Jaci Marie Presets

Jaci Marie Presets

Jaci Marie presets are designed by a young Instagram photographer Jaci Marie. Her Pastel, Mobile, and Spring Pack presets will make your smartphone photos pop and stylish in several clicks.

Is it so? Look through the photo samples you will get having applied the JaciMarie presets and download its free alternatives.

jaci marie presets

Jacimarie Presets Review

Jaci Marie Smith is a professional portrait and lifestyle photographer. She founded an iPhone Jaci Marie Workshop and writes a photo blog on her own site.

Being an active blogger, she decided to create presets for Instagram photos, which would be the most trending at the moment.

Pastel Pack

The Pastel Pack includes 5 pastel Lightroom presets with the help of which Jaci Marie enhances all photos on her Instagram account. They give an image an extremely light and creamy look. Tag #jacimariepresets when you apply them so everybody can see your marvelous pictures.

Price: $100


jaci marie pastel pack Download Pastel Lightroom Presets

It is better to apply this filter to dark images. It allows you to increase contrast and add rich red shade to your shot. This preset is great for the skin. Also, this filter makes the light parts of the picture warmer.

Apply this awesome Jaci Marie preset to the images which contain coffee beans, home décor items, papers as well as the things made of leather or wood.


jaci marie pastel pack pink

This is one of my favorite Jaci Marie presets. It gives a very clean, extremely light, holographic-turquoise tint to sky photographs. Also, this filter adds a rose-tinted color in the shade.

In addition, it mutes yellow and green tints creating a brilliant color contrast in the light and dark areas of the image.


jaci marie pastel pack faded

This JC Marie preset looks like a trendy Orange & Teal preset and allows you to receive bright and rich colors. It works best with sport and lifestyle photographs.

With this awesome filter, you can adjust the skin tone making it more natural. Also, this tool helps increase the contrast of the photo.


jaci marie pastel pack cool

With this amazing filter, it is possible to enhance white balance, make a green color more intense giving it a beautiful matte hue.

In combination with orange, the skin tone becomes slightly reddish. This filter puts emphasis on shadows as well as highlights bright parts of your images.


jaci marie pastel pack black and white

If you are going to make your image really bright or sharp, this filter will improve your Lightroom black and white workflow, since the conversion is perfect for all colors.

If your photo was taken in bright light, this Jacimariesmith preset will allow you to change your image as if it was taken in the middle of the day.

Mobile Presets Pack

This pack includes 3 universal Jaci Marie presets for your smartphone travel and everyday photos. Download Lightroom Mobile CC and enhance your photos in several clicks.

Price: $50


mobile presets everyday Download Lightroom Presets

This preset is for everyday usage. It is somewhere between JACIMARIEWARM and JACIMARIECOOL. It allows you to make your photos brighter adding a peachy tone to them.


mobile presets grain

This is one of the latest Jacimarie presets. It gives the shot a bright and natural tone and adds a grain texture.


mobile presets black and white

This awesome B&W preset is a part of Pastel Pack. It will perfectly suit any photography genre and taken in any light.

Spring-Pack Mobile Presets

Apply these 5 Lightroom presets to the shots that are taken outdoors. With these filters, you fill surely perk up your Instagram feed.

Price: $50


india earl presets Download Lightroom Presets

This preset will brighten your image making it airy and giving it pastel shades. Moreover, it accentuates soft and peach skin tones in your photos.

SPRING1 has been tested on various portraits. This filter gives amazing film-like look being a universal preset for all types of photos.


jaci marie spring presets stunning

This film-inspired preset by JC Marie gives your shot a stunning look improving natural shades. It will be perfect for those who prefer vibrant images.

A thin magenta touch perfectly enhances skin tones, while a delicate contrast provides excellent shadow recovery.


jaci marie spring presets emphasize

For those who want to fine-tune their portraits, this matte preset will be an ideal choice. It slightly desaturates all colors except for skin tones putting the emphasis on the model.


jaci marie spring presets color pop

This is one of the best Jaci Marie presets that enhances the color of the water and the mountains. It gives the pictures a deep and rich dark-blue color with subdued shades of green.


jaci marie spring presets watercolor

This preset makes the picture a bit cold and clean. It allows you to change gray color to cold blue. Moreover, it increases contrast highlighting light areas in the picture. SPRING5 works great with sky and water photos.

Jaci Marie Presets vs Tezza Presets

jaci marie presets vs tezza presets jaci marie presets vs tezza presets

Jaci Marie’s presets are light and creamy filters that will surely impress everyone. They produce matte and pastel effect making any portrait or lifestyle photo full of tenderness and home atmosphere.

Tezza presets gently desaturate colors in order to create a specific retro or Boho mood.

tezza presets vs jaci marie presets tezza presets vs jaci marie presets

While Jaci Marie strives to be delicate and slightly imitate film, Tezza Presets are aimed at creating a special atmosphere, brightness and a Boho style. They allow you to adjust highlights and blacks which gives the image a retro look.

Both Jacimariesmith and Tezza presets make skin tone creamy and gives high contrast to the photo. Also, these filters make greens desaturated and warm. Both variants are perfect for those who need to edit travel photos or make indoor pictures more delicate.

Jaycee Marie Photography

jaycee marie photography

The main field of her activity is portrait and wedding photography, the presets development and training are hobbies. You may book her photography services starting from $140 to $3075 per photoshoot. Her website includes information that may be useful for you, whether you are interested in podcasts or personal blog.

Jaci and Leif Blog

jaci and leif blog

Jaci Marie and her husband maintain another website called Jaci and Leif which is dedicated to wedding photography. Basically, this site gives information about the services that this married couple provides. Also, here you can find detailed information about their life and video works.

Jaci Marie Smith Podcast

jaci marie smith podcast

In addition, Jaci Marie and her friend Chelsey Jade Curtis maintain an active podcast. Besides, Chelsey is a certified Health Coach. During their podcast, they talk not only about photography but also about ordinary things like motherhood, health, nutrition.

Jaci Marie Preset Free Alternatives

In order to add similar effects to your photos, it is not necessary to buy presets because FixThePhoto team has prepared a collection of 3 FREE presets especially for you. They are inspired by the effects from the Jaci Marie collections.

Free Preset Instagram

This Lightroom Instagram preset will suit any type of photos whether it is a studio or outdoor photo session. However, it works with portraits best of all. It makes colors brighter preserving a natural look.

If you have a plain background in the photo, this filter will put even more emphasis on the model. I recommend you not to use this preset for the shots which include a lot of details and shades. This preset reminds Jaci Marie Mobile Presets collection.

Free Preset Pastel

It is a perfect choice for those who are looking for the alternative to the Spring-Pack Mobile Presets package. These Lightroom presets pastel allow you to make the skin tone more appealing and the photo clearer.

If the shot was taken in low light conditions, this filter will enhance it filling with a warm and pleasant atmosphere. A lot of photographers use this preset for batch wedding picture editing in order to give the special photos a trendy pastel look.

Free Preset Faded

If you want to enhance your photos just in one click and achieve a warm effect like Jaci Marie Mobile Presets, then use this faded LR preset. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust this filter according to your preferences.

It doesn’t destroy an image texture, so you will receive high-quality results. Faded works perfectly with lifestyle, portrait and landscape photography. It is frequently used by bloggers or those photo lovers who want to make their feed look extraordinary.

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