Cute Christmas Photo Ideas

Cute Christmas Photo Ideas

Looking for some creative Christmas photo ideas for your next photoshoot? If you need inspiration, here are several unique ideas that will help you capture unforgettable Christmas moments. Whether you are looking for ideas, need help posing, picking out an outfit, a backdrop, or coming up with props, I have got you covered.

Top 45 Christmas Photo Ideas to Try

Today we will look at a few creative ideas for photoshoots for Christmas, namely for group photos and for loving couples, family Christmas photo ideas, ideas for wedding, portrait, fashion, events photo sessions, and child Christmas photo ideas. Explore these fresh ways to make your outdoor and indoor Christmas photos shine.

1. Classic Color Scheme

christmas photo ideas outfits red white green

Red, green, and white are the ultimate Christmas color scheme. Each shade complements the others beautifully, meaning you can layer clothes and accessories to your heart’s content, and make as many outfit combinations as you want.

christmas photo ideas outfits red white green

Going for a classic color combination means that the outfits in your photos will never look old-fashioned, and the shots will be enjoyed for many years to come.

2. Neutrals

christmas photo ideas outfits white grey

Neutrals pair really well with the white powdery snow. Coordinate shades of ivory, grey, and crème.

christmas photo ideas outfits white grey

The reason why they work so well is because they are pale in color and help create a light and airy atmosphere.

3. Home Pajamas

christmas photo ideas outfits matching pajama

You can never go wrong with cute home pajamas. They one of the best family photo outfits ideas for Christmas, as they help emphasize your connection as a family.

Perfect for a cozy and laid back photo session at home.

4. Creamy Tones

christmas photo ideas outfits white and beige

A soft beige, warm shades of brown or elegant ivory are another winning combination. Sweaters in this color palette are very appealing options for couple Christmas picture outfits. To ensure the photos don’t look bland, incorporate different textures. Add cute couple poses to the mix – and your holiday photos are fabulous.

5. Vintage

christmas photo ideas vintage outfits

Choosing a vintage-inspired outfit for your holiday shoot is a sure-fire way to make your photos stand out.

christmas photo ideas vintage outfits

Make sure to think of vintage props to complement the outfits. This can be vintage Christmas toys, rocking horses, antique candle holders, pillows with embroidery.

6. Scandinavian Style

christmas photo ideas scandinavian outfits

A Scandinavian winter wardrobe is never complete without cable knit sweaters, plaid, and fresh cashmere. Play with textures, but be wary of making the outfits look too distracting.

christmas photo ideas scandinavian outfits

Add Christmas photo props to further enhance the holiday vibe.

7. Formal

christmas photo ideas classic outfits

A photoshoot is a great excuse to get dressed up. Besides, formal family Christmas photo outfit ideas are timeless and will make you look utterly dashing. Glamorous dresses and button-down shirts with a tie will look flattering on everyone.

8. Layers

christmas photo ideas outdoor outfits

Winter photoshoot is the perfect time for incorporating layers into your outfits. Not only will they keep you warm, but they’ll also add a lot of visual interest to a picture.

Try layering a collared shirt with a jumper, or a jacket with a blanket scarf. Pull out your winter accessories: hats, scarves, boots, mittens, and socks for perfect family Christmas pictures!

9. Santa Hats

christmas photo ideas outfits santa hats

This is a great example of how to achieve an overall cohesive look with just one accessory. Putting on a Santa hat will instantly create a festive look, and bright red pops of color will captivate the eye. A perfect mix of dressed-up yet casual.

10. Showcase Fallen Snow

christmas photo ideas for kids

Planning a photoshoot in a natural setting is one of the best toddler Christmas photo ideas. The snow usually thrills them, so the photos are bound to be fun and sweet. Use child photography poses and offer the kid to play with some holiday props.

11. Bedtime Story

christmas photo ideas for kids

This is one of the cutest Christmas photo ideas for siblings. Have the oldest kid read a bedtime story, while the younger ones are fast asleep. You can also pose the children reading the book together. For a personal touch, use their favorite book.

12. Dwarfs

christmas photo ideas for kids

Kids usually have a difficult time posing during a photo session, so why not make it more exciting for them by playing dress-up? This will help them loosen up, and keep them entertained during the shoot. A great solution for camera-shy kids.

13. Christmas Lights

christmas photo ideas for kids fairy lights

Get your kids to untangle Christmas lights and capture the entire thing. They will be so immersed in the process; they won’t even notice the camera. This will result in relaxed poses and genuine facial expressions.

14. Gift Unwrapping

christmas photo ideas for kids gifts

Gift unwrapping belongs to essential Christmas photo ideas that every kid needs to try. When unboxing the presents their excitement levels will be through the roof and you’ll capture true moments of joy.

15. Sleepy Santa

newborn christmas photo ideas

The first Christmas of a baby is special and needs to be captured. A baby in a Santa Claus hat always makes for an adorable Christmas photo!

newborn christmas photo ideas

Together with cute newborn photography poses and some festive props you’ll get super sweet photos to look back at.

16. Christmas Card

wedding christmas photo ideas photocard

Announce your wedding with a card! Posing wrapped in a blanket together belongs to the most romantic Christmas photocard ideas.

wedding christmas photo ideas save the date

Use an online card creator to make a gorgeous holiday card for your relatives and friends.

17. Walk in the Forest

wedding christmas photo ideas in forest

A walk in a lush winter forest is a perfect setting for capturing the beauty of the season. The snow-filled background will instantly create a cozy ambiance.

wedding christmas photo ideas in forest

Incorporate creative bride and groom poses for unforgettable shots.

18. Proposal

wedding christmas photo ideas proposal

One of the sweetest engagement photo ideas is saving your proposal for a snowfall.

wedding christmas photo ideas proposal

The magic of winter adds an extra touch of romance and will help you capture breathtaking Christmas photo ideas. It’s a fairytale proposal that everyone dreams of.

19. Details

wedding christmas photo ideas details

You’ll want to remember every small thing about your wedding, that’s why it’s so important to capture the details too. There are so many intricate elements, that you’ve spent a lot of time stressing about.

wedding christmas photo ideas details

So make sure that your wedding photographer takes some bouquet, and wedding ring photographs, as well as close-ups of the décor.

20. Contrast

wedding christmas photo ideas contrast

Looking for shocking Christmas photo ideas for a wedding? Surprise everyone by taking your winter wedding photos when going on a tropical vacation.

wedding christmas photo ideas contrast

The contrast of the weather and the season is sure to puzzle and wow your close ones. Add unique wedding photography poses for truly memorable shots.

21. Exchanging Gifts

couples christmas photo ideas exchanging gifts

Commemorate the priceless reaction of your loved one by capturing the gift reveal. Unrehearsed emotions will create a heartfelt atmosphere, that’ll shine through your photos.

22. Kisses

couples christmas photo ideas kisses

Stealing a kiss beneath the mistletoe or near the Christmas tree belongs to timeless Christmas photo ideas for couples.

couples christmas photo ideas kisses

If you have a kid, you can hold them on your shoulders and have them hold up the mistletoe for you.

23. Leg Shots

couples christmas photo ideas legs

A cute trend started by Instagram bloggers is taking pictures of your legs while you’re cuddled up with your partner near the fireplace or the Christmas tree.

couples christmas photo ideas legs

Make sure to wear Christmas-themed socks or matching pj’s to better convey the festive atmosphere.

24. In a Truck Bed

couples christmas photo ideas truck bed

If you are having an outdoor photo session, use your car as a prop. Get a blanket, and add some holiday decorations to complete the look.

25. In Motion

couples christmas photo ideas motion

If you like lifestyle couple photo ideas, avoid stiff poses and incorporate some motion into your photos.

couples christmas photo ideas motion

Interact with each other by dancing, walking, or fooling around. It’s a great way to lose your inhibitions if you’re camera-shy.

26. Group Hug

christmas photo ideas for events and parties group shot

Group hug is one of the most natural poses for Christmas parties. This is also an excellent option for Christmas photocard ideas.

27. Champagne

christmas photo ideas for events and parties champagne

Invite all guests to take full glasses of champagne and raise them, proclaiming a toast.

28. Photo Booth

christmas photo ideas for events and parties photo booth

A photo booth is an integral part of any modern event. Choose one of the creative photo booth ideas for your Christmas celebration, purchase photo booth props and get ready for playful pictures.

29. Fireworks

christmas photo ideas for events and parties fireworks

Any holiday is accompanied by a salute, so you can make a few frames against the background of fireworks. Fireworks bring a cascade of emotions to all observers, so you’ll capture some truly exciting shots.

30. Ornament Reflection

christmas photo ideas for events and parties ornament reflection

If you’re a fan of funny and quirky Christmas photo ideas, this is the one for you. Simply take a photo of your reflection in a festive ornament. The results are bound to be hilarious.

31. Snowflake

family christmas photo ideas snowflake

Ask your family members to lie down on their backs and form a circle with their heads together and their legs outstretched to form a snowflake. This shot needs to be taken from the above.

32. Old-School Portrait

formal family christmas photo ideas

If you are into old-school family portrait poses, take a formal portrait with all of your family members lined up. Depending on the number of people you can have one row of people standing, and another row of people sitting on a bench or chairs. Don’t forget to coordinate your outfits.

33. Building a Snowman

family christmas photo ideas building a snowman

One of the most popular family Christmas photo shoot ideas is engaging into winter activities, like building a snowman together. This idea will keep you all interacting the entire time, and result in fun action shots that will never fail to bring a smile to your face.

34. Christmas Tree Lighting

family christmas photo ideas christmas tree

The season wouldn’t be complete without attending the main Christmas tree lighting in your town and documenting your reactions. Not only is this an excellent photoshoot idea, but also a great bonding experience for the entire family.

35. Ice Skating

family christmas photo ideas skating rink

Ice skating is one of the most popular winter photoshoot ideas, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting. You are bound to get lots of cool action photos. They will be especially hilarious if not all of the members of your family know how to ice skate.

36. Snowfall

portrait christmas photo ideas

Head out into the snow in a cute outfit that will make you pop against a snowy backdrop.

Make use of some cute portrait photography poses for a perfect holiday photoshoot.

37. Retro Glamour

portrait christmas photo ideas retro

Vintage glamour will never go out of style. So, for cinematic portraits, play dress up in retro clothes. Vintage props and accessories like film cameras or old-school cars will add finishing touches to this idea. To complete the look, learn how to make a photo look vintage.

38. Bokeh

portrait christmas photo ideas bokeh

With all of the bright and vibrant lights, Christmas is the perfect time for bokeh photography. It’s great for portraits since it minimizes distractions, keeping all of the viewers’ attention on the subject.

portrait christmas photo ideas bokeh

All you need is a good bokeh lens to achieve such shots.

39. Fashion

fashion christmas photo ideas

For magazine-worthy photos, combine Christmas photography with fashion photography.

fashion christmas photo ideas

You’ll have to skillfully fuse current trends in clothes, technologies with classic Christmas attributes and accessories.

40. Rustic

christmas photo ideas rustic backdrop

Wood accents of a rustic setting will make your shots extra cozy.

41. Loft

christmas photo ideas loft backdrop

An industrial loft is another appropriate location to realize your Christmas photo ideas.

42. White Wonderland

christmas photo ideas white wonderland backdrop

A white setting is an excellent choice for a X-mas shoot. It will bring winter charm, and make you stand out against an all-white backdrop.

43. The Old Castle

christmas photo ideas old castle backdrop

The elegant hall of the mansion of the past centuries: at the window, there is an old piano, in the corner, there is forged spiral stairs, also fireplace and Christmas tree. And in the center of the hall is a huge dining table, served for a Christmas dinner.

44. For Family with Kids

christmas photo ideas backdrop

The dream of young parents is a nice cradle with a canopy, a stroller, and plush toys. In the corner, a snow-white bed is an excellent option for photographing expecting mothers.

45. Paper Tale

christmas photo ideas paper tale backdrop

Photoshoot in a magical forest of paper: each tree with its own backlight. The photographer changes the light, and with it the plot of the story. Create a beautiful Christmas family photo here.

Freebies for Christmas Photography

adobe photoshop freebies collection for christmas photography

Took some great Christmas photos and want to enhance them? This is a go-to bundle for making your Christmas shots picture-perfect and infusing them with the warmth of the holiday season. The collection includes Christmas Photoshop actions, and overlays, as well as Lightroom presets.