Jaci Marie Lightroom Presets Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 19 days ago, Lightroom Tips

If you are interested in lifestyle photos and like taking portrait photos, take a closer look at the Jaci Marie presets for Lightroom. With them, you can professionally edit your photos in a few clicks. They will help you improve lighting, perform color correction and give your photos a unique look.

Jaci Marie Lightroom Presets Collections

All Jaci Marie Lightroom presets are fully compatible with Lightroom CC, Lr 4, 5, and 6. Besides, you can use them in Lightroom Mobile to enhance photos taken with the camera of your mobile device.

If you have never done it before, you can use a detailed tutorial that will help you learn how to install Lightroom presets on Mac & Windows.

Summer Film-Inspired

jaci marie presets summer collection

Number of presets included: 4

When creating this collection of presets, Jaci Marie was drawing inspiration from her favorite movies and bright summer colors. She wanted to create presets that can make iPhone photos look as if they were taken with a professional film camera.

This bundle includes 4 Jaci Marie presets, 3 color ones and 1 for black and white photography. By applying them, you can add pastel tones, adjust contrast, and make shadows softer.

Similarly to popular Tezza presets, they allow you to improve lighting and remove the overexposure effect.

By applying the NOSTALGIA preset, you can age your photo and give it a vintage look. It’s suitable for portrait photography, product photography and pictures in other genres.

Jaci often uses the SUMMER preset for post-processing her Instagram photos. If you are interested in lifestyle photography, you can use this bundle for enhancing your images. It will make colors softer and less saturated, which is perfect for enhancing an Instagram profile photo.

FRESH is a great option for landscape photography, food photography and close-up photos. It maintains the original colors while making tones more saturated and emphasizing the natural look of your photos.

If you want to perform advanced color adjustment but don’t have enough time to master complex editing techniques, contact the FixThePhoto team. These professionals will enhance your photos and send you post-processed images within a set deadline.

The DREAM preset was created for enhancing black-and-white photos in various genres. Use it to create a creamy, black-and-white effect and add some grain to your photos to give them an old-movie look. This preset is suitable for anyone who wants to get stunning aesthetic photographs.

Spring Pack

jaci marie presets spring pack

Number of presets included: 5

The Jaci Marie presets from the Spring Pack collection were created for enhancing iPhone photos. With them, you can add soft, pastel colors to your photos and soften the light. If you want to achieve a similar effect, you can also use Coles classroom presets.

SPRING 1 is an all-in-one solution for adding soft, nice colors to your photos without making them look unnatural. This preset is often used for editing pictures for wedding photography blogs.

SPRING 2 will make the lighting look more natural while helping you adjust shadows and contrast. Besides, you can use it to add a grain effect and give your images a cinematic look.

SPRING 3 creates a Polaroid photography effect, which makes it similar to most India earl presets. Apply this preset to your pictures to make them lighter and add bright, clear, and rich colors.

SPRING 4 will help you make the colors pop. They will look bright and natural, without giving your photo an overly edited look.

SPRING 5 adds a soft pink tint to photos. It’s a perfect option for Instagram lifestyle pictures. Besides, it will come in handy for anyone engaged in sunset and golden hour photography.

Fall+Winter Pack

jaci marie presets fall winter pack

Number of presets included: 13

This collection includes 13 presets for enhancing photos taken in autumn and winter. Just like other Jaci Marie presets, they add pastel tones to your photos. Unlike other collections, they also make photos brighter.

The first 5 presets are suitable for photos in various genres, which is why Jaci uses them most often. They will come in handy for anyone interested in outdoor portrait photography. Besides, you can use them for post-processing indoor photos.

CREAMY preset is perfect for couple photography since it adds soft, pastel tones to your photos. With it, you can enhance the skin tone and fix minor flaws.

CRISP is a useful filter for softening colors, shadows, and highlights. It will help you keep autumn colors bright. With this bundle, you can implement all your fall photoshoot ideas without making your photos look unnatural.

NATURAL allows you to fix minor lighting issues and make colors more saturated while preserving the original look of the image.

NIGHT will come in handy for anyone interested in night photography. Apply this preset to improve the lighting and make colors look more natural by adding a slight golden tint.

CLASSIC BW preset will help you enhance any photo. You can adjust its intensity in the settings.

Jaci Marie Presets on Instagram

jaci marie instagram

Username: @jacimariesmith
Genre: portrait, couple, lifestyle, food photography
Followers: 380K

Jaci Marie has an Instagram page where she posts her works, including photos enhanced with the help of her presets. Here, you can see well-balanced images with perfectly adjusted colors, brightness, and contrast.

The Jaci Marie presets described in this review were created primarily for iPhone shots. You can purchase them to give your feed a consistent look. If you are interested in social media for photographers and want to attract new followers, on Jaci Marie’s page, you will find many creative photography ideas that will help you make your photos stand out.

Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection fixthephoto

If you are on a budget and can’t afford paid Jaci Marie presets, try using their free alternatives created by the FixThePhoto experts. They will help you embellish your photos, fix lighting issues, apply unique effects, tweak colors, and make your pictures more attention-grabbing. Download Adobe Lightroom for free from the official site and try applying these presets to your photos.