Indoor Photography Ideas

Indoor Photography Ideas

Can’t come up with new indoor photography ideas? A professional studio isn’t the only place to achieve amazing pictures indoors. I’ve collected nice indoor photo ideas that you can try at home.

50 Indoor Photography Ideas

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Start taking unusual images of ordinary things indoors. Follow one of these indoor photography ideas and get inspired for unusual photo projects.

1. Cloning Yourself (or Аnything!)

fun photography ideas

This method is quite old but using your imagination, you can turn it into a new one. Firstly, set up a camera and a timer. Then, if you are shooting yourself, you need to quickly get into the shot according to the timer.

Try various poses (as on the example above) in a different place each time and take photos of all these poses. Don’t forget to take a picture of an empty scene as well.

After that, you need to layer all your pictures in Photoshop. Begin with the base layer and continue until you achieve the final result.

2. Bokeh Party

bokeh photo ideas

For this idea, your Christmas lights would come in handy. It is ideal for product photos but you can use these photo props to achieve great portraits as well.

Bokeh effect looks its best when there is a big distance between a model and the lights. Therefore, make sure you have a long space for your photo session. Also, you can achieve a nice bokeh effect if you use the barrel compression with a longer focal length.

Longer lenses will help you create very large bokeh circles.

3. Levitating Camera

photography project ideas

This variant of indoor photo ideas resembles the cloning – you merge two photos. To get this done, you need to have the same settings and lighting as in the cloning technique and use a manual focus mode when taking pictures.

4. Smoke Pics

smoke pics

The smoke effect in your photos can create an unusual look. Try to move in this smoke, use a fan to get diverse photos or blow it around you.

There won’t be any problems while performing image editing with such an effect because it will look nice on camera. If you want, you can work with an adjustment brush to make the smoke more detailed and interesting.

5. Mirror Photography

making reflections

This type of creative indoor photography ideas is perfect for Instagram, YouTube thumbnails and trendy product pictures. Use a longer lens with a fast aperture to achieve the best result.

Set your black background as far as possible. Place the objects onto the mirror and make sure you light them from the sides.

If you do it, not much light will get in that black background. Use a side lighting with a strong, diffused light or an external flash.

6. Surreal Double Exposures

double exposure photography

One of the most effective methods to create outstanding and qualitative pictures is a double exposure, which means merging two photos into one.

Some latest DSLR cameras provide a multiple exposure mode. It will take you some time to master it but the final pictures will definitely please you.

7. Indoor Splash Shots

indoor flash photography

The next option of inside photography ideas is indoor splash shots. This requires a flashgun, which can be fired remotely, transparent container for water, colored background and a tripod.

First, set your container and a background. Then, place the flash above the container. Put your camera on a tripod, set manual focus and exposure to f/8, ISO200 and use the fastest shutter speed possible with your flash.

Now, drop your object into the container with water and take pictures when it falls.

8. Light Spirals

creative indoor photography ideas

You need to place a torch hanging on a string to a ceiling. Set your widest lens on the camera, locate it on a tripod and make sure to point it up. Turn on the light, set autofocus on the tip of the torch and the lens to manual focus.

This will fix the settings. Set an aperture to f/11 or f/16, use a “Bulb” mode and a remote release in order to have the shutter open for some time when the torch is moving in the darkness.

9. Still Life Light Trails

creative indoor pics

This is another good variant of indoor photography ideas. You can work with light trails in different types of photography, however, they will look the best in still life pictures.

To get this done, use a Maglite torch with the end taken off so that the bulb will be open and the light will be direct. With the help of electrical tape, you can attach a colored sweet wrapper that can be used as an improvised “gel”.

After that, set the shutter speed to approximately 30 seconds and the aperture of about f/8. When it is done, move the torch in the frame before you hit the shutter. Keep moving the torch within the entire exposure.

10. Always Do Picture Retouching

indoor photo retouching service indoor photo retouching service
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Nowadays, many photographers use services of reliable outsourcing companies, such as FixThePhoto, to perform image editing. These image manipulation services can always guarantee high-quality indoor photos and fast picture editing process.

11. Photography Gets Illustrated

photography theme ideas

Such an effect is not easy to get, however, the result will be beautiful. Show your creativity by turning your pictures into sketches. To achieve the best result, take pictures of your model from afar and use zoom in a lens. This will make your picture “flattened” and it will become easier for you to turn it into a sketch.

12. High-Speed Photography

indoor photo ideas

This variant of indoor photography ideas is rather difficult for any photographer. However, everyone has ever tried to shoot an object in a fast motion. For this, you need to have a camera that supports very fast shutter speed. This will help freeze any movement.

13. Refractive Art

photography ideas for beginners

The light has a feature to bend when passing through the water, due to which the objects behind it change the way they look. This is refraction. With such an effect, you can achieve amazing pictures.

You need to have several glasses, a flashgun, a tripod, a black and white print with a pattern. Put the pattern and glasses in front of it in the background. Pour some water with the different amount in each glass and move the pattern back and forth in order to adjust the effect.

14. Psychedelic Soap Film

macro photo ideas

Macro photography is a nice idea for indoor pictures. Using a macro effect, you can create stunning desktop wallpapers and abstract wall art.

To achieve this effect, you need to mix liquid soap with glycerine to get a durable soap film. Also, you need a wire loop, a black fabric background and a macro lens of minimum 100mm.

You will be able to see colors made by a soap film only when the light touches it at a particular angle. So, make sure to place it at the window facing the north. Take photos from approximately 45 degrees.

15. Oily Reflections

oily reflections photo

This indoor photography projects variant is similar to a soap film. But in this one, the patterns are produced by a cover above the light instead of a colored background. Create a cover for angle poise lamp from acetate, card and tape.

Attach it with the tape but remember not to touch the bulb. If you are not shooting, turn the light off. Put a bucket of water in front of your lamp and add several drops of cooking oil. Mix this, come closer and take pictures.

16. Water Drop Art

indoor photography settings nikon

To implement this idea, you have to hang a container with liquid, allowing drops to fall into a tiny hole in this container and shoot the splash that will occur. It’s important to pay attention to the time when the splash appears.

You can achieve great results with two flashguns set to the lowest power (in my case it was 1/128th), an aperture of f/22, a mix of water and Xanthan gum, which will make the solution more viscous.

17. Macro Feathers

macro photography ideas indoors

Feathers look very beautiful when they are in a close-up shot. The shaft in the center makes a firm line (straight or curved) and the remaining part of the feather creates a smooth texture. You can use any feather (bird or pillow one) to get a nice photo.

18. Macro Glass

indoor photography

The next great variant of indoor photo ideas is macro pictures of nice glasses. This can create beautiful lines and reflections on the surface of a glass.

For a better result, put the glasses in a row or behind each other. This will create lines in places where they overlap. For more interesting photos, pour some colored water into these glasses.

19. Inside Looking Out

indoor photography tips without flash

Another simple object to shoot at home is snow, rain, or condensation on windows when the weather is poor. Come closer to the window and with a shallow depth of field, focus on the drops or patterns instead of a background.

Even though the background is not in focus, pay attention to it as well. Search for bright colors outside the window to get a nice backdrop for your macro drops.

20. Kitchen Close-Ups

photography ideas at home for beginners

One of the best macro photography ideas indoors can be realized in the kitchen. Reflections from its surface can create nice backdrops for your pictures. A shallow depth of field can turn any regular object of the kitchen into something interesting. Consider creating a triptych, which will make a wonderful piece for the kitchen wall. However, first of all, think of the composition and how these three images will look together. Or you can just shoot any dish or product at your table.

21. Tabletop Macros

indoor photography ideas for beginners

A lot of people have beautiful gadgets or accessories. But if you look at them more attentively, you will understand that these are very suitable objects for indoor macro photography ideas.

The sophisticated design of a watch, modern details of a smartphone or other objects can be used for photos at home. You don’t necessarily need to have a fancy macro lens to create good macro images. Cheap ones with close up filters or a reversing ring will do as well.

22. Fruit and Vegetables in Macro Mode

macro photography

For macro pictures of fruit and vegetables, you can use corn kernels or slices of different fruit. One of the options is to put transparent slices on a light box to get a pure white back drop. Or you may try shooting fruit and vegetables on plates with matching colors.

23. Flowers in Ice

creative photography ideas at home

For such photos, you can freeze flowers in containers with distilled or de-ionized water that you can buy in any auto or hardware store. When you place them in water, they will float.

So you need to fix them underwater to make them freeze there. Put a chunk of ice onto a transparent bowl or a glass on a white surface.

Due to this, the light will bounce through from below. Set your flashgun at one side, angled down towards it and take pictures from another side.

24. Coffee Shots

indoor photography without natural light

One of my favorite indoor photography ideas is to use one object and take multiple different pictures of it. It may sound quite difficult and boring, however, it’s quite fun. To achieve this, you need to have an object providing many possibilities for interesting shots. My favorite object for such pictures is a cup of coffee.

25. Vintage Items

photography in indoor conditions

If you have retro or vintage things in your house, you can use them for still life photos and achieve great results. With vintage furniture, clocks, accessories, etc., you can create nostalgic vibes in the picture.

Moreover, vintage items are often crafted with intricate details and design elements that showcase the craftsmanship of the past. Their aesthetics can be visually appealing and make for compelling subjects in photography. The textures, colors, and patina that develop over time add character and depth to images.

26. Indoor Food Photo Idea

food photography

One more great variant of indoor photography ideas is food pictures. For good food photos, it’s not necessary to own fancy equipment and have gourmet dishes. Use objects from your kitchen (for example, chopping boards, silverware, some fruit or vegetables) to make your food picture look more interesting.

27. Flower Pics

flower photography

When it’s cold outside, it won’t be possible to go to your garden and pick up fresh flowers. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t take pictures of bouquets at home. Simply buy some beautiful flowers from the florist’s and shoot them.

28. Shoot Out of Focus

creative pic ideas

Sometimes, I get unfocused photos accidentally and sometimes, I do it on purpose. But the results please me each time. There are no rules for this photoshoot ideas indoors option, you have full freedom to use your creativity and make something beautiful.

29. Include Chalk Drawings

dark room photography ideas

Another great idea is to create a combination of a flat drawing with real objects. You can give a new look to simple objects by changing them using a few chalk lines. Transform different objects into each other or create something new!

You won’t need a lot of things to get this done, just a piece of chalk, a surface for drawing and a sketch. If you aren’t good at drawing, use simple objects that are easier to depict.

  • Use Chalk Sticks to create bright and beautiful pictures.

30. Experiment With Your Pets

shooting pets

Pets, sitting on a windowsill, looking at the street and thinking about upcoming warmth is a great variant of winter photography ideas. Soft light from the window on a moody day will look beautiful on your pet’s fur.

Use a little bit of flash and a shallow depth of field to emphasize the eyes of your pet. Or you can make fun photos, experimenting with composition, as you can see on this photo.

31. Prefer Natural Make-Up

indoor photoshoot ideas female

You don’t have to shoot your models in a fashionable and trendy way each time. Consider shooting them as natural and real as they are, with all their imperfections.

Fashion is great but simplicity always looks fresh. Take pictures of a model not wearing makeup and having her hair done. In addition to this, ask her to wear some ugly outfit on purpose.

32. Pretty Girl

indoor portrait photography ideas

All women love receiving compliments, even from themselves. They always wish to look beautiful and appealing. So, if you create such a portrait photo, there will be even more beauty and happiness.

33. Keep Smile Wide

female photoshoot

Another great indoor photography ideas option is to take pictures while a model is having fun, dancing or jumping. Such photos always look amazing with crazy smiles and body poses.

34. Sad Girl Portrait

professional photo portrait

Along with happy days, we all have sad ones as well. A sad girl with pain expressed in her face can also create a nice portrait picture.

35. Black and White

black and white photography

Black and white photography is a good way to show the loneliness of a model. Her sad face, the hair on a flashy backdrop in a black and white color make us empathize with her.

36. Perfect Family Picture

family portrait photo

People of all ages like photography. That’s why it’s an amazing idea to shoot a family portrait where all members are happy together, and you can see the bond between them and their special relationship.

37. Shadows

shadow portrait photography

The portrait photography is another great variant of indoor portrait ideas, especially with shadows on a model’s face. Apart from the shadow, beautiful eyes and red lips will be very visible and expressive on her face.

38. The Half Face and Side Face

portrait photography

Here you can see an ideal pose and a beautiful portrait. The one girl’s half face and the other face of the girl look very pretty and special.

39. The Sequence of Things

taking creative indoor photos

Unlike some other indoor photography ideas, for this one, you don’t need to prepare a lot. All you have to do is to take a sequence of photos to show the model’s story. You can shoot both closely to the model to capture small details and from a distance for a bigger frame.

Pay attention to textures, colors and patterns. This idea will help you achieve stunning, creative and unique fashion portraits.

40. Candid Couple

couple indoor photography

If you are looking for some unusual photo ideas, consider doing a candid photo session. People always believe in stories that such photos bring. Just tell a couple to do something together and take pictures of them.

41. Model at the Gym

shooting at the gym

This is a good way to change your photo session strategy and opt for unusual locations, such as a gym. Shoot a model while he/she is working out. Or show the gym as a metaphor for different activities in life and take pictures of your model in an appropriate outfit.

42. Head to a Diner

dreaming girl

If you want to dive into 50’s vibes, the best place to do it – a diner with typical neon lights, floor with tiles and a pretty interior. Such cafes are ideal backgrounds for pictures. Your model can sit at a table or a counter and order some food as a prop.

43. Family Christmas

christmas photo ideas

Speaking of indoor Christmas photography ideas, it will be also nice to take a portrait of the family around the Christmas tree. Work with slow shutter speed and a small aperture to make Christmas lights look more beautiful and outstanding.

44. With Christmas Props

indoor photography ideas winter

Another good idea for Christmas portrait is to use different Christmas objects for photos, such as Santa hats or different holiday-themed clothes. Just a bit of additional preparation and you will have wonderful shots.

45. Get Close

best christmas photo projects

If you place objects close to your camera and shoot them in this way, you will achieve blur around the object in focus. This blur will look great in pictures with Christmas details.

46. Consider Creating a Collage

making a collage

The next variant of creative indoor photography ideas is a collage. Create it instead of making 10 similar pictures. This is more suitable for social media as you will be able to show everything in one picture. Besides, there will be no chaos in your feed with multiple pictures on the same topic.

47. Christmas Spirit

indoor photo ideas

Take different Christmas objects that you have in your house (for example, Christmas tree toys, tinsels, lights, presents, sweets) and use them to create a nice Christmas background and add a magical mood to your pictures.

48. Christmas Cooking

christmas photoshoot

If you need more indoor Christmas photography ideas, consider taking pictures of people preparing Christmas dinner. You can include children in such photos as well. They won’t be helpful in dinner preparation but will definitely create a fun vibe in pictures.

49. Presenting Gifts

best indoor shots

Another amazing idea is to shoot people exchanging and opening their presents. Such pictures will be full of happiness and sincere emotions.

50. The Legs of Lovers

cute christmas photo ideas

Another great idea for Christmas photos of couples is to take pictures of their feet in socks with Christmas patterns in the foreground and a fireplace or a Christmas tree in the background. Such photos are especially popular on Instagram.

FREEBIES for ENhancing Indoor Photos

Now, when you are familiar with all indoor photography ideas, it’s time you try to put this knowledge into practice. To help you achieve amazing results in a short time, you can download the following free image editing tools.

Double Exposure Action "Three Colors"

free photoshop action for indoor photos free photoshop action for indoor photos

Using this action, you will be able to combine a portrait and a landscape or a cityscape to create a prominent picture. In case one of your photos has bright colors, this action will preserve and even improve them.

Product Photo Action "Whitening"

free photoshop action for indoor pics free photoshop action for indoor pics

Apply this action to your indoor product photos. You will achieve beautiful images in light tones that will look like they are from a magazine. For better results after picture editing, I recommend you to use a white background.

Bokeh Overlay "Mirror Glows"

free photoshop overlay for indoor photos free photoshop overlay for indoor photos

This overlay will fill your pictures with beautiful glowing lights. Use it for unusual light effects and creative final results. With its help, you can add gleaming water, Christmas tree, lights and other pretty objects to the background.

Free Preset "Contrast"

free lightroom preset for indoor photos free lightroom preset for indoor photos

This preset is a great tool for studio portrait pictures. Using it, you will have a possibility to balance the lighting, perform color correction, make colors brighter and cleaner to create soft images. Also, it can make the skin tone smooth and nice.

Preset for Food Photography "Matte"

free lightroom preset for indoor pics free lightroom preset for indoor pics

This preset will help you add a special magical atmosphere to your food pictures. It adds soft, warm but at the same time bright tones. This preset will highlight gorgeous pale and cool colors. It will be ideal for those who like food photos on Instagram.

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