35 Christmas Photo Ideas for Memorable Christmas Cards

Soon, the world will be celebrating one of the most fascinating and joyous holidays of the whole year – Christmas. Some people have already started to look for interesting Christmas photo ideas to save their memories of the day for the future.

No matter what Christmas card photo ideas you want to implement, you will need to do some prep work. Think over the outfits, pick up Christmas photo props, and decorate the house (if you decide to do home shooting).

1. Snow Angel

christmas photo ideas snow angel

Creating a snow angel is a very amusing winter photoshoot idea. Both adults and children alike will surely enjoy doing this.

2. In Motion on City Streets

christmas photo ideas city street

Realizing family Christmas photoshoot ideas at home is great. But taking photos in a big city nearby can be even more exciting! You'll get extra credit if you take pictures close to sparkling lights and holiday decorations.

To get lifelike images, try taking them while you're moving around – just take a walk, enjoy some holiday hot cocoa, look at the outdoor decorations, and things like that.

3. Capture Favorite Winter Activity

christmas photo ideas favorite winter activity

If your family is fond of skiing or snowboarding, go to the mountains and take pictures of those special winter moments! A photo at an ice skating rink would also look great. You can hire a photographer to take photos or invite a friend who's good at photography to join you.

christmas photo ideas card fixthephoto example christmas photo ideas card fixthephoto example

Make Christmas Card from Photos

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If you lack experience creating photo cards, consider entrusting this task to the professionals at FixThePhoto. All you have to do is send them your images, and they can incorporate creative effects, text, and any other elements into your Christmas card.

4. Beach Christmas Photos

christmas photo ideas beach

Whether you live somewhere sunny or you're going on a beach vacation soon, take a sandy-toes picture for your Christmas card. You can add Christmassy things or just wear your usual beach clothes.

5. Unstaged Photo

christmas photo ideas candid photos

Posed photos can be fancy, but for a more relaxed feel in your holiday cards, try not to pose. Share those times when you weren't all looking and smiling at the camera, but took comfortable and relaxed poses.

6. Near a Decorated Car

christmas photo ideas car trunk

Use a car trunk as a background. Simply bring a blanket, place a mini Christmas tree, wear some warm clothes, and look at the sparklers in your hands, for example. Hold them carefully and try to catch the moment when they start burning to avoid injuries.

You can hold a sparkler in one hand and a champagne glass in the other. Choose a convenient pose and simply smile while looking at the camera, sparkles, or your loved one nearby.

7. Christmas Pet

christmas photo ideas pet

You should definitely try Christmas photo ideas with your little furry friends. Tie a festive ribbon around the dog’s neck or decorate it with an Elf hat for a pet. You can have the pet sit near the tree, in the snow, or by the owners.

christmas photo ideas fixthephoto template

If you want to turn the ordinal shot from New Year's Eve into a real postcard for family and friends, you can use ready-made templates. All you need is to open a photo in Photoshop and apply the selected template to it.

8. With a Newly Cut Christmas Tree

christmas photo ideas carrying tree

You don’t necessarily need to create an X-mas card with a decorated tree. Take a photo as if you just chopped down a tree and are carrying it home for Christmas. It's better to go to a snowy forest or park for such pictures and don't forget to bring thick-knitted gloves with you.

9. With a Snowman

christmas photo ideas snowman

Build a snowman and take a few Christmas-inspired images. You can put a Santa hat on it, wrap a scarf around it, or place pine branches nearby to add festive touches.

10. Near the Main City Fir-Tree

christmas photo ideas city festival

Don't miss out on taking a few pictures near the bright lights of the city Christmas tree. You don't need to prepare in advance – the right atmosphere is already there in the square where the holiday market is set up. Just make your New Year photoshoot ideas come to life.

11. During Snowfall

christmas photo ideas during snowfall

Taking images outdoors in natural settings is a fantastic Christmas photo idea for sessions with toddlers, relatives, and loved ones. Wear a warm knitted scarf and a big hat.

Besides, remember to bring along Christmas props like a small tree and decorations, e.g., ornaments. This will make your snowy photos look even more atmospheric.

12. Reading Christmas Stories under the Tree

christmas photo ideas reading of stories

There are lots of really great old Christmas books you can use to make your holiday photoshoot special. You can read stories like The Night Before Christmas or The Polar Express for a nostalgic touch. Or, you can have some fun by reading and mimicking How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

13. With Gingerbread

christmas photo ideas with gingerbread

Christmas is a perfect time for delicious treats. So, why not add some “sweet” images to your family Christmas card? Bake a couple of cookies to use as decorations or take a picture of your kids while they're putting toppings on treats. You can even have a gingerbread house in the background!

14. Cooking Gingerbread

christmas photo ideas cooking gingerbread

To make your holiday photos atmospheric, set your camera's timer and spend an afternoon baking with your kids. You will surely get many lovely photos that you can use for your Christmas card.

15. Classic Color Scheme

christmas photo ideas classic color scheme

Red, green, and white are the ultimate Christmas color scheme. Each shade complements the others beautifully, meaning you can layer clothes and accessories and make as many outfit combinations as you want. Going for a classic color combination means that the outfits in your photos will never look old-fashioned, and the shots will be enjoyed for many years to come.

16. With Candy Canes

christmas photo ideas with candy canes

Take a photo with a candy cane when posing with your nearest and dearest. These little sweet red-and-white treats can serve as a fantastic prop for a broad range of Christmas card photo ideas. Your kids will be especially happy about such props. They’re also easy to pose with. Simply have them eat the sweets or just hold them in their hands.

17. Near the Fireplace

christmas photo ideas near fireplace

If it’s possible, gather your whole family in front of the fireplace for a photo. You'll get really warm and eye-pleasing images in a relaxed atmosphere, which will become cherished memories for a long time. You don't need to pose in a special way, just interact with each other – unwrap presents, play board games, enjoy Christmas treats, etc.

18. Wear Festive Hats

christmas photo ideas festive hats

This is a great example of how to achieve an overall cohesive look with just one accessory. Putting on a Santa hat will instantly create a festive look, and bright red pops of color will captivate the eye. A perfect mix of dressed-up yet casual.

19. On Santa's Lap

christmas photo ideas on santa’s knees

Who hasn’t dreamt of being in Santa's arms as a child to ask for their wishes to come true? Don't miss the chance to take photos of children at a Christmas fair or event where it is possible to realize such a Christmas card photo idea.

20. Wearing Pajamas

christmas photo ideas wearing pajamas

To give your images a casual vibe, put on your cozy pajamas. This is a really popular family photo outfits idea for Christmas!! Take several pictures in front of the Christmas tree. Choose relaxed poses. Remember to include your cute little friends in the frame!

21. Having Fun

christmas photo ideas having fun

Using twinkling lights and a tree topper, have one of your kids pretend to "decorate" the other like a Christmas tree. This is guaranteed to make everyone laugh! Take lots of photos of you and your family having a good time. You can play together, dance holding sparklers, and do things that bring joy to everyone.

22. Tender Moments

christmas photo ideas tender moments

If you are after heart-warming Christmas photo ideas, this one will work just fine. Don't only use pictures where everyone is standing still for your Christmas card. Whether you hired a photographer or you're the one behind the camera, make sure to take pictures of those nice and sweet moments with your kids, like giving big, warm hugs.

You can also have pictures of kisses and other couple poses with your special person.

23. Decorating the Christmas Tree

christmas photo ideas decorating a tree

To take beautiful pictures, you can have a little photo session at home while you decorate the Christmas tree as a family. Invite your relatives, set the camera's timer, and let it capture the merry moment.

24. Under Cozy Blanket

christmas photo ideas cozy blanket

To ensure your Christmas cards have a warm feel, take a family photo with everyone snuggled under a cozy blanket. If you have a special family quilt, this is a perfect chance to use it. If not, choose bright colors like this red one to make an image stand out.

25. Unpacking Gifts

christmas photo ideas gifts unpacking

If you want to take an intimate family portrait for a Christmas card, take the photo when everyone is opening presents. This way you can capture pure emotions – joy and anticipation. Let the kids hold the presents while you place all the other boxes around you. Try to keep all elements as close to each other as possible.

26. Snow Angel from Flour

christmas photo ideas flour snow angel

If you’re working with a professional photographer or have a knack for editing, then you can make this Christmas photo idea even more creative. For example, instead of making a snow angel outdoors, you can perform image manipulations to make it look like kids are playing around in flour while lying on the table. Fill the scene with various bakeware and decorations and take a top-down photo.

27. Baby as a Christmas Gift

christmas photo ideas baby as a gift

Here's a cute and easy Christmas baby photoshoot idea. Place your kid in a small red box and remember to put on a Santa hat! Make sure to have a bright Christmas tree in the background to make this photo look magical.

28. Creativity with Lights

christmas photo ideas lights

Try to use Christmas lights creatively. For instance, you can take a photo of your feet wrapped in lights. To make a picture look festive and harmonious, wear knitted socks or rugged boots with striped socks.

29. Christmas Character Costumes

christmas photo ideas christmas characters

This is a cool Christmas baby photoshoot idea is to dress up a kid as an elf or Santa (or some other character of Christmas fairy tales). Dress your baby like an elf, Santa, or another character from Christmas stories. If your child is really small, you can just have them sit or lie down for the photos.

30. Getting inside the Christmas Tree

christmas photo ideas inside the tree

Regardless of whether you buy a real Christmas tree or an artificial one, this seasonal symbol will make sure every photo looks festive. Simply climb inside the tree and stick your head out – it will be a great children photoshoot idea for the holiday. There’s no need to fully decorate the tree with baubles – a simple minimalistic ribbon will do while you emphasize the people.

31. Lying under the Christmas Tree

christmas photo ideas lying under the tree

To make your Christmas card photos special, you and your kids can lie down on the floor with your heads close together, while a camera is above you. Having Christmas decorations around the edges will make the photo look even better.

32. Snow Kisses

christmas photo ideas snow kisses

This Christmas card photo idea is really popular with kids. Ask the children to scoop up soft snow in their hands and blow it towards the camera. You can use real or fake snow or even confetti.

33. Trendy Leg Photo

christmas photo ideas leg photo

Try out one of the most popular Christmas couple photo ideas that people often post on social media. The trendy leg photo involves getting ready with cozy hot cocoa, lots of decorations, and having a Christmas movie like Home Alone playing in the background.

34. Making a Wish under the Christmas Tree

christmas photo ideas making wishes

If your family likes to have fun and laugh, you can use these year’s Christmas card photos to make your friends and family smile. A simple photo like this, with a few speech bubbles, is a great way to do that. The speech bubbles can contain funny thoughts or wishes that family members make under the Christmas tree.

35. Reflection in a Christmas Toy

christmas photo ideas ornament reflection

If you’re a fan of funny and quirky Christmas photo ideas, this is the one for you. Simply take a photo of your reflection in a festive ornament. The results are bound to be hilarious.