preset #7

Give your pictures a sunny mood with the help of this preset. It perfectly suits pictures taken outdoors, vacation shots and ordinary selfies. The photo will be filled with yellows and blues. If you think that the result is too bright, just fine-tune tones a bit.

How to Use Dirty Boots Presets in 4 Easy Steps

If you want to learn how to add presets to Adobe Lightroom, follow the steps below.

STEP 1. Go to the Dirty Boots and Messy Hair site and pay for the Dirtyboots Desktop or Dirtyboots Mobile packs.

STEP 2. Once you have purchased the presets, you will get an email with a download link. Click on the link to save the collection. They come in .zip format, so you need to unpack them before installing them.

STEP 3. After unzipping the downloaded file, you will see the .lrtemplate and .xmp presets in a new folder. If you have never installed presets before, read the PDF file included in the pack.

STEP 4. Install the downloaded effects in Lightroom and use them to enhance your pictures. You can apply them to quickly fix color temperature and adjust exposure in your photos.

Dirty Boots Presets on Instagram

dirty boots presets instagram

Username: @dirtybootspresets
Genre: wedding, engagement, and travel
Followers: 302K

You can also visit the official Instagram account of the Dirty Boots presets to find more examples of shots enhanced with the help of these effects. There, you will also see plenty of before-and-after photos, which will help you see how you can use these presets to tweak colors, exposure, and other settings in your images. Read the comments under each photo to learn which presets are the most popular among other photographers.


  • • Which software can I use to apply the Dirtyboots Presets?

The Dirtyboots Desktop presets come in .lrtemplate and .xmp formats. You can install them in Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.3 and earlier versions as well as Adobe Lightroom CC (2015), 6, 5 & 4. Besides, you can use ACR Presets in Photoshop CC & CS6.

The Mobile presets are compatible with the Lightroom Mobile app, which makes them perfect for owners of iOS and Android devices.

  • • What makes desktop and mobile Dirty Boots presets different?

Desktop presets will come in handy for those who use the desktop version of Lightroom. You won’t be able to use them to enhance shots on your phone. Keep in mind that you need to pay $15 for a monthly subscription to use this version of Lightroom.

You can install mobile presets in the Lightroom app to enhance your pictures on the go. They are suitable for owners of iOS and Android devices. You can use the app free of charge without paying for a monthly subscription.

  • • Are these presets compatible with photos taken with different cameras, like Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, etc.?

Yes, you can use these presets to improve pictures taken with Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, Leica cameras. The Dirtyboots Presets are based on Adobe Standard Profile. Before buying them, check if your camera is compatible with them.

  • • I did not take photos in RAW, is it possible to use these presets to enhance JPG images?

The Dirtyboots presets were created specifically for those who need to enhance RAW photos, which is why it’s impossible to use them to improve shots in JPG.

Dirty Boots Presets: Free Alternatives

free tools for lightroom

This collection includes 10 presets for enhancing shots in various genres. Download and use this pack to embellish your wedding pictures and add finishing touches to your photos without spending hours on post-processing. These filters work perfectly for making subtle edits. They are compatible with desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom.